How Does China’s Government Work?

Since the end of Mao Zedong’s leadership
in the 1970s, the People’s Republic of China has become one of the biggest economies in
the world. Although they still call themselves “communist,” the inner workings of the Chinese
government are a mystery to many. So how does China’s government work? Well, China has operated under a single political
party since the birth of Communist China, called “the Communist Party of China.” Although
eight other minor parties exist, they are not allowed to challenge CPC policy. This
situation paints China as an authoritarian country, where political dissent is punishable
by lengthy prison terms or exile. China is also one of 5 major nations in the
world to retain a Communist ideology. And while most businesses are owned by the state,
China has been implementing capitalist policies and allowing companies to privatize. In reality,
China is more of a mixed economy than a purely communist country. Additionally, many government
officials are elected for their technical expertise, making China in some ways a technocracy.
This series of political compromises explain why China is economically much more successful
than other communist countries of the past. With just one political party, there is more
cohesive legislation, allowing China’s government to react quickly to market trends. Their communist
ideology also lends itself to long-term economic policy, which has allowed them to prosper
at the expense of regulation and workers rights. China’s government is infamous for corruption,
ranging from racketeering to bribery. In 2015, a former security chief was sentenced to life
in prison for bribery and abuse of power. Also, punishments for threatening the party’s
dominance are so severe that China is ranked among the lowest nations for press freedoms
and human rights. In the end, China’s government has been
successful on paper, but not so much in theory or ethical policy. As an authoritarian government,
China sees mass censorship of unapproved ideologies, and is one of the largest jailers of journalists
in the world. It’s clear that being the second largest economy in the world, while
juggling strict ideologies, comes at a difficult price. China’s government is actually not too different
from the socialist government of North Korea, China’s next-door neighbor. To learn more
about the charade of democracy in the Hermit Kingdom, check out this video. Thanks for
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  1. China is a bit democratic but mainly communist they really get me confused poor can go to rich so it's not communism so what is it

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  3. Ur map shows some part of Kashmir as a part of China and Pakistan. Since the matter is not done yet, I believe it is better to atleast show some disclaimer!

  4. They tell you, to do as your told and you do it, like a good little slave.
    While they grade you, on your commitment and submission to being the perfect communist slave feeding the machine.
    A population, of modernized slaves to their modernized communist/socialist government.

  5. Communist China is a two parties system liked USA. One is pro Jewish communists backed by democratic party of USA, the other is Guomintang infiltrators backed by US republican party. The only difference to their American counterparts is they both are the members of Chinese communist party.

  6. came here looking looking for something educational on how China's government works, instead get rambling on corruption and censorship.

  7. Let me explain how the Chinese government works: Very simple. China is run like a company; while every Chinese citizen is a share holder … If you look at the successful companies in this world, none of them is led by someone directly elected by the share holders.

  8. u guys know nothing about community country,each one of their gov work in different ways after USSR’s fall to continue the community way。

  9. This is lies and American propaganda and brainwash. I have been to China many times and they don't censor ANY websites AT ALL. I play American video games in China ALL THE TIME.

  10. we just need to uphold transparency and clarity otherwise it causes a 'stop-start' impasse. Things can happen within the walls still 🙂

  11. I support China because Nepal in not progressing because of multy party system as one party is not supporting another due to their selfishness and desire to get the chair. For rapid development Nepal should adopt justiable autocracy witn genuine purpose.

  12. 美国强嘲笑中国也就算了,欧洲又不是没去过破成这个样子还好意思装逼笑中国,外网看看笑笑就好。

  13. I m an Indian but I really respect China and it's flourishing because of extremely honest and patriotic people …I wish we could learn from them …

  14. This two minute video said nothing about the mechanism of the Chinese government. What they want to hear is how they promote enroll and manage money.

  15. yaa yaaa yaaa & one more good news////
    not too late,we can see the country China get divided into twoooooo different countries!!!!
    within few years

  16. China is the big dad of all the terrorists. It is the worst country of world and it is the biggest threat for world peace . It should be exposed and destroyed by world community as soon as possible.

  17. Watched this video because I didn’t know how the Chinese government works. Left this video not knowing how the Chinese government works

  18. China must see to North Korea and its Nuks,if China does not want a Nuclear War next door.China must stop being such horrible Hippocrates

  19. Communist China can success because they effected communist sistem in country, and make act about corruption, (death).
    So china is example succesfull communist country, and not as communist country because they using capitalis also haha


  21. 0:20 ' Not allowed to challenge CPC policy' Once hearing it, I know continuing watching the video would be useless.
    It is also a video about lie.

  22. China is authoritarian capitalist with socialist ideology. So much stupidity and propagandizing in the comments. It's not communist or capitalist it's a mixed economy with an oligarchy and dictatorship.

  23. How it works?
    If u are ambitious, join the ccp.
    Working under serious internal competition or battle, the promote depends on performance.
    Most of CCP members are well-educated or skillful.
    That is why China can develop fast without democracy like western.

