How To Promote Your YouTube Videos & Channel For Free Using Social Media Marketing 2017

hi Paul Birkett here from blue square
management in this video I’m going to talk about using social media marketing to promote your video content are you producing entertaining videos
for your business but frustrated about how to get more people to see them it
could be that you are not using your social media accounts in the most
effective ways a great video should not have a hard time finding an audience if
your videos are languishing online read on to find out how to get the attention
they deserve the benefits of social media marketing for
business no business can afford to ignore social media marketing but many business owners fail to use their social media accounts properly it is not enough to
have a Facebook account that you’ve nor your social media pages need to be
active and vibrant well-run social media accounts can keep you connected with
your customers engage brand loyalty help you boost the content you post on your
website increase sales build excitement about new products or services turn your
customers into brand ambassadors social media is arguably the best way to get
your content seen by a wide audience the very nature of social media encourages
sharing content and videos are one of the most popular kinds of online content
in fact the average Internet user watches at least one video per day here
are some best ways to promote your video content using social media post your
video on youtube if you’re just posting your video on your website you’re
missing out on millions of potential viewers put the video on YouTube and
include a clickable quarter action and link to your website share the YouTube
post on Facebook and Twitter Facebook will let you embed a video into your
post and you can post a link to it on your Twitter feed when you share it
encourage people to reshare it with their social media contacts share your
video on your personal pages and feeds to your friends and family will be happy
to help you by reassuring your content with their contacts
post links to your video in content posted by industry influences the
comment sections of relevant posts provide a great forum for sharing your
own content link back to your Facebook page or to the YouTube posting or to the
video on your website not everyone who comments will watch
your video but some will share content at different times of day the average
person has hundreds of Facebook friends if you first share your video in the
morning share it again in the later afternoon or early evening
for people who might have missed it the first time sponsor your video if you
have a little extra money in your marketing budget sponsor your video to
get more views your video will appear in the newsfeed of your targeted
demographic using social media can be an easy and inexpensive way to make sure
your video gets the attention it deserves don’t let this opportunity pass
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