– Hi guys! Welcome to this video. My name’s James! Today we’re
gonna follow the step by step process of installing a vanity
unit from start to finish. So we’ll start off with an
area that looks like this, and end up with a vanity unit installed that looks brilliant, just like this. In this video we’re gonna be using the Ideal Standard Concept Air Tap. Some of their lovely
basin, as well. We’ve got a lovely basin to instal. A
great vanity unit, as well. All of this stuff’s from Ideal Standard, and I’ll leave links to that
in the description below. So if you want any of it you can find out a bit more about it. Please remember to Like, Subscribe, scrub my cat Big G on the belly. And let’s get on with the video. Remember everyone, to hold tight! (Cheerful jazz music) – So guys lets first have a quick look at actually what we’ve got under here, what connectors we’re
gonna be working with, and the general area that we’re gonna be working in before we begin. We’ve got an isolator under here, that’s obviously a bit
floppy at the moment. We’re gonna to get Sparky in about that, but that’s gonna be set
on the back box work behind and underneath our vanity unit. If we can’t get it all the way through, what we might have to do is
actually put it up on the wall. And then leave a little cutout on the back of the vanity unit,
so people can get to it. Also we’ve got our hot and cold here. I can’t remember which
way around they are, cause I did this absolutely ages ago. So I’m gonna have to figure that one out pretty quickly as well. And we’ve also got a little bit of a control centre under here as well. That is for our little bit of
electric underfloor heating that we’ve got under
our tiles here as well. I’ve said “as well”
quite a lot, haven’t I? So what I do first is actually
get your vanity unit in here, figure out which way round you want it. I know that I’m gonna want
it sort of this way round, with my tap kinda here. So the first thing I say you do is get the vanity unit in
here, do some measuring. And you can do a lot of the work now that’s gonna make this
job a lot easier for you. So, let’s have a look at that.
And lets get measured up, and actually plan the job out properly. It you plan it properly, they’ll
be less problems later on. (slow electronic music) (groaning) – It ain’t bloody light, is it? Alright guys, there’s a couple of things you gotta think about, there’s lots of thinking
that we need to do, innit? If we don’t think, everything
will go bums in the air. Yep. Right, so. First thing
just get the measurements of your vanity unit that you wanna put in. So the width of this vanity is, 600. And I want to go along that ways. So I’m just gonna draw 600 on the wall, with a couple of arrows like that. Its gonna be hidden there you know, if I write it on a bit of paper and lose that bit of paper, ugh! Be a well grumpy gut, wouldn’t I? So this way, four four. 440, so we’re gonna pop
that on there. Just like so. Now the reason I’m doing that is because I’ve got a bit of skirting
board, what I’m gonna have to do, once I know how far go out each way, I’m gonna have to get my little fane, my oscillating tool, my multi cutter. To just go down there, and
then get that little bit of skirting board out of the way, otherwise we’re gonna be
leaving a big gap between this and the wall if we
don’t take it out the way. Now the next thing I’ll just
say you wanna quickly do, is just measure up from
the floor to the top of the back of this, and give
yourself a bit of room. So if I come up 18
inches, I know then that all my pipe work will be
sticking up out proud of that. That’s 18 inches, just like that. Because I’m not a Sparky, I
don’t want to start playing around with their wires
and all that sort of stuff. I’ll get a Sparky in to
sort that bit out later on. I’m not gonna be pokin my
head under there forever, looking at it, crying. I
cry about other things. Like the bit when they shot Two
Socks in Dances With Wolves. (inhales) Breath deep. Ugh! – [Voiceover] Guys if you don’t have a skill saw or a cutter,
well I don’t actually know what you’re gonna do, I mean just get one. They’re so handy, and
you can use it for loads of other DIY jobs around the house. – Well then guys, now we’ve
got those bits out of the back, let’s just do a little bit more planning. Now we’re seeing a back
view here of, obviously, where the wall is gonna go up to here, and our vanity is gonna open out of there. Now get whatever basin
waste you’re gonna use, I suggest what you do,
is you just drop it down into the hole and then pop on the trap that you’re going to use as well. Right, okay so now we’ve
got that there, like so. So now we know, within about
five mil, what height of our elbow going out to our trap
is going to be from the wall. What I need to do, is ill
just measure up here, like so. Five, eight, five mil. Okay. So now I know how far to
bring up my pipe extension where I first fix on the
wall at the back here. So five, eight, five. So I can
draw that, five, eight, five. So what we’re saying is
there where we want to put our elbow, we’ve actually got
that now marked on the wall. Just there, under “Waste Elbow”. So that means now what I can do, get a bit of waste pipe
that I’ve got here, its a bit of a dirty piece but its just been knockin around the van. And now, I can say right, I know where I want the bottom of my elbow to go. Now I’ve put a straight coupling on there, we’ve got our pipe here,
and in a minute when this is all set out nice,
I’ll be able to clip that up. And we know exactly that our waste elbow is gonna come out
exactly where we want it, for the height of our waste here. (Soft guitar music) so what we’re gonna do, is
we’re gonna very quickly get this gorgeous, gorgeous Concept Air. And I’m gonna give you some nice close up shots of this in a minute. Built your Concept Air up if you have to, they usually come made already. And the good thing is, is
that we can now see as well how high up we want to
bring our actual pipes. Now Concept’s great because
they give us a lot of flex, okay, to use underneath.
