How The Wheels Fell Off Of Venezuela's Socialist Revolution

if life was all about petrol Caracas would be a great place to live you can fill your tank for just ten cents a liter put for Venezuela's beleaguered middle-class the oil-rich capital is a great place to leave their main celebrations and when someone's getting out it's my farewell party I'm moving to the United States next week and all my family and friends are here to say goodbye and these farewell parties are quite common these days quite cold yes yes there was one week when I went to treat anyone with in a few days more i'ma Garcia will start a new life with a software company in New York after a decade of socialist revolution she and her middle-class friends are voting with their feet they're fleeing a country where businesses have failed as class warfare boobs very rich people they are making deals with the government and making lot of money very poor people are receiving money from the government but the middle class is suffering like completely completely and every day you see more people in your family in your friends that are being robbed that or that are just you know like their houses get dropped or people who get killed just because they want a motorcycle or something is it's really it's really becoming like even I always say like psychologically it's very difficult to live in Venezuela right now which is the middle-class might hate him that millions of poor Venezuelans see Hugo Chavez as a saint taking money from the rich and giving it to them the former Army colonel rarely speaks to Western media but the day we caught up with him he was glad-handing like a politician on the campaign trail in February he won a referendum to abolish term limits meaning he can keep run for president until he died Australia Malaysia calvario everywhere he goes an army of redshirted supporters follows they're called Chavistas meaning little chavez some left-wing priests insist Jesus is with the president – yo quiero Kate okay hey secreto porque te amo Hawkins agarra la señor mama tender las manos de manos hacia el Senor Presidente de MASMA the 20th anniversary of anti-government riots before ago Chavez Venezuela is rich white leaders all but ignored the poorest Chavez like most Venezuelans is a mixed indigenous descent and he's made it his mission to punish the old a link to NASA si la capitale eita que no que Reina la Desigual dad la Desigual Dalma irrational Salva importantto la Engle tisha importantto la violencia sosial La Plata Sein del hombre por el hombre como Dacia Carlos Marx El Rey no de Dios aqui en la tierra es el socially go Karakas today feels a bit like Latin America in the 1970s when socialism seemed the way of the future the Chavez has enjoyed something that failed left-wing movements of the past mahat oil he's nationalized the oil industry and plowed its billions it was revolution building health clinics subsidized food markets and universities even his critics can see he's a formidable and charismatic politician moyses naive as a form of Venezuelan trade minister who now edits the prestigious foreign policy magazine in Washington Venezuela like many developing countries is a deeply polarized unequal unjust country and he has been very effective in using that inequality fielding justices in the history of failure to really commend the great support and popularity along the way he became a hero to Latin America showering his neighbors with AIDS and leading an anti us bloc with Cuba at the United Nations he branded George Bush Antichrist meanwhile two vistas held their leader as the new sign now the irony of course is that the success of Chavez of socialism has always depended on healthy global capitalism as long as the world was buying Venezuela's oil at record prices he could fund his social programs even as the private sector crumbled but now global capitalism is in crisis and the price of oil has plummeted it's shaken the very foundations of the Chavez Revolution in July last year Venezuela could sell its oil for nearly a hundred and forty US dollars a barrel now it's getting less than half that that's not just serious it's potentially disastrous because Venezuela depends on oil for 95% of its exporting the truth is that the higher prices have allowed the president Chavez to mask the fact that he has destroyed the economy today when as well as economy is essentially essentially deeply dependent on oil that was always the case but under President Chavez that has been taken to an extreme they amount of job destruction that has taken place in Venezuela in the private sector is unprecedented almost every company is nationalized and stacked with Chavistas has turned into a loss maker the workers jobs now have to be subsidized by the state maria rare is paid to make clothes for government workers like red vests for chavista rallies yo como no le oweme siento bien por que te digo hence Aaron meant a tiempo missio Gracia do diabo reverse otário y prácticamente sino fuera por este Presidente a low moan oh yes Prasad OC da tell Omar si si si mo Presidente lo más en todo lo sentido hombre que se a preocupado por supuesto the private sector isn't creating jobs it's fighting for survival so this is the original house yes actually this is the house where the PSNI was founded in 1796 Alberto Vollmer is one of the last big entrepreneurs left in the country his family owned rum distillery has lasted two centuries so he's determined to make it out last Chavez we're always talking about the 200 years and we're thinking about how to keep this going for at least another 200 years you know the few companies that were producing in Venezuela have either gone to Colombia or Costa Rica or they've just been closed down and they're there being imported from other other countries you know I just sometimes wish that chalice were to realize how important it is to have companies and private sector in Venezuela and it adds so much value to to the country you know the one just feels this has this feeling of wasting time despite the oil crisis Chavez remains as hostile to business as ever especially ones like this bulma's estate or Hacienda epitomizes what the president hates an old business on old land run by an old European family it's part of what he's called the rancid oligarchy ever since the Spaniards came a small number of rich white families has owned most of the best land and that as much as anything has caused centuries of conflict across Latin America but here at this Hacienda outside Caracas something extraordinary has happened it's shown that in this deeply polarized society at the height of this sometimes bizarre revolution there can be a middle way inside volmers property is a town for impoverished squatters with proper streets and houses even childcare it's a rare example of the private sector and government working together the irony is that it started as an attack on his business in 2000 the local governor organized a Zimbabwean style land grab on the farm instead of resisting Bulma decided to try to work with them actually the key was putting long term as the common interest for both parties for the land grabbers and for us and then thanks to to putting that as the the key to success we were able to come up with a let's say a solution that was ok for both creates a wind turbine okay which is a loan of Amelia so Ballmer agreed to grant the land on condition the government gave the squatters proper materials to build their own homes officials are planned to simply have a shanty town the result is a new suburb and a proud community in what was once farmland and volmers social program didn't end here when gang members from the neighboring slum broke into the Hacienda he gave them a simple choice one was we hand you over to the police with what