1. I'm making a music video and was sourcing images of people from every country. It's crazy how many white woman taking pictures with brown people I was seeing. The only reason I found this video is because I wanted to see if people noticed this lol. If you don't believe me just search ( e.g. [*country* people], though to be fair I'm sure most mean well and are actually trying to help.

  2. Be a woman.

    I find it odd that a total Plain Jane can post a boring selfie of themselves & get 50-100 likes while a handsome guy could post a professionally done modeling photo & be lucky to get at least 10 likes… lol. It's so weird.

  3. The video is wrong. It’s not stereotyping when the photo is representative of living conditions. The real issue is that it exploits those conditions for self-promotion. It’s really gross.

    When you imply that everything is racist, eventually, people just stop listening to you. They might even resent anti-racist activism,, in which case you do way more harm than good.

  4. +SAIH Shame on you! You are promoting unrealistic and unattainable body image for young women. That avatar in your video was unproportionally busty/busomy/voluptuous/buxom, and with all that ass for a white girl. All the while having a button of a nose ( or was it just a hole in her face?). White girls that go on peacecorps type "missions" in Africa already have a notorious reputation, why would you further sexualize them?

  5. Remember traveling Central America after hurricane Mitch (1999?). Bars were full of young people wearing Mitch relief crew t-shirts… getting drunk and snorting cocaine. Made me sick from day one.

  6. As a travel writer and a liberal AND an unrepentant SJW, I find this didactic and preachy. It's also just a little… I mean, how many people are really this egregious? And if so, they're assholes. So just asking people not to be assholes seems like it'd have a similar effect.

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