How Governments Tamper with Foreign Elections: Russia, America, and AI Hacking | Amaryllis Fox

So the current conversation around Russia’s
involvement in the U.S. election, I think, is a quickly unfolding one and there’s a
lot of information that has yet to come to light. But broadly speaking it’s not unusual for
Russia in particular and larger geopolitical powers in general to try to influence the
outcome of elections that are going to have ramifications for them on the world stage. The United States certainly continues to do
this and has done this in the past. You know, Carnegie Mellon did a really valuable
study of elections from 1946 through to current day and found that 11 percent of elections
conducted around the world in every country for that entire period of time had influence
from either Russia or the United States—and 70 percent of those instances of influence
were the United States, rather than Russia. This is something that, actually when you
think about it, seems almost irresponsible not to do, to a certain extent. So if the United States has a perspective
around which country is going to sponsor attacks here in American territory and which candidate
in a given government will not, clearly the United States is going to have a perspective
there. A recent example of this, in the context of
the U.S., would be leadership in post-conflict Iraq. Obviously there has been a lot of interest
from Iran and Shiite forces within the Middle East in influence now that the government
in Baghdad is more up for grabs, post-Saddam era. And the United States has a perspective around
how much Shiite influence Washington would like to see in Baghdad. That’s one example. Every election in every major strategic territory
around the world, the United States, Russia, and most other world powers have a perspective
around which candidate they would like to see win and which they wouldn’t. Now the extent to which a government is willing
to push that perspective on the electorate of that country is a matter of law. And there are lines that, when a foreign power
steps over them, they’re in breach of international law. There are certainly instances of every major
world power, including our own, having overstepped those lines in the last century, less so in
recent years. The United States has moved away from that
habit over the last few decades. Russia has returned to it with great gusto,
particularly in the form of information warfare—what we’ve come to know as fake news—and we’re
just seeing the very, very beginning tip of the iceberg there. We are already seeing artificial intelligence
in computer programs that are able to take—based on a small bank of words and a few images—any
world leader and have them convincingly say on video whatever the program would like them
to say. These bots are just in their infancy, and
the notion of “to see is to believe” and video clips being compelling evidence of truth,
is something that is unfortunately of a bygone era. And Russia is extremely advanced in that technology. So this is early days and I think rather than
expect any world power and Russia in particular to back off on these kinds of attempts we
need to expect our own leaders to have the integrity to do what’s right even when no
one’s watching. When I trained in service for the U.S. government
the inside of our manual said, “Integrity is doing what’s right when nobody is watching.” And the temptation to yield to influence in
exchange for power is built into representative democracy. And, by the way, it’s not just foreign powers
like Russia and Moscow. It’s our own special interests in this country
which can yield influence that can be just as damaging. And so this is not an issue that’s going
to go away for us. I don’t think we’re going to be able to
beef up our cybersecurity over the next couple of years and bid this threat farewell. And so while we will continue to be vigilant
against it in every way that we can, I think we also need to rely on ourselves and our
leadership to fend off that temptation if it does make it through the barricades and
present itself in the room when nobody’s watching.

  1. Sidenote:
    What a terrible map in the thumbnail and at the beginning of the video.

    No Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, UAE, South Sudan, The Gambia, Georgia or Kosovo. The province of Kaliningrad is not even there. The Alaskan panhandle has been absorbed by Canada. No Great Lakes. The greater Antilles aren't there. And Jammu and Kashmir looks like a separate state with China taking Aksai Chin.

    Not to mention the use of the mercator projection.

    Edit: added a couple things.

  2. What kinda map is it on India ? Kashmir is not a country, idiots! You have mixed POK//COK & AJK all together.

  3. Yay. Another video on youtube for muricans about how strong Russia is 😉 BTW love USA very much. The history of strong nation that build a superpower from nothing with sticks and rocks for 300 years. Very inspiring by that fact. I've read a lot of books such as autobiography of Franklin and so on about how your country was born. Amazing!

  4. The US sanctions on Russia for tampering with the US election is the mic drop moment that proves that Trump's presidency is illegitimate.

  5. The title has a clear agenda framing, but the point seems obvious, no election is free from foreign influence.
    The discussion isn't even about whether it is right or wrong, the discussion is about how little awareness of the situation the average Joe currently has.

