How “Cultural Marxism” became the Far-Right’s Scapegoat

Hey guys, today’s video is gonna be a bit different. Because it’s partially gonna be a game show. But the main focus lies on showing the connection between the extremely anti-Semitic conspiracy theory of Cultural Bolshevism propagated by the extreme Right in Weimar Germany, and the Cultural Marxism theory you often hear today. And yes, there is a connection, although the Right and certain YouTube skeptics like to pretend it doesn’t exist. So what is Cultural Marxism? Well, everyone seems to have a different definition on this but the general consensus seems to be that there is a certain group of people, namely Marxists, who try to influence Western culture in a certain way to ultimately bring down Western civilization which they view as oppressive. Their tools to reach this goal are things like feminism, multiculturalism, diversity quotas, or through Arts or Social Sciences. The explanation of what Cultural Marxism actually is heavily depends on who you ask. Jordan Peterson for instance usually uses the term “Postmodernism,” and traces this movement back to French intellectuals like Jacques Derrida, but the theory is basically the same. However the vast majority of people who buy into this theory refer to something called the Frankfurt School as the origin of this subversive movement. Where a bunch of Marxists got together to think of a way to turn a Capitalist society into a Communist one through different means than calling for the uprising of the Proletariat since this wasn’t just appealing to the masses after the disaster of Stalinism. What they came up with was Cultural Marxism or sometimes called Critical Theory. Now you might be wondering, “what do the Nazis have to do with this? People like Sargon or Stefan Molyneux never attribute this supposed movement to Jews or say anything which could be laid out as anti-Semitic.” Well, all in due time. Let’s take a look at history first. Here’s where you’ll be able to score your first point. You will hear a quote and if you can vaguely guess who might have said it you score a point. Let’s listen in [Narrator] Bolshevism is not only anti-bourgeois, it is anti-cultural. It means in the final consequence, the absolute destruction of all economic, social, state, cultural and civilizing advances made by Western civilization for the benefit of a rootless and nomadic international clique of conspirators who have found their representation in Jewry. [Three Arrows] Now the end kinda gave it away there but that’s okay. If you guessed this quote is probably from some Nazi, you’re correct. It is taken from one of Joseph Goebbels’ speeches in 1935. Starting in the Weimar Republic and up until 1945, the far-Right used the term Cultural Bolshevism to demonstrate how the Bolsheviks tried to subvert German society with progressive art, lifestyle and things like Bauhaus architecture, to eventually take over completely, while simultaneously destroying the appreciation of ‘non-degenerate art.’ The Nazis viewed Bolshevism or Marxism as inherently Jewish, by the way. And like Cultural Marxism today, the Nazis always kept it really vague and difficult to pin down who was actually doing the supposed subversion of Western civilization and how. Now just because they sound very similar, that doesn’t mean there’s necessarily a link between the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories of the Nazis and the theory of Cultural Marxism today. But by the end of this video you will see where I’m coming from. For now, we’ll put German history to the side for a second. Let’s look at the two guys who did the biggest job in spreading the idea of Cultural Marxism subverting Western civilization through academia. And here you can earn you’re next point I will give you a book title, and you can guess who wrote it. Here it goes: ‘The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization’ If you guessed Stefan Molyneux that would be understandable since it sounds very much like the secondary title of his book but it’s actually from Pat Buchanan who is your typical borderline racist, paleo-conservative who likes to complain about Jews being overrepresented in the U.S. Supreme Court. In his book that I just mentioned he claims that ‘Cultural Marxists’ subvert and de-Christianize Western civilization through academia, and also points to the Frankfurt school. And by de-Christianize, he doesn’t mean people are less likely to love their neighbour but become more accepting towards homosexuality and stuff like that. He also wrote a book on how Britain should have never declared war on Nazi Germany and that the Holocaust was more or less a consequence of that. Now my summary was very simplified but Christopher Hitchens wrote a good critique of it which I will leave in the description. And like the Jews in Weimar Germany, the Frankfurt School provides a convenient target for people like Buchanan. By centring the conspiracy around Marxism, since there are no Bolsheviks around anymore, they want to evoke the feeling that Western culture is being attacked from the outside. By a mysterious anti-American cabal that nobody can really pin down, but has its fingers in everything. The other guy is William S. Lind, who is a bit more overt about his views than Pat Buchanan. For instance he consistently speaks out for bringing back hanging as a common sentence for crime, but only in what he describes as ‘Urban areas.’ In 1989, he spoke at a conference and claimed that political correctness and Cultural Marxism were totalitarian ideologies that were turning American campuses into small Ivy-covered, North Koreas, where the student or faculty member who dares to cross any of the lines set up by the ‘Gender-Feminists’ or the ‘Homosexual Rights Activists,’ would quickly find themselves in legal trouble. And this was in 1989 so as you can see, this is not a new talking point by the Right. And here is where we get to the good stuff like so many of the YouTube skeptics or Jordan Peterson, Lind cultivated a certain group of people with his comments. [Speaker] Could Jewish individuals use their position of power to seek out revenge against places like Europe and Russia, that have a history of expelling Jews?
