How India’s Economy Is Growing At A Faster Pace Than China

India is facing an
important election year. And outside of recent tensions with
Pakistan, the economy remains a key campaign issue. India’s economy is the fastest growing
large economy in the world. It’s also a big country
with a big population. The United Nations expects India’s
current population of 1.3 billion to keep growing and
surpass China by 2024. But it’s got some big problems. A few years ago the country’s
current prime minister Narendra Modi promised to add 10 million jobs
to help boost the economy. That hasn’t really happened. The unemployment rate instead sits
at a 45 year high. And GDP per capita, which is a
measure of wealth across the country, lags behind rivals like China
by a wide margin. Can India keep growing at
such a fast pace? And if it does, at what cost? Here’s how India became the fastest
growing large economy in the world. The story of India: The modern
day economic powerhouse starts right after the country’s independence from
Great Britain in 1947. Immediately afterward India adopted
a closed economy. It was essentially
a socialist country. For years India’s economy remained stagnant
due to a number of socialist policies it copied from the
Soviet Union, like five year plans. It also nationalized major
industries like mining, insurance, telecommunications, and, eventually, most
of the banking sector. Poverty and corruption
were big problems. Overzealous regulation
stifled corruption. The country’s socialist style economy
continued to sputter until 1991. That was the
year everything changed. The Soviet Union, a major
trading partner, had collapsed. And the first Gulf War disrupted the
flow of cash coming from Indian workers in the Middle East. So when you come to about 1990
India is still a very poor country. 1991 was a watershed year
when economic reforms were launched substantially when globalization
began to happen. That year, India’s international credit rating
was downgraded to get a loan from the World Bank and IMF. The country implemented a
plan of economic reform. India would open markets up to
foreign competition, reduce the budget deficit, and eliminate restrictions on
foreign investment making it easier for entrepreneurs and Indian
businesses to get funding. And that process sort of
continued until about 2004. All the command and control systems
were dismantled; the foreign trade was opened up, and then the Indian
economy began to grow a bit faster. And particularly
starting from about 2003, the economy really took off. So if you take about 15 year
period from 2003 onwards, the economy grew almost seven and
a half percent. A big reason India’s economy took
off was because of the country’s growing I.T. sector. Following a liberalized
economy, Indian entrepreneurs quickly realized that the I.T. sector could become
a lucrative business. Private engineering schools started popping
up creating large numbers of workers eager for jobs with
lower salaries compared to U.S. I.T. workers. U.S. companies Citibank and Texas
Instruments took notice and hired some of the talent validating
the country’s new sector. By 2007, India’s I.T. sector was posting revenues of 23.5 billion. By 2018, it was bringing in 167 billion. I.T. companies are now
India’s biggest private employers. Another big reason why India’s economy kept growing at such a rapid pace lies in simple demographics. India is home to more than 1.3 billion people and much of the population is relatively young and working. Experts call it
‘the demographic dividend’. Asia’s elderly population is expected to
blow up in the coming years. India, however, is
bucking that trend. 65 percent of its population is
below the age of 35. Deloitte, the global consulting firm,
predicts India could supply more than half of Asia’s workforce
in the coming decade. India is now the sixth largest economy. The IMF predicts it could soon
overtake the United Kingdom, its former colonizer and
total GDP output. But the country is
facing a few hurdles. Job growth is a big one. India’s current Prime Minister Narendra
Modi faces criticism for not adding the 10 million jobs he
promised in his 2014 campaign. In November 2016, he suddenly announced that 500 and 1000 rupee notes would be taken out of circulation. The economy faced a severe cash
shortage and some economists argue the move cost the economy about 1.5 million jobs. Despite India’s reputation as a tech
and services hub, the country’s workforce remains largely in
the informal sector. About 81 percent of India’s workers
ply their trades in the informal economy. That means jobs like
street vendors, auto rickshaw drivers or household help paid in cash. Some economists say if India wants
to progress to a developed economy it needs the informal sector to
become better integrated with the financial sector. A lot of the economy is
actually in the informal sector. Just to give you an example: In
India, 95 percent of enterprises in India employ five or fewer people. So these are
really mom-and-pop stores. That’s about the informality
at which it operates. While India’s economy is booming, its
unemployment rate is at a 45 year high, a sign that jobs are
not being created at the same pace. Economists call this
jobless growth. It’s when the economy grows but generates
jobs at a rate below its potential. The agriculture industry is
a massive employer in India but it’s not seeing the same
kind of growth as other sectors. That could lead to putting millions
of young workers out of work. Experts say the unresolved issue of
jobless growth and failure to reskill workers could hurt the
economy in the future. Indian job problem is it has to
do with the availability of good jobs; jobs that pay reasonable wages and
this is particularly true for workers at the low end of the
visa distribution that when you look at unskilled or low skilled workers there
are not enough well-paid jobs. The World Economic Forum says India
needs to work on infrastructure development and urbanizing regions of the
country if it wants to stay on pace. Poverty also remains a big problem. 12.4 percent of the country lives
at the international poverty level surviving on less than one U.S. dollar and 90 cents a day. However the country has made progress. In between 2005 and 2016, 271
million people moved out of poverty, halving the poverty rate
to 28 percent. India’s rapidly changing demographics may
help it become an economic superpower. But it’s also
creating big obstacles. India is a big, messy democracy and
if large swaths of the population feel left out of economic growth,
it could lead to political unrest. All in all though, India’s economy
is not showing any signs of slowing down just yet.

