How the Empress of Orange Built a Community Online  – Tea with Shira #67

>>If anything, you’re going to go find an
orange hat.>>Another mmm>>And a scarf, and a cardigan,
and some socks. And then you’re just going to be like, “Ta
da!”>>Right, right.>>Hello everyone. I am joined by Gaye Glasspie, better known
as GGmadeit or, you know what, the yarn ho.>>That.>>Seriously. There is no offense there. That is like a real thing.>>Facts.>>Talking facts today during this Tea with
Shira. Thank you so much for coming.>>Thank you so much for having me.>>This has been like a long time coming. I’m going to start with your instagram because
a lot of people know you from instagram. And specifically know you for your color. That is orange.>>A little bit.>>Let’s unpack that for everyone. Y’know because that’s really become like your
identity a little bit.>>It has, it has. My birthday was last week and I’m 53 years
old. Meaning I grew up in the early 70s is when
I was a little girl. And in my community, being dark skinned was
frowned upon so me liking bright colors was frowned upon. So I hid the fact that I loved orange practically
all of my life. So when I decided that, you know what, there’s
nothing wrong with my complexion and I’m goign to tell the world that I like orange, you
probably can see me from the moon because of that now. But that’s really the basis behind it. I still get elders in my community that say,
“Oh, baby, you’re so pretty but you know you shouldn’t wear that bright color.” And I’m like, “Let me go find something else
orange to put on because you people are gonna stop this.” So that’s really the origin of the orange. It’s a little, it’s a good/bad news story because I came
into my own and I realized that there was nothing wrong with my skin tone. And nothing wrong with me loving orange so
I just went for it. And everybody kind of followed suit.>>I think that’s awesome and I think that
that’s what makes you stand out in the community that we’re a part of. I think that everyone has their own message
and that’s their path and I think that knowing knowing that about you and who, you know, just being
so sure in who you are and making sure that that other people know it. And you’re not gonna change it. I think that’s awesome.>>Yeah.>>So I love that. So if you go to GG’s instagram, it’s just
a flood, a flood of orange. So then you also have a whole presence on YouTube. Tell me about your YouTube life.>>Mhmm YouTube started out as a dare. Again->>A dare?>>Yeah! It was a challenge, actually. When I decided that I was going to be consistent, I was going to upload once a week on Sundays. And I started doing that. Within like a couple of weeks, my following
went from 2000 to 5000. Like, bam. But I really found my growth on YouTube as of late has
simply been because I’ve shown up.>>I think that’s such a wonderful- I did not
expect that type of answer to come out. And I think that for people out there that
are watching Tea with Shira, I think that’s something that Tea with Shira has learned
where we try to be as consistent. Because I think that when we create this community,
they are wanting more. They want you to show show up. Right?>>They want you.>>They’re like, “Where are you?”>>Exactly. What I love is when I can ask a question that
will bring everybody to the table and now they’re not even paying me any attention. They’re talking to each other. Because, “Oh I grew up in that town” or “That’s
where my husband is from.” “Oh my god, I went to that school!” “Wait a minute, what’s your maiden name?” You know, I- I call it magic. Because then I just walk away. I don’t even have to respond because they’re
talking to each other. You know and I think that’s what I love about
this knitting community. I always tell people when they ask me, you
know, what started me knitting. I’m self-taught by the way. I graduated from YouTube University.>>I love that.>>With honors.>>With honors!>>So I always say I started knitting at a very
trying time in my life. And I always say the yarn, I wrapped my heart
in yarn. And I kept going. Right? And I feel like that string, even with all
of the unrest in the community right now that string is what’s keeping us together. Because at the end of the day, we go back
to the knitting, the crocheting, the weaving, the whatever! And that’s what we have in common. So that’s what I find they’re looking, they’re
hungry for it! If I do a post, I do it on purpose. I’ll just post a picture of knitting. And I’ll just say, “This is my project. This is the pattern. This is the yarn.” I don’t get as many reactions, I don’t get
as many likes. But when I do what I call a GG-ism. Right? Like today’s GG-ism was, “Comparison is a
confidence killer.” I always say, “Watch your mouth.” How do you talk to yourself? Right? Because I’m making socks right now. And I was proud of my little sock. I turned my heel last night, I was all excited. And then I saw someone that was making the
same exact sock and instantly I started beating beating myself up.>>Second guessing.>>Right? Like, ok so maybe, why is her ribbing look
a little tighter than mine? Am I using the right needle size? I immediately started attacking me. And I’m like, “Don’t do that!” Because there’s nothing wrong with my sock! My sock is good! I’m proud of my sock! Oftentimes, with my GG-isms, I’m talking to
me. You know how they say on the internet now,