[Peterson] Okay, hold it, hold it, hold it [Three Arrows] In 2002, he attended a conference in Washington D.C. He held a speech at this conference, which was supported by the bi-monthly Holocaust denial magazine ‘Barnes Review,’ in front of a bunch of self-described historical revisionists, anti-Semites, and neo-Nazis. And while I should mention that Lind is not a Holocaust denier, in his speech he identified a small group of people who had poisoned American culture and pointed to a specific connection. “These guys” – meaning those guys over at the Frankfurt School – “they were all Jewish.” Which was, of course, met with thundering applause by his audience. Now up until this point, I only talked about where this theory originated and how it entered the modern discourse. What about the Frankfurt School? Let’s take a look. I can’t go into much detail here because philosophy is not my strong side, but even as a layman, reading up on the Frankfurt School and the work of the theorists there, it becomes blatantly obvious that it doesn’t fit the narrative of the Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory. Let’s listen to another quote and try to guess who might have said it. [Narrator] Culture today is infecting everything with sameness. Film, radio, and magazines form a system. Each branch of culture is unanimous within itself and all are unanimous together. Film and radio no longer need to present themselves as art. [Three Arrows] Now that sounded awfully similar to Paul Joseph Watson’s criticism of modern entertainment.
[Watson] Look at popular music The same handful of people writing and producing songs for the same handful of popular artists. Why do you think everything sounds the same? The same precession of electronic beats, repeated hooks, and verbal diarrhea that passes for popular music now. [Three Arrows] He is not the one who wrote this though. It was actually Theodore Adorno, who is credited as the main proponent of critical theory, and the Frankfurt School. But while Paul attributes him and his colleagues with the ‘phasing of popular culture,’ the Frankfurt School criticizes the exact same thing in their book ‘Dialectic of Enlightment’ under the chapter ‘The Culture Industry.’ Only that Adorno believes Capitalism is at fault for this and, you know, maybe he has a point there. What is more likely to be the reason for this? Is it maybe that sex sells and gets attention? Or is it the plan or Adorno and Horkheimer — who would have despised this — to secretly utter in a new era of Communism. I’ll let you decide. Okay we’re getting close to the end here so I only have two questions left. I’m looking for a philosopher who strongly criticized Postmodernism because he thought that people like Derrida, Foucault, and Nietzsche committed a contradiction that critiques of Postmodernism by employing concepts and methods that only modern reason can provide. He also criticized Nietzsche’s methods as a gesture towards the lost of unity in Western culture that was provided by religion in pre-modern times. If you guessed it was the saviour of Western civilization himself, Jordan Peterson, you would be wrong. I was talking about a guy called Jürgen Habermas, who took over as the main representative of the Frankfurt School after Adorno died, and who is one of the most prominent critics of Postmodernism. So prominent, in fact, that he has his own entry in the ‘Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy’ Now some of you might be asking yourself “a Marxist criticizing Postmodernism? How does that go together since Peterson always mentions those Postmodern Neo-Marxists?” Well this really shows the big problem when people talk about these things on YouTube. They use certain words so interchangeably, without explaining what they are actually talking about until these words have lost all their meaning. Marxism is the same thing as Communism, which is the same thing as Postmodernism and Stalinism, et cetera, et cetera They should just call them the ‘bad guys’ from now on, seriously. What I’m getting at is that this Boogeyman that the Cultural Marxism meme is trying to sell you as the Frankfurt School is not at all based in reality. While people like Adorno, Horkheimer, Löwenthal, and Neumann were Marxists, they were hardly hell-bent on destroying Western values or civilization. In fact, they wanted to hold on and promote these values like rationalism and personal freedom. What they critiqued was the way that Capitalism was detrimental to Enlightenment values, and culture. And if you take a dive into their actual work, you will find that some of these guys actually disliked things like Postmodernism, Pop culture, or political correctness. The notion that these guys wanted to bring about Communism with the means of political correctness is even contradictory to Marxist understanding that this goal can only be reached by changes in economic relationships between people. But I’m sure if there’s anyone in the comment sections with a background in philosophy [they] can explain it much better than I can. You know, there’s a reason Wikipedia had to remove the entry for Cultural Marxism and move it to the entry of the Frankfurt school as a conspiracy theory. And it’s not the international Jewish cabal. It is because not a single person could provide