How do Anarchist police and military work? | How Anarchism Works Part 3

  1. Hey everyone, if you're not familiar with this series it's just my best guess on how certain social structures might work under anarchism. It's intended more to spur discussion and inspire rather than be conclusive or definitive, so please feel free to chime in with your ideas, feedback, and suggestions!

  2. I want to see the Onion or SNL treatment of the social worker swat teams who deal with severe societal problems using rapid-fire rounds of compassion, active listening, and non-coercive behavioral therapy….

  3. "wards limited to about 150 people" i know this is just for example, but what happens if people wanna move around? live somewhere else? what if one place is nicer than another and more people want to live there? i'm a big advocate for freedom of movement and border abolition so i just wanna know where that fits into this model

  4. Why does crime occur?

    Poor up bringing I don’t know how many psychology papers I have point you towards, not capitalism.

  5. Rehabilitating capitalists and such sounds a tad like a dystopian brainwashing center or a cuter version of prison.

  6. My main concern is just because you want a certain job doesn't mean you good at it and just because someone is popular that doesn't mean someone is a good strategist. Shouldn't talent and performance play a role in finding the right person for the right position.

  7. Great video just curious about something
    If each ward is meant to be around 150 people then what happens when people have kids or people immigrate to a ward? Would the ward have to split in two eventually after it gets too large?

  8. late comment to an old video but your model relies very heavily on assuming good faith of mental health practitioners and doesn't touch on the fact that mental health is historically as much about serving if not the capital class than the societal norm as the police. You're very dangerously lumping dissent in with mental illness and implying any deviation should be addressed through social work or therapy but never touch on how most mental health systems are very very hierarchical and even coercive. I know it doesn't fit in here, but have you done or will you do any kind of video addressing the historic current use of mental health care as a force for conformity and how you think the field can be changed so that you can have these social workers and reform centers with immense hierarchical power over their patience and the ability to easily slip into paternalism? what is the dissonance recourse here.

    you mentioned this in the work force one as well. It is the job of commune appointed psychiatric and medical doctors to decide what jobs someone can do or what treatment someone needs. Its a tricky situation, for sure, and i'm not saying its any better under the current system far from it. I'm not saying it cant be improved. I'm just saying there's a lot of reliance on an inherently power imbalanced system with a long history of exploitation and coercion and lots of openings for even well intentioned paternalism in your model. Its worth reading more about mental health and neurodivergance rights movements as well as anti-psychiatry stuff. I don't agree with all of it, but its a perspective I feel this model is sorely lacking.

  9. I lost it when he said people are using drugs because they can't afford healthcare. Brb, gonna do a line of coke to help my runny nose

  10. Dude, well fucking done on this series. I've been anti capitalist for a while but could never really understand or support communism/anarchism. Bu this series has been very helpful and i can proudly consider myself an anarchocommunist now.

  11. Definitely need that commune structure as an authority to create and yes 'enforce' such institutions; my scene is full of social workers who still turn to exiling to deal with harassers or accused abusers. The Tyranny of structuralessness is everyone in anarchist 'communities' today.

  12. In my opinion ( and this is a very small thing I know ), but instead of Emergency Response Force, a better term would be Emergency Response Service, Force is more aggressive.

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