  24. Completely one sided depiction which is more propaganda than an educational tool. You will never understand China while viewing them through western lenses. This is why the west continuously gets China wrong and most of their predictions regarding China’s economy and government fails to materialize.

  25. They're government doesn't really work lol. It works because there's so many people that persecution of a minority or small ethnic cleansing is virtually undetectable. They're economy is a ladder of paper tigers and the ATM machines in China pretty much print money… They also have a massive massive big brother surveillance system that would make the American FBI director cream in his pants. Communism only works when it's corruption based, the private business owners you mentioned are Chinese government officials, owning small business which isn't state owned by the average citizen is not only an alien policy to them it's also illegal to them punishable by some draconian sort of punishment to say the least, that being said…. Kudos 🐯

  26. How does it work? The answer is "Socialism with chinese characteristic" which basically means Capitalism+A strong government. In China the party leads everything, so the government is extremly efficient.
    I really hate one-party politics. But there's no doubt that the last 30 year has seen China's rapid development. I don't like the party but I have to admit their achievement of making many millionares and improving most people's lives.
    But with time going on there will be more and more problems. The party can't be supervised at all under current system. So there comes corruption and abuse of power. The gap between the rich and ordinary people will only widen day by day. The government officials and the richest are gradually becoming a new previleged class, controlling all the power and resources. That's why we need democrocy.

  27. You ban Christian worship and do not allow churches in China,we ban your beliefs in Britain do you understand what I have just said

  28. I see hiding behind of title of "How Does China's Government Work?" just another round of China bashing. 😉 but nice click bait 🙂

  29. I think China have a arrogant country in asia, Because they arrogant about they have strong country from military or have a lot of stuff thats have a modern things. But they are use that for stealing A wealth in indonesia Sea. And thats is Banned for stealing Wealth for other country And That things is so Distrub Indonesia military. WHAT WE CAN DO If indonesia military shooting thats sheap. Indonesia Declare china to have a war. But indonesia not gonna do that. Indonesia just want to china go away from our country


  31. We came here to learn about how China's political system works. But what we got is propaganda against Chinese Government. I would choose bread on my table over press freedom any day.

  32. I agree the with the comment that this video doesn't really explain communism in China that would allow all to understand. Video did a horrible job in that area.

  33. How does the government work? Theydo whatever they want. They are the law. They make laws to break laws. Lying is their daily language.

  34. I like the idea of a meritocracy , it’s a better idea than electing your countries leaders through a popularity content

  35. Look at these old gen people.
    no one know who they are, where they come from. and what is their qualification. but they make the law all chinese must follow. no debate whatsoever or question ask. and who put them in that position ? no one knows.

    their revolution culture in 1960 is a waste of life. 🤦🏻‍♂️. now they go back to Dynasty system. stupid.

  36. I am really amazed by the ignorance and also the same time confidence of the guy in the video. I mean it does not harm to google some basic facts about China before making the video. The moment you said most of the companies in China is owned by Chinese government, I know this video is just garbage.

  37. Cheap propaganda. The reason for hate videos against China by westerners springing up everywhere on YouTube is basically jealousy. The more these video are created, the more we know China is doing better.👍. Go China, do better for yourself and the world 🇨🇳

  38. China has a long history. Many dynasties in ancient China collapsed because of Party struggle. A party must represent the interests of some people. Dynasty needs are the interests of the whole society. In fact, western political parties legalized party and government and consumed social forces. China often said that governing the world is to safeguard the interests of all people, the Communist Party. Actually speaking, the Party Constitution represents the vanguard of the working class, the most advanced productive forces and the interests of the vast majority of the Chinese people. That is to say, in governing the world, China today is actually a combination of Marx and Chinese culture. The advantage of China's system is that it can reform itself. If China can gradually solve the problem of political struggle at the top level, it will be a long time. Ancient Chinese dynasties generally exceed 300 years, the history of the founding of the United States is only 200 years, China's 5000 years, and China's wisdom has a long history.

  39. Video tells NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about the Chinese Government Works.
    We know this channel is neo-Gobbels propaganda but the Clikbait title is a crime against humanity.

  40. 讲中国政府如何运作,不见讲讲人民代表大会制度和政协制度,全程在扯共产党如何如何,看完也不知道中国政府如何运作

  41. Imagine thinking that china is an authoritarian government but the US isn’t. Literally studies show people have almost no say corporations have all the power
    Capitalism is not making China richer, its making one small segment of the population wealthier at the expense of another. China’s current status was made possible BECAUSE of collectivist economic policy not in spite of it. China was the poorest country in the world you really mean to tell me they went from that to a first world super power only because of the current reforms ?? In 20-30 years at most? Give me a break. People in capitalist countries love to know almost nothing about places like the ussr except Stalin Stalin Stalin Stalin and even that they know almost no context about whatsoever. Most people are cowards who are intellectually too afraid to study things they don’t have official sanction for

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