1. Today one USA dollar v Pakistan rupee 152 and in the next 6 months will be 185 to 2.05. It not looking good, I think people should keep foreign currency instead of Pakistani rupee.

  2. Maro haram kharo.. Apne karmo say marogay.. What had you done with our Nation.. u deserve to face this problem..

  3. imran khan se khud to kuchh ho nahi reha..har baat ke liye nawaz shareef ko ishara kar de reha…takla business background ka tha aur isase to sahi economy chala reha tha…Imran khan ke time pe to pakistani bhookhe mar rahe hai..aur har jegah thoo thoo ho rahi wo alag se.

  4. Modi just won the election…if Pakistan keep continuing terrorism …modi will crush Pakistan like peanuts..

  5. Only our Rassol can guide us.. Ek hi allah aur Aakhri Rasool Orya Maqbool Jan.. Alhamdullah. Nasrullah Malik Sahaba hain Hamaray Aakhri Rasool Orya Maqbool Jan s.a.w kay. Alhamdullah

  6. In 1998 U.S had said that Pakistan might have secured itself with Nuclear capabillities but we will hit them with financial problems. And ISI was preparing for it from last 21 years.

  7. End hate, Nafrat, hostility towards India and terrorism.

    Fight poverty. Start love, relationships, trade and tourism.
    We wNt want trade to USD 250 bn between the two nations.
    Jay hind

  8. Sale kuto. Tum logo ko tomato 200 Rs kilo mil raha. Desh bhek mnagta ha tumhara hamesha.

    Modi is back again. Ab deko kya kya krte hum tumhare sath.

    Tumko agr n rula dia, toh mann jaunga ki tum mei damm ha.

    Phr krta rehna
    Allah allah.

    Dekte ha kina allah tumhara sath deta.

  9. Ministry of Finance me kam kerky…..Gand mardi apny country….ke…..what else kan any one expect……Chutya Porkistani…

  10. آپ لوگ پتہ ہے ارشد شریف ن خاندان زرداری خاندان نے کیا سلوک کیا ہے افسوس ہوتا آپ جیسے اینکرو نے ان ساتھ دیاہے

  11. Pakistan needs to be careful about its economy otherwise its heading towards economic disaster. Pakistani rupee is tumbling down which will increase inflation. Why Pakistan reached to this stage need to be pondered?
    My Pakistani Brothers you need dollars in your country so do everything to attract investments and increase exports and yes STOP TERRORISM AGAINST INDIA. You are in grey list of FATF if actions not taken only 3 votes is required to put your country in black list and I hope Pakistani economists understand what it means .

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