How Decades Of US Sanctions Crushed Iran’s Economy

Tensions between the U.S. and Iran are on the rise. Iran has filed a complaint with the United Nations over what it says was a U.S. violation of its airspace. The U.S. claims Iran shot down a drone in international airspace. Announcement from Iran today that it has breached another limit set by the 2015 nuclear deal. Iran now pushing back on President Trump’s assertion that the United States shot down an Iranian drone. Iran has released new footage they say shows their forces taking over a British tanker. Iran is claiming that it has arrested 17 Iranian nationals who are acting as spies for the CIA. A big factor behind all of this is the Iranian economy. Decades of U.S. sanctions have decimated it. And in 2019. Iran appears more and more desperate. Here’s why. When it comes to trade policy, sanctions are the most used tool in the U.S.’s tool box. Stephanie Segal, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic National Studies, explains. They’re there as part of the toolkit to incentivize certain behaviors. One criticism is that they’ve used, been used more in a punitive sense. So rather than incentivizing kind of forward looking action, they’ve been used to punish past behaviors and there are particular concerns about that because the reason that our sanctions policy can be so potent is because we have the dollar at the center of the international system. The U.S. first started imposing oil sanctions in 1979 to respond to growing terrorism concerns from the country. From the mid-1980s through the 1990s, the U.S. continued imposing sanctions that focused on U.S.-Iranian imports and entities that did business with the country. We actually don’t have much of a bilateral economic relationship with Iran. So the only way that we can actually use an economic tool to influence Iran’s behavior is through third countries. Then in August 2003, the International Atomic Energy Agency found traces of enriched uranium at one of Iran’s nuclear power plants. To the United States and its allies, it looked like Iran was inching closer to producing nuclear weapons. In June 2005, President Bush signed Executive Order 13382, which froze assets and transactions of individuals involved with growing the supply of weapons of mass destruction in Iran, North Korea and Syria. The United States and other allies tried to negotiate with Iran to limit the amount of uranium produced, but Iran insisted its actions were peaceful. Five years later, President Obama enacted the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions Accountability and Divestment Act. It expanded on sanctions from the Clinton and Bush administrations to who could face sanctions, new restrictions for financial institutions and eliminate exemptions on Iranian imports. Our concept at the time was you start small, you start with the really toxic stuff, the nuclear weapons program and missile programs, and then you use that as a way of essentially building a wedge between Iran and the rest of the international community, you could use to develop other sanctions tools in the future. That’s Richard Nephew. He was in charge of developing and executing the U.S.-Iran sanctions strategy from 2011 to 2013. The U.S. continued to focus sanctions on Iran’s service-based industries, but it realized it had to switch tactics to have a bigger impact on Iran’s economy. Initially, we really took what the Iranians gave us. They exposed themselves to a broader range of sanctions and targets by attempting to evade the sanctions in place. But over time, we started to see that momentum and the impact of those sanctions was lessening. We started going after what you would call the tendons of Iran’s international business activity, things like transportation, things like insurance, all those sorts of services you need to be part of the modern global economy. Nephew also advised the Obama White House on the 2015 nuclear deal or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The deal would lift secondary sanctions on Iran and help boost the country’s economy. The U.S., China, France, Germany, Iran, Russia and the U.K. agreed on the plan in July 2015. But in May 2018, President Trump announced that the U.S. would be pulling out of the 2015 nuclear deal. We had the JCPOA, not a perfect document, it allowed a number of exceptions. Iran continued to test fire new missiles. There were time limits on Iranian commitments under the JCPOA that would expire after an extensive period of time. By November 2018, President Trump reinstated sanctions on Iran’s most important economic sectors like energy and shipping, but granted six-month waivers to eight countries that purchase Iranian oil. The sanctions have really hurt Iran’s GDP over the years. The IMF predicts that Iran’s GDP in 2019 will shrink by six percent. Iran’s GDP per capita on 2018 was 5037 U.S. dollars. That’s less than a tenth of the US’s. The U.S. aimed to target Iran’s oil industry. But everyday Iranians have felt the effects of the sanctions. In February 2019, the World Bank reported Iran’s inflation rate had grown 42 percent from the previous 12 months, driving food prices up almost 63 percent. It’s also leading to shortages in food and medicine. There are no restrictions on the U.S. export of foods and medicines to Iran. Financial institutions don’t know exactly who they’re dealing with in Iran and are worried that they may be dealing with a sanction entity or institution or a company or person that would make the provider of the food and medicine liable to U.S. sanctions for violating the policy. Companies remain hesitant to invest in Iran amid the prospect of more U.S. sanctions. That’s making it harder and harder for Iran to keep up with oil powerhouse Saudi Arabia. Iran needs capital for its aging oil infrastructure. The Iranian government still relies on oil sales to help fund its government, but it’s been trying to wean itself off. In 2009, about 60 percent of government revenue came from the petroleum sector. For Iran’s 2019 budget, about 30 percent of revenue is expected. When the U.S. expanded sanctions in 1995, Iran was exporting almost six percent of the world’s petroleum. As of 2018, that number has been cut down to less than three percent. And it could be even less. Iran has stopped reporting its production numbers to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Out of all the OPEC countries, Iran still holds the third largest oil reserves. The United States, though, now produces more oil than any other country, pumping out almost 11 million barrels of crude oil per day in 2018. In comparison, Iran produced 3.5 million barrels. Iran appears to be hurtling toward a tipping point. Will it become another North Korea using a nuclear weapons program and aggression as bargaining chips on the world stage? Or could it become the next Venezuela, a once oil rich country now in political and economic turmoil. In Venezuela, corruption crippled the country’s energy industry and without money to finance the maintenance of it, investors left in droves. Venezuela’s economy has collapsed, and now it’s seeing a political struggle between its current president and a U.S. backed opposition leader. Iran’s political situation remains static despite the immense pressure on its economy. One of the things that’s affecting the Iranian economy right now is this kind of stillborn effort at reform. And it’s something that President Rouhani still wishes to engage in. A lot of his senior advisers and cabinet people wish to engage in, but they haven’t gotten as much traction as they could and they want to get, especially with international investment. The World Bank predicts that Iran’s economy will shrink by more than 2 percent in the next two years. Iran faces a dwindling number of options and the clock is ticking.