  6. +bigthink let me say that while enjoyed and agree with this video, the obvious agenda framing seen with the thumbnail is simply hurting the cause.

    This agenda is marginalizing a huge portion of the population, as can be seen in the comments.

  7. Another Democratic Party agent propagandizing the Russia-stole-Hillaries-election fake news while pretending to be objective.

  8. Okay, I watched the video all the way through.

    First and foremost, why do you keep dancing around the word bias. Instead you replaced that word with "perspective" as if its a normal thing for a government to have this kind of preference and to push it.

    The US has not backed off regime change or election meddling at all. Weve been floating the idea of regime change in north korea and other south american countries.

    The US also over through a democratic government i.e iraq and killed a democratically elected leader i.e suddam. And this was in the early 2000s.

    Then when election time came around the US installed a right wing religious fundamentalist governnent which also happens to be pro corporations.

    This was heading in a great direction but derailed after you started spewing misinformation and corporate talking points.

  9. Trump loyalists are triggered. It's not difficult to see Russia's interest is seeing our unstableness and Fascist ways prevail. #snowflakes

  10. Clickbait thumbnail and then sneaky reframing and watering down of the subject. Its obvious from the moon who's meddler in charge on planet Earth. Hint: The country that spends more on military than next ten countries combined.
    Very fake! 😀

  11. Where in the f— are you getting your statistics from? You are a whack job and I won't go into details as to why. Don't need to, every knows the best part of this video is not the topic, but your crotch and what color your pantys are. No, I am not a perv, but see nothing more here.

  12. News Media: Trump won! American elections got hacked!

    News Media also: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote!

    Look I dislike Trump personally, I think he is an incompetent Narcissist and too irresponsible for a president of the worlds most powerful nation. However to align all of these narratives together creates what is more seemingly merely an ideological disagreement more than anything.

    Hacked or no, it would probably not have changed the results a lot. And what does that tell about the US internal security if the Russians are able to hack into the elections. Why have they not done that before if they were able to do it? If my fellow Left Americans want to convince the world this did happen, they have to be able to prove all of these challenges and I don't think they have, at all.

  13. The person who 'hacked the dnc' was Seth Rich… He did it with a flash drive, then the clintons found out, using the Awan brothers, and had Rich killed. This is the truth. If you dont want to admit it, then i cannot help you

  14. A reseach paper has shown that the most efficient method for influencing elections is overt influence rather than covered. Obama made a speech where he supported Macron probably in full knowledge of that. Macron is now France's president.

  15. Both my parents were born into a dictatorship backed by the US and incited by Henry Kissinger's Operation Condor, so to me, and anyone who doesn't live in their own little bubble, this isn't a surprise

  16. With Russia's and the U.S' history of meddling with other countries elections it should not be controversial to think they have tried and continue to try meddle with each others. At the most fundamental level it's a matter of a government trying to secure its country's geopolitical interest – literally the purpose of foreign policy. If you think that's controversial then go for system critique. Stop making this about sensationalist media stories when it's not. This video is solely informative on how the practice of influencing elections in a digital age is evolving.

  17. Even if the Russians did hack Hillary's e-mail, all they did was reveal what a corrupt actor she is. The reason that she wasn't elected was that the American public found the idea of electing her less preferable to electing Trump…

  18. The left is making things up as usual: russia meddling, climate change, racism, sexism…. Don’t believe the fake news! #MAGA #TRUMP

  19. After reading the comment section I can tell people did voted trump to power. I have been seeing for sometime now. There are an overwhelming size of trump supporters.

  20. lets guess whats going to happen. Russia gets threatened more, EU destabalizes completely and NATO needs to intervent to "sustain"(gain) order(power). Russa then attacks after some provoking and voilá. Perhaps you even let the dream come true and the nazis will rule germany once again, repeating history 🙂 Like WW2 Remastered – weren't it beautiful times?

  21. Could anyone else just not absorb any of the things that she said? Like seriously, I don't remember what I just watched.

  22. I remember someone on CNN saying that Russia's supposed influence in our election was a 9/11 scale event. By that logic we are worse than Bin Laden. This whole Russia thing was nothing.

  23. The US Via NGOs indentified Canadian ridings that they wanted the party changed, and poured funds and people in various ways, and praised themselves for their success in changing our federal government. This was pre-Trump, and Canada is not in the Middle East. The US regularly interferes in significant ways in the elections of "friends" and everyone else.

