How Many Countries Are Part of the World Communist Movement?

Hello and welcome, I’m Gina Shakespeare. Today on the show, we will be finding out
how many countries are really part of the world communist movement. So, we are generally told there are only six
“communist” countries—that is, nations ruled by an openly communist party. So, who are they? They are China, Cuba, Laos, Nepal, Vietnam,
and North Korea. But if you define “communist” in the traditional
Marxist–Leninist “command economy” way, there is really only one left. Who am I talking about? It’s North Korea. However, this approach is totally deceptive. It underestimates world communist power. And it misunderstands what modern communism
has become. The real question is this: How do you accurately
define the “World Communist Movement”? Let us explain. Actually, Trevor Loudon has written this story. He is a trusted resource of mine, because
for more than 30 years he has researched radical-left, Marxist, and terrorist movements and their
covert influence on mainstream politics. And why is this story important? Why do you need to be clear about this? I mean, communism is so “last year,” right? No. Actually, because if America ever fails, if
it fails militarily or economically or in any other way, you know who’s coming in for
the kill, right? It’s the communists, and they currently rule
more than half the world. You should be concerned. The specter must be rooted out, and that’s
why The Epoch Times has dedicated a whole series to it called “How The Specter of Communism
is Ruling Our World.” We are more or less pioneering this path,
and no other media is covering it to this degree. They don’t want you to know about this. They don’t want you to know who’s really in
control. So stick with me. In the early part of this story I’m going
to lay an essential foundation, and then I’m going to reveal a whole lot more. Now, this is specialized knowledge. Why? Because it’s not many people that deep-dive
into this topic. In fact, I only know a very small handful
of professors (who do). Trevor Loudon is a specialist, he’s a great
writer, and this story is very important. So let’s explore first by looking into the
path of communism. But we will begin actually, by getting one
thing straight. Clearly, under the old definition—Marxist–Leninist
one-party police state, incessant communist rhetoric, and a centralized command economy—communism
is almost dead. But this definition ignores basic Marxism
and fails to take into account the subtleties of Leninist strategy. It also ignores modern realities and the global
balance of power. According to classic Marxism, society evolves
through several stages: 1. Primitive communism—a hunting party goes
out to kill a mammoth. If they are successful and don’t get crushed,
they share the meat with their tribe. 2. Feudalism—with the birth of agriculture
comes a primitive form of private property. Peasant farmers till small plots of land. They need protection from marauders from other
tribes, so strongmen gather up small armies to protect certain areas and are paid tribute
to do so. In other words a political protection racket. 3. Capitalism—with the birth of industry, private
property is extended to factories, patents, transportation systems, and the like. Huge amounts of wealth are produced, but according
to Marxist theory, this wealth is concentrated in a few hands while the working masses receive
only a tiny fraction of their due. Stick with me. Two more points here, and then I’ve laid a
basic foundation about this thing. 4. Socialism—the workers overwhelm the bosses
and seize control of the state through a combination of political action and armed insurrection. They expropriate the capitalist’s wealth
and proceed to re-distribute it. 5. Communism—all wealth is held in common. The state withers away. Capitalism and competition is completely abolished
and everybody works happily together for the common good. And fairies will live in every garden. None of the old “communist” countries
were actually communist. They all had revolutions, led by representatives
of the workers, but guess what? When it came time to divide up the capitalist’s
wealth, the new ruling class kept most of it for themselves. Most Westerners look at the booming pro-business
economies of China or Vietnam and assume that these countries have abandoned the communist
goal. They are dead wrong. China, Vietnam, some of the “former” communist
nations of Africa, and even Russia have acknowledged that their massive economic problems arise
from a failure to follow Marxism correctly. They all tried to jump directly from feudalism
to socialism, by-passing capitalism. This attempt to short-cut Marx led to economic
disaster. The temporary return to some form of capitalism
to build up sufficient wealth for socialism is an acknowledgment of the “correctness”
of Marxist theory—not a repudiation of it. Right now, most of the World Communist Movement
is using “capitalist” methods to build up enough wealth and military might to challenge
the West. Their main impediment to world domination
is the United States and, to a lesser degree, some of the NATO countries, Israel, Taiwan,
and until recently South Korea. Since far-left President Moon Jae-in took
over, our important ally South Korea hangs in the balance. Who’s in the World Communist Movement? If you define the World Communist Movement
as those “former” or semi-communist countries allied to or working with the world communist
leadership to undermine or overthrow the U.S.-led Western Alliance, the picture changes dramatically. I’ll explain. Whether you like it or not, this brings Russia
completely into the mix. Still run by the communist-trained KGB (now
FSB), Moscow is allied politically, economically, and militarily with China, Vietnam, Cuba,
and North Korea. Russia also supports many of its old Latin
American allies, all still led by communists and socialists: Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia,
and Ecuador. Mexico now has a Marxist president, Andrés
Manuel López Obrador, who is close to Cuba. Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador,
Honduras, and Guatemala have all had Marxist-leaning governments or strong communist insurrections
inside their borders. If you look at South America as a whole, it’s
only Brazil and Colombia truly holding the line for freedom in Latin America. In Africa, communists or “ex-communists”