If you want you can use the copper flex’s that you can buy but under baths and under sinks, and one of the rare
occasions I’ll use a flexy, you have to use them
right. I know I do the flexy Friday hashtag on our social media, that’s when they’re kinked
and they’re horrible. We can use these to good
effect on jobs like this. So I can bring this
flexy up to here and go, right I know that I’m gonna get roughly that far up with my pipe, now what I’m gonna do is just
myself a little bit more. I’ve marked that on the side there, now I’m just gonna make sure that my far flexy can be able to do that as well. So now we know, how far up we wanna bring our copper pipes as well. So through a little bit of deciphering, through a little bit of
work, a bit of planning, we’re making this job easy for us, because we don’t want to be doing a lot of work down behind this panel here. We want to try and keep
any compression fittings or anything like that
above this panel as well. So that if there’s any problems, the engineer who’s gonna come after us, or the plumber, or the home owner, is gonna be able to get to everything. That’s so important, we don’t want to be leaving people stuck! I measure again, from
the floor up to my mark. That’s 21 and a half inches is the nearest or five five zero mil. And now I know I can come back round here, and go five five zero mil. Right there. Okay, now the other thing
I wanna do is we need to know how much cavity
space we have to play with. So the next thing I need
to do is get my bends up and over to the back of the wall, before we get the bottom of actual unit. My darling wife, Emily,
I love you so much. She actually originally wanted
the fit to go along this way. Which is why my pipe are flush to the wall at the back there. Yeah. She changed her
mind. (sighs then growls) Anyway, so. So we’ve got a
hundred mil there from the floor, I’m just gonna measure that over there. And then from the back
we’ve got 70 mil. Okay. So there you go, we’ve got a
jaggedy section just up there. And then the top of the
pipe, as you can see that’s gonna be our little cavity area. So I can’t put any pipes
this side of that line. I have to do behind that line, within the squiggly area there, I don’t we know we’ll be impinging outside of our cavity just here. (funky guitar music) So one thing I’d like to
say is that the Concept Air from Ideal Standard, and
also most of their taps, when they supply the flexibles, they supply the imperial
to 15 mil adapter. Which most supplier don’t
do, and I like that. Another thing I like to say as well, when it comes to a brief
review of the Concept Air, is that the adapter they send
is not of a poor quality! It tightens up, it doesn’t squeak, its got proper brass feel to it. They’re not like the cheapy ones, where you tighten them up, and they squeak and you know they’re gonna leak. Also you’re gonna see
that I’ve built up both of my valves going onto my pipe bits already. This just makes things easier, I don’t have to tighten them up now, do I, when they’re under the sink. Also they’ve all been joint
and compounded as well. I just highly recommend
you do that, alright? – [Voiceover] Guys
remember always put your pipe clips in first and your pipes should follow nice and straight afterwards. It’d an old plumbers tip, that. Yeah. – [James] Well then guys, so we got our hot and cold in there now and our waste. A little bit of jiggity piggity, or whatever you want to call it down here. But those two pipes aren’t touching, and they’re not rubbing on those tiles. So they should just be fine, lets face it, we’re never gonna see them. What I like to see if nice
straight stubs going up, nice easy valves to get to at the top. Everything should be fine. What I’m now gonna do is make
sure that our vanity unit goes in this space nicely as well, gonna make sure that all our wires can flop into where we need
to. And all that sort of stuff, and then we’re gonna fast
forward about a day or two. After the Sparky’s come
in and put that on. (quick piano music) – [Voiceover] Fixing the
unit to the wall is easy, just use the two lugs on the back and make sure you put plenty
on glue and fixent as well. – Yes! Right then everyone, the Sparky’s been in and he’s done that main
plug down the back there, the under floor heating stuff
still isn’t done yet but oh, I’ve got my plumbers mate here, which! This is a tip between you and me, whenever you do any
work with plumbers mate, I see this as better than silcon. When it comes to doing wastes. Just make sure its cold, alright? That’s the secret to this stuff. Right so now all we need to
do is get our basin prepared. Because we can lay the basin on with our tap attached already
and also our waste on. Its easier to do it now because otherwise we gotta get under there to do it, and it just gonna be harder isn’t it? So like I said, all I’ve wanted to do in this video make this