  24. CIA peace activist argues that it's responsible and morally correct to interfere in foreign elections. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you.

  25. Such a alt-left agenda of propaganda this channel has become. This was proven false a while ago. Shame on you people for not being able to accept a loss.

  26. No proof of Russia hacking was ever provided to the public. Even though most have been brainwashed to believe otherwise. Lack of proof should invite one to remain skeptical when the implications are so grave. If you refuse to critically think about this matter it is likely your own biases have corrupted your mind. Here is some proof that it was a LEAK and not a HACK although logic rarely convinces overly prejudiced minds to release their biases.

    It is also amazing that the DNC refused to allow FBI to examine their server for forensic evidence. Things that make you go hmmmnn??

    P.s. Questioning the narrative does not make one a Russian spy or a Trump supporter. It does make one a critically thinking human being.

    P.p.s. There is actual real proof that the DNC rigged the primaries for Clinton. Bernie was robbed, even though he polled higher against Trump than Clinton. Why does nobody focus on that? Basically, Trump is president because the DNC manipulated the primaries. The DNC brought us Trump. There is actual evidence for this.

  27. I didn't fuckin' vote for trump, but if you voted for hillary….YOU'VE LOST!!!! Good fucking god, and now you wanna lose your minds too? You lost, it's over. The fuck!

  28. An unsettling adjunct of our interconnected world. Although I find there cause for a quiet optimism; a world so connected, will undermine those whom would seek honour only through guile and subterfuge. Peripeteia perhaps a generation away. A leader whose life has not afforded them opportunity to explore well enough key facets of their own mind, will continue to posture and exclaim, this after all is not dissimilar from the reinforcement history lying behind them.

  29. All these anti-left commenters seem to be ignoring the truths of U.S. foreign policy in the middle east, dating back decades. Iran… Iraq…

  30. I need to say something.. i liked the channel more in the past. Now it is just creepypasta poor politics. Whatever, might be i am more interested in different stuff though. W/e

  31. The ammount of dislikes from butthurt people is unreal.
    Superpoweres tampering with foreign election systems has been happening since the beggining of civilizations and large scale war and it will continue to happen for quite a while I imagine.
    I think she did a pretty reasonable review of modern day election tampering,even if u disagree with her opinions.

  32. Russia are the leaders in hacking? What about stuxnet? That's the US and Israelis baby, don't even pretend that Russia is the leader in this. Fear mongering and lying this lady is!

  33. Crazy that she recognizes that the US has meddled in the most elections to date but then goes and plays victim the latter half of the video. Like what!?

  34. If it is above board that's OK, VOA, CCTV or RT are above board, but to hiding it with fake news and paying for campaigns etc is wrong.

  35. We can't pretend to have any rightful say in the world if we're going to influence another nation's election process… we are just scum then. And we, in the US, have wholly destroyed democracies in the middle east and in south america…. and we've not moved away from that habit, we've merely become more sophisticated at it.

  36. The time to believe that there was a Russian tampering is when it is actually shown to be accurate. For now this is a deplorable piece to use a conspiracy theory to boost one self. In the end what really matters is was the leaked info true, which seems to actually be the case.

  37. Usa and Russia have mingeeld into european elections since a long time.Russians need to understans that isolation leads to stagnation. Thats why Putin is an evil guy.And Usa cant control everything and have it their way all the time.

  38. Bullshit, USA are fucking things up in Venezuela as we speak. Russia do tamper with foreign elections certainly, but America is just as bad

  39. It's almost amazing how Americans try to argue that this type of intervention they historically resort is something legitimate and made in self-defense. This is not a defense, this is purely an attack. North America's interventionism (in elections or not) is a factor of instability of the democracies, and not something made to grant and support democracies. I live in a third world country and it's very clear to me how the US has no regard for political systems in countries they do not consider obedient enough. Self determination is just for them, that's their ideology and this video is PURE PROPAGANDA, there's no concern for truth here.

  40. At first I was surprised that so many Trump supporters and fascists in general were here trolling this comment section. I just assumed that the old tried and true "The US does it too!!!!' would work for them. I forgot that admitting it happens at all is one step closer to admitting that Trump and Putin colluded. If you admit that this is bad and that it happens both ways, you have to consider that Trump is guilty. The delusional mind of the Trump supporter just can't bend that far.