still control Mozambique, Angola, Namibia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and,
of course, Zimbabwe and South Africa. With all its strategic importance and mineral
wealth, South Africa withstood Soviet-backed aggression and terrorism for decades, until
Nelson Mandela and his communist-controlled African National Congress took over. That was back in 1994, and today South Africa
is friendly to Cuba and works closely with China. You can see where all this is heading. Let’s go a little further north now. Most of Africa is heavily under Chinese economic
and political influence. Tanzania is practically a Chinese client state
and even hosts a Chinese-run communist training institution for aspiring African leaders—the
Julius Nyerere Political Education School of Excellence—on its territory. Over to the Middle East, Iran and Syria are
closely allied to Russia. Lebanon and Iraq are now part of the Russian/Iranian
axis. And let’s not forget Afghanistan, too, will
probably fall when the U.S.-led forces eventually pull out. So what’s happening in East Asia? Well Mongolia and Cambodia are led by “ex-communists”
and are economically tied to their communist neighbors. India and Sri Lanka have strong communist
parties and are to some degree tied to China and Russia through the Shanghai Cooperation
Organization (that’s the SCO). Have you heard of it? It’s a military, economic, and political pact. So they usually have sort of gentle names,
but under it all there’s a lot more going on. “Formerly” communist Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan,
and Tajikstan are also SCO members, as are the Islamic nations of Pakistan, Afghanistan,
Iran, and Turkey—which is still nominally a NATO member. In the Pacific, the Chinese have huge influence
in most of the micro-states plus Fiji and Tonga. The Philippines still has an active communist
insurgency and has ties to both China and North Korea. On the edge of Europe, Moldova and Belorussia
are pro-Russian semi-communist states. Russian networks still operate in most of
former Eastern Europe, much of which, including Bulgaria and Romania, is still led by “ex-communists.” Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Greece all have
strong communist movements, as does Belgium, France, Denmark, and Norway. Russia also has strong ties to the Czech Republic
and Hungary through both leftist and so-called “right-wing” parties. Even Germany under “conservative” Angela
Merkel (who, interestingly, was once an ideological leader of the East German communist youth)
has veered strongly toward Russia. Okay, are you thinking that we’re near the
end of the communist countries? No, no, we’re just warming up here. Just warming up. So there is the United Nations and its subsidiaries,
which generally reflect the will of Russia and China. Also to be reckoned with are leftist NGOs,
such as the World Council of Churches and several still active international communist
front organizations, including the World Peace Council, Women’s International Democratic
Federation, and the World Federation of Trade Unions. In October 2017, 20,000 young communists gathered
at the World Federation of Democratic Youth festival in Russia to celebrate the 100th
anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. Keynote speaker was Russian President Vladimir
Putin, who also secured the venue for the young communists. So in conclusion, anti-Americanism is the
central idea, and we cannot discuss communism without talking about where this comes into
it. The World Communist Movement today is amorphous
and ideologically diverse. While still led by Russia and China, “communism”
now includes almost any country in the world or movement willing to confront the United
States. Communists all over the world (you’ve heard
it in conversation, right?) excuse the obvious failures of socialism by saying “well, America
sabotaged it.” Cuba is poor because of the U.S. blockade. Venezuela is a disaster because of U.S. economic
sanctions. And the Soviet Union collapsed because the
United States bankrupted Moscow with an arms race. Remember that? Going back a little bit now. The answer: “To ever have real socialism
or communism we must first destroy America.” Anti-Americanism, not some far off utopia,
is now the major motivator of the World Communist Movement. Anyone can join in. Anyone. You can be an environmentalist, a gay rights
activist, a feminist, a “Christian,” a Buddhist, a Hindu, an Islamist, a socialist,
or even a fascist. You can be a young communist in Moscow, an
environmental activist in Germany, an Antifa member in Spain, a New Democratic Party activist
in Canada, a guerrilla in the Philippines, a cocaine producer in Colombia, a marijuana
activist in Minnesota, a soldier in Iran, a businessman in Vietnam, an ISIS fighter
in Libya, or serve Boko Haram in Nigeria. As long as you hate America, you’re part
of today’s communist movement—whether you know it or not. Most communists today never discuss the complexities
of Marxism. That’s boring. That’s for the future. Let’s destroy America first. That’s the rallying cry. Right now the World Communist Movement mainly
works covertly. It has not quite yet achieved the power it
needs to ensure a swift military victory. The United States if you look at it as a whole
is still fairly strong. The United States still has allies like Britain,
Canada, Australia, Taiwan, and Israel. But if the United States falters, has an economic
collapse, or elects another military-cutting left-wing president, the communists will move
in for the kill. The World Communist Movement is not just six
countries. It is Russia, China, Iran, and all their allies
and puppet organizations. It controls more than half the world. If the United States ever fails, the World
Communist Movement will rule us all. That’s right, it will rule us all. And don’t think that it will never happen,
because it did happen, it happened in China and it’s happened in other countries. Their form may have changed, but their goal
never will. So thank you for joining me on this episode. I think we’ve very much covered who’s part
of the world communist movement. So maybe the new question is, “Will America
ever fail?” That’s the question. Please leave your opinion below. If you haven’t already, please be sure to
head on over and subscribe to the Larry Elder show, that’s a new show produced by The Epoch
Times, the link is in the description. Thanks again for watching, and we look forward
to seeing you very soon.

