1. P.s. they sent us marlborro cigarette packs they had stored next to nuclear reactor..probably why it caused cancer you think?I'll be glad when that Kentucky twit ,Mitch Mcconnell leaves office..hes nothing but a crooked coca ine smuggler(fk you China!)

  2. Lol this drone was invented to check radiation levels in an already breached nuclear reactor (thats probably why the USA ended up with it) every broken idea they have ends up here doesnt it Wal-Mart?

  3. People with excessive wealth should give back to their community, as a matter of humanitarian responsibility.

  4. This is global problem. the rich have all the money and means to accumulate even more with wealth they have already. The governments are bought by them and complacent on this housing issues. Look at LA and San Francisco. I heard Australia is quite expensive country. I don't know if it has housing problem like US.

  5. This is so similar to America. No one my age (mid 20's) will EVER be able to buy a home unless they come from money. Even people making 100 grand seem to be suffering which is crazy to someone who makes less than a third of that.

  6. Not here to preach but a social obligatory charity similar to the concept of Zakat in Islam could change the whole situation of people there with every rich contributing a little for the betterment of poor.

  7. So basically everything in HK is great except the 1 thing Government is involved in! Get the Govt. out of RE and the price will come down. The free market works! The rich people have nothing to do with the problem if anything they are helping.

  8. so she lives at home in a small ass room that doesn't even have a real closet and she's supposed to be cool? lol sorry…

  9. I went to Singapore and they told me that you have to pay about $10000 to get a permit to own a car. I wonder if Hong Kong has the same type of fees

  10. I would say this is what’s Chinese people like. I’m from Thailand and we have a lot of Chinese people in our country and I’ve seen many Chinese people living in a very messy house even some of them are very rich but old Chinese people like to live in their own house separated from their children and they like to keeps everything in their house

  11. If I'm wrong, China agreed to have Hong Kong to keep their capitalist system for the next 50 years. This is the only intensely capitalist part of China and, well… Here's a video about the results.

  12. anyone watch who happens to be hong kong airline miss albee wong parents i would like to ask for your daugther hand

  13. thats a chubby rich girl don you have like a rich and hot girl i will settle for a middle class very beautiful hong kong girl like miss albee wong

  14. I wonder what will happen when Trump will rip the funds for China…
    And actually begin demanding them back.

  15. Just because the richer can afford the luxuries doesn't mean their money isn't also spent on improving the society around us. Dr. Sze can enjoy his cars while still maintaining the Hub for children… wealth redistribution means having a state that controls everything and everyone is 'equal'… we know that doesn't work. Land policy reformation is way more important and will solve many derived social issues that begin with lack of housing.

  16. Where's the interview of a family that made it out of property? Was it from government efforts, or a private donor, or their own? Marc, you keep asking what the government should do but let's see what actually helps

  17. As said in a satirical stand-up comedy by Dayo Wong, "if you live here but didn't become a billionaire, HK will punish you. That is why we have Sham Shui Po". Sham Shui Po is the district in which the old lady is living.

  18. There are whole cities in China with empty buildings. This is a contrived situation more than likely to thin out the herd. China did not have an industrial revolution like in America. The globalist elite in 1973 to include Nixon, Kissinger, Rockefeller and Coca Cola went over to offer out manufacturing jobs to China which was the start of their crooked and calculated rise. Since that time not only has most all manufacturing gone to the slave labor market in China but the Chinese have been brought to America to take American engineering and medical jobs. This has changed the fabric of America as well. The goal is one world government, a new world order but first the white countries must be broken, hence all the third world immigrants being driven into western culture to create strife and change. When the time comes to vote away all borders, how do you think the third worlders will vote? In the meantime when the Buffets and Turners and Gates of the world decide to lower the population all they'll have to do is create a modern plague on China and India, the largest and poorest populations. Most of the wealthy Indians and Chinese are in the west. Doesn't sound like Communism now does it. Cortez and Sanders need to check it out

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