  41. The Nazi bots are out in force here. Don't you guys realize that your massive, organized, targeted trolling in an effort to destabilize/influence the politics of a nation is what this video is about? You're basically proving the video correct just by showing up. But then, no one ever said that the people you trolls target were smart.

  42. "When someone makes a move, of which we don't approve, who is always there to intervene? UN and OAS, they have their place I guess, but first, send the Marines. We'll send them all we got, John Wayne and Randolph Scott. Remember all those exciting fighting scenes. To the shores of Tripoli, but not to Mississippi. What do we do? We send the Marines!
    Cause might makes right, until they see the light. They've got to be protected, all their respected, 'til someone we like can be elected…
    The members of the corps, all hate the thought of war, they'd rather kill them off by peaceful means. Stop calling it aggression, ooh, we hate the expression. We only want the world to know, that we support the status quo, when in doubt, send the Marines…" Tom Lehrer

    But usually, the US first sends in CIA operatives to buy & threaten local politicians and influence & disrupt electoral processes. It's usually cheaper and less messy than sending in the Marines, and the State Department can aways deny US involvement until they are blue in the face which is much harder to do when troops are deployed. Of course now a days, they would deploy troops, deny US involvement, and call all reports to the contrary as "FAKE NEWS."

  43. we shouldnt concern ourselves with the quarrells of peoples in power. we should be uniting against the greed of internation banks and corporations, who are the ones who actually bleed our social services, hospitals, our very quality of life. these side issues of election meddling root from the need to control and access resources. we should be developing techniques and equipment which we can use to manipulate the structure of atoms, successful control over this technology would render the constant struggle, bitter landscapes, deception and warfare, unecessary. tell me, how would you like to live?

  44. Unsubscribed. Stop pushing the bullshit Russian election hacking narrative. There is no proof because it didn't happen. Maybe talk about our own Senators extorting their constituents out of their money and votes, of which we have shit-tons of PROOF???????

  45. Russia has been hacking, using AI, and election rigging, and bribing officials for centuries. They are using propaganda and especially cyber attacks and purchasing/coercing politicians. To control countries like Turkey, Hungary, Syria, Iran, Serbia, Armenia, Belarus, (puppet nations) and others. If you wanna stop them you gotta go on the offensive. Stop playing defense.

  46. There's no proof of Russia meddling in the election… The Wiki hacks revealed corruption. Let's talk how the DNC screwed over it's own people instead of falling into their distraction tactic of blaming Russia for their corruption

    Gosh, this is crazy. They're blaming Russia, who didn't do anything, for revealing how corrupt they are, which they think lost them the election. There are thousands of reasons for why the DNC didn't win, being the electoral college, the fact that their candidate sucked, the fact that they screwed over Bernie, the fact that Trump offered change (although it was clear he was lying), they were lazy and didn't campaign everywhere, etc. Then they blame Russia for their loss. The blame is only on them

    Also, there's no way America or any capitalist country is a democracy. Democracy and capitalism are opposites

  47. Truth, but not all of it. Its difficult at some points to tell what examples Amaryllis is referring to, but one the massive omissions from this video stems from the "USA has meddled in elections, but has decreased in the last few decades." Yes the US GOVERNMENT has reduced (as far as the public knows) its, lets call it a "habit," of illegally influencing democratic elections around the globe.

    US and foreign backed US multinational cooperation's however, have been picking up the slack with gusto. Tobacco, oil, textile, real estate and big agriculture have been doing the dirty heavy lifting for awhile now. Ever found it strange how Rex Tillerson projects competency as a statesman despite never holding public office in his life prior to being nominated SoS and lacking any college degree in politics?

    "Must be cuz hes' so smart and running a business is harder than running a Federal Government, Lawl." Wrong, I can't attest for the mans personal intelligence, but his short career in US politics has been well lubricated with connections, resources, and personal experience in what is literally extortion on a global scale. All the while being backed by intelligence, capitol, and military might. Supported by majority "establishment" politicians of any given period within the mid-late Cold War and into the present.

    Illegal under US AND international law. But that hardly matters when the largest military force ON EARTH has your back and that is after you consider the act of creating these networks have incriminated (in some cases, purely though association) many foreign companies and governments who consented just to get or stay out of these multinationals' paths.

