1. Hi Denzel. I am debt free and am buying a new build property (still being built) that will be ready in September. I was thinking of getting the 80/10/10. That way I have a HELOC already in place. Would you recommend doing that or should i get a mortgage for 90% and then apply for a personal LOC or a HELOC after?

  2. Denzel , you never reply to any of my comments or questions ? guess you are very busy with other subscribers ? Im trying to make sure im using the right velocity strategy . thanks

  3. I found a credit union that has 5000 line of credit but they wanna know why u want it and u could get turned down depending on what u say

  4. Do a step by step, or schedule velocity banking using credit card please. I'm not qualified for LOC at the moment

  5. You are the reason I understood this concept to the T. Despite many channels explainng this, u have given the most free content available. Would you be able to do velocity banking video with whether or not it's more beneficial to pay your escrow separate or to have it all escrowed in together in a monthly payment. I'm thinking about separating that and making those payments myself biyearly.

  6. Love watching your videos. So you can imagine how frustrating it is when I click on one and all I get is a freeze-frame and a future date. Please stop this. I don't have time to stare without content.

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