evidence for it or show a link between the people in the Feminist cringe compilations and some guys in Germany writing about how much they hate shitty boy bands. Ultimately this theory is defeated by one question: Where is the evidence? You know, where is it? Where are these Marxist countries in the West? In the birth country of Marx, the two biggest Communist parties which are the German Communist party and the Marxist-Leninist Party, didn’t even get more than 0.1% of the votes combined. You know, Trump is president, and Brexit happened, and all of Europe is shifting to the right, But since I saw some college students waving the USSR flag on YouTube, this really is the biggest threat to Western values, I guess. I’m obviously not a Communist so if there is a takeover ahead, I will want to know. But no one can provide me any evidence. Not even Miley Cyrus coming out and saying that she really opened her eyes to bringing down Western culture via dancing naked on stage. And if you ask people who subscribe to the Cultural Marxism meme for evidence they’ll usually point to political correctness or radical students. Well, maybe it’s not the international Marxist cabal who is secretly pulling the strings but other factors. Maybe politicians and companies adapt political correctness to appeal to a broader voter and consumer base. And yes, I do acknowledge that college students tend to be more radical and some of the stuff they do is insane but this has always been the case. A lot of people tend to get way too confident in their views when their in college. Like, for instance, when a couple of feminist female students during one of Adorno’s lectures — who was the head figure of the Frankfurt School — stood up, took off their clothes and started kissing Adorno as a form of protest against patriarchal structures, which produced this great photo. And while other men might have embraced this form of protest Old Man Adorno didn’t. He called the police on them and had them removed. This was in the late 60s by the way. And now, at last, we’re here at the last quote for the video. And if you didn’t score any points up until now this is your chance to make it all up. “The doctrine of Marxism repudiates the aristocratic principle of Nature and substitutes it for [the] eternal privilege of force and energy, numerical mass and its dead weight. Thus it denies the individual worth of the human personality, impugns the teaching [that] nationhood and race have a primary significance, and by doing this it takes away the very foundations of human existence and human civilization. If the Marxist teaching were to be accepted as the foundation of life in the universe, it would lead to the disappearance of all order that is conceivable to the human mind. And thus the adoption of such law would provoke chaos in the structure of the greatest organism that we know, with the result that the inhabitants of this planet Earth would disappear.” Now, who might have wrote this? Is it from this book? Or this book? Or maybe from the manifesto of mass murderer Anders Breivik since he also believed in Cultural Marxism. Well, all very good guesses but it’s actually from this book. Specifically, from chapter two, ‘Years of Study and Suffering in Vienna.’ And the only word I had to leave out to make it almost indistinguishable from what people like Stefan Molyneux want to make you believe is the biggest threat to the West right now is Jewish. It’s nothing but Red Scare hysteria, then and now. And here’s where we come full circle. The Cultural Bolshevism conspiracy theory of the Nazis is inseparable to the Cultural Marxism meme of today. These parallels are not incidental. Do you think that in any of Sargon’s videos he shows the link between what he calls ‘Cultural Marxists’ and even a sentence by anyone of the Frankfurt School? Neither does Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson or Aydin Paladin. They require you to accept it as a given that this is what’s happening without demonstrating how this actually happens or making any specific references to the teachings of the Frankfurt School They don’t do it because there is none. And the only way you can subscribe to this is thinking, “you know the Nazis and Anders Breivik may have been mass murdering psychopaths whose ideas completely ran against what Western Values are but that Cultural Marxism thing – they had that figured out. Except it’s not the Jews of course, it’s the Globalists.” Now do I think people like Sargon or Stefan raging anti-Semites who read ‘Mein Kampf’ every day before going to bed? No. They simply bank on outrage and alarmism. According to Stefan my country should have collapsed five or six times by now with the video ‘There Will Be No Economic Recovery’ having aged especially well. But I’m sure the caliphate will be declared any second now. On top of that, every one of these guys seems to believe it to a varying degree. Most of the people who talk about on YouTube seem to have bought fully into it or Armoured Skeptic for instance mentioned that he thinks it’s real to a certain degree in a livestream With Paul Joseph Watson I have no idea what he actually believes since he is obviously just a con-man. Cultural Marxism is nothing but a conspiracy theory, rooted in anti-Semitism and propagated by people who fail to understand certain changes in culture they dislike. Okay, that’s it for today folks. Special thanks go out to Maria The Witch and The Wrong Bishop for lending me their fantastic voices for this video. And I highly encourage you to check out their channels. As always you will find the sources for this video in the description. And feel free to subscribe, follow me on Twitter, or to take the conversation to the comment section. Until next time, have a good one.