  1. Trotsky actually wanted to incorporate fascism into a united front to bring down the nation state. These forms of fascist were democratic socialism, state capitalism and social fascism. Social fascist were suppose to use fascism to fight for social justice which I think were call today the social justice warrior, it would be more accurate to call them social justice fascist. Communism has been so bastardized by groups like Antifa, I don't think it is accurate to call them communist anymore. They are really corporate fascist.

  2. When the only requirememt for being a communist is hating the US there will be a lot of communists, only thing is that no one else are agreeing that this is a valid way of defining communists … "if you hate th US"… Oh lord help my poor soul

    Also there are no strong communist movements in Norway… This is absolute rubbish, ignorant and poorly researched. This is one dangerous channel, spreading more fake news than what should be allowed.. This is extremism displayed

  3. But you must ask yourself, why has capitalism failed its poor,its unemployed,its environment, and its lack of moral motivation for the younger decedent generation. That vacuum will be filled by either something better or worse.

  4. She is very wrong on the communist thing, just by missing one very important factor of the U.S., that the other countries DO NOT have. Won't give that fact away here, but will say it definitely proves why the globalist are all cowards.

  5. Left out Communism can't sustain a large population or Marxism whatever. Like Grenda woulda worked cause it's small too big ratios and deaths of opposing party first

  6. Thank you for such sobering thoughts, but they already installed a communist president: Obama was mentored by Saul Alinsky and heavily influenced by Ayn Rand's writings.

  7. It's all just a matter of time. How long can the U.S. hold out? Don't count on Canada as an ally, they are already communistically minded, especially with Fidel Castro's illegitimate son as P.M.

  8. There appears to be a lot of guilt by association regarding who is and who is not a communist. We need to be real careful with that brush just because a country sees the US as a threat does not make it communist, socialist or any other –ist.
    Since roughly 1990 we have been running rough shod over the rest of the world. Bush and his regime change followed by Obama and his Arab spring along with his sponsored coup in Ukraine would make a whole lot of other nations very nervous. We could include Clinton with his appointment of Yeltsin in Russia. I mean we exported a whole cadre of political advisors and operatives to support Yeltsin. Obama did the same in his attempt to oust Netanyahu but that did not work. Let’s face it we have made it our mission to destabilize the world. So being anti-American does not automatically mean pro socialist.

    Also of interest is the fact that because Russia still has associations with nation-states that were within its sphere of influence which are communist it means that Russia is communist. So we have relationships with China so we are communist as well? What is Russia supposed to do retreat from the world stage and bow to the might of the US?

