How Did I Recognized Islam? | Dr.Jerald Dirks Life Story 03

contributions oh sure for the first one
the Western world gives latinized names to many of these Muslim scholars they
talk about them in the history books but they give them Latin Knights names and
they’re never it’s never mentioned that they’re Muslims so even Cena is known in
the West as a vicina it’d been Russian is known as Averroes
so the the Muslim identity of these people has obscured or not mentioned
another example one that might be closer to your own heart coming from Mexico is
that there’s a very famous person that came with the conquistadors named Esteva
Nico of as amor and and Spanish language movies have been made about him yet his
real name was Lou stafa Lamora and he was a Muslim slave from Morocco and that
he’s one of the great heroes of American history oh well again I think on a macro level
the as I mentioned before the Middle Eastern cultures are primarily
collectivist cultures Europe and the United States are primarily
individualist cultures each has good and bad aspects to being that way well I
think yeah let me back up and say first of all and that was being done every
minute of the day by almost every Muslim in America because whether by name or
accent or dress or grooming we’re all recognize as being Muslims in our home
communities and our work and our schools etc and people look at our behavior look
at all of our behavior and rightly or wrongly fairly or unfairly they say that
behavior is Islam so we’re always doing Dawa the only question is are we doing
good Dawa or bad Dawa personally I think the most effective that any Muslim can
do this one’s behavior now the example of Jamel and my first meeting of him but
little things is it can be many different things that people look at us
and if our behavior is right if our behavior is correct if our behavior is
admirable we’re doing Tama and we’re doing good for a more formal basis in terms of
discussing Islam I think it’s important to make the first step when I’m finding
common ground so if you’re talking to a Christian it’s important to show the
common ground between Christianity and Islam
you can even quote Bible verses and quote the parallel verse from the Quran
or from the hadith etc because what you establish the common ground then the
listener can begin to identify with you and if they identify with you then
they’re going to be much more receptive when you do start talking about the
differences that exist between their religion and your religion unfortunately
I think some of our brothers and sisters want to begin the discussion with the
differences and want to start that discussion by saying you’re wrong and
that is not an effective way to do now well well first of all let me say this I
I think that too often we have men telling women what they should be doing
with regards to his app I believe you know that since I don’t wear one and no
one says I should wear one I’m really not in a position of authority to speak
on that issue I think that really should come from from our knowledgeable sisters
there’s a general principle of course I am against laws that ban the wearing of
a scarf whether in Turkey or France or what-have-you Oh certainly Ramadan Mubarak but also
inshallah to remember that Ramadan is more than just a refraining from food
and drink and the intake of substances from dawn to dusk Ramadan is also
supposed to be a time of spiritual reflection of devoted reading of the
Quran yeah I didn’t send your two men fought
whether Jaques Anson named at love use a little our younger son donkeys you
everyone some a novice miniature see yeah yeah yeah yah-hoo
sander sanders you’re kidding two men fought where is your son young son you

  1. In 610 p.s Jew rebay teach Islam builder Tora- Nevi im – Ktuvim.
    He and jews teach him all Jews Tradisionals, and belive in God. Eaven one Jew Man save his life. In Sura Bacara -jewdaism Have real respect. What happen after to jews in Desert?

  2. Islam of a Muslim is his doings after his Believes, according to his Morale behaviour or opposite She/He is going to be Judged in the day after

  3. MashaAllah brother true words. Only a good man with excellent Akhlaq can be a good Muslim. 1/3 of Islaam is good character and good behavior.

  4. You are an example to one off my friend who believes that Jesus is no god and believes that there is only one God and the trouble is that he thinks that he will fail and so he hasn't done so and showing my mate videos off a white man in his late years coming into Islam and may Allah SWT bless brother and inshallah I meet you in heaven if Allah SWT wills

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