  48. Less so in the recent years? LOL
    War in Afghanistan (2015–present)
    War on ISIL (Operation Inherent Resolve) (2014–present)
    Libyan Civil War (2011)
    War in North-West Pakistan (2004–present) Part of the War on Terror
    Iraq War (2003–2011)

    This is a short list of the " recent years" from Wikipedia alone with open wars in another country with USA as invading country,

    US has the power and uses it as it desires because there is no one to go against it.
    Surveillance that was " leaked" from the NSA speaks of the way US has "relaxed " its Hacking, and these are only the things known by the wide public. Imagine what else is there.

    Do not get me wrong I do not judge US for this, they are the predator and they behave like this, what I judge is the hypocrisy, in complaining on what others do. EACH major power will do " things " for it's own well being. Regardless of the cost, and there is no noble scope in that. So let's face it, US is an aggressor, but it is accepted, because it is not as aggressive as totalitarian regimes. US is invasive, bun not as invasive as USSR was. US is corrupt but show me a superpower that is not.
    BTW on election tampering check Ukraine and how the war between Russia and Ukraine started in the first place, and please do not read only one side source 🙂 . Politics are complicated and twisted, I do not claim to know the entire truth about this, but let's not paint any state ( especially US ) as a saint, or redeeming .

  49. Why can’t ppl just accept that picking trump wasn’t a good idea. We failed as a country already. We chose Obama to stop the same white male stereotype. And show that as a country we are not racist. However everyone blamed Obama for how the country is doing. Regardless of whose president, this country isn’t gonna be perfect any time soon. So instead of arguing trump is great….. 10 years from now there will be someone way better. If the world is still intact.

  50. if the US gov is for sale, and it is, why would anyone be surprised another large nation would want to buy it. the only problem is 99.9% of the American people dont have the cash to buy it back.

  51. Russia didn't give you Trump!
    It is so hypocritical an highly inappropriate power over both repulsive Democrats and Republicans that Israel meddles in USA politic and literally every part of USA authority until you Yanks are Israel's slaves,
    You are not even allowed to state the bleeding obvious!
    Israel has subjugated you.
    AIPAC is number one suspect in the JFK assassination
    They were called the Zionist Council back then and JFK knew they had inappropriate and unconstitutional powers and should not had been a register USA Lobby
    As and external country.
    They were thought to had killed JFK before he was due to shut them down as a Lobby Organization
    But they killed JFK with impunity and full knowledge of the CIA and congress.
    It is up to the people to wake up and take back there country but Israel's tentacles run so deep into their USA Zombby thry have even got the people subdued too
    AIPAC One of several pro-Israel lobbying organizations in the United States,[
    AIPAC states that it has more than 100,000 members,
    seventeen regional offices, and "a vast pool of donors
    If anyone call this antisemetic God damn them!

  52. The US deep state is the most cancerous force on the planet and the sooner it is destroyed the better. Israel, Saudi Arabia and Mexicunt illegal aliens have more influence on US elections than Russia.

  53. @03:13 "in the form of what we've come to know as Fake News…".
    You mean like CNN?
    PS: At the time I'm writing this, Russia has been DISMISSED of all false accusations for meddling with the elections and ANY and all involvement with President Donald S. Trump.
    PS: Many people accuse Russia of bots and meddling, but NO ONE can SHOW proof or a demonstration of one. WHY NOT??? I'd like to SEE a perfect example. But NO ONE CAN SHOW ME ONE! Why not???

  54. People who voted against Hillary Clinton's agenda were going to vote against Hillary Clinton's agenda no matter who ran against her long before there was Russian meddling.

  55. what an honest piece of shit she is, at least she admits America meddles in everyones elections, she knows because she use to meddle for the US when she worked for the CIA.