  1. What you've done is take the worst statements, debunk them (rightly by the way) and then claim the entire idea of cultural marxism is nonsense. But that just means you missed the point of what cultural marxism is, or at least how the term is used in today's context.

    Cultural marxism nowadays is used to refer to the application of Marx' class struggle ideas on race, gender, sexuality and more, i.e. intersectionality. And people who adhere to this ideology are often called SJWs.

    Are SJWs as numerous as the far right would have you believe? No, but there are quite a bit of them around.
    Do SJWs yield as much power as the far right would have you believe? No, but they are apparently capable of injecting their politics into several prominent aspects of our society, like some big Hollywood films lately.
    Do SJWs have annual secret meetings in which they plan the downfall of western civilisation? No.

    But there are people out there who want to drastically change how our society looks at race, gender and more and are against many aspects our current civilisation. And if those people get what they want, that would have serious effects on our society, enacting some drastic changes. And that is what cultural marxism is. No secret plot against the west, but just ideologues who are against many aspects of the west and have gained a decent amount of influence in several areas of society. Far right and alt right youtubers blow this out of proportion and claim they are much more of a danger than they are, but ultimately it is true that there is such a thing as cultural marxism (as an ideology, not a strange secret plot) working against what we would call classical western values like individualism.

  2. Enjoyed the game show format but can't get over your obviously twisted and selective use of history. Your use of "far right" is ridiculous. Simple concept. Extreme left = TOTAL government (totalitarian). Extreme right = ZERO government (anarchy). NAZIS are far right? Pure rubbish.

  3. Dosnt matter if called progressive left or cultural Marxism still a cancer just try stating an unfassionable opinion in the workplace and the meaning will soon be explained to you with dismissal

  4. Basically he said that the far-right is anti-Semetic and some people don't understand Post-Modernism, which got a big "duh" from me, but for the most part the video barely focuses on what's on the title or the concept of Cultural Marxism it's self. I was open to argument but the absolute lack of focus on analyzing what Cultural Marxism is, isn't, or is accused of being made me thumbs it down. Borderline click bait.

  5. Marxism is a complete disaster. ANY system that must be implemented at the point of a gun & needs razor wire & landmines to keep people in, is a living nightmare. Cultural Marxism is the cult left over from the nightmare. We have what 78 genders now? And seeing people as warring groups NOT individuals is idiotic. We will always be individuals. Marxism, Nazism, Islamism, etc are all collectivist garbage, used to murder & brutalize people. I'll take free markets & liberty, thanks.

  6. Finally, a youtuber who argues against the right wing shirtlords without trying to convince everyone to become communists.

