How to Ideologically undermine Holocaust Denialism

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All the sources I’ve used to support what I’m saying will be listed in the Pinned
Comment of the comment section below. Here, in a nutshell, is all you have to remember: Hitler wanted to socialize the people into
a racial-community (a Volksgemeinshaft) by removing the Jews from society. The phrase “socializing the people” and
the phrase “removing the Jews from society” mean the same thing. They are the same thing.
If you deny one, you’re denying the other. Most historians do not understand basic economics;
they’ve simply not trained in economics. They do not understand what socialism is.
So they have fallen for the slogans of socialism. They have taken the Marxists at their word
when they say Hitler was not a socialist. They have taken the Marxists at their word
when they say, Hitler didn’t socialise the people (meaning, he didn’t remove the Jews
from society). But this is an issue, because the Marxists
do say that the Holocaust happened, even though they’ve just denied the ideological causes
for it. They have denied the causes of the Holocaust because they do not want people
to understand that Hitler’s socialism was REAL socialism. They don’t want people to
realise that socialism is the murder and theft of the bourgeoisie or the Jews, because people
wouldn’t support socialism if they understood that socialism is the murder and theft of
one group in society for the gain of another. So they simply reject it. But if Hitler’s not a socialist, and didn't want to socialise the people by removing the Jews from society in order to make his
wonderful People’s Community (Volksgemeinshaft), then there is no ideological explanation as
to why the Holocaust happened. They’ve undermined their own argument by distorting the historical
truth. This is why certain countries have resorted
to making laws banning Holocaust Denialism, because Marxist-influenced historians cannot
combat the argument put forth by the National Socialists, who say that the Holocaust didn’t
happen. The National Socialists know it happened: they know Hitler was a socialist, and they
know he wanted to socialize the people by removing the Jews from society – because that’s
what they want, a new racial-state. But they deny the Holocaust because to do so is an
ideological attack on their Marxist enemies. What we are witnessing here, ladies and gentlemen,
is a Leftist civil war that has been raging for decades. The Marxists want to paint Hitler
as being on the Far-Right of the political spectrum, and claim he is a capitalist. The
reality is that he was a socialist, and belongs on the Far-Left of the political spectrum.
There is little difference between a racial society and a class society – it is the murder
and theft of one group in society (the Jews or the Bourgeoisie) for the benefit of another
(the Germans or the workers). Socialism is the tyranny of the social group. Capitalism
is the freedom and liberty of the individual. But if more people knew this, socialists wouldn’t
be able to push their socialist agenda. Well, by denying Hitler’s socialism in order
to distance Hitler from their own ideology, Marxists have denied the ideological explanation
for the Holocaust, allowing National Socialists to deny the Holocaust in turn. What the Holocaust
deniers are doing is saying: “look, look, we’ve found a massive hole in your historical
narrative, and you can’t plug the gap.” They’re trolling the Marxists, who should
be ashamed that their twisted narrative of history is, in fact, helping to deny the Holocaust. The reality is that Hitler was a socialist
who wanted to socialize the people by removing the Jews from society, and thus the Holocaust
happened. So, when a Holocaust denier says that the
Holocaust didn’t happen, or that the gas chambers didn’t happen, or something like
that, all you need to do is question them. Say: “So you’re saying Hitler wasn’t
a socialist?” They’ll usually respond in some way shape or form, saying something
like “Hitler was a socialist but not a Marxist Socialist” or the like, and that’s fine.
Follow up with “But, if Hitler didn’t murder the Jews, he couldn’t have been a
socialist or wanted to create a racial-community. I guess he wasn’t a REAL National Socialist
then, and that National Socialism doesn’t promise to build a racial-state.” At that point, enjoy watching them squirm.
The foundation of their Holocaust Denialism and their entire National Socialist ideology
has been swept away. The rug has been pulled from beneath their feet. They may continue
to argue, but you will have them on the backfoot, and any further denialism actually undermines
their own argument even more so, to your advantage. Then you have the Marxist-Socialists who are
assisting the National Socialists in their Holocaust denialism, but don’t realise it.
Simply state that Hitler wanted to socialise the people by removing the Jews from society,
and that by denying Hitler’s socialism, they’re denying the Holocaust. Then when
they pull out the “It’s not REAL socialism” card, fire back by asking them: “If it’s
good to murder and steal off the Bourgeoisie, why is it bad to murder and steal off the
Jews?” and then ask them “What’s the Final Solution to the Bourgeoisie Question?
Is it Gulag or Gas Chamber?” Make sure that they are aware that by denying Hitler’s
socialism, they are denying the Holocaust. Thus: Hitler wanted to socialize the people into
a racial-community (a Volksgemeinshaft) by removing the Jews from society. Hitler’s
socialism was his racism. Denying Hitler’s Holocaust, or denying Hitler’s
socialism, is the same thing. It is denying History.

  1. Sources

    In response to someone yesterday, I don’t believe there’s a “grand conspiracy” going on in academia where historians are denying Hitler’s socialism. I do think that 99% of historians are not trained in economics, and do not understand what socialism is (the socialization of the means of production – read Mises’s “Socialism” for more info). And I do think that the majority of historians have been influenced by the Marxist narrative as a result of this ignorance of basic economics.