  1. omg look at that river at the end of the video!!! what they need its a total nuclear war with pakistan to reduce the population of those countries by half

  2. Just see the growth rate of economy of india by the date of comment and you'll make out that indian officials are makin fool of indians itself. From 7.1% to 5.8%. is it a joke.

  3. This video didn't age nicely. Fast forward to about just over a month this video was published, at the end of May 2019, and India's economy grew at a slower pace than China's. It could be a combination of the global trade war, or the unemployment. Trump also just recently said he'll end India's special trade status.

  4. The said thing in developing ‘democratic’ countries is that there is a lot of corruption and the money trickles down even worse western countries. We are seeing the gap growing higher in western democracies. Imagine this gap in developing democracies. Unfortunately in India it’s not so different. I don’t support the Chinese system but with a broken world economic system the Chinese with it’s authoritarian system was able to totally build its infrastructure from scratch in a very short time. I hope India can do the same but corruption and growing gap of rich and poor may slow down development.

  5. You make people that refused to work? With a country still control based on skin colors, you can't really make grow faster when most lighter people are controlling the country.

  6. India is not growing, the only growth is due to the huge population n transactions by the huge population. Unemployment rate has increased from 3.4 to 3.6. even engineering graduates are jobless. Because we don't have productivity. India is surviving only because of the huge tax. India is the graveyard of young minds who has lot of ideas but no support from the govt, indians don't have the courage to come out from their comfort zones. Those who have resources are migrating to other countries. Indians also has average low iq compared to other developed countries. Average iq 82,

  7. The video kept saying that the unemployment in India is at 45 year high, but never gave a percentage of unemployment. So the unemployment in India is at 6%, which is at a 45 year high. Put perspective into your numbers or don't make a video.

  8. as a South African that has had the pleasure of growing up with Indian friends, having had been invited to an Indian wedding and visited some parts … I truly can't wait to see India rise to become the worlds strongest economy and country.

  9. they say don't compare India and China. My point is India can't ever become China. China is far ahead than India and that's the reality.

  10. China statistics are sometimes fake just saying.
    People really overestimate Chinas growth.
    There are still lot of poverty in China.
    (Still they are not as bad as India though)

  11. The official poverty rate is 12.3 percent IN THE USA, based on the U.S. Census Bureau's 2017 estimates.

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    No comparison but temporary competition.

  24. All the people crying out loud about socialist democracies not working should take a look at Scandinavia. No economic model can be called a success or failure due to it not working for a particular country. What didn't work for the Soviet block is working for China (albeit with heavy modifications that were necessary for a global economy). India is a very complex economy, far more complex than most people can comprehend. It's also deeply religious and conservative. It's eastern culture is often at odds with the western ideals of democracy. It is difficult to bring people out of millennia old mindset. They're doing all they can to find a way to incorporate their eastern culture with the western models of democracy. This is also the challenge being faced by all eastern democracies. Some like Singapore have found their status quo quickly because they're tiny. India will take a lot more time.

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  27. Indians need to become a data driven society from hoping for miracles to happen society. Here’s some data – FDI inflow into India is 1.5% of GDP whereas FDI inflow into Vietnam is 6% of GDP. Now go look at the ease of doing business rankings and correlate those with these nations’ rankings. And cha-Ching, the story is clear. All ASEAN countries’ contract enforcement scores are much much superior to the abysmal score in India. India is not going anywhere unless it fixes its fundamentals and getting its basics right. Modi is not a miracle maker. Aggressive reforms and execution is what can make India catch up to the likes of Vietnam, Malaysia etc in manufacturing. I don’t think Modi will do it as we saw from the lackluster budget. It is still very very complicated to invest money and do business in India. If you poll the NRIs to see if they will invest in Indian businesses, hardly 10% would say yes. Technology based businesses which don’t need much land, labor, or supply chains will do ok. Any businesses that require contract enforcement will not attract FDI in India. As simple as that.

  28. Only reason it’s growing is because of British and american companies paying for dirt cheap labour

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    Jobs are all time low

    Gdp plummeting…

    Where did you get this research?
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