1. Hi, thank you for making this video. School social worker means that you re gonna work in a school setting and you had experience in educational setting? Because I had an experience working at school managing the youth development programs and teaching English as well. I wanna work in educational setting not as a teacher but as a facilitator improving the education program and students. I am just wondering whether i take the most suitable masters degree….

  2. Your videos make me a better therapist with my kids and families! Do you have a video about passing the ASWB test?

  3. Thanks so much for your videos!!!!! Could you elaborate a little on the $1k+ you referenced that districts provide for masters programs? Is it a retroactive grant seeing as you need a masters degree to get the job?

  4. I am changing my major to bachelor of science in social and behavioral health and am going on to get my masters in social work. I’m super excited for this change because I honestly didn’t know this dream career even existed until I researched and found your videos! Please keep sharing! I love them!

  5. I just found your channel and i subscribed because your videos are so interesting and informative.
    I just started my master in my navite country and i hope one day i’ll be able to work as social worker in the usa. But the school system here is really different from there and I was wondering if my degree will be valid there and what steps are necessary to have my degree certificate recognized. I searched these informations a lot but without any success.

  6. Hi, do you know how I can apply for a School Social work license in NYS? I have an LMSW and a BA in psychology.

  7. THANK YOU FOR THIS CHANNEL! I'm a senior social work major, and I have been looking for a sw channel to kinda answer questions that I didn't know I had. and i love how you're in Texas because I am too!

  8. I am going for my BSW I'm 23 years old feeling a little bit behind. But I have been a bit concerned so many people have told me that social workers dont make a lot of money and work a ton of hours without getting paid. Is this true ? I'm not trying to make a crazy amount of money but enough to support myself and live comfortably

  9. I graduated with my bachelors & im thinking of going for my MSW degree at UT! My question is, if someone is struggling with mental illness, could they still be a good social worker or counselor? I’m a pretty emotional person but I want to help kids as a school social worker. Sometimes it’s hard to leave the bad at work but I know it will be a rewarding career.
    Thank you!

  10. I just graduated with my BSW what’s a good book to study for your exam or are there any classes??

  11. I’m so glad you made this channel to educate people on the field I am currently about to go to college as a freshman to pursue social work! I’m doing the BSW route and I’m attending Temple because they also have a social work school. I’m interested in seeing more vlogging videos thank you ❤️

  12. Hi! I do love your videos. I want. To become a social worker but not really sure where to start. I left school over 8 years ago and I'll be honest I will be getting my GED this year but I'm not sure where to go from there because I'm literally starting from scratch! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 💛

  13. This was so helpful. I am currently enrolled at San Antonio College and majoring in Social Work. I have been researching online to try and get a better perspective of the major and the exact steps to take.

  14. I love your videos! I’m going into my senior year of my bachelors degree in Psychology and I’m trying to figure out what I want to get my masters in. I definitely want to work in a school, but I’m between a social worker and a school psychologist as of right now. Could you explain why you went into social work and how you knew it was right for you over any other career path?

  15. Hi! I am an aspiring social worker and planning on getting a bachelor degree in Sociology. I’m really struggling with what kind of Social work to be. Do u have any advice ?

  16. Hi. Thank you for this information. I am on my path to enroll in a social work master. Do you if being a bilingual school social worker (certified) can make a significant impact on the salary? Thank you so much for your time.

  17. Thank you for posting this, its disheartening to know that with the experience and education noted here you can still be grossly underpaid

  18. Hi Lauren! I really love your videos and you actually inspired me to start my own channel about social work and anything else going on in my life 🙂 thank you so much for the inspiration and all the good videos!

  19. I’m a hs senior looking into medical or school social work and I love your channel please do another day in my life I loved the one you did 😩😩😩👌🏾

  20. Thank you for this! I'm about to start the journey towards my BSW, and your videos are so helpful! keep up the good work 🙂

  21. Thank you for talking about the salary because… people assume that ALL social workers make $25-30K 😑 People can be so ignorant and uninformed.

  22. Thank God for finding you here on YouTube. I’ve learned so much in the few months I’ve been subscribed 🙂
    I’ll be getting my human services bachelors next year 😀

  23. Hi Lauren! Your channel is heaven-sent, it’s really helped me! So I had a question, I have my msw, on the children & families track. I’m taking my LMSW soon, also, I’m wrapping up my play therapy certification. My internships didn’t include school social work, but did include play therapy with children with emotional and social challenges. Next month I will start applying to positions, do you think I would not be qualified for a school social worker (I’ve heard some provide play therapy in a school setting)? My fear is not getting any position I apply for! I know that’s crazy, but I’m worried lol.

    Also, correct me if I am wrong, but to take the LCSW, a social worker must be working in a clinical setting, for at least 2 years, have an LCSW supervisor and get 100 hours of supervision in a 24-month period? Is that right? Thank you for any feedback! ❤️

  24. I love your channel, it's so informative. Continue with the videos! Vlogs maybe, videos about what college life was like, maybe even more on the work you do!!!

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