    The Marxist-Socialists are denying Hitler’s socialism – Stalin himself painted National Socialism as the end-stage of capitalism, and modern Marxists say nothing is REAL socialism, not even Soviet socialism – so there is plenty of evidence that the Marxists themselves are pushing this particular agenda.

    There’s obviously a lot more to National Socialist Holocaust Denialism than outright denying the entire Holocaust, and I will be covering more of this in the future. But once you grasp the ideological reasons for what the Deniers are doing and why, it becomes a lot easier to tackle them. By denying the Holocaust, they’re undermining the ideology of National Socialism itself – the very thing that they believe in. Saying the Holocaust didn’t happen is equivalent to saying Hitler wasn’t a racist and didn’t hate Jews. It’s simply ridiculous.

    Many of the sources are listed because they prove that Hitler was a socialist. For more information about this, see my “The REAL Reason why Hitler HAD to start WW2” video (link in the description) and the follow-up “Why they don't tell you about Hitler's "Shrinking Markets" problem”.

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    “A nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government.”

    Mises "Planned Chaos" (an excerpt from "Socialism: An Economic & Sociological Analysis)

    For a list of all my books on WW2 and similar, please visit this link

    Thanks for watching, bye for now!

  2. The word that is missing from your argument, is Greed, those who were at the top of the food chain in the Nazi Party, were very Greedy, why else did they not only plundered the wealth of the Jews but of other Nations and use the people of those nations as a form of slave labour in the factories of  Germany, and offten being worked to death, along side the slave labourers of the East.  The Nazi Policy, for France was to Milk it as a Cow untill only the bones were left, that same policy would have been used on any other ocupied teritory. The Jews had been the kicking Dog for Centuries in Europe, they were a conveniant excuse for anything that went wrong, so it is not hard to see why it was easy to turn the average German against the Jews, I don't think that the Average German would have thought their Jewish neighbours would have been Murdered in he millions, by their Government in the Early 1930s, but after nearly a decade of properganda, what was unthinkable became the normal. The upper echolons ofthe Nazi party didn't give a shit about the average German, they were just another Tool, to be used in getting what those at the Top wanted. There were Companies that hedged their bets to make a profit from both sides of WW2, Ford, General Motors, & IBM to name a few among others, Henery Ford being seen as one of the top Capitalists of the Era, certainly sung his praises of Adolf Hitler & the Nazi Party.

  3. I had read a statement that said Stalin disagreed with Hitlers form of Socialism because he should not oppress people by their ethnicity but by their class. I guess Stalin's argument was that, regardless of their ethnicity, you get to oppress everyone equally. And this equality is the desired end result of excessive Socialism.

  4. Could a parallel be drawn between the Holocaust and the Holodomor? It's basically Hitler and Stalin doing the same thing isn't it?

  5. I'm sorry to say that you don't have a clue.
    You should stick with history of WW2 and the holocaust, if you want to.
    But when you speak of social systems or economics, you really don't have a clue. Stop making a fool of yourself.

  6. OK but why do someone would defend socialism when we all are capitalist now. Did the americans and english people write history after the germans ore the rusians? That doesn't make sense to me.

  7. nothing in this video proves any 6 million figure. That would have wiped out ALL the jews in Europe and Russia. That 6 million number is a very old number, predating WW2. It is a magic number. 666 is always popping up. Kushner bought 666 5th Ave. 18 is 6 plus 6 plus 6 = "Life" gematria

  8. So my 2 cents.
    My father was a German jew, from a Russian jew father.
    My mother was a German jew.
    My grandparents came here in 1920, my grandfather served as a "korporal" in the wehrmacht, on the eastern front.
    I never heard much about the holocaust, until the mini series aired in the 70's, i was born in 71.
    We were not religious per se, no temple, no hanukkah, no passover, just lived the same as an average, american family.
    In my late teen, my fascination with ww2 started, particularly on the Germans role in the war.
    My thoughts on this are not exactly what your are explaining in this video, but it does bring me to the conclusion of a very long journey of intense fact-finding.
    I am a holocaust revisionist.
    I am not saying a lot of jews, and many others were not systematically sought out, murdered, and used as slave labor.
    I am saying that the provable facts, that are available to anyone who wants research them, do not add up to what history likes to perpetuate.
    Into the 70s, we were told that 3 million jews, died at Auschwitz, in 3 years.
    In the 80s, that dropped to 2 million.
    In 2019, were are down to a "possible", 1 million.
    The final figure, is still grossly exaggerated.
    I could go on a 10,000 word essay as to why this is so, but ill just drop a few facts.
    For even 1,000,000 deaths in three years, that would mean 914 deaths, every 24 hours, non-stop, for 3 years.
    Even with very little common sense, this single detail should make you think.
    One human, requires 1300 degrees, and a minimum of three hours to be cremated.
    We are told Auschwitz had 40-50 ovens in use.
    This is a figure that has been conflated massively over the years.
    Read the nkvd official report, there were 12.
    Dont argue about, look up the facts for yourself.
    So now, what heat source did they have on hand, 24/7, 365, 3 years non stop, to create these temperatures?
    In brick and mortar ovens, no less.
    The entirety of germany, did not have enough coal(because you cant get that temp from an open flame wood fire) to heat a cup of coffee, but 25 death camps scattered through europe had some endless supply?
    How long would this kind of oven last at that temperature?
    The experts say about 3 full days, and by then the mortar would be burned out, and the bricks cellular structure completely disintegrated.
    That is not an issue?
    Where did the remains of 1 million people go?
    There is about 5 pounds of non compostable material from any cremation, so were is the 5 million pounds of human remains?
    They dug up every square inch of the place, and i have never seen any evidence, nor has anybody ever attempted to give any evidence of the whereabouts.
    And this barely scratches the surface on the impossibility of the "facts" we are fed our entire lives.
    The holocaust is great business, for those who profit from it, and it is a great tool to make the jews look like a subjected minority, when in fact, they are the single wealthiest minority by at least 50 times, per capita, have a 1.5% population in the u.s. yet make up 70% of the owners, and CEOs of americas fortune 500 companys.
    Not to mention the fed, and high government employment.
    Again, my bloodline comes for the 12 tribes, but my need for facts, and truth will always outweigh any belief in religion, which i dont have anyway.
    Religion is used to control the weak, and gullible.