  1. we can always depend on CNBC to taunt false and inaccurate information and you never disappoint!!! fact: Clinton administration wanted 0 nuclear power plants in iranย then bush administration said that iran could have nuclear power plants but no enrichment. then came obama who had the same demands at bush but changed his policy and allowed iran limited enrichment when he realized that sanctions were not having an effect on iran's nuclear policy. iran's reforms are starting to have an impact as they have stabilized iran's currency and inflation. reforms in banking and finance are not working due to lack of capital and FDI. Iran was able to increase production to about 4.2 million BPD when sanctions were lifted. please don't give average figures of 3.5, which its self is wrong.

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  5. lets use facts
    1. US withdrew from the nuke deal
    2. You need 84.6% or higher to use uranium refinement, for anything weapons grade OTHER than power plants – currently Iran sit at 3.8% enrichment as of June 2019 0.3% over the agreement since the seized tanker.
    3. The US OIL industry (shale) loses money anything under $69 a barrel, this is why it has sanctions on VENEZUELA , RUSSIA , LIBYA, IRAQ , SYRIA AND IRAN. To keep prices high, its very simple.. follow the money….

  6. Long live the Iranian revolution.These blood thirsty idiots canโ€™t understand up till now that itโ€™s been 40years since the American brutality.Americans canโ€™t do a damn thing to Iran or itโ€™s allies!

  7. US sanctions against other nations are criminal.
    It's been 40 year US is Imposing sanctions on Iran
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  12. For centuries nations have encircled adversary's cities to choke them and vanquish them.
    And still the people of many cities have defied the odds and decided not to fold.
    Iran seems to have a defiant populatiin that will fight not to be vanquished by the US.

