How To Create A Social Media App

hello I'm Alex Oriakhi the co-owner of modernity and in this video I'm gonna tell you how to create a social media app and believe that they are watching this video and hope the information I share with you will be quite useful for your project as you know they exist Facebook Instagram works up and maybe you know we chat as well and snapchat the period because because it's like some teachers from Facebook and Facebook copy some features from snapchat or Instagram so there are some lot of changes going on in social media networking industry and that's why there is a still gap for a new project and if no there is there are new social networks like tick tock kill zone cuckoo maybe hear them for the first time I think you know which at its most of this project based in China and there is still a gap and space where you can create your social media app that would be useful popular and successful ok let's talk about strategy so there are many posts and videos about strategy of social media app but I want you to answer three simple questions that would help you understand how to plan your such made it up better so the first question is who who would be using your app who are these people what are the ages six orientation race maybe job title and other things is it unnecessary for your app so you you should understand very good your audience who would be using your app then you need to answer the question how how is it going to use your app would be just text messages videos for us short messages long pause long reads and maybe as a type of content content maybe some audio files so you have to understand how how is it going to interact with your app with the users inside your app with your friends and so on so question number three is why so why users would come back to you app why they would refer the app to their friends what would make them come back to your app so what it means that what type of content and what type of interaction would be happening inside your app that would take you this back so you have to answer all these three questions to build the strategy of your social media app okay which talks about certainty now let's talk about development so development is a very important part of the project and we apparently advise all the customers create clickable prototypes of a future mobile app so clickable prototype is basically some screens which created by a business analyst and he makes those little prototypes which has not real apps much as a prototype and if you you can open that in a browser and just click on buttons and see is a basic attraction of the future application so if your application is quite complex and contains many many screens so and with many transitions from one screen to screen and if some screen to screen being zones where a lot of sales going on so it's quite complex to implement all that without bugs so that's why we advise to create a prototype which you open in the browser you talk each screen communicate and see what's going on here there which button should be there which screens or what would be the profile how many updates was the profile what kind of notifications flows and all everything everything you have what would have to be on the app so after everything is created you pass it several times so let's saves like 50% of the budgets just in the was really crucial to do prototyping lets you use them to face user experience it's all done here okay let's last thing that we have a clickable prototype and so we've given a to Jean and he gives us back the design and we can give it to our development team so developer team get the design cut it to that kind of interface put all the buttons and everything else on the mobile app so the Omaha mobile app can't work itself so needs to store the data somewhere somewhere on a server so all the images pictures and videos which user generated and uploads whose ad go to the server and and to make it possible it makes it happen we need have an API so API is basically how mobile app talks to the server storage how to exchange data so the app tells that please save the picture for user number one okay the mobile app transfer the picture service save the picture somewhere and responded back that the picture was saved successfully and for all the interaction between the app and a server there should be an API method which basically a language between application and actually software and software how they interact understand each other so as as humans we use the word swim stands here the software also uses some text and messages in special format to understand what's the owner so basically we created the interface we've created the API so the server-side server-side contains all the social logic and layered to operate with database and storages which could be also a big pain for a social network because every social network in comedy of friends friends posts photos and videos not always but videos maybe some audio files so a lot of content is generated every second so easy a social media becomes popular a lot of content is generated every second so it means that all that kind of content goes to storage and the number of the soldier is increasing in a tremendous way so that's why YouTube is not profitable at least Google hasn't announced is profit not profitable because too much too much video content is uploaded to YouTube daily and a lot of traffic to views that videos is gone to Google service awesome every second what does mean it means that you have to think about scalability of your storage and also you have to provide a good speed so if somebody requests to see a video image for or message you should done quickly and it's also quite tricky to allow users access the content quite fast so for these purposes CDN CDN networks might be used CDN content live networks to increase the speed of loading that kind of resources so and as I said that the more the more content you have the most service you have so if you get more popular it means that you have more and more service and at a certain period of time you need to incent when and how you're going to earn money on your social media app and you have set about monetization and before thinking about monetization you have to think about data mining so data mining mean you need to get the data about users to somehow show targeted advertisement of course it depends on your business model and so on but most of the networks somehow try to use personal data to make it targeted advertisement for the user base and you have to think about data mining how and when you're going to get the data about users and it can be also used to show relevant data and that kind of algorithm should be also implemented inside a social media app before it goes to the market but because of course you can do this later on but the more data we have the better it would be for better targeting ok let's continue about monetization so the different monetization tactics and of course you can use like in in-app purchases or there can be some paid content because it could be ads and basically anything else you can just imagine and include inside your app so one of the interesting examples of a recent social media apps is a flow flow is a social media app it's a ssin calendar and period tracker for women and it is number one in the u.s. at the moment it has 26 million monthly active users so it's a huge database of women who use that app for