“I don’t know who needs to hear this but…” I get a whole bunch of, “GG I needed that
today.” Our common denominator is the yarn but, you
know, we all experience the same things.>>There’s so much more to it.>>There so is.>>There’s so much more. I’m, I’m gonna pivot. I’m gonna do a little pivot.>>Ok. Ok.>>And I want to talk about the stuff that’s
on the couch right there.>>Ok. So this kind of, you’re really not pivoting
far.>>Oh that’s good!>>Because this speaks to, again, one of my
GG-isms. One of my favorites is “Watch your mouth.” Right?>>Ok.>>Cause self-talk. What you tell yourself is what you believe. For me, my watch my mouth was sweaters. Because I always convinced myself that I couldn’t
knit sweaters. Sweaters were what other knitters did. Last year was the year of the sweater for
me.>>I love this.>>And right thank you. This is Coco Knits.>>Ok.>>She’s one of my favorites because all of
hers is top down and she focuses on the shoulders. So I always feel so accomplished because the
shoulders are so tailored. I went back on my Ravelry and I made my first
sweater in 2014.>>Ok.>>So I’ve been telling myself for five years
that I can’t make a sweater.>>Ok. Even though you already made one?>>Thank you. Right so I did a little collage and I’m like,
“Guys. I made my first sweater in 2014. Read that again. 2014! Look!” And I did all these- We can be our own worst
enemies. You know, I struggle with hats, believe it
or not. And I have something for you. We’ll talk about that. I struggle with hats. So I was the cowl and the sweater queen.>>Sure. Sure.>>You know, wraps. I finally started doing shawls. My very first shawl that I made ever when
my dad passed away, I was actually working on it when he got sick. So I always- And that’s, I say, “You build community,” right? If I put that shawl on, people that have followed
me for a while, they’ll be like, “That’s your daddy’s shawl. You’re thinking about your daddy today.” And I was like, “Wow!” You don’t realize people pay attention that
much.>>I think it’s so awesome. I think everything, you know, how you’ve grown
your community and you have let them come together even without you being there is this kind of like
conduit for everyone to meet and come together and I think that we just need more and more
of that.>>We do. And I always stumble across stuff that explodes.It’s never planned. Maybe a week or so ago I got this burst of
followers all of a sudden just like pow! So I’m like, “What are they reacting to?” But it was so many that I felt the need to
introduce myself to those that were new. And I invited my followers to introduce themselves
to me. Explosion.>>I love that!>>I still have not read all those comments. Explosion! Then it just, everybody started following
suit. They started finding commonalities. “That’s where I grew up.” “My mom was born there.” You know, you know, “I just drove through
there on vacation!” You know, the magic starts.>>I think that that is one of the things that
I’ve noticed with Hat Not Hate when I do these Facebook lives and it’s basically me, just
like 45 minutes of crying! But you know, one of hte facts about bullying
is that everyone has been effected by it in some which way or another. They all get it from so many different points
of views.>>Somewhere. You do.>>And I kind of feel like I’ve done that for
like people coming together during these Facebook lives and they’re like “We’re crying with
you, Shira!”>>Right, right!>>”Nice hat, Karen!” And I think that that’s the most important
thing.>>Well, speaking of. Speaking of the Hat Not Hate, I, it’s not
orange. Haha!>>It’s not orange, guys!>>So it was a task! I had to search! No but I made a hat because we think of bullying,
we think of children. Which is unfortunate. You know it’s a sad thing so if a simple hat
can signify that we are allies, and we will stop that bullying, then I want to drop my
hat in the pool.>>I love it! I’m crying!>>Don’t cry. Don’t cry!>>I love this. This means a lot. I think the two of us, we can save the world. What do you think?>>I think so! I think we can. I think we can.>>I think that’s awesome. I want to thank you so much, GG, for coming.>>Thank you for having me!>>Thank you guys so much for joining us today. Remember you can follow GG here. All of her things. You’ve got to point down here, though. You’ve got to help me out.>>Oh, oh. There. Right there.>>Yup it’s all.>>All of that stuff. That’s me. Follow the orange.>>It’s all here. Follow the orange. Remember to give this video a big thumbs up.>>Please do.>>Yes, please do. GG, you have a question to ask our viewers
out there.>>I do so we all know that I am the orange
lady. Oh I have some titles! Gaye the Goddess is one and the Empress of
Orange! Those are names that I’ve been referred as. So my question is: Do you have a favorite
color and if so, are you as obsessed with your favorite color as I am? I will be looking for the answers in the comments. I will be responding. Thank you!>>Oh she will! She’ll be on it.>>Yep I’m coming.>>So I wanna, I wanna toast.>>Cheers, cheers.>>I want to toast to…community.>>Yes! That’s what it’s all about! The community! Yes!>>I love it! Bye everybody!>>Bye! Water, water, water!>>This has been such like a positive, “You
can do it!”>>You can!>>You can do it! You can be a yarn ho!>>Yep! Haha! You can!>>I mean, sure. My dad’s going to watch this and be like,
“What’s a yarn ho?”>>Right? What is that?