  7. You're taking the antisemitism point as a given. By naming something you don't agree with a "conspiracy" makes your whole video lack credibility. You're swallowing what your overlords tellyou to.
    Aside from that, you didn't even post any proof of those evil nahtzees lying to the masses (for profit?) or counter-proof their words.
    I assume the point of the video was to persuade your crowd that this is all a farce, a new "red terror" kind of stuff. Well, you just posted quotes and events and moronically innocent arguments like "where are all the marxists" when 90% of young people are materialists, mock the υπερφυσικόν, are pro-immigrant and hate their roots. Saying that they are just kidding is not a serious argument. This isn't a joke. This is life in the West.
    The one thing we can agree on is that it's not solely muh cUlTuRal mArxIsm fault. Clearly obvious when all the big multinational companies go all "we're soo lovin' gays, man yaaas june pride month" to appeal to the masses. That proves though that the masses are indeed left-wing thinking and have anti-"traditional" views. Besides, caps and commies are the differenet sides of the same coin. Fighting hand by hand figuratively and literally decades back against the, as they portrait him, real-life Voldemort.

  8. Did you know that Highways are anti-Semitic because Hitler implemented Highways? Highways are just a tool to propagate the far-right war machine.

    Pretty much the line of thinking in this video.

  9. A common theme amongst far-right voices. Never do their homework, and never support their statements with any facts. All baseless bullshit for the willfully uneducated and ignorant.

  10. Lol he called the police on them? Some marxist. That's seems like a good protest to me, not just cuz "hur dur nakeeeed womun" but also cuz that makes sense.

  11. Have any of you ever noticed how the actual Marxist socialist states of the eastern bloc were vary patriotic and dare I say nationalistic compared to the capitalist western countries? Oh but please go on about how "cultural Marxism" is responsible for everything in modern society you don't like such as "degeneracy." It's totally not liberalism and capitalism where every decision is made based on how much profit and not on the quality of the work of decision made.

  12. Anyone who still thinks there is any difference between communism and fascism is still sleeping. Neither system recognizes the natural God-given rights of the individual. They are both collectivist tyrannies.

  13. People who write these sorts of speeches and theories always just seem to love to raise the stakes to ridiculous degrees. It's not that something they don't like has the potential to cause problems in society, no it's THE END OF OUR SOCIETY AND OUR WAY OF LIFE AS WE KNOW IT BY NEFARIOUS FOREIGN OR INTERNAL ACTORS THAT SEEK TO DESTROY US ALL BECAUSE THEY'RE EVIL. They just jump straight to doomsday prophecies and the end of everything that we know and love. 0-100 in an instant. Can't help but wonder if they actually think like this themselves and live every day in fear of some kind of supposed extinction-level threat or if they just raise the stakes to that level to get people riled up and more likely to follow them…

  14. it's not "red scare hysteria" though, while its purpose has been to promote hysteria, the conspiracy theory (along with the rest of fascism) serves a very logical purpose for the current people at the top: it directs outrage away from property relations and real social change, and instead funnels it into hating some scapegoat like the jews, roma, muslims, mexicans, etc.
    it is a revolution of the bourgeoisie, they take the horrible economy and bring new life into it by stepping harder on labor, doing sweeping waves of privatization, they secure profits, and then basically do economic keynesianism, stimulating all the war-making industries by insisting that the nation is under threat and "we need to expand or we will surely die"

  15. Isn't it possible to be against the ideology or think it is totally real without thinking there's some cabal of leaders behind it?

  16. The idea of Cultural Marxism is almost identical to the idea of Cultural Bolshevism, a conspiracy theory made by the Nazis, about how Bolsheviks would destroy German culture.

  17. I think Cypher the Cynical Historian said it best: conspiracy theories rely on a lack of evidence and ignoring everything that contradicts them.

  18. I do not think the majority of people who reference any of these thoughts and schools or groups who are influenced by them really understand them. Whether or not the purity of thought is there they are influential.

    The video does do well with countering the fringe conspiracy theories, but it does not really respond to people like Jordan Peterson (unless you mean to imply that his thought is directly influenced by those anti-Semites).

    An interesting video for sure, but I do not know how well it does anything beyond explain what people outside of the far right and alt-right already know about the dangers of those ideologies.

  19. The history buff in me is very happy watching and listening to you — especially when you understand that history happens right now.

  20. Where is the evidence of Cultural Marxism? How about this video? "While people like Ardon … were Marxists, they were hardly hell-bent on destroying Western values or civilization." If you are a Marxist then you are hell-bent on destroying Western values or civilization., otherwise, you are not a Marxist.

    "Critical Theory is a social theory oriented toward critiquing and changing society as a whole, in contrast to traditional theory oriented only to understanding or explaining it. Horkheimer wanted to distinguish critical theory as a radical, emancipatory form of Marxian theory, critiquing both the model of science put forward by logical positivism and what he and his colleagues saw as the covert positivism and authoritarianism of orthodox Marxism and Communism."