job easier for you. Also while I’m getting
these unpacked, if we have a quick look at the unit
that we’ve actually put in, you’ll notice that our
walls are a little bit out. Blame me! Blame ole Mickey Moo! I mean its one of those things,
that’s just life really. Walls can be out. So with that little bit
of filling underneath that means now when we
come back to it later, we’ll be able to run
our silicon down there. And ill show you how to do that last. Just a quick look at the
Concept Air on its own. What we’re gonna have is our
little rubber O ring in there, we’ve already got our two flexies here. We’ve already got our little
bit of stud work here. The basins going to come up like that, imagine my fingers are the basin. Underneath we’ve got our lockin U, or whatever you wanna call it. Then we’ll have our nut underneath that, that will do up and that
will clamp our tap in place. (clanking) Make sure that your rubber is facing down, just go as tight as you can here, make sure as well that your spout on the tap is nice and straight. Right, so now, all we need
to get in is our waste. Really, really simple we’ve done this millions of times before. First thing I recommend you do, take off the actual top part of the waste. Just pop it to one side,
make sure you leave the decorative cap on it,
so if you drop anything. It doesn’t get scratched. So
just gonna put that over there. Then what we have is
the standard slot type, for the overflow, try
to make that slot face the overflow outlet just here. So that can sort of flow
in there nice and easily, should you leave the tap on. What I’m gonna do is, just
do this all in one go. Got my sausage there, I
pop this on here like that. Make sure its facing
roughly the right direction. These are gonna get in the way a little, but that’s just life. Then I’m just gonna pop my
sausage round the thread, like so. Just like that. Okay. And then just push as much onto and in, just sort of diagonally
push it into the thread, and also into the basin. I just prefer this method
from silconin, I just do. Just how it is, everyone’s got
their own way of doing things Don’t hate on me guys, this isn’t twitter! We’re on Youtube here, this is all about constructive criticism, am I right guys? If you’ve got another way of doing it, share it in the comments below. We pop a little washer on there like so, now we should be able to
just do this up and just get everything squeezed in
there, as hard as possible. Now one thing I’d say
is a really good idea, is to get a screw driver,
try and push it into the slot from the topside and that’ll
give you enough sort of leverage to stop this spinning
round while you do this up. (thumping) And the good thing, its not
a very wasteful product, plumbers mate. Because
it just spews out what it doesn’t want to use, you know? So. There we go. So just ring
that lot of there like so. We’re just gonna leave
putting this on for a sec, lets just quickly get the top of the actual vanity unit itself ready to receive our lovely little basin. Right then guys, what I’m gonna do is just get a small amount of gripper, and then just run a small
bead down the inside, if you can, of that little bit of wood. So look. If you just have a look there, we’re just running that down
the inside, just like that. I said the inside purely
because if we do get any splorge or any squidgin out, hopefully
you won’t be able to see it. Oh! And we won’t have to do
any clearing up in a minute, that’s all. So you know, I don’t tend to do the front. I just don’t, I don’t like
to see it. That’s all. Alright guys so we’re ready to pop that on now that we’ve got that there! Just lay this, on our top like so. Oh yeah! Its looking good! Woohoo! Loving that! Right then guys, so there we go. We got that basin
installed, so lets get our pipe work down here sorted out. This shouldn’t take us two seconds. (old style piano music) So firstly, look at how our
measurements have worked out. We’ve got rubbers on here, we’ve already pressure tested these! How neat is that? That’s just gonna pop on
there like so, and we done it. Nice and easy. Boom. There
we go, that ones done. And then this one here. Nipped. And nipped. So there we go. Our two water
connections are now done. See guys I hope you recognise that because we’ve put those pipes
in, we put the valves on, we did all that before we
put the vanity unit in. It meant we could do one
very important thing, and that’s pressure test our pipe work. Before we put the vanity unit in. The last we want is to pressure
test is now and then go “oh my god I’ve got a
leak down the back there” and we’ve gotta take that
whole vanity unit out. So you know, do things
the right way round, you’re making your life
easier for yourself. Alright? Let get on with the waste. Se we measured the waste, didn’t we? So we could make sure
that our outlet would be just about right, and that
looks still pretty good on there at the moment.