    It would seem that this lecture believes that once a communist always a communist. I strongly recommend the following website to get an education about the changes that have taken place in Russia over the last 30 years. We still see Russia as the USSR and the evil empire but that wall fell 30 years ago. Let me point out a couple of incidents that may show the difference. Does anyone remember the Russian sub Kursk that sank in the Barrett Sea? 119 sailors died from suffocation in that disaster. England, the US and I think Norway offered their assistance in rescuing those sailors. But Putin being the good communist that he was declined those offers and the men died. Fast forward about 6 – 18 month later when another sub when down in the South China Sea. No sooner had he heard about it than he was on the horn with Japan, The US and the brits asking for help. Those men were saved.

    There are at least two other cases where Putin has not followed the ‘party’ line. One was the situation in Georgia. We sponsored a coup there and Saakashvili got full of himself and attacked Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia. The Russian army moved in and marched to the capital. Then turned around and went home. WAIT WHAT THE RUSSIANS DID NOT TAKE OVER THAT COUNTRY? We could no more have forced them out of Georgia then as we did not in Hungary in 56. But wait didn’t Putin take over Crimea? Yes, but he did not land troops in Kiev or annex Don Bass. Both would have happened under a communist regime. Crimea is 80% ethnic Russia so Putin had a better excuse than Reagan did in Grenada.

    So often we scream and yell about what others do when we do the same. We sponsor coups, we destabilize elected gov’t, we interfere both overtly and covertly in election processes, we send our military right up to the border of adversarial countries, and we have invaded territorial waters in order to spy on potential foes but heh we are the US of A and rules do not apply to us.

  9. Great job Gina and Trevor!! If America ever does fail it’ll be over my dead body still holding my 12 gauge

  10. Hi, I had just viewed the Declassified video when I received your email. Thank you!

    I've been "sitting" with this download for most of this year and it comes to me I have to share this. When one is faced with the control mechanisms of NLP as a constant in media, how does one counter it?

    We are facing mechanisms long, long ago put into our propaganda mainstream and this has to be disrupted and replaced with a stronger vision, or a stronger counter word. What came to me about a year and a half ago was "becoming Sovereign". It IS about reclaiming one's power,,, but how? The next night, it was shown that power usually is preceded by accepting the responsibility of the battle before you(yes, I am ex-military). Becoming Sovereign, I explored the history behind it over the existing histories. Delving into this, I kept coming back to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Why are these documents so threatening to those who would control us, dominate us and enslave us?

    Prior to our establishment as a Sovereign country, the royals claimed they were the only "Sovereigns", and they were "ordained by God"(religions).

    What does our establishment documents say, without saying it? They are proclaiming to other nations that Citizens of the United States of America, ARE "ALL" Sovereigns. That is,,,, IF we accept those Responsibilities, and start acting like Sovereigns. The "vision" of becoming Sovereigns, was only started on July 4th, 1776 with the signing of our Representatives. We've been under attack ever since.

    As long as we let others rule us and steal our power through corruptions, deceptions and greed of secrecy, crony capitalism and fake money – I believe Franklin said it best – trading "security" for "freedoms" – we deserve neither.

    Looking back in histories, factual histories, the robber barons and their families financed the rise of the Nazis, and the Communists – based in New York banks. Their first addresses were in New York. FDR barely escaped his own military coup funded by the same group. Those same entities set up the United Nations, the CIA, and the National Security Act. They've planned and put into action, long, long ago arranged plans.

    Trump isn't a "crony capitalist". He is, as he presents himself – A SOVEREIGN CITIZEN of the United States of America.

    Why the knee jerk reactions of quite a lot of the population? Because, he stands for taking responsibility as a Sovereign, and acting upon it as a Patriot for what was begun long ago. He's telling the population that it's time to grow up – and accept the Responsibility of being a Sovereign.

    (If you have access to Gina Shakespeare's email, or can post this bit of logic somewhere where others can peruse it, I'd appreciate it. Every word has power, imagery, attached to it. Putting forth, and restating, that "we" are a nation of "Sovereigns" first, as Citizens, it is up to us to protect our borders and defend against all enemies – foreign or domestic.)

  11. We need a sense of "nationalism". "America" is NOT a COUNTRY. These are "The United States"!
    ["Make U.S. great again" (screw the rest of America") – [Quote me]

  12. Environmental activists aren't a Product of Communism. Indeed, ussr scrapped so much the environment. The Green Party is a post-War avatar of the Walther Darré's Blut und Gründ movement within the National-Socialist Party.

  13. Shakespeare China wants Australia yum yum, land oil , and whitey slaves China licking its lips and aquiring islands for military bases by building ports.

