How do Anarchists LUXURY? | How Anarchism Works Part 5

  1. "Yes we have famines, droughts, have to worry about dangerous animals, and tend to have oppressive governments, but we also have smart phones and we get just as pissed as you do when the internet doesnt work"

  2. Respectfully, I keep trying your channel but have yet to be convinced by anarchism. It still just sounds like a bunch of "what if we" posturing without any practical strategy. It's presenting how a society should ideally be structured, even with micro examples in the real world, but without the steps to get there from our current position beyond repeating "from the bottom up" in various manners. Not to imply top-down (and thereby perpetuate the misconception of what it means to have a proletarian state), but the state is needed as a transitionary apparatus to reach any sort of place where we would be able to accomplish these cooperative tasks without constant unrelenting assault from reactioanry forces who feel threatened guarding their wealth like a dragon guarding gold. Thinking WSDEs can peacefully compete and win against an already established corporate empire seems naive. But I am admittedly naive in saying this as well. Will keep watching!

  3. Could've gone further into detail about the capitalist "luxury", comprised entirely of commodities, and little local investment. At best the rich isolate themselves in suburbs and gated "communities", At least Communes take care of eachother.

  4. i don't mean any offense, im a high schooler just straying away from liberalism, but i don't really grasp how affinity unions could work efficiently?

  5. Started reading the breadbook thanks to you ^^
    I'm learning game development and i can confirm that i do indeed do that stuff for fun in my freetime too and theres also people that play around with rasperry pi, arduino and co for fun so dont worry, you wont be missing any luxuries in an anarchist society ^^
    i'm also a huge plant nerd and grow my own food (well as much as i can without owning land :/) so even for that theres people that just do it for FUN and the majority of people would do such work if its for their community, their family, their friends 🙂

  6. 13:18 …Dude, I know someone who could probably come up with costumes for that. She's been a Sailor Moon fan since forever, studied costuming and fashion, and is hella into Star Trek: Discovery.

  7. Open Source and Free Software are different things with Free Software being the one more aligned with anarchist ideals. All Free Software is Open Source, but the reverse is untrue.

  8. We'll never get sufficient luxury or basic needs for all or even most people in capitalism. The power of the few over resources must be given back to all people to facilitate both liberty and security. Only then can we say we live in a just world. Workers of the world unite!

  9. What about people with illnesses or disabilities?
    I use much of my free time just being exhausted and no use for anything.
    I often feel I cannot contribute to society enough, because I barely master my own life. (Actually I don't master it.)
    How can I get some luxury in an anarchist society?

  10. Bread is never just done with… How Many medical research would you fund? What kind of illnesses wouldn't you heal?

  11. Love the video comrade, I feel like this kind of luxury sharing requires an extremely well built infrastructure almost as seemless as the internet, which can be possible today.

  12. I was literally about to mention the SCA here in the comments when you said it! I'm sitting here at an event right now, and was just thinking how surprisingly anarchist this society is for having actual feudal lords

  13. Since watching the first three parts of this series (I thought there were only three in total) a couple of weeks ago I kept arriving at the question "But what about luxury articles? What if someone wants to own some kind of big vase no-one willing to produce without the incentive of enough additional money to be able to buy things they need or – ideally – want? Would some old lady just have to live without this big vase because she can't make it herself and everybody who could doesn't want to?" I have no idea if this question even made sense after watching the first three parts and if it is answered in this video. I'll just have to watch and see.

  14. I'd love to see a cross over where Doug Meets Indiana Jones and he's like, "Who's this guy? Some kind of rip off of Race Canyon?"

