How immigrants and their children affect the US economy | Robert Kaplan

  1. A part of usa workforce are immigrants, if all were to leave us economy would have a slight impact, to much restrictions can lead to a devastating situation, America buys 80% of chinas rare earth material, if usa has mountain pass reserve it be logical for usa to produce instead of buying from China, but since there isn't a workforce or people that actually know how to mine it and refine it, usa can't exploit it, the costs of finding ways to do it and time wouldnt be an asset for the economy in the begging


  3. No, we don't need to import labor. If you need more labor, you can make it worthwhile to the people here. If there aren't enough people here, maybe we help people with kids, instead of telling responsible people that they can't afford to have kids and then importing massive families from outside the country. Support families instead of mass immigration!

  4. More immigrants = more people. More people = more natural resources needed. Mass immigration is good for the logging industry, mining, etc. it’s very bad for the environment but who cares right?

  5. First, GDP is not a good measure of the prosperity of the people of a nation. While GDP has grown, median income has not. While GDP growth is necessary for prosperity, it is not sufficient.

    Second, automation is increasing exponentially. Retraining is a short-term solution. What are we going to do when the jobs people have been retrained for become automated? Retrain them again? People don't want to have to spend their lives being displaced over and over again, they want to be able to do what is meaningful to them.

    The answer is to increase self-employment. We need to create an environment and institutions revolving around entrepreneurship. Ideally, we would create a society where people can just pursue their hobbies, even if they don't generate enough income for them to support themselves. My suggestion would be to implement a value added tax and universal basic income, which together would renormalize the GDP-to-median income ratio.

  6. We should address the real unemployment rate of one fifth of the working age population in the US to fix the GDP rather than focusing only on immigration.

  7. Too bad there is no endless supply of shitty job they can do, at least not here in EU. Even shitty jobs require a degree here, and most immigrants do not get a job or any kind of education for the first few generation…Accepting immigrants and hoping them to bring your economy up, is a dream of 100 years or more. And they here in EU do this currently, no matter how bad things get meanwhile. And things have gotten really really bad in certain countries. Also so that no one thinks this is stupid person rambling, I'm talking about illegals. No one hates legal immigrants, those are more than welcome and very needed(these people almost always have degrees and motivations to fit in society <<< these we love <3)

  8. Going to call BS on finding "skilled labor". Experience shows that it's mainly a scheme to get low-cost visa applicants as employees vs. hiring Americans at fair wages.

  9. We should have a better system, like a points system. We should only allow in a limited amount of people each year that will benefit our country (don't let people in who are low skilled and have to rely on public assistance.) And by no means should anyone who has illegally entered be allowed to stay. File & get to the back of the line.

  10. Better fuck up your culture, heritage and worker class for more GDP because why not.
    dont forget who is saying this to you some one that worked as President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
    Robert Steven (((Kaplan))) what a coincidence

  11. Sad to realize that minds like this control the economy. This guy is just another ponzi scheme huckster. Perpetual growth as a pre-requisite for a functioning economy is unsustainable. Humanity is incapable of addressing the problem of over population. We need an economic model and expectations that are sustainable.

  12. We can either pay a few billion for a wall or several trillion per year caring for them and their children. The demographics will change each year the illegals are here to mean their vote will change our constitution per vote. Blame the dems. America was a dream for the Christ-Light. Fact, at least 80% to 90% of the senate is corrupt and care little about illegals. It's all a dog and pony show for them. It's America's Christ-Light against the Illuminati who now control it. Donald Trump was asked by our military to help eliminate all Illuminati controlled politicians and judges, bankers, etc out of our country. The illegals will be used as a diversion; mexicans, muslims, etc. Patriots will not allow our country to fall. Bless America. The anagram of the word AMERICA is I AM RACE.

  13. Which is why citizens who's money is stolen for illegal aliens to happily knowingly fraudulently live in America needs to go asap.There will be no future for American children who's school learning is waterd down to teach illegals.

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  15. Does he know that we are living in the 21first century? Please watch humans need not apply or useless jobs.

  16. Hmmm? So Obama was far more relaxed on immigration laws than Trump and Obama was the first US president in history not to achieve 3% GDP growth over two terms! Trump on the other hand achieved 3% GDP almost immediately with ideal immigration law enforcement. Actions and hard data speak louder than propaganda and words.