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  15. Iran probably does want a nuclear weapon, but not for offensive purposes. Iran's leaders are not suicidal. But, they know the US is deterred from running its regime change operation on a nuclear-armed country. And that's also why the US is so determined to stop Iran from becoming nuclear armed. Make no mistake; the US leaders have been waging a psychopathic war of aggression on Iran for over 40 years. Stop believing the propaganda!

  16. Wow this is the worst summation of the events that the US carried out that lead to an oppressive regime in the first place.. Here's an idea, leave other countries alone.. You're greedy ass Big Oil Barrons are screwing the planet, aim ur guns that way…

  17. Bitcoin has helped them maintain their economic growth. To bad America you loose. Bitcoin has made them free enough to hold out.

  18. Cnbc why didn't you explained that why did USA placed sanctions on Iran, how CIA arranged a coup for a democratically elected Prime Minister, story of Petro dollar etc. What's happening today is USA's own making.

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  25. Some Americans. Call italy as. I Taly. and Iran as. I ran. Bill Clinton say it the same way. I think this is to do with certain states in America due to their lack of English and regional accent.

  26. While not totally wrong, the headlines and some of the comments of the reports .are very caricatural.
    It certainly doesnโ€™t emphasize enough the dual economical system: the open market one, that takes the direct hit of sanctions on one hand and the parallel one on the other one, supported and supporting religious foundations and trust, which economical activities are not subject to taxes, controlled by the guardians of the revolution and which transparency is low, hence, not recorded in official GDP figures, and at โ€œLibertyโ€ to trade with the emirates.
    … so make a report on Iran from NYC, you miss the most significant part of the picture!

  27. Wake up people of America. I have given the message of what is to come. Be warned and listen. Maybe you will come out of it.

  28. No Venezuela failed because of Socialism and the taking away of its citizens rights. The wealthy fled the country due to this and that caused there to be less investments and snowballed from there.

  29. US is The Only Nation in the World that Gloats over they having infused suffering on the people of other Nations all for the reason that these Nations Respect their Sovereignty & Independence.

  30. I canโ€™t believe CNBC let this video be published with the narratorโ€™s repeated mispronunciation of the country. I donโ€™t expect everyone to pronounce it correctly, but I do expect the news to do so. Embarrassing.

  31. Every time she said "i-ran", I thought where did you run off to this time?

    I'd love to hear how she pronounces "Ice-rail", "i-ndia" etc.

  32. CNBC can I have your MacBook pro, I will give you a tablet that you will use to make video calls!!! I wanna use your MacBook for programming

  33. Its called Iran not I…ran๐Ÿƒโ€โ™‚๏ธ… lol it's funny to hear an American who speaks perfect English, and when it comes to other countries names, they just say whatever they think it should sound like.

  34. America is one of those countries that always want others to just say yes to them… If a country rejects, they cry like a baby and make sure that country doesnโ€™t get deals from others (countries).

  35. Hopefully it get worse but for the governemnt too. They need to rise up and throw out their terrorist funding government. This is why iran is hated around the world. Buy her people arnt. Theyd be a rich and prospers country but instead they want to finance and export revolution to every country in the middle east and for this their being punished.

  36. Well if Iran gets a nuke,Saudi says it will have one too! Israel will destroy Iran if Threatened!!

    So using soft power to deny,Iran a weapon that will end up causing a nuclear Exchange in the Middle East!!

    Is the Best Way!

  37. How Decades Of US Sanctions Crushed Iranโ€™s Economy


    Well it would make sense to keep sanctions on them if they want us dead.

  38. You all should chill just a tiny bit. I get that itโ€™s pronounced โ€œeee-rawnโ€ and not โ€œeye-ranโ€, but itโ€™s just pronounced weird in English. Same with other words. English is horrible set-up as a language, we can all agree on that.

    I think this video is pretty educational for critical stuff that are so affecting that Iโ€™ve seen it when being in Iran. Itโ€™s good to spread the word out about this video and let people understand whatโ€™s going on in Iran. Letโ€™s not be toxic. ๐Ÿ™‚

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