How community and social media changed corporate communication

An analysis of traditional media
channels which have been used for mass communication is a good way to begin to understand how
community and social media have changed communication So i’m just going to give an example of three popular channels which are out there sYou had television you had radio and the
newspaper and these were great at reaching out
a mass audience however these were typically one way channels What i mean is that you could reach out
to people via these channels but those same people could not reach
back to you via those channels or communicate with each other via those
channels so these were one way channels In contrast when you look at channels which are enabled by the web whether its
0:00:53.829,0:00:58.889email or social channels like Facebook or even places like Twitter where a whole lot of conversations are
happening today you will notice that these channels enable
you to reach out to people and additionally the same people can reach back to you via these channels themselves they can also reach out to each other via these channels one technology which changed this even
is the mobile phone this changed the way or rather the speed of communication between people and made it almost instant so now you’ve got many too many kind of conversations and conversations happening at many multiple
levels The changes brought about by these many too many and multi-level conversations meant that now suddenly more than ever before listening to the conversations which were happening across the board across multiple channels and across
multiple people suddenly became extremely important
Along with listening another aspect which changed was you’d now have to observe a variety of different channels and at the same time react almost
instantly to conversations out there
0:02:30.349,0:02:32.630moreover reaction time got reduced drastically where earlier
maybe you had a day before a major story broke to respond now you have to
respond like in fifteen minutes or less at times These changes in the parameters of
communication means that communication professionals now need new set of
Whether it is in terms of taking advantage or managing the conversation which is happening online in terms of managing word of mouth marketing whether it is in terms of maintaining and building an online reputation for your brand
whether it is in terms of managing a number of new communities
which are springing up online and offline additionally managing new sets of influencers both online and offline who’re affecting large sets of audiences
like speakers community leaders influential bloggers and so on that is a new competency which you need to have you need to be able to manage identify0:03:44.819,0:03:48.499
and engage with influencers At some point of time with all these
different conversations happening you’re gonna have to
deal with
e-crisis if one might
which will spring up
and spread extremely fast across the
web it’s not a new competency but you’ve got new tools online to handle this which you need to
build competency in apart from these competencies
communications which earlier used to be typically centralized across marketing PR and
corporate communications are now becoming more decentralized this is obviously due to the fact that more
people today have access to Blogs Twitter and Facebook and can reach beyond the organization so that’s one change from centralized to
decentralized in addition communication typically used
to be extremely formal that has changed with the nature of conversations now
becoming people-to-people kind of conversations
one-on-one across you know using tools like Twitter Faceebook and
so on and that communication now has
become more informal and well to put it simply more social So centralized to de-centralized communications and formal to social kind of communications is what the norm is To summarize we now have many too many multilevel communication listening speed and
reaction time have changed Additionally a whole lot of new competencies is
what you need and communication styles have changed
from centralized to decentralized and formal to social that’s how communication has changed


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