How Mediaset Uses Dalet for News

We selected Dalet basically in 2010 for the flexibility. An open software and platform that can grow and can give us the possibility to do in a flexible way the change of the management of the team inside Mediaset. When we started with the project of Dalet we had three different newsroom group/teams: Channel 5, Italia One and TG4 with the three news bulletins of each one. Totally separated each one from the other one. And then at the end of the process, basically we have found a new agency of Mediaset Three bulletins with small teams in each one.That can customize for each channel the product. 98% of the product is made, currently today using OneCut But basically all the product is made by the agency. We have a unique tool that allows all users of the different brands to be always informed on the status of the working tasks. All the users of the News Agency who produce content, and also all the other users of the specific brands, who are customers of the News Agency, such as Studio Aperto, TG4, TGCOM24, TG5 and the Web/Social department. All of them can see at the same time the status of the working tasks. They can start to work on the story, viewing the text in advance, waiting for the media in order to have all the needed information at their fingertips to create the final story. Optimizing their work in this better way in order to create the final package. It’s clear that sharing all the possible information is a fundamental in the world of communication.

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