  1. Great video ladies! Both of you are so inspiring and loving!! I do love all different color blues since I was little. Im drawn alot to turquoise and ocean blues.

  2. I love blue, deep and royal 👑 blue!! Not, so obsessed with it as you; got me beat!! I’m enjoying your video; wonderful guest!! Thank you Lion Brand for having her 😊!!!

  3. I loved orange when I was a little girl. I remember I had this orange/flower pattern dress thing (had themes of overalls, and cotton fabric, a midwaist tie around, it was a crazy dress and I loved it). I was told that I was one of the few white girls that could pull off orange, and I remember thinking, I just like the colour what are you talking about. This was my first mental realization of my skin colour (I was around 7 or 8) and I started to feel very self conscience of how colour looked on my skin and how I looked different from some of my classmates. I remember not wanting to wear orange sometime after that because I thought it was a black person colour and I didn't want to steal it from them, I had other colours I could wear. I was 7 or 8 guys… what the heck? All colours are everyone's colours. Even if a shade doesn't look good on someone's tone, fricking wear it if you like it. If you're 8 or 88, wear it!
    My favourite colour is purple to answer the question. Now that I actually typed out that moment in my childhood, I have just realized that that is when I think I started focusing on purple, like really get into it. Man… I need to get back into purple. GG, you have inspired me to dive into my colour, and I can't wait to wear it in her full glory. Thank you <3

  4. MS. Glasspie I just want to say thank you! I'm a single mother of 2 and go to my 9-5 job everyday…when I come home I love to crochet and watch your you tube channel!! You are such an inspiration and a beautiful person!! Thank you for giving us the courage and motivation to follow are dreams!

  5. Amazing job, lady! Pink is my favorite color, but i don’t actually have many pink things at all. I’ve been starting to knit myself mostly pink now, but regular clothes? Don’t think I have anything except some pj’s. 🤦‍♀️

  6. My favorite colour is red for as long as I could remember. I buy as many red things as I can and I always ware one piece of red clothing every day. Red always makes me feel happy. My kid are trying to get me to tone it down but I can't, and also it doesn't help that I am a valentine baby.

  7. I’ve never had a favorite color but I’ve been inspired by GG to embrace wearing the color yellow. As a kid I was called yellow so I avoided wearing it because I thought I’d be way too bright. Don’t know that I’ll become obsessed with it but I have just finished my very first sweater, again thanks to GG’s posts, and it’s mustard yellow. 😊

  8. I’m a fan of GG and loved the interview and really enjoy watching GG videos however the music in the background was too loud and distracting

  9. My favorite color is purple. Family, friends and co-workers know I LOVE PURPLE!! I don't wear it as much as I think I should. LOL!

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    My favorite color is red, which I try to use as often as possible. When I need to be more toned down (like at work, sometimes) I go for blues.

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