  15. Liberals and capitalists: “profit motivates new things!”
    Me a stoner libertarian Marxist: pullin some engineer shit because I can’t find my pipe, no profit needed

  16. 15:02

    "If you think this all sounds impossible, you've probably never been part of a vibrant community driven purely by passion"

    Actually, I know that what you're saying is impossible because I've been part of several of those communities. It starts with a few people who are all on the same page and are willing to put in a lot of work because they know that they're all in it together and any of them would do the same. Then what they're doing starts to pay off and they made something cool, which attracts people who are interested in that subject but not devoted enough to put in the time, effort, or resources into it themselves. Then when something gets popular enough, it attracts followers just for its own sake. You get stragglers-on who want to talk and meet people and eat the food and enjoy all the tangential benefits of the hobby without contributing anything to it personally. And you can't just "democratically vote them out" because they're somebody's friend from out of town or fiance or whatever and everyone's polite.

    These kinds of communities work when it's smaller than 30 people and everyone's on a first name basis. But if they become successful and get bigger than that then it turns into chaos

  17. @NonCompete – leisure varies depends upon the person. Read, learn, code, build something…

    Sometimes I patch software in my time off work. That is, when I'm not just getting ready to go back to work, and drinking away the "fuck this job I hate it" enough to keep showing up.

  18. Does the furry community count as an affinity group, considering our interests are inherently artistic and community driven?

  19. Look… This are legit questions I'd like answer to, and not just troll got ya question. Some even are problems in our society today, I just want to know how would you solve this problems. So…

    Just so we are clear, right out of the bat, if a person has a different political view as you, you would put them in "reeducation" camps until they agree with you? You think that's the best way to deal with dissenting views? How about freedom of expression? What is considered counter revolutionary?

    If a person born in a commune, doesn't accepts or recognizes the commune's authority, laws, and contract, but also doesn't want to move from the place they are born, what is the solution? Said "reeducation" camps?

    Also… what if a commune puts in the contract that they don't accept gay people, and/or Black people? Would those people just need to move to another commune that accepts them, or their will be a higher structures that will force some rules on what communes can and cannot stipulate on their contracts?

    Isn't the basic principal between how our societies deal with crimes, the same as yours? What you propose is undoubtedly nicer, but is still forced incarceration, be it in a hospital, hospice, reeducation center, etc. Also… Who decides what is a crime and what is the punishment for it? The commune? Some higher government? If some commune decides to make homosexuality illegal, punished by forced gay conversion therapy? Would that be allowed? Or some higher body will step in to prevent that? Isn't the higher body then oppressing that commune, who member all signed a willing contract?

    If there will be a higher body capable of enforcing things to the commune, could you be specify about what things will be left out for the commune and what is higher level?

    If a person murders another, what is the punishment? If a men rapes a woman? Will that man just be reeducated and reintroduced to society? In a commune of 10k people the chances of the woman having to interact with their rapist is certain and frequent… so what is to be done about the suffering of the woman who must interact with their rapist? Or an abusing ex? Expulsion from the commune is an option? Or the victims would be required to move out if they don't want to interact with their aggressors?

    If a commune is in urgent need of a doctor, or dentist, or engineer, etc, and the time to train a person in the community for that job is too long. What incentives will a commune be able to provide to try and convince someone from another commune to move (permanently or even temporarily) to fulfill that urgent need?

  20. sounds nice, but Kropotkin was an idealist and not grounded in a material critique of the world. gotta move past this silly anarchism and onto the power of Marxism-Leninism

  21. skateboarders already build DIY skateparks for their communities 🙂 another good example of mutual aid

  22. Thank you so much for making these video's, it really means a lot! I have a couple concerns I would appreciate hearing your opinion on. 1. What are the ways we could establish this anarchist society from our current capitalist society? and 2. How do we protect this regime from counter-revolutionaries? Pardon me if you have already covered this 🙂

  23. Watch the dirty money episode about the loan shark guy. He scammed or destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of vulnerable people, and what did he use his money for? Playing at race cars. Children went cold and hungry so he could go "weee look at me i'm driving fast cars, vrooom!"

  24. Love the shirt, looks great on you (wore it at May Day this year). I can see see how they mistook us on Luna’s mooncast ^^

  25. Just to be clear though, we're not gonna vollectively own EA, burning down their headquarters will be one of the earliest steps of the revolution.

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