  21. Jordan Peterson, as well as anybody who thinks (cultural) Marxism and Post-Modernism are one and the same, should really take a philosophy/political studies course.

  22. Cultural Marxist is Jewish is Marx was a false Jew and his fellow Jewish Marxists who founded the Frankfurt School and indoctrinated the youth in America fellowing their escape from nazi Germany

  23. This video is a pathetic attempt to flip the truth so it’s likely Jews made it or fake ones never know because they change their names and hide behind victim hood for cover and that’s why they call it jewtube

  24. Jordan Peterson labels it cultural Marxism because of what he sees in universities and the far left the idea of equity will any of you people address this qualm equity is bad and the fact none of you can address our concerns shows you are intellectually lazy, you would rather call us conspiracy theorist then have an argument. The modern far left does deserve term cultural Marxist and if they don’t please tell me why I would like to know

  25. Again. It's just Conservatives being stupid. Being Woke does not make you a Communist, there is no conspiracy, and people like Razorfist might need therapy…..

    Now let's get back to reality, oops! There's goes gravity!

  26. Is Three Arrows suggesting Jews are not massively over represented in the American supreme court and in US politics overall? Seems like he had an issue with what Buchanan said and thinks this somehow reflects badly on Buchanan.

  27. Three Arrows
    "Leftists didn't want to destroy society, they wanted to hold onto to these values like rationalism and personal freedom"
    You're referring to "leftist rationalism" not real rationalism and "Leftist personal freedom" NOT real individual freedom.
    Leftist things: Hitlerism, Italian Fascism, Marxism, Communism, Nihilism, Post Modernism, Critical Theory, Stalinism, Habermas, Adorno, Three Arrows.

  28. I cant imagine anyone other than 12yr old boys listening to Peterson or Shapiro and enjoying cheesy titles like "Peterson OWNS beta male" lul

  29. that is not the point of the word cultural Marxist the word is used because of the demand for equity among races and sexes by demanding authority to step in meeting the equity demand this is form Marxism it doesn’t mean we think you are communist, although university students are promoting communist ideas. honestly, I don’t think you understand the policies of the far left, the policies are textualized in the green new deal which wasn't created by moderate democrats but rather postmodernist. but you may not value equity or value postmodernism, I don't want to straw man this channel. The history of Karl Marx is irrelevant its about principles that mirror the "class struggle" narrative

  30. This is similar to how the far left label many conservative and centrist as "nazis" and "white supremacist" just because they give points and evidence that is contrary to the left narrative.

  31. all these idiots saying jews are behind all this smh such intellectually stupid thing to say. That would just like saying trump is nazi because he has Aryan features and the nazi loved Aryan. what does ethnicity or facial features have anything to do with ideas

  32. The concept of cultural marxism is an excuse for why the right is destined to lose the culture war. It's purpose is to make an excuse for the loss of ground by blaming a deep conspiracy instead of the fact that right wing ideology is trash.

  33. This is all very well but ithink what is meant by the term is something simpler sometimes. If you listen to the rhetoric of SOME feminists and its straight out of Marxism 101 except the conflict lines are not drawn around class and economic so much as cultural and demographic factors with the idea rhat they might get more traction there. So in that sense the term CM is kinda pretty descriptive. I'm guessing you'd agree some of the attempts to enact Marxist theories ladt century didn't go so well. And here I have to agree with Peterson: saying well this time when we do it well be better is the height of arrogance. Some people have concerns about that, are not neccesarily right wing AND use the term CM but are not referring to the Frankfurt school conspiracy. Though agree the term has become so polluted its unhelpful to use it.

  34. Well whatever the reason Marxism or not, the flaws that people persevere to be Marxism shouldn't exist. "Oh civilization changed a little don't blame that on Marxism." We don't like it and we don't want to call it out for the reason to be bad, we just want to be left alone from the problems brought on by said changes

  35. It is clear that this correction and reestablishment of reality comes from Europe where educational standards are much higher than in the USA. I'am glad that someond took the work to show how diferse the left is and that the boogeye men cultural marxism is actually mostly an invention by uneducated us american right wingers. Who want to sell their BS to an widely less educated populous. The history of the left especially of European left is one of the most distorted and twitched one. Cause it was once a real thread to the all mighty capitalist system.

