How The Communist PKK Divided Iraq's Kurds

in northern Iraq Kurds are again at war this time against other Cara and as the injured come back to the frontlines it's clear this is no brotherly squabble rocks Peshmerga fighters last port Saddam now they march to fight cookies Kurdish freedom fighters the PKK guerrillas Iraqi Kurds are angry because the PKK has been threatening the newly won freedom since the Gulf War the PKK has established military bases in northern Iraq now Iraqi Kurds want them out are you facing any resistance they fired a couple of shots but then they ran away have you reached the smoke or you passed it we haven't reached it yet only a shutter and years-ish care plainly that's all happening over there our soldiers would advance to support those are really fighting then organize a second attack against the PKK bases what has really angered the Iraqi Kurds has more to do with their economy than territory thirds in Iraq have been operating a vast trade in contraband Iraqi fuel in Iraq they filled huge tanks fitted beneath their trucks in Saddam's fuel trucks have been crossing the border by the thousand the fuel is taken to Turkey where it's sold now the PKK has begun to attack the trade they are angry about the Iraqi Kurds increasingly close relationship with their enemy Turkey burnt out diesel lorries little the Iraqi Turkish highway they were attacked by the PKK guerrillas the PKK insist Urraca Kurds must stop trading with turkey in Iraqi Kurdistan schools are again working since the Gulf crisis Kurds here have moved closer than ever to some form of Independence but under economic blockade from Saddam turkey remains their only link with the world for both aid and trade they say they can't risk that link and that their Kurdish brothers the PKK must go we don't love war between kills and kills and kids but our aim is to to put them in Iran not to kill not to kill or finish them just you want to put them out of your akiko-san in order not to affect the relationship between the curves of your rack and the Turkish government because you know the only way in order to give us assistance and helps from outside Europe America is their way which comes from Turkey to you right just you want to put them in Iran not definitive and these are the PKK fighters the Iraqi Kurds are at war with here training near one of their bases in northern Iraq a 13-year old PKK guerrilla sings of sacrifice and war they're devout Marxists who welcomed women into their ranks though they're Turkish they're fighting for an independent Kurdistan throughout Turkey and Iraq the safe havens established to protect Iraqi Kurds from Saddam also helped the PKK supplies and weapons were easier to come by and the empty mountains gave them a secure base from which to mount their attacks into Turkey they're known for their harsh tactics and the loyalty to the cause Byzantines animus can deter promise Ken how people grow up alienated even in our own beautiful country we're oppressed yes I'm so it's not easy to kill someone if it'd been easy but if it's necessary I must do it even against my own family I will do it yet I didn't die crashing girls yeah I can tell cause pollution one of the scenario a PKK guerrilla band moves into Turkey in the high mountains along the border they've proved a difficult target for the Turks to head they travel into Kurdish villages where they must have support on new recruits Turkish Kurds watch with MB as the Iraqi relations move towards independence it's given them hope and they've lost to join the road guerrilla army the mountains of southeast Turkey are littered with ruined villagers turkey allegedly forced the population of derivate this village to leave they suspected it of housing and supply and guerillas this man used to live here he brought us back and told us what happened in doing so he risked a four-year prison sentence but this year a stronger PKK has been taking the war into the towns the Turks are nervous and everyone must show his papers on demand after two days of fighting this is the town of cope most of its 5000 and habitants have played three weeks ago this was a busy commercial centre then local people say guerrillas living in this hotel shot and killed two Turkish soldiers the Army's retaliation was swift and harsh the hotel owner was shot dead the whole east ahead as a mop about pollution there beautiful to see those faucets the military did warn us what would happen if they heard any gunshots they told us they'd burn down the trash all along the autogen each other there were 35 people hiding in the hotel toilet I put petrol on the hotel and threatened to burn it was the people inside the shoe all did they took the hotel owner and they shot him the Turkish army has a different account of events they claim the PKK launched a full-scale attack on the town and at the devastation was caused by a full-scale battle but if that was the case it seems strange that the military headquarters in the center of the town are completely unscathed what is clear is that the Turkish government is now desperate to defeat the PKK guerillas in the past month it has launched its biggest ever military operation against them and protests the kaffir attacks the Turkish town of Jazeera went on strike last week closing all shops and businesses the authorities claim the people of force and a threat from the PKK to close the shops the people seem to disagree not netbanking edenia could melodical that's not the PKK who are organizing a strike it's the Kurdish people here yeah it's a Turkish injustice against the Kurds here how's it running Peshmerga and Turkey together Italy yeah the beacons are not alone PKK other people with our bag Agha could help cure the Turkish army dominates the Kurdish town of G's Rea close to the Turkish Iraqi border from military bases near here the army attacks the PKK inside Turkey and their Iraqi bases this week Turkish planes and helicopter gunships attacked the PKK bases in Iraq and claimed to have seized control of the region with the tradition of brutality towards their own Kurds the Turks have found unlikely allies in the form of Iraq's Kurdish fighters two years ago it was across this board of the Iraqi Kurdish refugees fade from Saddam Hussein's bombs then Turkish Kurds supplied them with food and blankets weeks before the international community began to move now they're killing each other during last fortnight turkeys guerillas have been decimated in a well coordinated pincer operation the Turkish military and air force on one side and the Iraqi Peshmerga on the other but this particular operation did not go so well for the Iraqis with many Peshmerga wounded and for dead the group returns defeated and dejected the battle commander writes a telegram to his commanders telling them of the unfortunate operation bommali without Avedon the enemy has attacked our bases the fight lasted two hours because we were short of supplies and ammunition we couldn't continue but their army but in the long run it's these fighters of the PKK who are outgunned and outnumbered surrounded by a powerful two-pronged offensive they seems little chance of escape the Marxist fighters must be wondering what will become of them

