How the Community Failed ProJared | The Rewired Soul

so not only did we all fail Pro Jared
but if you take a look we are continuing to fail this man as we all know
commentary channels news channels drama channels they are all designed to help
keep other people accountable but what we’re gonna learn about canceled culture
is nobody is keeping them accountable what is up everybody this is Chris from
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is gonna be I have pages upon pages of notes I’m gonna be reading off of and I
hope my sound quality is getting better I’ve had some people comment on it and
you’ve noticed that I’ve switched my setup I had some weird issues with my
other mic so I’m using my on camera mic and I think I just did the settings
right so I hope it’s better please let me know if my audio is improved but
anyways let’s get started so as we know when pro Jarrod came back he basically
cleared his name of the most serious allegations out there of people accusing
him of being a child predator the problem is
that scores of videos were made about him and this is going to have long
lasting effects on this guy the issue that I continue to see with
canceled culture is this these commentary channels are held to no
standards at all and they show little to no remorse alright and just to clarify
that real quick like I want you to just compare what commentary channels or any
of us channels even myself because trust me I’m gonna be critical of myself in
this video too but just try to compare them to actual news outlets and
organizations I want you to imagine major news outlets running the story of
Pro Jared and ask yourself would they have to print a retraction would they
have to make an apology you know could legal action be taken all these other
things because this is something that what causes sync say on YouTube where
false narratives are being spread and something else always I was thinking
about too is like actual journalists have to use words like allegedly right
through this video people don’t use language like that they just throw out
whatever the current accusations are and just Sam as if they were truth without
hearing the other side but people were getting hundreds of thousands of views
spreading the narrative of Jared being a sexual deviant and a predator and now
these people either are a they’re not updating their stories or B have little
to no remorse for playing a role in potentially ruining this man’s life and
listen like I said I am NOT saying that I am better than any other channel out
there and I really want you guys to answer some questions down in the
comments below I’m trying to figure out all of us like what the best methods are
when stories get updated or old information you know we find out that it
wasn’t exactly true all right so we’re gonna be discussing that but let me know
your feedback down in the comments below so personally when Holly Conrad
with her side of the story on Twitter it was clear as day that Heidi
Jared’s ex-wife wasn’t telling us everything so what I did was I removed
my previous videos and I updated the story okay but I’m not saying that
everybody should remove their old videos because it’s this kind of damned if you
do damned if you don’t situation like a lot of people will say like delete your
old videos right and I don’t even know if that was the right thing to do
because when you delete your old videos like when I was researching for this
video I couldn’t find some of the videos that I was gonna reference because they
were deleted you see what I mean so it’s kind of like erasing history in a way
but it’s also important to kind of think of it like there are these old outdated
accusations that aren’t necessarily true but as the old saying goes you can’t
unring a bell now if you’ve heard about what happened
with I’m Alex one of the main criticisms people recently had with him was that he
did not delete his old James Charles video but if you really look at the
commentary community or the drama community it was just really weird to me
because like I mentioned a minute ago most people do not delete their old
videos so I was confused as to why I’m Alex was getting so much flack about not
deleting his old videos even though he updated the story if you look around
you’ll still find to this day many videos about Pro Jared from three months
ago when this all happened and those videos are still up now listen
very carefully okay I choose the the philosophical principle
of charity all right aka giving people the benefit of the doubt
now it’s possible it’s possible that some of these people are going to update
their videos and they just haven’t yet okay like it’s only been a couple days
so they might update their video one of the most popular videos about Pro Jared
was from the channel tree circle but they recently deleted their video
and they said this on Twitter after some thought and careful consideration the
team has taken down our videos on Pro Jared this was a personal choice we made
together after agreeing it was the responsible thing to do understand these
things take time gut feeling comes first we still believe
Jared made mistakes however we don’t want to have outdated videos spreading
old information and perpetuating a narrative that has changed regarding the
worst accusations against him in complete transparency this seems the
right thing to do but as I’ll discuss later one of the
major issues with canceled culture is it is extremely rare that any outlet will
just admit they were flat-out wrong they will still try to save face by saying
that they still believe that the accused did wrong things rather than just saying