tracking their period so having that data they can also have a really very targeted advertisement but they been developing the software for several years and they have just started some monetization tactics so before they did two years or maybe two years in the house there was normalization toss-away focused on building the audience and as a builder audience I started to do some experiments with my so it means that social media app based on your funding and your financial needs could take a long time before the monetization and trends to turn on motivation the later the better so it is depends you when I'm going to turn on monetization and here are some tips a way you might use so and it's a nice example I like and well they they started like calendar and now they join in the up in a social network so where women can talk to each other animus Li and about serious issues such as pillar then you can't discuss period and a forum on our Facebook or somewhere else so and here with rich space where they can share the thoughts and concerns what was going on with body with health and so on this a why and that make that up popular popular and also because they have in some AI on the backend which is also quite powerful so have a look at it and it is one of an examples how to be the successful social media app okay so many people see it what kind of development teams they need to develop an app so basically we have two mobile platforms Android and iOS which is most popular so it depends on you where to start from from Android or iOS so let's assume we start with iOS so this iPhone tablets and so on we advise to start with one platform and why because when you start developing for one mobile platform I haven't seen any project in my life where there were no change requests inside the projects when you start developing development there are new features going on you think you understand in you understand what's what's really required what is not required what to include what to exclude from the list we strongly advise to start developing for one platform so well when you launched it when you had some period of testing and so on you understand better and on the Android version you will spend less time and less money and do less but as well then on our ass version because you would know what you really need not just oh what might be useful what you would know better so and that would lead to your it will save your budget so we're a team at least one one iOS developer so fond ROI it's also at least one developer some customers prefer to start with react native rape native is a JavaScript framework and built by Facebook which can build hybrid and mobile apps so it means that you can build with one developer for two platforms for us and a drawer and the performance is quite good also it would not run on all the old Android devices but on Midwest ones quite okay so you may consider studying up with react native as it would require just one developer instead of two so the API and the server side so it could be done one one developer but I think it will be one plus one because the business logic tends to be more complex and if you have to develop it would be better of course you have a better development team and progress and so on and so it's better to have two developers on that side so then how does a part-time jobs design well design doesn't change really often and even Facebook had just launched a redesign and they haven't designed the app for many years so it would be designer but I would say that like part time just some fixes scope and also you need a UI and UX specialist can be possible we can see there's a part the part time job in the beginning of full time job for a long time and of course we need a project manager project and the project manager so I'll put them down so project manager and product manager so main many people mix them and don't understand exactly what it means a project manager answers the question how and product manager answers the question what so project how we build how and project what we built and why we need to upload videos or video streaming because our audience likes games and stream them online like a twitch but we sell features in the product manager explains what are we building for whom and project manager said ok if we need video streaming so then we need a service item some special software some developers QA and so and he is responsible to deliver the project and he is responsible for answer how how are we going to achieve what is required so basically there should be two roles on the project but sometimes sometimes they can be a founder who is responsible for to these roles he may be a product manager and product manager but when the product evolves so there is a project manager and usually it's on our team as dedicated project manager who manages all the people all the team and because it requires a lot of time and effort to bring all the people together on the same page and tell them what's exactly needs to be done so and consumes a lot of time and product manager is focused on the core what is required on the features and he started the market he doesn't business analysis and so on he understands this product and explains that vision to the project manager and that how it makes the social media app successful at least it is one of the ways how to create a successful social media app so I haven't added to the list QA QA is the Quality Assurance specialist that I put here at least two it's better to test software many times the more times you tear the software its abilities because even if you test it thoroughly the software and you launch it in any way there would be some features and some issues that users bring and because they use a software in an unpredictable way from different types of software operation systems and so on so it's better to have two quality assurance engineers on a team which would deliver the project and of course a DevOps DevOps is the development operations in the advanced system engineer who understands how the software how to configure the software and hardware to run in a more optimized way to meet project needs and how to configure everything how to set up service and you know many many technical starts to make possible to run a social media lab okay basically as a Caesar is a team of at least gave us a one one one and two were like four four people and with full time job once part time and project management so this four to five like a very small the minimal team is like four people of course it could be much more people and but that is a minimum team that could work on the project and deliver a first version of social media application and most probably such a project would require several well at least three to four months of work the approximate budget to be a social media application is at least 60 K 60 santora's is approximately budget to deliver a first version of a social media application because as the Caesar is quite a big team and well it also depends on a feature list and what and logics and the complexity of social media application so today we've talked about strategy bar business bar magnet development and well I've shared some useful tips with you and I hope you like them and if you like so please put liked on our video and hope you see again at once our video blog it was Alex a cracker from what bar MIT see you next time you

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