So what I’m gonna do, all I need is to get my
elbow on here properly, so that’s glued. Small
spigot a pipe on there, and then whack that on
there as well. Let do it! Make sure you’ve got a
good rubber seal on here, that can sometimes leak on there. The rubber seal is gonna
be a little bit funny. And also make sure that
you don’t cross the thread. Good way of doing that is
to run the nut backwards, till you hear a little click,
once you hear the click run it forwards again, and you won’t
be crossin the thread there. – [Voiceover] Build up and instal the compression fitting side of your waste in the way that you normally would do. I’ve done loads of
videos on it in the past. – And there we go, the
waste is in, that’s in. Lets turn the water on, and just make sure we
haven’t got any leaks. Cool! So here we go! Cold. Good. And then hot. Good. And then both. (water running) Nothing there! Oh yeah guys!
That’s what I’m talkin about! Right, lets draw it full. Just
do a fill up quickly on that. We got enough in there now, see how she drains. (water draining) this is the true test
of your waste system. Alright now, lets see if
that leaks or not, and? Oh yeah, nothing there! Well I would say that’s pretty successful. I’m gonna let this set before I finish this whole little
instal off, alright? (lively funk music) Right then guys, we’ve
got everything in now. Just wanna sort of reiterate what we did to instal the actual cabinet. You got two lugs at the back, we just wap two screws through there. Very, very fortunately I
caught the actual stud work. So I’ve got a really good anchorage point. Oh and also glue it. Lets
face it, once its in place, and its all glued in or
you’ve silconed it in, or used whatever fixer you’ve got. That only way that’s gonna come out is if you go into some incandescent
rage, over the fact that you’ve finally got long
nose hair, long ear hair, and one out here in the
middle of your earlobe. But what I wanna show you now, is how we get this little piece done here. Use a good silicon, for a start. I tend to you use Dow Corning stuff, I really like their silcones. Oh man, I gotta get a new one. Oh!
Has it landed face down? Oh no! At last, I’ve cut one off and it didn’t land face down. Now looking at the size of that gap there, everything in there’s hard now,
it just not going anywhere. So this is really for decoration. If I was to give you one tip on silconin, it would be to get lots of blue roll, buy some former profiles,
and just take your time. And enjoy the process, somehow! So guys, there we go! All
done! The job is complete. I’m very, very happy with
the finished article. Id like to quickly talk
about Ideal Standard’s tap that we’ve got in here,
cause it is very sexy! And I did look at a survey about taps and it seems like a lot of
plumbers are more happy to fit a cheaper type of tap,
and then go back to it and fix it in two or three years time. Where, I’ve got a style
I prefer to do this way. Where you pay for quality,
british made stuff. And it works, it lasts for longer. Its much, much better, just feels solid. Its really, really good.
I’m gonna leave links to everything that I’ve
installed here today, down in the description below.
So go and check them out. If you get a minute as well, please go and follow my vlog
channel at TimesWithJames, I flew my drone through some
fireworks a few days ago. You might like that. And please subscribe to plumberparts here, also
follow us over on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat. And ill see you in the next video. I hope this has helped you, if it hasn’t, if you haven’t learned something, if you think you wanna know more, then please. Let us know. In
the comment section below. Hit that like button as well.
So many things for you guys to go and do, alright? You’ve
got a portfolio of work to go and carry out now.
Better go and do it all. Have a great day guys, I
hope this has helped you out, and I’ll see you in our next video. Thanks ever so much for
watching, and remember, hold tight! See you soon! (claps and whoops) Let’s go! (Gentle electronic music) – [Voiceover] Also a special
message for my man Riley, down in Southampton, he’s just
had a bit of an operation. Get well soon mate, and
remember to told tight as well!

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