How Powerful Is Vietnam?

Diplomatic relations between the United States
and Vietnam have come a long way since the two countries ended their 20 year war in 1975.
Formal relations have been reinstated, trade agreements signed, and in May 2016, the US
even agreed to lift a decades old embargo on arms trade. So as the two countries shift
from enemies to allies, we wanted to know, Just how powerful is Vietnam? Well, geographically, Vietnam is fairly small.
At 130 thousand square miles, the country is just larger than the US state of New Mexico.
But despite its size, it boasts a population of more than 90 million, making it the 14th
most populous country in the world. As a long-time Communist state, Vietnam has been traditionally
closed off to the West. But over the last several decades, it has introduced a number
of modern economic and social reforms. Since the mid-1980’s, the country has steadily
moved away from a centrally-planned system by encouraging private business and free trade.
In the 1990’s, it halted requests for compensation for war crimes from the US, and in turn, the
US partially lifted its trade embargo, which had decimated Vietnam’s economy. This, coupled
with aid from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, boosted the country’s economy
by roughly eight percent a year, and made it one of the world’s biggest exporters
of rice. Today, Vietnam’s GDP is more than $180 billion dollars, compared with just $6
billion dollars in 1990. The country also benefits from its membership to the Association
of Southeast Asian Nations which fosters economic growth in the region. Vietnam also is a key player in the Trans
Pacific Partnership, or TPP, which is a proposed free trade deal between the US and 11 other
countries. Vietnam is far from the largest market in the deal, and yet the country is
slated to benefit the most, with its GDP expected to surge by 10 percent before 2030. What’s
more, the deal may be an antidote for Vietnam’s weakening ties with its biggest trade partner:
China. The US hopes that the TPP will eventually end Vietnam’s dependency on China for trade,
leaving them to revert to their second largest trade partner: the US. And the US isn’t the only country with an
interest in Vietnam. Japan, Australia, Singapore and the Philippines have all recently strengthened
defense ties, with the goal of creating a counterweight to the growing threat of China.
The alliance is crucial to Vietnam, as the country has a limited defense budget and dated,
soviet-era equipment. Vietnam does boast an army of roughly five-and-a-half-million, trumping
many of its powerful neighbors, like Japan and South Korea In the US and abroad, it seems that all eyes
are on Vietnam. This newfound attention not only reflects the country’s undeniable potential,
but its transformation over the last few decades. Although there is still room for improvement,
particularly in human rights and the environment, there’s no question that Vietnam is well
on its way to becoming very, very powerful. China and Vietnam has serious territorial
disputes, but what would happen if tensions led to an all out war? Who would win between
China and Vietnam? Watch this video to learn more! Thanks for watching

  1. I’m scared for Vietnam since China is still till this day trying to invade Vietnam. Already one of the Vietnamese landowners let someone from China rent the land for 99 years (not kidding) which basically is like selling the land off. Honestly I am so glad Vietnam can still be an independent country.

  2. In the Vietnam and US war, the Vietnamese won because of their logical and clever head they didn’t had much of weapons or tanks they just won with head all they had was strategy’s it’s how they won

  3. Powerful enough to give us a run for our money just about any time. We would basically have to go nuts and nuke them out of nowhere. Vietnamese people can fight (and will fight) hard. I would be concerned if we had to go to war with Vietnam…I will put it that way.

  4. I'm the Son of a Vietnam veteran, I hope we never ever go to war with this country again, not only does War destroy lives, but families as well, those who are children of Vietnam vets will understand what I mean.

  5. If USA serve the Vietnamese people For ever That is still Not enough and that is a Black dot on USA History for every , God bless you People

  6. I'm Vietnamese yet I do not speak the language. Nevertheless, I visited that place in 2004 and I love it. I wish it wasn't consumed by communism.

  7. China is a lot bigger than Vietnam in terms of size, populations, economics, but if push come to shove, we will defense our sovereign rights to the death. As illustrated through out long history, our ancestors fought the Chinese for thousand of years to remain independent, there is no reason why us Vietnamese now can't defeat the Chinese if we engage in war again. We defeated the Chinese invasions many times since the beginning of our civilization, the mighty Mongols 3 times, the Japanese, the French, and even the Americans. We love peace, but dont might die fighting for our country. Im grateful and proud to be a Vietnamese American! Im proud of my Vietnamese heritage as well.

  8. Very hardworking people. nobility and strength is one of the Vietnamese strongest traits. They never cease to amaze with how fast they learn and how hard they work!! Love Vietnam from USA

  9. Its a shame, that, America a country who for fought for independence and freedom is doing the exact opposite of which what their foundation of beliefs came from. Not just one, but multiple countries. They did the right thing in the past but now they just do it because they’re power-hungry.

  10. We may not have advanced technology, But we have the spirit to love our country. That is enough, We always protect the country against all enemies Whoever they are. We are Vietnamese !!!

  11. dispute favours china wirh defence ties need to be adressed by the donor agency of soutg east asia japan south koreas and others in regardinf all assistance

  12. American soliders:watch out guys they can be anywhere


    American soliders:wtf was that

    Vietnamese soliders:WeLcoME tO tHe riCE fIeLd mAthaFAckAR

  13. Vietnam is rotten and die from inside because of corruption and power struggle of its leaders,Vietnam might become China colony for another 1000 years !

  14. Don't worry Vietnam
    Everyone has your back
    Everyone hates China

    Your ally ASEAN with Japan and Australia has your back
    And if both you and Philippines are being bullied by China
    US won't just stand by and watch those Chinese bully others

  15. Vietnam was and is tough, they won many wars against great powerfuls countries, but all these wars are defensives,

    Vietnameses use to say they are a small country, mais they have a bigger population than France or Germany,

    it is curious that, why Vietnma has only conquered Champa, but not Khmer, Laos, Siam, Burma to unify Indochina, in order to form a great empire,

  16. Why Vietnam and China war in 1979???, 1975 Vietnam liberation of the south unification, in 1978 Polpot khmer rough Cabodia attack kill people south Vietnam, army northern Vietnam go to south Vietnam help people Vietnam and chase through Cabodia and chasing Polpot over to Thailan, because Polpot is people chinese friend, China angry😡 army Chinese go to attack Vietnam kill people burn the village help Polpot………….

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