  14. NWO WW3 propaganda.
    All countries converge toward a global totalitarian regime. Power and wealth concentrate at the top.
    WW3 will justify the global government and it will reduce population.
    That's all.

  15. America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within. The communist forces have impregnated this generation with the ideals of socialism & this unrelenting message with be our undoing. After this two-term President, watch out.

  16. Absurd to lump Russia in. They don't allow public homosexual parades and teaching children perversions. Putin and the govt support Christianity.
    America is so sodomized it is a tragedy.

  17. Wow. This is really eye opening.
    I can't believe that The Sage of South Central is now with the Epoch Times! Fantastic!!

  18. You mentioned some longtime Communist front organizations but didn't mention the newer ones: #Google, #Twitter, #Facebook, #Apple, etc., all of which aid China in its oppression of its people and the people it occupies and in development of weapons it could use against the West, as well as suppress the free speech and elections of Western countries. These entities are fluent in their hate speech against America and their support of Communism, the most genocidal ideology since the 20th Century. (Cross-posted forever on Dissenter's commenting tool with Dissenter's browser that isn't malware like Google's Chrome).

  19. Today's DEMOCRAT Party … has become America's COMMUNIST Party.

    "The goal of SOCIALISM is COMMUNISM" – Vladimir Lenin

  20. Pretty frightening! One more reason to call out these crazy democrats as what they are, the stirrup holders of communism.

  21. Patriots must win in 2020 if not Dems/deep state will destroy America.Garbage by CNN,
    MSNBC,GOOGLE/YouTube again NO CREDIBILITY with hard left Silicon valley
    politics. Really tired of this entire BS! Omar, Cortez, Clinton, Pelosi and
    most Democrats get away with it and Republicans are so dawn stupid they plead
    guilty to garbage accusations so the criminals like Obama, Clinton, Soros,
    Comey, Mueller and CNN deep state get away with it !I guess the crime syndicate
    alias Dems/deep state is pure evil and can get away with murder .I’m blaming
    the Republicans for all of this ;so weak and useless against the well oil
    Democratic criminal machine, even screwed over Bernie. Okay to lie to the FBI
    if you’re a democrat. Fraud, corruption, election rigging, uranium exports, and
    misleading the public pure sick Dems. Mueller equals major conflict of
    interests makes his investigation legally null and void! Let the president work
    in peace, God bless him. No borders equals no country. Trump is not for sale
    unlike most of the swamp or Dems. Start learning Spanish, you’ll need it to
    survive, the invasions are just starting and more illegal Latinos more illegal
    votes for criminal Dems.

  22. Well! That was a bucket of ice water thrown in my face! What a wake up call (shout)! Speaking only for myself, it has been more than puzzling trying to make sense of the attraction to communism; especially for my fellow Americans. What has been their experience that is so different from mine that would make them desire such a political option with no existing successful example in all the world, presently or historically, of an individual’s life being lived without the basic human need being met of freedom of self direction in their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness? Do they feel so helpless and resentful of those who are successful to any degree of accomplishment that their natural proclivity is parasitism on the doers to the extent of willingly submitting to authoritarian rule, no matter how cruel? It defies explanation that one would choose to accept an “allowed” allotment rather than see someone else honestly earn more than himself and not being motivated by the possibilities of his own industry. Communism does seem to provide the perfect symbiosis for sociopaths and parasites, though putting the “doers” at great peril. Hmmmm. How did Joseph McCarthy get such a bad reputation?

  23. Very perceptive to point out that many of these "communist" countries such as China have not given up there totalitarian world merchant conquest but rather were just gathering resources before they struck.
    I am hesitant with being "anti-communist" at times because of the story of Joseph in the bible. As the story goes when Joseph was able to interpret the Pharaoh's dream and prevent disaster and also allowed him to give sustenance to his family. Through God's intervention Joseph was shown a system where they would collect the grain during seven years of prosperity and then during the seven years of famine redistribute this. I see this as somewhat a communist practice. I agree though that totalitarianism will easily arise from communism. For that reason I would recommend that such communist policies (pretty much any government action to improve/ sustain the quality) must have a prior intended date of perish of the government's involvement in the matter. Communist practices are useful if it's completion is already marked upon the day of its birth.
    It is totalitarianism that I see as anti American for amongst us stands no king, but a people united. I am also not concerned with Communism because their most powerful tool belongs to the U.S.A. ; liberalism. Any where the western world and it's judeo christian principles are introduced so arises revolution and demand that the people have there predestined right of freedom and prosperity. Look at Hong Kong being resistant to extradition after the people were exposed to free markets, as well as Iran increasing protests since the JCPOA.
    I thought you were very to wise to predicate this with if America falters. The fate of America belongs to the American people, and I believe the greatest of her glories have yet to be realized.