  36. I just love the utter hypocrisy of "how cultural marxism became the far right's scapegoat". The term "far right" is a scapegoat. If you look up the origins on political correctness, you'll discover it was created to destroy the west, and was devised by Frankfurt School, startedpeople who were known marxists that practiced and taught marxist theory. It was meant to discredit people and make factual information and the desire for freedom and rights appear hateful and fascistic in the public mind. The communist directive of 1943 also instructed all communists in America to label people they disagree with in a similar manner. Political correctness was designed by Frankfurt School to trick people into thinking freedom is evil, the government is our lord and savior, and that socialism will save everyone. You can find this information with very little effort. And who supports political correctness? Who are the people that will try to beat you to a pulp or ruin your life (and sometimes succeed) if you say or do anything that isn't politically correct? The woke, authoritarian, identitarian left! And even IF the actual far right blame cultural marxism, that still commits the logical fallacy of affirming the consequent! While I think that this faction of the left is entirely entitled to their opinion, they, in no way, think I am entitled to mine. That's not acceptable in a peaceful and civil society. I listen to people I disagree with all the time. I hear people that I think are every bit as hateful as people think I am, and since I have a set, I deal with it. What makes these people so special?

    I will say this, however. A lot of the power cultural marxists have is made up, but not for the reasons that most of the woke left argue. Most of their power is granted because people cave to the outrage mob. If people didn't bend the knee, they wouldn't have that kind of power, but people are so scared of being called a buzzword like that they submit. They're a small group, so any conservatives, classic liberals, centrists, and independents that are sick of the mob, don't cave. Their only weapon is character assassination.

  37. !02:24 Your calling nazis far right is far backwards for a modern definition. They are definitely far left, since it was "national socialism", and it has to do with how much government control in that system. The further right you go, the less government government control there exists. There's not a lot of difference between Nazis and communists – both governments provide their citizens with everything they need with the proper level of control, and the ruling oligarchy owns the means of production (while telling everyone the people own it). Nazis were racist and genocidal, but that has little do with the system of government it imposed upon its citizens.

  38. I remember first watching this when it only had 20,000 views and when you only had a couple thousand subs. Damn your channel has blown up since then.

  39. As a student of Marxism, I always find it interesting that critics of Marxism seldom criticize or show false anything he actually said. It's always some abstract form of Marxism they choose to criticize or turn into a monster.

  40. This is why I hate the current political world. The loudest on the right screech dumb shit, and the loudest on the left screech impossible shit.

    Vermin Supreme for 2020 usa let's just end it already while having a laugh

  41. You kind of miss the point. The marxists are in cohoots with the capitalists, and since they are both 'international', they seek to replace white males (and females presumably) with muslims. This thing happens because they hate western culture and etno-something purity. I mean, these people are seriously fucked by the internet and their hate.

  42. my father is a professor in music history at UNB (federal university of brasilia, capital of Brazil)

    he always ends his lecture on adorno with this "and thats his critique of pop music… but you also could forget everything i said because probably im just a cultural marxist in a conspiracy to destroy the world"

  43. Filthy Marxist LGBT.
    Acceptance of men who use the filthy, bacteria laden business end of other men's digestive systems as sex organs? And call that "love"?
    And give "rights" to a 'behavior'?

  44. "And by de-Christianize he doesn't mean people are less likely to love their neighbour, but become more accepting towards homosexuality and stuff like that."
    Funny, if Christians were to become more accepting towards homosexuals they would actually be abiding that little rule, rather than not.

  45. Wow, I actually thought this was gonna make sense, like "cultural Marxism" being when you save money instead of spending relentlessly, you keep your stuff for as long as possible, you care about the environment, you work less if you don't need the extra money etc. I don't know what madness drove me to think it wasn't gonna be insane bullshit.

  46. Everything is Marxist feminist conspiracy to these guys. I had some whack call me a Marxist when I called out the supposed centre left wing Labor party of going to the right.
    He thinks paying taxes is bad, despite infrastructure, education, healthcare and the police are funded by it.

  47. I had an argument with someone online about cultural Marxism and I asked if he’d ever read any of the Frankfurt School. ‘Of course I haven’t’ he said. Says it all really.