  1. There is only one way helped PKK, Iraqi Kurds and independent Kurdistan : Regime change in Iran and esthablish secular Persian state. We need Iranian confederation and kick out turkic people, both sunni and shia islamic fundemantalism.

  2. I am a MUSLIM and Turkish

    I condemn all of the terrorist attacks

    MUHAMMAD(PROPHET): Muslim can not harm anyone!

    There is no killing in Islam!

    Isis is terrorist!

    Kurdish PKK is terrorist!

    Kurdish PKK people are not muslims!

    ISIS is not an Islamic state!

    Terrorists are not muslims!

    Non muslims when they met with islam, they become Muslims in the world;

    because the only logical religion is Islam. Real muslim never choose another religious but priests become Muslims!

    Christians and Jews exploit Muslim countries in throughout the history!

    Islam misrepresented by western media in America and Europe!

    Non-Muslims fear the spread of Islam!

    Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance!

    When you search and learn Islam, you will understand what I mean!

    i am a witness that there are no other gods than ALLAH

    i testify there is no god but ALLAH.

    The only religion on the degree of ALLAH is Islam!


  3. Be Kurdistan or whatever you want, just leave our country Turkey alone! Why is it hard to do that? Many MPs in the Turkish parliament are Kurdish also, we live in peace but a few snakes amongst you want a piece of our country. Well i tell you, to take this land you have to kill each and every Turkish citizens, that includes many kurds as well. We know who the problem is, why dont you Kurds leave Turkey alone?

  4. Only Barzani family against PKK as they have to follow orders of their Turkish masters while the rest of Kurds adore PKK they are symbol of freedom and resistance.

  5. Kurds are united, after the isis war it is clear that Kurds have best fighters, (Trump has admitted that himself) if Kurds had the weapons Turkey has, they would have captured the entire Turkey including all the turkeys ( 🦃) that live in Turkey in a week. Don't forget most of the powerful countries have gone through civil war, Spain is an example.

  6. These turks don't obey their own laws in their sick terroristic country. Youtube is banned in their country, but they don't obey that law and they are so incompetent, they think by watching a clip uploaded by an amateur has top secrets of PKK 🙂 right on youtube. How sick! Only a turk would believe that!

  7. Just came back from a demonstration against turkish terrorism. Participants were from all four parts of Kurdistan, which means just like any normal family, we may argue or disagree on things, but we are ONE family, ONE NATION (Kurdistan), regardless of who is occupying it. Yes, we also have Kurds who voted for AKP or CHP, but those Kurds are sell outs who are brainwashed and paid by Turkish government. Real Kurds will never vote for fascist turks and we will always fight for our basic human rights as well as defending our people and homeland.

  8. The reporter does not only have an unpleasant accent, but is a complete lier! PKK never divided the Iraqi Kurds, the Barzani and Talabani did. This reporter does not know anything about the Kurds and should not state such lies. In fact, the Kurds are very united now and are fighting against turkish terrorists from all parts of Kurdistan.

  9. The Syrian Kurds are also Marxist communists. Yet, it's not big deal because the US supports them. All while the US hypocritically criticizes communists. At the same time, the US supported many communists throughout history. I guess the US believes there are good communists, bad communists, good terrorists, and bad terrorists too!

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