maybe we got this whole thing wrong but now that we’ve talked about deleting
videos or not deleting videos we’re gonna talk about people who have updated
their videos and I want to discuss the problems I have with that so real quick
disclaimer okay I’m going to be using review tech USA and the quartering these
are two YouTube channels as examples I will link their videos down in the
description below alright I want to say like this is nothing malicious against
them this is criticisms against them but I want to make it perfectly clear like
when I was doing research today when this was kind of just like in my mind
that I wanted to discuss this review tech USA and the quarter ring were just
the examples that I happen to stumble across I guarantee if you looked into
this even more not only would you see way more people doing what I’m about to
say these two channels did but you’ll see it with other stories that have
nothing to do with Pro Jared such as with you know James Charles or slaw so
or a bunch of other situations that happen this year where people were
accused of things and things like this happen so just again
real quick nothing malicious against the quartering or review Tec USA I respect
both of their channels I don’t always agree with them but this isn’t a direct
like just trying to throw shade at them because it’s something that so many
people do and I just want to have a discussion about it so both the
quartering and review Tec USA made update videos now I never watched their
original videos so I thought when they released their new videos that they did
a really good job covering the update to this story but then I got curious and I
was like did they give pro Jarrod the benefit of the doubt when they made
their initial videos three months ago and the answer was no they were exactly
what pro Jarrod discussed in his video about people spreading the narrative and
talking trash about him the outrage and the response of the Internet was formed
entirely by misinformation and by using false equality by saying well this part
is true therefore this part must also be true but people ran with a narrative
formed by layers upon layers of accusations without facts this was
perpetuated until it became the truth but it wasn’t the truth and that didn’t
matter it wasn’t important if it was true or not a mob was beating me down
and everyone jumped in on it everyone wanted to show that they had the moral
high ground by kicking me while I was down tweeting memes clown emojis and
jokes to essentially virtue signal that they are somehow better than me without
all the facts all for the congratulations of anonymous Internet
strangers youtubers that I’ve never and heard of and who I imagine never
heard of me lashed out at me and made jokes at my
expense some of them harassed me overtly others
did it subtly but let’s call it what it really is it’s bullying when you watch
both of the first videos made by review tech USA and the quartering like and you
compare the clips to each other I just want you to think for one second imagine
if these were 24 hours apart and how this would come off alright Jared used
to have a tumblr where he was supposed to be a joke
send nudes ha ha ha but it wasn’t a joke he really actually wanted nudes and he
sent nudes of himself I had the unfortunate privilege of seeing a couple
of them and it’s not just one picture so it’s not like one person like that maybe
he had an intimate relationship which is spreading him out it’s it’s a lot of
pictures of Jared with his face and his dong out sending nudes and he wanted to
get nudes too my point being with this is this it’s and he really did his
research to make sure he could defend himself and this is this thing that I
and you need to realize every time accusations come out about somebody and
whether it be a celebrity or a youtuber or a musician or whatever the case may
be is that there’s two sides to every story and you don’t know what someone’s
true motivations are and now with social media it is easy to manipulate the
masses into believing something before the facts are put on the table Pro Jared
has been demoted from his own subreddit to summarize ludes online ex-wife roasts
you you by the way in my opinion a gigantic
downgrade in physical appearance but I don’t know either these women in general
so that’s not for me to say game grumps deleted his videos YouTube
I mean he’s gonna lose a hundred two hundred three hundred thousand
subscribers in a blink of an eye his own subreddit Pro Jared sub read his action
Hilaire someone was worried that jared was a moderator there would be
censorship going on subreddit founder replied saying that he had just demoted
Jared hahahaha your own subreddit disavows you whether or not you like Pro
Jared which I know many of you may not I don’t have a strong opinion about him
one way or the other but he’s very clearly debunked the two most heinous
claims against him now the things that his ex-wife has said and this Holly lady
I tend to believe that because he seems to have some loose moral fiber but I
think it’s important that you support evidence and I’m hoping that if you’re
watching this video now you leave a like on it and you’ll comment on it because
you know when Pro Jared was cancelled everything was trending and I think it’s
important that this video be seen just as much again my biggest issue is that
there’s no remorse commentary channels jump on trending topics and I’m the
guilty of this as well to get views here’s my second issue that may warrant
a whole separate video whenever someone is accused of something major and has