  9. I'm not really sure how to feel about putting so much effort into simply making someone else believe into something very specific like this.

  10. Ohh my fucking god. You literally pulled a "both sides" bullshit argument. You fail to realize what Socialism stands for, and what it truly does mean. You instead use the idea of "socialization" meaning the removal of a group. You say that historians are not trained in economics, and you yourself PROVED it. I enjoyed your channel, up until this sort of bullshit.

    Marxists do not wish for the cleansing of "Jews". To say so is an insult to the many Communist and Socialist JEWISH partisans. It is true Stalin was anti-semetic, but to call him the poster boy of socialism is a far fetched idea.

    Hitler was not Socialist. If he was, then German workers would be given full control over their jobs, as well as great benefits and conditions. This did not happen, as Hitler kept it mostly private until nearing the end of the war.

    I don't see any point, you have truly drunk the Centrist drink of foolishness to its fullness. Fuck off.

  11. Calm down about the holocaust. Stick to military history that's what we are here for. Have fun being on r/badhistory.

  12. You tell them TIK! As someone who lived in Venezuela during Chavez's 1st year in power I'll tell you that the beginning of red socialism is in practice National socialism. A lot of regulations and interventions in the economy. The expropriations come later.

  13. only revolutionary socialism is the murder and theft of bourgeoisie, also did you just suggest that Jews are the ones in control of the means of production? What does "socialising the people" even mean? Stick to military history because your ideological babbling is consistently cringe-inducing.

    Every neo-Nazi I've seen online (and I've seen a lot lmao) admits that Hitler used the term socialism as a marketing tool, your attempt to make a loaded question would backfire. Why would not killing the Jews mean he wouldn't be a socialist anyways? Socialism is about public ownership of capital, so even if we assume that Jews are the bourgeoisie, it would only be socialism if their capital (once seized) is given to the public rather than to private owners.

  14. The word “socialism” sure gets stretched and abused these days – Seems that Hitler was the biggest abuser of it.

  15. I do wish he had included the fascists in this, but I guess he wanted to keep it simple.

    The chief virtue of TIK over other military history sources is his familiarity with economics. I hope at some point in the future he does consider Imperial Japan because the same (oil) logic applies there as well. I've been trying to get some people (who are otherwise quite knowledgeable) to admit that the IJN advances toward Port Moresby and the Aleutians were a mistake, not for tactical or even strategic reasons, but for economic ones — Japan simply lacked the oil to make those operations justifiable.

  16. Just signed up to your subscribestar, don't agree with all but it's about time someone starts to tell the truth about the national socialists, 95% of what they believed and thought is pure leftist ideology – the only real thing you could really equate to people on the modern right would be love of country or nationalism, the left of course does this today but by pitting groups within a country against one another or against their country rather than lifting the individual and the country itself – I argued this with teachers in school 30 years ago – back when they actually told more truth about the Soviet Union, China and places like Cambodia since it was still a thing then so it could not be denied, especially when you had things like hockey players defecting – it's a shame the left at least here in the U.S. which used to be great for protecting individuals which ultimately protects everyone has devolved into such group think, group policy people – I miss the truly patriotic left, the country needs them but sadly, they are no longer.

  17. Thank you for an interesting take on the perpetually odd phenomena of Holocaust Denial. It’s always struck me as strange how certain persons seeking to whitewash Hitler and the Nazi movement cannot also take Hitler at his word. The extermination of European Jews was every bit as much a German war aim as the extension of German borders or exploitation of various natural resources otherwise belonging to other nations.

  18. But in his private life, Hitler (as well as many in his close circle) were very much into the bourgeois lifestyle. There is a very interesting book that deals with this topic in great detail. It is called Hitler´s Geld. I do not know what the title would be in English.

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