How Social Media Is Rewiring Our Brains

social media is a fascinating new human phenomenon and when we look at it deeply from a brain point of view when we start with the foundation that the brain is actually the social organ of the body we can understand why social media and brain functions would go hand-in-hand that is the reason social media took off in this last ten years is because the brain is social and people really want to connect with each other and then when social media was designed and keeps on creating itself then the social media in fact is going to be shaping the brain so that the brain is responsive to culture and in one of our research centers in UCLA what we're able to show is that cultural experiences that is messages sent out in society that are mediated through communication either one-on-one or mass media communication actually shape the actual structure of the brain and so it's a two-way street the brain created social media and social media shapes the brain one of the simple things I think that social media does is it brings us back at least to a feeling on one level that we're having the connections that we evolve to have it's a great question you know is social media replacing our relationships or is it adding to it from a brain point of view the difference between let's say email and social media versus face-to-face interaction is very interesting so studies for example that have shown what it's like when you actually are with someone face to face where you have eye contact you're sharing facial expressions there's a tone of voice you can hear the posture of the person the gestures the timing of what they do the intensity of what they respond with those seven signals and those eye contact facial expression tone-of-voice posture gestures timing intensity if you memorize those it's really useful because then you'll see what texting what email and what most social media actually is lacking now when you look at what area of the brain both sends out those nonverbal signals and receives them and make sense of them it's the right hemisphere of the brain and the right hemisphere of the brain is much more closely connected to the lower region so the higher right areas or connect to the lower regions of the brain and those lower regions work with the body itself to create our emotions to give us the felt texture of the life so one deep concern that I have as a developmental theorists and developmental clinician is that the more and more people spend time not using nonverbal signals and instead use mostly verbal ones that is text with language that has this linear way of being distributed you're activating primarily your left hemisphere which in the brain is much more distant from the lower areas that help mediate emotion with the body and even autobiographical memory is dominant on the right side so you're much more into just logistics even thinking about how people are going to care about your like you is a left brain thing which is fascinating it's called social display rules so from a hemisphere point of view what I'm deeply concerned about is if social media email texting are not actually getting people more face-to-face time with each other or getting them in touch with even what's going on inside of them then the new generation will be much more used to a very surface level of experiencing the world so there's nothing inherently wrong with social media but if it is replacing time for face-to-face then that could be a big

  1. Social media is not good for you I tried and I pretty much got bored and quit and the only social media I have ever had was snap chat also social media can ruin your social skills.

  2. I am trying to watch this for a class and I keep on getting texts from skype. I have watched this video 2 times and still haven't gotten the answer

  3. Oh no i think science insider is going to stop making youtube videos, psych there gonna make another $2000 from this video, so btw just subscribe and hit the bell for AWESOME VIDEOS!!

  4. I thought it was funny when Dan said "it is a two-way street" and in the background was showing a one-way street. 🙂

  5. Social media mostly help the scammers, narcissists and thieves same as they ruin the honest people who only use them to help or communicate. The scammers enjoy them, the honest suffer them, some may think they are cool and useful but they dont see the damage and dependence of them, thats the truth about this waste of time of technology. I have lost much more than my identity for trusting certain people, and I dont belong to this internet game. Totally trap you even if you detest them or are not a part of them. I cant stand so much vanity, and notorious people selling themselves and all around. The school of the cheats this is, it rottens all whats pure

  6. I agree to the point where he mentioned that it is reducing our emotional interaction.. Talking face 2 face and via messages are actually two different things and it feels like one is talking to two different people like one is face 2 face and another one is via texting… Creating a double image… Double personality…

  7. I was thinking about some idea related to some project in company I work and I scroll down the youtube page and found the ted video about the same things. That's not just co-incident as It happens with me many times in different scenarios.

  8. Yes. Social media has turned into crap. I’m really only on Facebook but I can go a week without checking my Facebook. Only reason why I haven’t deleted it is to book freelance jobs and stay in touch with distant classmates but even there with the classmates it’s like why? People need people around them and with them physically. As someone who has matured a lot and gotten to know myself a lot and is very right brained, Social media of all types don’t appeal to me anymore. Occasionally someone might want to ask an engaging question but what you mentioned about the surface linear experience really made me think about why I don’t care to hear people’s opinions. It’s all surface and either A.) no one is going to post anything that they know will get them disliked and b.) if they do post something you vehemently disagree with you can be assured that that was just he tip of the iceberg with them. Few people spill their hearts on Facebook and to be honest I’ve found myself telling people to pull back. Commenters are judgemental for the most part and although someone might be pitying you, they also will keep scrolling and try to wipe their hands of you. Just try asking for donations and see how quickly you go from 150 likes to zero interaction. Shallow and unproductive.

  9. I am addicted, especially to Facebook. I have quit Facebook 4 times and gone back to it. I even experience withdrawal when I attempt to give it up. I know, some people don't have this problem. Maybe, its just me.

  10. you learn to deal with it all much better once you realize that most of social media is a massive waste of time and the amount of nonsense on it. the dopamine hits from notifications, subscriptions, etc, become almost nonexistent and do not drive your behaviour.

  11. Nope, there are many things inherently wrong with social media. They promote Narcissism. They cause depression. They collect your data. Social media is a fucking data mining project!

  12. couldn't you argue that individuals who seek videos like yours and are aware of social media will innately stray slightly from using it. Thus it would create a sort of bottleneck effect. And narrow down those who prefer not to interact from those that do. Will natural selection eventually act on this since those who don't interact are less likely to reproduce? And eventually it would lead to the right side being connected to the left? Not to mention there are some countries who aren't too connected to social media so will they stray from our mistakes

  13. This video deserves more views because it's quite informative. I think what made me gasp most was when he described how future generations may live in a world which is very surface level….terribly sad…our actions today will determine those for our generations to come

  14. Humans are getting stupider in other words. Just wait to reality hits from climate change, and resource depletion.

  15. It's actually different for everyone, depends on what side they are on social media. People need to realize that social media can be a big waste of time.

  16. social media is destroying society, every day less and less people are getting together, people are very divided and they treeat others as objects instead of humans, facebook and instagram are complete garbage, not using social media feels so good

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