  56. Are any news agencies or Main Stream Media making up lies about Kekistan? Are any of them creating false stories or propaganda against us, or any Kekistanis who have dual citizenship with other nations? If so, we probably should have some strategy to deal with it or fight back, since they use such tactics as apparently huge psychology weapons and as a means to suck up enormous resources of time, money, and attention points. For example, in regard to US Election of 2016, the Main Stream Media is still parroting vague accusations that do not make any logical sense, and lack any objective evidence. Such tactics seem as propaganda, and as emotional hypothetical fantasies portrayed as truth. CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN THE FOLLOWING?:: How exactly did the Russians supposedly impact, or rig any US election? Where is the evidence? How did Russia interfere? Did they tamper with ballots? Did they use Mind Control Methods? Did they Brain-Wash the US Citizens? Did they supposedly release emails or evidence that exposed the actual corruption by a party, or by a candidate? What is supposedly "Fake News" and who is supposed to make the determination of what is or is not "Fake News'? Can regular citizens think for themselves? If telling the truth about an candidate is considered rigging an election, then are the actions of telling the Truth considered as a crime? The Mueller Investigation is going on longer that what investigations were done for the following cases: Missing Emails of Hillary; and the murder of Seth Rich, or of the 9/11 Event, or of the missing $21 Trillion from DoD; or of the Financial Misdealing of SEC Just Prior to 9/11; and Uranium One; and Thousands of Missing Emails and Use of Unauthorized Server(s).

  57. im not an american but i wonder. how about Israel lobby influencing US election by bribing politician (they call it campaign donations) and drag the US to an endless war in the ME (sorry Iran but you're next) ? should they be considered tampering on US election as well? they are far worse than Russian meddling in my opinion.

  58. No America has not moved away from Meddling in elections, we have gotten 100% worst then ever with this one world order monarchy move forward so called the democrats.Why you think all this rioting chaos all over the world pushing this open boarder agenda of the democrats. think about it for real.

  59. I think there's a number of reasons, even though it's factual, that people on the right and the left dont want to talk about american election meddling.
    On the left, videos like this send a message of…trump is the crow that Americans deserve for election meddling around the world. While I don't think world election meddling is a good thing, Russia would have interfered in our elections because it advantaged them, regardless of what the US has done in the past. Second, two wrongs dont make a right…and rarely does it deter the former wrong. Americans now more than ever on the left have deep resentment for russia. I dont think Saddam Noriega and Kim Jong Un combined would have the public enemy power that Putin has become. Putin is going to end up wishing he stayed out.
    On the right, people are at least as incensed about it, bc Putin shines a nasty mirror in their face that trump is not the legitimate 45th president. It's worse than kryptonite to bring up any kind of election meddling…so the virulence against Putin on the left is a work of fiction to the right at best…at worst, Putin is their savior for helping Trump out…which gives the right little reason to desire non-interference elections.

  60. 3:00 Really? Lybia? Iraq? Syria? Yemen? The US has moved away from foreign politics? why is it then that your military budget is increasing per annum? The US is not involved in Venezuela's current situation? With the sanctions? 'Former' CIA is a joke. You're never 'former'. You either become a whistleblower or you're still part of the same establishment.
    What a load of shit. Stop parroting these talks from intelligence agents as facts. Ask god damn questions. Learn your history and current politics.
    Just go learn about proven conspiracies, proven false flags. You'll learn a lot of history you don't learn in school and university.
    We're only now being taught about how the Gulf Wars were largely for oil and shaping the regions governments to suit their interests, or working with those who provided profit.

  61. The fact that the first words out of her mouth are that there isn't a lot of info yet…. instantly left these LIES. you cant sit there and say that you don't have a lot of info yet that is the main problem, people are just talking out their ass. life is a fantasy! give me a fuckin break.

  62. I think it's odd how the next video on reccomendations is a conspiracy theory video. This is isn't a conspiracy theory video. This stuff really happens and the US has been historically doing this since since WW2

  63. Several judgements will begin to overcome subdue chain all the nations interfering with others elections and trying to use blending tactics.
    The United States will be mostly affected all parties trying to reach the White House this will affect all operations the media those trying to use influencing and deceptive tactics. A panic so severe will overcome them that it will cause them to collapse from fear a paranoia so severe that they will literally tremble and shake severe nervous breakdowns the plague of the nose and the light will destroy by making them naked catatonic strikes will come upon the ones who plan and come up with ideas along with the judgements the evil ones trying to become president will be affected as well those who have sinister anti American agendas agendas that will cause Americans to loose their freedoms those working with the false flag agendas

  64. Tech geeks Ceos hackers it personnel people who will try to steal votes cast invalid votes these judgements will embalm 2020 elections for two whole years after the election

  65. The plague of rats 🐀 at 100% full power hell dog the depression the NWO candidates will be hit hard and be forced to quit
    Especially the perverts running for President

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