that means in Venezuela you know could could mean your you get shot or disappeared and the other option was you work for three months with no pay and for and that way you'll be paying for what you did the program was so successful it's turned in to Venezuela 'he's only crime prevention program more than a hundred gang members have taken up the offer to be trained here provided they turned their backs on crime to well starry Wilma has been with the program for seven years and now works for its private coffee company called Alcatraz if not for the program he believes he and the other gangsters would be dead okay porque Sun problema que somos en cuenta en Circulo em Marea donde vamos encuentro como que dicen en un tone' en hi home since Adia en de mundo a hurried on dose a Abbess oh no se siente que no tiene que o Cassady poke a uno T dou y n8 o problema del ETA oh no tienen a Cali tienes hambre show Nicole co+ ah Probert aroma it's been a combination philanthropy business oye pero que VA me yeah it is a big risk but you know I was thinking it's a bigger risk to have them working against you working against you in the community or attacking you Lugo Chavez praised the program but he's done nothing to envy lengthens for all the recent oil well Caracas is on the edge of breakdown poverty is still rife the infrastructures crumbling and crime is out of control since Chavez came to power the murder rate has doubled to more than 100 a week higher than even Baghdad the true believers still insist life is getting better Noel crimina Asadi amo en la mia que nosotros amo la lucha goat rapper Brezza en si sentido say reduce ella la situación de la da de la créme Analia Hector Sanchez is a committed supporter of Chavez self-styled olivarium revolution named after the colonial Liberator Simon Bolivar he hopes Chavez will liberate the entire continent la la storia Venezuela muy particulary continent americano en el sentido nosotros estamos tenemos una conciencia global Mundi encore respect wala situation del Planeta para Protel Oh interesting bass or a esta hey do Brasil Chavez spent a USO NATO is navels yeoman Sol astoria Petrolero de Venezuela Venezuela is not just lost AO Bonanza he's lost the presidency United his anti us campaign no VSAC dopest umbra the election of President Barack Obama created a great problem for the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran a no-go Chavez in Venezuela again President Bush was a very easy target and a very convenient target because of the lack of sympathy that he elicited the day he listed around the world with President Obama Chavez has a different problem it's not so easy to the ride in salt an accused President Obama of all sorts of things even worse he's had to worry about new enemies at home in November the opposition won control of Caracas in municipal elections the new mayor Antonia Ledesma is a scion of the old a leat who chose despisers it's become a test of how the president can work with his opponents but instead of helping the new mayor improve Caracas is trying to stop him working the dough Volodya ant a poner una calle reso tres Pierrot profundo renew a bolide mi pull mone is algo abital are no solamente contra los problemas de y seguridad de la basura del tráfico de la falta de mantenimiento neat retro – de velocidad sino que el gran amigo que tenemos por delante en un gobierno que hace todo lo posible para sob opium esta MPO Ledesma can't even go near his office in City Hall he and his staff had to relocate to this cramped building across town after the Chavistas who lost refused to leave primero hicieron destrosa en la faccia de una de ce ce o– grappa del siglo riesen you have a patrimony no de la ciudad a Karaka luego go doha Sarto magistrate abre Hamad OHS cough you sillies comput hola come meet Raja in Kapoor Shaad o s convey endo Surat ro say al sorrow con la gente la Sione donde Dave Aude a patch our comb alcalde metropolitano a crack city holes in the old colonial centre that used to be one of caracas main tourist attractions now it's not the sort of place you want to visit with a camera our bodyguards were visibly nervous as we approached as you can see there's still graffiti on the building which I've tried to paint over smash windows and allegedly there are still a lot of armed people inside they're protesting about having been sacked from the council by the new mayor who alleges that they were simply hired muscle for the old mayor for the Pro Chavez Muir quite a future vistas around here who've been taking a big interest in us look around the side what too dangerous my peligrosa okay the Meher hasn't just lost City Hall Chavez has stripped him and other opposition leaders of almost all their power and resources whoa hey when I'm better when the city of Caracas was run by Chavistas it also ran the local TV station the day after the Desmond was elected mayor the station was transferred to federal control the parameter nero darwin compañero the young service director Sanchez is the manager and ensures it continues to push the Chavez line la revolucion para mi significa ammo significa este avanzar por la wall de ti por la Justicia social no solamente para Venezuela si no para America latina para el mundo but not everyone here is a happy revolutionary while we were filming staff confided to us they hadn't been paid informers Oh muna po w interna propia nuestra que esta Dom oh no no sena como te zeggen our acid erectus the coming months will reveal the full effects of the slump in oil prices Chavez claims to have enough reserves to weather the crisis but he's already had to slash its budget if he can't continue the programs that won him support he'll face more challenges to his power and his commitment to democracy even so no one's predicting the end of Chavez anytime soon so President Chavez can last for a long time again because either has the oil money and that allows him to buy political support and popular support and if the oil revenues dwindle then he can resort to the use of powers because he has unrestrained ability to hit commands he has the control of the army he has the control of the economy he's nationalizing the large swaths of the economy he has a control of Congress the Supreme Court all of the power centers of the country are under his direct immediate control so he can using that he can stay in power for a long time he sees Venezuela as the guys were with me and the guys who weren't with me and the ones who were against me must leave the country kind of thing that's more or less the attitude instead of saying euro is going to have people that are that are there agree or disagree with you and he just can't put up with disagreement he should actually see hit the people that disagree with him as potential allies ironically my rhymer Garcia might once have become a chavista she grew up in a Caracas slum known here as a barrier but got out through study and hard work he just gives them some money to survive now and stay the same way and keep boarding for him he doesn't tell them tell them like you have to work hard you have to study hard you can't get out of the barriers he tells them no it's ok to win the virus you can stay there I'm gonna give you money I'm gonna help you paint the front of your house in the barrio so you feel happy and stay there and keep boarding for me that's what he does so that's not good for the country as a society that that we have a lot of people depending on the government just as unbridled greed has undermined capitalism Chavez autocratic socialism is jeopardizing the benefits of his revolution as Alberto Vollmer show the best chance for this divided country may be for its people to work together but as with everything in Venezuela that will depend on the whim of just one unpredictable man you you