  48. how good that leftwing Ideologies never hurt anyone. Imagine if communism would have killed over 100 million people. Luckily only the right wingers, which are all full-blood-nazis of course, are the only ones who ever harmed people.

  49. An important link you are missing is that the Frankfurt school translated Marxism from economic to cultural terms. The result is identity politics via the pseudoscientific activist studies, some of which you mentioned. Identify politics represents the engine of modern leftist politics in the west and accounts for their delusional psychosis. It has been festering in the revisionist agenda of academics for decades under different terms but the exact sentiment.

    Explaining to cultural marxists where the cultural marxists are is like explaining to fish what water is. But If you seriously want to know where they are, look in the mirror. Really.

    Marxism and postmodernism are not inextricably linked however Marxists find many useful tools in postmodernism. It is reasonable to link them when analyzing the left. Concern for cultural marxism does not equate to anti semitism either. I’m Jewish and my wife’s family is extremely Jewish and they share a concern for cultural marxism.

    Peterson is a big fan of Nietzche. Anyone who is familiar with his work would know he wasn’t responsible for your last quote and would also know that he doesn’t swear off all of postmodernism. He takes many of his cues on postmodernism from Stephen Hicks who even says postmodernism “deserves a seat at the table.” Peterson acknowledges postmodernism’s role in cultural Marxism. He does not swear off postmodernism altogether.

  50. as a marxist leninists I can assure you the Dialectic material analysis of history that is marxism is literally the opposite of postmodernist idealism… postmodernism is liberalism NOT marxist or communist or even left wing

  51. But how did cultural Nazism become a scapegoat for the Ctrl-left? Nazi's were thoroughly defeated several generations ago, but naive kids are still attracted to Marxism even though it's killed more people than Nazism ever did.

  52. To the "alt-right" this "cultural Marxism" thing is just a code word for anything that offends their sensibilities.

  53. Lol, a video exposing the bogeyman of one group whilst using the name of the other's. The cognitive dissonance is glaring.

  54. A lot of people seem to think that anything to the right of left is alt-right. The alt-right is white supremacists and xenophobes, and is not representative of conservatism.

    This is the true ideology of conservatism:
    Any individual has the right to pursue their own self-interest so long as they do not infringe on the rights of others in doing so. Anything that someone has to provide to you is not a right, but a privilege that may be aquired through voluntary trade or as a gift. Government's only legitimate role is to protect people and their rights, and not to provide services to some at the expense of others. Those that cannot provide for themselves can easily be provided through charititable donations of time and money from the members of their community. After all, the closer one is to another, the more they care about one another.

    The idea of Marxism, socialism, or communism are flawed because it deprives the people of the right to pursue their own self-interest by capping profits for the investors, which deincentivizes investors from taking the risk to begin with, which inevitably leads to poverty through loss of jobs and shortages of virtually every commodity through a loss of supply. There are many valid criticisms of capitalism, as well as all other economic systems, but the prescription of Marxism is not the solution. The best way is to move more toward liberty and individualism, take the power out of the hands of politicians, who may (and more than likely will) use that power to their own benifit (like accepting bribes from the wealthy class in exchange for tax cuts and kickbacks), and to allow the people to make their own decisions with what to do with the fruits of their labor.

  55. Having read Adorno, Horkheimer, etc. I always laughed at the idea that they were somehow influencing this cultural state they so vehemently criticized. Especially the idea that they were "postmodernists"! Marxists were enormously against postmodernism since it's beginning. The only thing these alt right clowns may be tangentially correct in pointing out might be the postmodern idea of "accelerationism", which claims that we should embrace capitalism's more self destructive tendencies and advance capitalism until it shoots itself in the proverbial foot. However, none of this includes PC culture or feminism, and I've never heard one of these talking heads even address it, proving they haven't read or understood postmodern theory or Marxist theory.



  57. The fact is that maybe some of Marx's ideas are not as bad as some might think. Some of the better ideas might have spread out. Thats nefarious group of people plotting the downfall of Western Civilization. Since western Civilization is very great they would have to be crazy. A good idea is a good idea. As a conservative I believe good ideas should always be counted. I begrudgingly admit that some Marxist ideas are good. But if you talk about destruction don't you know that you can count me out…

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