  24. You've opened my eyes a great deal. I now see the democratic party for what it has become COMMUNIST!!! Let us start thaking back our country by eliminating the UN from American soil. At the same time we have to begin the absolute downfall of the demoncratic party and all of its militaristic left wing groups like antifa etc.

  25. Surprise,  surprise that was the reason why the DNC admitted the Communist USA Party into their conference on 1/29/2015, so really wen we were under Obama we were a Islamic Communist Nation at that one time.  How did it feel to you I didn't much like it ~! Good thing he only had it for  a short time~!

  26. The countries you listed as communist do not represent half of the world’s population. China, NK, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos and Cuba are less than 2 billion total. Toss in Venezuela too and it’s still less. The governments always fail if they are centrally planned. The Chinese realized this so that’s why they have a mixed system. The others are in various stages of failure. We have to re-teach these facts to every new generation.

  27. Gina you are essentially an angel sent to help Americans (& others from free nations) be aware of this global conspiracy. So inspiring & informative & it is proven when I look it up myself. Thank you for your work & for the love of God Please Keep Going

  28. The problem the US is a cradle of communism. Look, Trotsky and Ho Chi Minh went to America then be radicalized there. Who forced Canada to release Trotsky from Halifax jail? The US. Where 19/5 organization which celebrate Ho Chi Minh and Malcom X birthdays? The US. Btw, who the chairwoman of UNESCO? Bokova, a Bulgarian commie. Who Barroso? The former EU president and also a marxist


  30. Unsubscribed when you mention Israhell belonging to the Western type of democracy sphere

  31. The far left in the USA was rolling along until Donald Trump came. He's been the stumbling block they've not been able to overcome.

  32. Honest women are beautiful and intelligent this means you. Keep up the good work we need more people like you reporting the truth

  33. What is important now is that we try to learn what they are morphing into. That requires a more nuanced chronological, etymological, linguistic, epistemological and dialectical measures in the documentation and approximation, if not a complete ascertainment of communism's entire ideological discourse and development over the years.

  34. What role did the anarcho-syndicalists play in all of this, I wonder?

    A grafter here or a grafter there. A chiseler here and a chiseler there. Anyone can join the world communist movement. The world federation of overt deviants to covert subversives will, when certain build ups are put in place, stop at nothing to assimilate every last God fearing man on the face of the earth!

  35. Sadly, Gina, America has been taken over by socialists ever since the Fourteenth Amendment was grossly misinterpreted and gave rise to everlasting corporations with no body to imprison and no soul to damn.

    The next nail in the coffin came with the bogus creation of the Federal Reserve System, which isn't Federal and has no reserves. That alongside the fractional reserve system, has destroyed wealth and impoverished America on behalf of a handful of bankster clans.

    America's entry in WWI was schemed by the same fraudsters who then further tanked any American hopes with a made-to-order Depression, the legal confiscation of bullion, and an expansive and never ending policy of Government spending, the brainchild of Communist lackeys.

    The same fraudsters who engineered WWI came back for an encore with WWII and managed to forever polarize the world into Reds and the rest of us, where the rest of us is being eroded so ever slightly till there's nothing left.

    I'd like to see an episode dedicated to the last statesman in charge of the US: JFK. He was the last in a short line of men who recognized the danger posed by the fraudsters and opposed their contrived scheme to impoverish America and control foreign and domestic politics.

    Today, the US is a shadow of an once-proud and free Nation who has been shaped into a military lance point for the fraudsters, a global force for evil, and a client state for Israel. Notice we are more and more involved internationally in wars and rumors of wars with far away states, while more and more money is spent on 'defense,' against places that don't neighbor America.

    The day when the curtain will be lifted from the historical influence played by the Bush family and CIA scheming throughout the wold, Americans will begin to understand why this once great Nation of ours is now broke, defenseless to threats from within, and a lapdog to the Masters. Wake up, America, if you really can!

  36. it's hard to put a lot of content or conclusions without it sounding too dumbed down. I've read part of the new epoch times series. a real eye opener, but without the investigative well laid out basis, it's hard to make the same point in a short video.