  17. Unbelievable psy-ops babble from a central-planner, central-banker who ignores the technological revolution that is taking place, while perpetuating a fiat-currency system designed to transfer wealth through fractional reserve banking, debt-based liquidity.

  18. California is becoming basically a state that's going to be more resembling Mexico because of immigration. And of course, California has had enormous economic problems, enormous tax raises. They have some of the highest property taxes now in the country, some of the highest income taxes in the country, and they have massive gang problems in Los Angeles, they have over population issues which is overwhelming the well being of the environment too, and water problem, etc… So, in no way did this immigration really help America. The truth is that Jewish supremacists like (((Robert Kaplan))) want massive immigration because it's part of their divide and conquer scenario.

  19. He didn't address the drawbacks of immigration. Immigrants cost us plenty in social spending and crime. China's GDP has been on fire for years…and they don't do the immigration stuff.

  20. If he’s talking about legal immigrants cool, if he’s talking about ILLEGAL immigrants then no. Here why quickly:

    Cancer raises the gdp, serial killer raise the gdp, divorce raise the gdp. Why?

    Cancer means you need more doctors, killers means you need more cops, divorce means you need two House two cars etc.

    Something increasing the gdp doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing

  21. In case you Americans are not aware, Canada raised the age from 65 to 67 to start your pension because they don't have enough money in the old age pension to support retired people, so you need to work longer before you qualify .and Canada does not have a shrinking population, just not growing fast enough:

  22. This is neoliberal cancer.

    GDP growth isn't the right measure, you gotta look at GDP per capita.

    And decreased workforce growth is a good thing except for the 0.01%.

  23. I'll simplify this. More bodies for cheaper mostly service jobs with soecific skills and more bodies needed for high end scientific highly educated jobs. Better for the economy but, not better for humans as a whole. A stronger country and growing economy breeds more pollution, use of resource and brings eventually about more suffering. Humans are evolved to think only short term, tribal for survival/locally. We do bot thing globally and certainly not Universally. It helps economies grow with an influx of immigrants but, you can't have your cake and eat it too. It becomes humans are supply chains and citizens want immigrants to work hard at low income service jobs and not make a peep, not vote and not get healthcare. You shouldn't have it both ways. Until products rise in price, humans are of one opinion. Everyone who is affected by any offshoot then changes their minds. It's called being human. Yes, of course this is a convincing video on the need for more immigrants. Could you imagine if Big Think put out an anti-video? I'm of zero opinion. Fake borders drawn on a rock with selfish humans is my only stance.

  24. More people on the planet isn't the sustainable solution and choice of variable (y=AKL) for continued economic growth. We are biting the hand that feeds us (Earth).

    Also, to note: Egypt has about half the GDP of Sweden, but 10 times the population.

  25. I see and hear many holes in your argument. The biggest is GDP is rising, people don't all have kids at the same time and our population continues to grow with or with out immigration. Do some rudimentary research on birth rate you will see we had spikes, lulls and humps and the boomer generation are aging but large numbers of young people have joined the workforce as well. Legal immigration, no problem. However, if you are trying to skirt some line in support of illegal immigration is helping our country, your credibility as a professor and as the CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has fallen to zero, you have proven you know very little and use it to virtue signal.

  26. If un skilled immigrants improve economy then all countries would fight to take rohingya refugees .that didn't happen they we're viewed as burden rather than boost for economy.bangldesh took almost all the rohingya according to this person Bangladesh gdp should improve drastically because of about 1million unskilled labour .but that hasn't yet happened.same gdp growth rate as last year, so I really doubt this videos theory.
    On the other hand I think he was talking about highly skilled labour selected through merit process legal immigrants from countries with proper education system like india or other .basically all the immigrant CEO like sundhar of Google,sathyam of Microsoft,Elon musk are all educated immigrants who are improving the economy.not the unskilled labour.15 percent of us is unemployed why do you need more unskilled labour ..I think it will only lead to more unemployment for natives un skilled people..

  27. Isn't there a difference between states of an economy? When is it right to have a growing economy, and when is it right to have a stable economy? What I am seeing, is that we should stabilize it right now, see where automation and AI go in the next 10 years and then talk about a solution that's not merely just "Bring in more people!"

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