  1. this documentary only talks to the upper and middle class.. the lower class accounts for most of the population and if you ask them, ever since chavez came to power they have almost gotten rid of illiteracy, millions have been taken out of poverty, if you ask the lower class, they will all tell you they are better off. In the last few years they obviously have NOT been better off, because of a combination of bad choices from the Venezuelan government and heavy sanctions placed on the country by the US government, which does NOTHING to remove maduro, it only ends up affected those who have little.

  2. Time to move out of the dark state.
    Her English is good.
    Robbing hood socialist.
    Poor – run COUNTRY – into the ground.

  3. Socialism works in China. They know the secret, others don't. Add Vietnam and Singapore. Singapore is a better model for western world. Welfare Socialism as mere redistribution is a bad idea. There is no Welfare in China or Singapore. They have Efficiency Socialism. Efficiency Socialism does work, Welfare doesn't. This isn't a simple matter, need lots of study how China and Singapore did it. first China was falling into same welfare trap, then they changed and became 2nd economy. In 5 – 10 years they become #1.

  4. The irony of the propaganda.
    The socialist utopia in just a few years has destroyed the entire country and turned it into the most dangerous and criminal state on the planet . Socialism is death.


  6. Socialism is a route to absolute power – Promise them equality but to achieve it you need to remove democracy (as opposition is counterproductive to the revolution)

  7. 2:28 – And they thought there was no end of money they could steal from those who produced stuff;

  8. And socialism and communist out people in positions that they are not remotely qualified for and in most cases here didn’t even finish high school there also lazy and expected every thing for free

  9. Socialism is all good until you run out of other people’s money and most that support it a lazy and dumb and want money and everything for free rather then working for it.

  10. Anybody that believes in socialism doesn’t know psychology and human nature. Greed is at the core of every human. Capitalism harnesses that greed and let’s it lift everyone out of poverty. Very complex but simple at the same time.

  11. #1 problem is that there are WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD; ABOUT 6 billion AND GROWING.  Second, Socialism ALWAYS FAILS.

  12. Seeing Che on shirt in America sickens me. He was a rapist, racist and blood thirtsy psycho. Yall still support him?

  13. VENEZUELAN SOCIALISTS / MADURO JUST WON 18 OF 23 STATES AND ELECTIONS WERE FAIR AND INTERNATIONALLY MONITORED Stop exaggerating conditions in the country. Trump wants his sanctions to make things worse. China says the sanctions don't help anything. Shame on the capitalist/ world bank tactics. I say viva the revolution if the people want it.

  14. Wikipedia says Venezuela is a mixed economy – it's about 70% capitalist. That won't stop you dumb asses parroting your TV "news." Nothing more pathetic than brainwashed flag wavers. The CDC estimates there are more than 20 million new cases of STDs in the United States each year. At least half occur in young people ages 15 to 24. Gotta give the military several billion more, no money for free prenatal visits. Yay capitalism. Regime change needs to happen in Washington DC before anyplace else.

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