found out to be false commentary channels try to save face by
saying well this other thing they did was still wrong both the quartering and
review tech USA said this in their new videos and yes if you remember me
talking about Theresa Cole earlier they did the exact same thing again their
tweet said this gut feeling comes first we still believe Jared made mistakes
also one opinion did this exact same tactic
even though he removed his video the right opinion tweeted out I unlisted the
pro jared video as is something that I haven’t been happy with for a while
I don’t want that to be a necessary endorsement / indictment of anyone but
I’ve been bothered by a few errors for a while and today’s video just reminded me
of that I also miss information that I could have presented myself at the time
that he presented in today’s video that’s bothered me I don’t agree with
everything Jared says but I definitely let myself down I don’t want to say much
more as I’ll be talking about in a future fed so check it out real quick
like the right opinion like he admits fault he admits things that he missed in
this I just want you guys to see the pattern whenever somebody’s name is
cleared the people who originally reported on the story will be like I
still think they did something wrong but this ends up hurting the person or in
the pro Jared story it hurts another person who just got
caught in the crossfire it bums me out that there are so much evidence out
there that Heidi and Jared had a polyamorous relationship that went
sideways but people are still harassing Holly Conrad even though there’s
sufficient evidence that Heidi didn’t tell the whole truth one member of the
tricycle team did make a public apology to both Jared and Holly and he said this
for Holly Conrad and Pro Jared with new information not limited to Jerez new
video I would like to formally apologize to both of you as you’re aware I wrote
two videos on you that were made without your input I’m sorry I should have tried
to reach out to you I personally and publicly shamed Holly on Twitter I
shouldn’t have done that the support is appreciated though sometimes you really
got to say sorry when you mess up I owe it to people who think I’m a good guy to
be that way as best I can like here’s the thing I really hope when
Teresa Cole makes their dated video or when other channels make
their updated video that they try to at least try to investigate this situation
with Holly because it really seems like everybody’s just kind of pushing Holly
to the wayside and she is a human being who was publicly shamed and harassed
when it was clearly she just got caught up in this messed up relationship and
there’s so much evidence out there like I just hope I hope that people are like
well you know Jenna isn’t a sexual predator but life still say that Holly
Conrad was a homewrecker right like there was plenty of evidence
out there and I’ve covered it in previous videos so I want to make it
clear once again that my intention is not to attack any of these other
creators or review tech USA or the quartering I’m simply using them as
examples you can find hundreds of examples just like this all over the
internet with every controversy that’s ever happened one of the reasons that
I’m speaking out about this is because this has happened to me and not even at
the same scale but I know what it’s like to have this happen primink made two
videos about me calling me a fake therapist in the title he accumulated
569 thousand views on one of those videos and 315 thousand views on the
other one and I’ve had people say just get over it the same as people have
tried to tell projared to just get over it and move on it’s been five
months since this happened I still have hundreds of thousands of strangers
talking trash to me calling me a liar right threatening me my family these are
all things that are happening and in premia there is not one single clip of
me ever claiming to be a licensed therapist all right thoughts narratives
get spread and that label stick Swift you and you know what not one
person has spoken up for me about this false accusation that was created about
me except per Rana Fujio but she only has a hundred sixty
views so how is that supposed to compete at all with Primack who has a combined
almost 1 million views finally like I said throughout this video I don’t
necessarily know what the solution is all right
like do you delete old videos do you do the updates
how much remorse should commentary channels have for spreading these types
of narratives should there be an apology like these are just things that I’m
asking you know what I mean like I’m just curious
because I know everybody out there is just watching as spectators but this is
affecting real people’s lives and not everybody like we saw earlier like not
everybody that’s apologizing to Pro Jared or Holly and don’t get me wrong I
hope people apologize to me who realized that there wasn’t sufficient evidence
and there was just false accusations about me and things were just being
spread that’s part of this hate mob mentality narrative you know what I mean
but like this is something that I’m going to continue to speak up about
because as a community as a society I feel that we need to do better and not
act like these people from centuries ago who were just doing these witch hunts
with little to no evidence and just thinking the worst and all these crazy
things like I want all of us to be better alright anyways again don’t
forget you got 24 more hours to download a free copy of my book cancelled inside
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alright thanks again for watching I’ll see you next time

