How Culture Makes Us Feel Lost – Dr. Gabor Maté On Finding Your True Self Again

  1. i can not stress this enough… Dr. Gabor Maté is our generation's Carl Jung . He has that much genius with a finger directly on the pulse of the 'Human Condition'. if only his was a household name!

  2. You can't build a civilisation by following your gut feelings all of the time. It is struggle and toil and pain that creates better conditions for humanity, not following our base impulses.

  3. Jesus gave us all the answers, most of us have just ignored him. The majority reject a Bible they have never read and so are condemned by their own ignorance.

  4. Sensationalist garbage. If alienation from other people get you illnesses, we are the least alienated that humans have ever been because we live about twice as long as humans have lived for thousands of years because we are way-way healthier.

  5. The answer to the question posed in the video's title is found within the first few seconds, "Karl Marx". The rest of what this fag says is a bull shit word salad. The fact is that the Marxists have ruined our cultures, that's why we feel like shit in them. Who normally feels like shit at home? Right.

  6. We need to reverse the 4 alienation types in order to get back to our nature and find meaning to life. Show empathy and compassion to your kins, neighbours and colleagues at work. greet them with warm handshake. stop buying whatever you want or see. spend more time outdoors away from TV and internet. think of Almighty Allah and the universe. do good things to humanity.

  7. I'm a firm believer that diet has alot to do with this alienation. Speaking from personal experience, I would lock myself in the house for months.
    I discovered fasting, or dry fasting. It is the best tool that I know of to destroy the illusion of seperation.
    Utube, dry fasting.
    And it will also cure ALL diseases if done long enough.

  8. this is so general… people were so overworked and alienated during the industrial revolution, for example, that they had zero time to reflect or relate. A dialogue about your true self wasn't a consideration. In some ways things are better and in some ways worse…. the thing most pressing is our environment.

  9. LOVE is NOT LOVE!! Facts & REALITY over FEELINGS. "Marx" had a few good thoughts HOWEVER WAS A CRAPPY [overall] human….this is warm-hearted, feelies….awww DISGUSTING

  10. I can't disagree with any of this. I'm staggered to see that over one thousand persons have clicked the thumbs-down icon. I think they just do that to be horrible (or because they like destroying nature and being alienated from themselves). Not everyone wants harmony.

  11. I have been looking for this man for a long time, and now he popped up in my suggestion , so intelligent thank you for your words Dr. Mate they brought tears to my eyes.

  12. I think the first mistake Dr Mate makes is suggesting that westernized society is a
    cultural one which is far far far from the truth. Westernized society is a fictional one
    according to its own rule of law which is founded on what is known as legal fiction.
    Westernized society is not a culture its a business that sells fictitious lifestyles from
    religious life to political and business life along with all other forms of social life that
    are promoted as being reality but are not based on it but rather are based on 
    manipulation of the senses.


  13. It´s called Kali Yuga, the times we are now living in.. will get better in about 21.399 years, enjoy the life you have now, it won´t get better.

  14. and…. to top it all the advent of feminists and the horrendous murder of the spiny masculinity by backstabbing it which has in turn brought out Beta cucky soyboy kooks gnawing its way out from the woodwork into this world…

  15. Technological advancement, intrusive marketing and distraction, incessant use of devices, technologies that keep us anaesthetized etc Have all led to a truncating of the individual's capacity for wonder, romance, exploration and his ability to originate something authentic. Something that is his own. In short, we consumer culture. We do not create it. (To paraphrase Terence McKenna)

  16. Alienattion from others I see splitted. Yes, we live more and more isolated with less human contacts. But at the same time we are more respectful towards people that are different than ourselves, be it race, regligion, homosexuality etc. Stuff like social media is poison for us, but at the same time this globalization in the internet brings many cultures together.

  17. To find yourself is to go back to the creator by being reborn as a son of God. God has written the truth inside every men's heart, and sacrifice is part of life, you might want to do something but the right thing is to do something you don't like, someone needs to clean the trash and now might be your turn. Work hard, get married, have kids, LOVE GOD.

  18. Maybe that’s why many are attached to phones we craving the love we need, cant get in the real world so we reach for facebook. So sad

  19. but what if your gut is feeling compelling you to commit a crime or what if it was essentially wrong ? should i still listen ??

  20. I don't think this talk actually added any kind of new information. I was very surprised when everyone stood up and clapped. What does it mean to return to our true nature, as he says? Is he just expressing that people are unhappy? That is well understood by all. Is he telling the audience that the reason is because people are untrue to themselves? Also known by everyone. Does he just want people to think more about HOW to be true to themselves? Okay. But that is in no way a new message or even especially insightful.

