How Do 55 Plus Communities Work

In this video we are going to explain How
Do 55 Communities Work? 55 plus communities are regarded as age restricted,
oftentimes are gated communities and are designed for those who have attained the age of 55
and above. As people get older, they often find their
housing needs change. Facilities and amenities that promote their
well-being and facilitate a healthy lifestyle become priorities. Age-restricted communities or Active Adult
communities are typically in close proximity to grocery stores, restaurants, shopping centers,
fitness centers, recreational centers, and other amenities. These communities are often gated and limit
the age of the majority of the residents. For example, you may have 80 percent of the
residency limited to people aged 55 and over. Usually, the minimum age limit for at least
one resident is 55 years. The communities are set up in such a way that
they accommodate older adults who desire to live in locations that do not have challenges
perceived to occur when children are around. And, you know kids can be a little noisy playing
everywhere, which for an older person who needs some peace of mind may seem bothersome. However, this does not mean that younger spouses
cannot be allowed to live in the community. If one member meets the age requirement, then
you can have younger spouses or significant others allowed to reside in the community. The active adult communities are well planned
to meet the lifestyle of people in retirement age or those getting older. You may have facilities and amenities such
as swimming pools, clubhouses, craft rooms, exercise facilities like a gym, sun decks,
golf courses, and patios for gathering. In Summerville, SC one such community is Carillon
at the Ponds. This is a 55 plus active adult community situated
in a vast land covering over 1000 acres. The neighborhood hosts 56 homes with plenty
of connects and sidewalks to the nature trails. Carillon at The Ponds is surrounded by mossy
oaks dating back to ancient times. Just a short drive from Charleston, residents
in this gated community can explore the gorgeous beaches. If you want to buy yourself a home in Carillon
at The Ponds, you can acquire a single-family home ranging in price between $200,000 and
$300,000. Carillon at the Ponds has many facilities
including a 4,000 square-foot Farmhouse, a full-sized gym, a wellness center and a gathering
place for residents. Cresswind at The Ponds is another 55 plus
active adult neighborhood that is situated in Summerville, SC. This up and coming community features new
construction that began in 2015. With an expected 600 homes when finally completed,
the 55 plus community boast first floor master suites. The residences are designed for single-family
occupants and are built by Kolter Homes with prices ranging from about $200,000 to $600,000. Among the amenities you can enjoy in Cresswind
at The Ponds are a 12,000 square-foot clubhouse, an amphitheater, an outdoor pool, and lawn
for hosting special events and performances. To learn more about these 55 plus active adult
communities or other communities in the Charleston area, visit Or, call Debra Whitfield at (843) 367-4845. Debra is an award-winning and seasoned Realtor,
whose passion is advising and counseling the 55Plus community in making key life decisions
in the real estate market.

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