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  2. Can I just say, The Quartering is a toxic channel and he contributes to the worst aspects of youtube culture. I respect you are capable of showing him some generousity, because that is not something im capable of doing, knowing what he has done.

  3. Ho wow, I didn't know you had to deal with cancel culture like this. I hope you are feeling better now. I will try to read your book (English isn't my native language).

  4. Great video, Chris. A lot of people watch these drama channels and take their word as fact, it's important that people spreading information to thousands of people be responsible with that level of influence.

  5. these people are like Italy in ww1 and ww2 they switch sides all the time
    edit:the audio is better but still needs improvement and i hope the audio get better bye and
    have a nice day

  6. What needs to be done is that these drama channels learn from their mistakes. The internet too could learn from that. They won't though, people on the internet love the drama and the drama channels will bite even at the smallest mention of drama.

  7. I know you hate cancel culture and I agree. But this dude did creepy shit engaging with minors…….. Yeah I dont feel like defending everyone just because I have been wronged, there are limits

  8. I never watched any of the Chanel’s that came for you before, during or after they made those videos. YouTube recommended a couple and the titles made me know they were going to be wrong based on the titles alone. The only ProJared videos I have seen were yours. I only watch lighthearted drama Chanel’s that do mostly beauty community drama. Often my favorite person says things like Jeffree needs to get a Kermit. I only write benign or positive comments and never personally interact with YouTubers. If I find myself angry, even furious about a video, I won’t comment or like the video. I feel like any response helps the YouTube algorithm, so I don’t even leave a dislike. I just find a video I will enjoy to move past the one I was angry about. I can understand how mob mentality works. I prefer to be happy. I think when there are things like what’s happening in the Amazon, there are enough things to be upset about without getting caught up in some outrage over something a stranger did. If someone does something terrible enough to deserve it, report them to the authorities. Do not make videos about them or tweet about them.

    I hope you are well. ❤️

  9. I almost gave up on the guy due to a lot of maturing my head made me go through on my last birthday. x_x Mostly due to Holly blocking inquiries on the subject. But I was informed of ProJared's latest video and I went CRAZY. I am glad he's innocent and back.

  10. I actually really respect how Reviewtech handled his follow up. He set the record straight, admitted he jumped to conclusions, and also apologized and he sounded sincere.

    It's weird to say Keemstar did a good job by following up after his initial video with more information.

  11. 1.) Screenshots prove that Jared didn't want to be involved with Heidi.

    2.) Screenshots prove that their polyamorous relationship (Heidi's idea btw) was because they thought their marriage wasn't working out.
    3.) Screenshots prove that Heidi encouraged Jared's and Holly's relationship at the time.

    4.) Screenshots prove that Heidi stopped approving of Jared's and Holly's relationship, even though she still slept with other men.

    5.) Screenshots prove that Heidi encouraged Jared to start his Tumblr group. (Most likely as a way for him to cope with his decaying marriage)

    6.) Screenshots prove that Heidi threatened Jared with blackmail if he didn't do what she said.

    7.) Heidi then proceeded on twitter to tell the "Truth", except more screenshots kept coming out and it was clear she was hiding a lot of what really happened.

    8.) Jared proved he never solicited nudes from minors, and the pedophilia allegations were all lies from two dumbasses who I hope get into legal trouble.

    There's also proof that they were both seeking therapy and working through serious mental health issues. At the time, his friends reported him as looking distant and sad.

    This was one of the WORST cases of internet cancel-culture and abuse I've seen directed at a person. The most likely scenario, was that Jared was just a guy trying to hold his decaying marriage together, and his wife freaked out on the internet and sicked a hate-mob of uninformed internet peoples on him. This was a man who was coping with hard mental health issues, and after what he just went through, I'm not sure if he will ever truly get 100% better. How could you? If you look at all this evidence, and still think Jared is creepy, Heidi seems like she's batshit insane in comparison. She calls him an abuser, but who did the most damage here? Based on the evidence, it's nothing unforgivable. It''s nothing that justifies the internet's abuse. And the worst part is this shit shouldn't have ever been our business.

  12. I hate clickbaity drama YouTube responses, so thanks for actually having something worth a damn to say on this matter.
    You have to be an adult mentally to own up to your mistakes, and so many channels are too immature to do so.

  13. “The intelligence of that creature known as a crowd is the square root of the number of people in it.”

    ― Terry Pratchett, Jingo

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