  21. I feel like this all the time at school. Doing something I don’t care much for while my actual fucking talents and passions are wasted. I’m a big history nerd and my history teacher teaches us as if we’re fucking kindergarteners. For example, for homework tonight I was tasked with drawing a vase, and may I also add that I’m in the fucking 9th grade.

  22. what a load of middle class hippy nonsense. babies have gut feelings?? no mate, they have biological instincts and even those take time to.develop. most people do jobs they dont like because they cant get paid to stand in.front of affluent people and spout hot air. this talk, presentation, whatever you want to call it is fundamentally flawed in so many ways my battery would die before i could address each one. if you want some good insights into psychology、 jordan peterson is your man , not this alan delon wannabe.

  23. In Latvia you can have Alien's Passport. And it's not something for fun, it's a real document of a person who was born in Latvia but doesn't deserve citizenship. Almost half the population there are aliens. Same in Estonia.

  24. He starts with Marx but doesn’t follow through. How can we get back to our “true nature” while we still live in class society? Did Marx use the term “true nature“? Isn’t that historically condition as well?

    Is his biological determinism which is in adequate for explaining human society and the historical development of human consciousness? It’s a reductionist position. He cites Marx to give him some credibility but he cuts off discussion just when it should take off.

    Capitalism had a role to play in the progressive development of human society. The progressive role ended for ever in August 1914 with the outbreak of World War One and the opening up of the epoch of wars and revolutions. We now face the prospect of socialism or barbarism.

    EXTRACT Leon Trotsky – Marxism in Our Time – 1939
    Marx’s Method
    Having established science as cognition of the objective recurrences of nature, man has tried stubbornly and persistently to exclude himself from science, reserving for himself special privileges in the shape of alleged intercourse with supersensory forces (religion), or with eternal moral precepts (idealism). Marx deprived man of these odious privileges definitely and forever, looking upon him as a natural link in the evolutionary process of material nature; upon human society as the organization of production and distribution; upon capitalism as a stage in the development of human society.
    It was not Marx’s aim to discover the “eternal laws” of economy. He denied the existence of such laws. The history of the development of human society is the history of the succession of various systems of economy, each operating in accordance with its own laws. The transition from one system to another was always determined by the growth of the productive forces, i.e., of technique and the organization of labor. Up to a certain point, social changes are quantitative in character and do not alter the foundations of society, i.e., the prevalent forms of property. But a point is reached when the matured productive forces can no longer contain themselves within the old forms of property; then follows a radical change in the social order, accompanied by shocks. The primitive commune was either superseded or supplemented by slavery; slavery was succeeded by serfdom with its feudal superstructure; the commercial development of cities brought Europe in the sixteenth century to the capitalist order, which thereupon passed through several stages. In his Capital, Marx does not study economy in general, but capitalist economy, which has its own specific laws. Only in passing does he refer to the other economic systems, to elucidate the characteristics of capitalism.
    The self-sufficient economy of the primitive peasant family has no need of a “political economy,” for it is dominated on the one hand by the forces of nature and on the other by the forces of tradition. The self-contained natural economy of the Greeks or the Romans, founded on slave labor, was ruled by the will of the slave-owner, whose “plan” in turn was directly determined by the laws of nature and routine. The same might also be said about the medieval estate with its peasant serfs. In all these instances economic relations were clear and transparent in their primitive crudity. But the case of contemporary society is altogether different. It destroyed the old self-contained connections and the inherited modes of labor. The new economic relations have linked cities and villages, provinces and nations. Division of labor has encompassed the planet. Having shattered tradition and routine, these bonds have not developed according to a definite plan, but rather apart from the consciousness and foresight of people, and it would seem as if behind their backs. The interdependence of various people, groups, classes, and nations, which follows from the division of labor, is not directed or managed by anyone. People work for each other without knowing each other, without inquiring about one another’s needs, in the hope, and even with the assurance, that their relations will somehow regulate themselves. And by and large they do, or rather, were wont to.
    It is utterly impossible to seek the causes for the recurrences in capitalist society in the subjective consciousness – in the intentions or plans – of its members. The objective recurrences of capitalism took form before science began to think about them seriously. To this day the preponderant majority of people know nothing about the laws that govern capitalist economy. The whole strength of Marx’s method was in his approach to economic phenomena, not from the subjective point of view of certain persons, but from the objective point of view of the development of society as a whole, just as an experimental natural scientist approaches a beehive or an ant-hill.
    For economic science the decisive significance is what and how people act, not what they themselves think about their actions. At the base of society is not religion and morality, but nature and labor. Marx’s method is materialistic, because it proceeds from existence to consciousness, not the other way around. Marx’s method is dialectical, because it regards both nature and society as they evolve, and evolution itself as the constant struggle of conflicting forces.