  37. I think you forgot “Anarchists in America”, are part of the Communist movement, whether they know it or not.

    If you mentioned it then disregard this comment 😬

  38. Bottom line, these contries are largely 3rd world by majority of their populations, and want redistribution of wealth. Go figure, they are poor. This makes advocates of socialism and communism wannabe welfare recipients of US wealth. I vote no, with bullets if necessary. The silent majority is allowing this.😔

  39. U.S. policy has forced Russia out of an alliance with the U.S. They rejected communism. The result of this in other countries has been a determination never to be socialist again. As a christian country with huge territories, they would be a very strong ally. Trump knows this. Add the Brexited U.K. to fill the gap and you have an alliance to dominate the whole Northern hemisphere.

  40. Anybody who thinks Communism is good is a wicked immoral person. Socialism isn't much different. Free enterprise is God given and a Republic under God's law and the U. S. Constitution is one of the greatest of all governments but it is still under the operation of many ungodly men and women who because they don't know God have perverted justice and truth. No government will be perfect until the Lord Jesus Christ returns, removes all sin and brings in perfection and righteousness.

  41. Russia is deluded, the cold war and the arms race are all about saving Stalin's skin, if the USA were allowed to stay in Russia and spread the word of truth justice and liberty, Stallins days would have been numbered for murdering millions of Russian people. Therefore Stalin had to perpetuate the myth through propaganda that that USA was the enemy of Russia to save his own skin, the Russian people would have sentenced Stalin to death for murdering millions of Russian people, then there would not have been a cold war and arms race. All for Stalin the coward. In fear of his own life. The criminal Stalin started the arms race to save himself, and the Russians have perpetuated it to the point of almost coming close to blowing up the world. Not only that but they supplied weapons to America's enemies. And to top it all off they created so much propaganda and moral insanity to destroy the USA and its allies. Thankless Russians, this is the way that they repaid the USA who helped them win WWII it is anathema. The Russians have created so much trouble in the world, a huge chaotic mess, that cannot easily be rectified. And they even give themselves medals and pat each other on the back for a job well done. America still holds the moral high ground.

    Russia should at least try to clean up this mess this Gordian knot that it has made. Russias propaganda machine should be used to promote peace and worldwide disarmament, it is the least they could do for almost destroying the planet, to protect the criminal Stalin. And no doubt there are still remnants of Stalin's criminal communist system still influencing Russia today, therefore they persist in the criminal arms race and threaten the World with destruction. There can be no other explanation.
    All of the communist countries follow the same pattern, they come to power through revolutionary violence against their own people. But the communist dictators become drunk with power and deny the people what they had been promised. They see and know about the success of the capitalist West. And above all, they fear its liberty. Because all of these communist dictators know that if they allowed similar liberties and justice to their own people that they would be sentenced to death or life imprisonment. They are all cowardly criminals who have mislead their people, they all live in fear of justice. Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Stalin, Kim Jong Un they all were and are in fear of the day of reckoning. They fear Democracy for their people. So the tell their people that the West is their enemy and produce constant propaganda proclaiming this. But Western Democracies have no intentions of invading their countries. Just a handful of criminal communist dictators that have killed millions of innocent lives and held and hold the people of their own countries hostage. These selfish communist criminals would rather put the whole World at the risk of nuclear annihilation than to face Justice.

  42. Within the words of wisdom in the declaration of independence of the United States is a statement not only for independence but also a mechanism for change within a democratic government that encourages people to elect new leaders should they be desired. This is not only a declaration of independence it is also but a political philosophy by which all nations can base their governments, to be able to change and adapt organically according to the political climate and needs and wants of the people. But not to abruptly, as does the weather, but more gradually as does the climate. There can be no greater ideal for humanity than the pursuit of happiness. These are words that all mankind can live by.

  43. I must say that your insight into communism is the best and clearest that I have seen regarding this criminal-political organization. As a further insight, I can recommend a recording of a speech given by JFK at the Waldorf Astoria in 1961. Kennedy explains the beginning of Marxism and the dangers of Fake News in the media. Communism has its roots in Fake News and the media, Marx and Engels were journalists they understood the power of the media to influence the masses, this led to the murder of millions of innocent people. Kennedy spoke of the dangers of newspapers to Democracy and their misinformation, the same, even greater dangers are present in modern media, his speech is every bit as relevant to the dangers that the USA and the world face today in this age. Kennedy also encourages the people of all freedom- loving nations, not just those in the USA, to be actively involved in overcoming these threats to Liberty by the International Criminal Organisation, that is International Communism.