  25. Interesting video yet instinct often fails to be the base of knowledge. That's a fallacy: believing the simplest way is the better

  26. You feel lost as you do not know who you are, what you are doing here and where you are. They have lied about everything

  27. the absence of culture is making us lost . the original function of culture is to facilitate connection to nature , community, self and spirit. what we have is basically an economic system feeding off the destruction of culture, that is as old as civilisation. Destroy connection and you have a market instead. the operating system of culture and of its regeneration across generations is what we call "mentoring" and has been destroyed via conquest. by separating the elders from the children. without "mentoring", people can't develop fully to maturity and become slaves and consumers obedient to authority.

  28. I agree with him in many things and differ in others, but it caught my attention that he references Marx as someone worth quoting to develop his talk when historical materialism, derived from Marxism, is big part of the problem. Historical materialism in short says humans will reach happiness and full potential once materialistic needs are met. We KNOW Marx and his derived theories failed on that one, that's why we reached the best point of humanity on matters related to work force (not the best we could be but the best we've ever been) and now people isn't complaining of having little materialistic needs met, people complains of something more "of the soul". Next, Dr. Gabor accurately speaks on how we have been tricked into thinking we are separated from each other but current situation of the world actually has the opposite problem, which is mindless hive thinking. Here's the thing, a human needs to acknowledge individuality, not to live from an individualistic standpoint but to know that character and individual choices matter, we also need a sense of community so our individual character has value in the world, because by using our individual traits is that "we appear in the concrete world" so to speak. Past…. IDK, 20 years? were heavily individualistic in general culture, where the idea was to only find our own pleasure no matter the cost, that's why us millennials are less resilient than past generations, cause we were raised for pleasure. But now we are not switching from individualistic to empathic or community-driven, we're going "hive culture", where in the name of "equality" we're crushing anything that sounds or looks different than the ideology of the hive, we are becoming more intolerant to difference, and that is also at the core of Marxism, to be hive-driven.
    So yes, indeed empathy would be a great trait to recover and implement but for that we would have to recover the balance between appreciating individual character and being community-driven, but in reality we're only constructing a dangerous placebo that's the recipie for letting in authoritarian regimes.

    Lastly, and related to my past point, I don't think most people is actually feeling stressed or depressed because of their jobs, I think there's a doble-edge sword on always pointing out how miserable people is at office jobs and things on that line. When we are community-driven we are not thinking how miserable we are because the world doesn't fit our expectations, because whatever we might be doing has it's worthy place in service to community, which would also be linked to love and empathy. When on the contrary we are bombarded with the conditioning of fulfilling our SELF-worth, SELF-esteem, SELF-meaning that's way too much SELF, which drives us away from empathy and makes us be too focused on how we hate our jobs because they are not for our SELF but for others. With the focus on the self we also get too caught up in those behaviors Dr. Gabor regards as supplements for true fulfillment: the focus on SELF-image and consumerism.That's the core of "the toxic" culture, isn't it? We get bombarded with the motto "get rid of what doesn't SERVE YOU" instead of spreading a good "get rid of what doesn't let you serve others", because the antidote is love and empathy, right? Then, why should anyone serve me? Objects should serve me, in a practical sense, but why should a person be treated as SOMETHING meant to serve me? and why should anyone be treated as disposable only because he or she doesn't align with my goals? again that's too much SELF and too little LOVE. That's at the core fo feeling miserable in a decent job. There are of course exploitative and abusive jobs but in first world countries and in privileged sectors of entire western society that's not the case, however that's where most people claims to feel miserable most often. On the contrary in risk zones most people see worth in their job whatever that might be. People that has less privileges tend to be much more thankful that they have a job and that through WHATEVER they are doing they contribute to society, they tend to be more joyful. So maybe, often in western society, the problem isn't the job. It could be better? yes, but so could we as individuals.

  29. This video is uninspired, trite, and gives nothing to me. He didn't say one thing that I haven't known for at least 40 years. And the tenor of voice is absolutely uninspired. He doesn't want to be doing this and has no connection to what he is saying and I can't blame him. What he is speaking about is as interesting as watching paint dry.

  30. 100% on everything for me….100% lost depressed I hate everything and everyone around me nothing brings me joy but sleep because I’m somewhere else other than here…

  31. Everyone in this comments section feels lost and alone, here's an idea why not introduce yourself to each other and actually talk? Instead we have 2000 people all feeling the same way in 2000 different rooms!

  32. I’ve known and admired Gabor, but it’s crazy that he cites Marx, a guy responsible for mass persecution and death, as if he were an authority figure. I think he’s brilliant but, unfortunately, somewhat ideologically possessed.

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