  44. MISS GINA, Excellent Outstanding Reporting and Expressing the FACTS & TRUTH of the Communist Movement.
    My family escaped from Russia in 1917, some of those family members remained in POLAND and were rounded up by the NAZI's in WW2. Yes some died in their Death Camps.
    My Great Grandfather would explain how the Russian Soviet movent was planned to take over the world.
    NOW the World plans to take over the U.S. from Within. Over half of our Government Representatives are on the take from China and Russia. Since the 1930s & 40s all the way through the 1970s Many ( as in 30% ?) of our Senators and State Reps were Socialists/ Communists on the payroll of the KGB. And this was not only permitted by totally allowed under FDR's NEW DEAL. Still today under special secret treaties we are paying these communist countries OUR TAX $$$ for their support of Our Overthrow. ( Cuba is receiving over $200 MILLION A Year of our TAX $$$ as " RENT" for Guantanamo Bay Naval Base)

    The sad thing is as it was predicted over 60 years ago That the US Will raise the Communist Flag over its capital without ever a shot being fired. This will all be done from within our very own government.

  45. Communistic Socialism is simply the elite craving power over those they consider to be inferior and subservient to their egotistical self-inflated non-importance.

  46. David Rockefeller: “One is impressed immediately by the sense of national harmony…. Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution it has obviously succeeded… in fostering high morale and community purpose. General social and economic progress is no less impressive….The enormous social advances of China have benefited greatly form the singleness of ideology and purpose…. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in history.”

    China’s “Social Credit System”: The Orwellian Blueprint for the Rest of the World

  47. “No agreement with a foreign nation and no treaty is free from the restraints of the Constitution. “ Reid v. Covert , 354 U.S. 1 (1957)

    ~ No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.” — 16 American Jurisprudence, 2nd edition, Sec. 177; late 2nd edition, Sec. 256; ~

    “Insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the land, (constitution) it is superseded thereby.” (16 Am Jur 2d 177, Late Am Jur 2d. 256)

  48. The Four Hidden Dynasties of The World & The Book of Joel

  49. We in the UK have been suffering under leftist MSM. Not even the government can see this whatever their stripe.
    Please, Please let the President meet our Boris. Think he's just an old softie? With leadership from Trump we can only win.
    From 2016 I have been behind President Trump. I have scored up the wins and all fell in our favour. Dear God. Please, just a few more "wins". Spread your wings over the UK. We need both yourself, and Mr Trump.
    I don't mind waiting just a little longer. Thank you.
    MAGA. And the UK.

  50. Insightful video. But isn't Russia becoming more of a Christian nation than even the U.S. in its post-communist era? See:

  51. Does this woman have white children with a white man ? Does she reads books to her white children? Just curious

  52. True in the short term, decades. But probably not in the longer term. In my opinion, Vietnam especially is in transition towards a capitalist system and not for the purpose of ever returning to a communist system. The same is true of China, but the country and the economy are now so complex that it is difficult to generalize. The reason is fairly simple: socialism is fundamentally inconsistent with family and individual aspirations. Socialism and communism contain the seeds of their own destruction.

  53. We will never get anywhere until we give up the veneer of partisan politics and looking for a hero, and being hypocrites about slave products. If we want to be Judeo-Christians we have to walk the walk.

  54. 55,000 plus views so far. Not to shabby Mrs. Shakespeare. You are kicking the butt of mainstream Fake media.. These days telling the truth has become a revolutionary act.

  55. Take a closer look at the US. Our schools, entertainment providers, and news media are run by cultural Marxists. Silicon Valley is indistinguishable from US intelligence agencies. Police stand down as Antifa commits terrorism, while right wing groups are tyrannically suppressed. Our government saves failing businesses by buying up shares of stocks. Our trade policies encourage massive importation from China who then uses American dollars to buy our land and factories. Mass immigration (both legal and illegal) is used to destroy Western cultures.

  56. The NWO is all about full spectrum dominance over the bulk of a depopulated humanity by the .1% uber wealthy effete elite trash and their 1% billionaire goons, et ales! ☜💀☞ &

  57. oh, how enlightening, nice look! I do care about truthful news and I'm glad the epoch times exists for the publics awareness. These topics would not likely be addressed otherwise. Too bad the public is so slow to recognize truth!

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