How communist is Tetris? | Marxist March

[Music] hey everyone kai hatsue here and welcome back to Marxist March where today I’ll be trying to find out if Tetris has ever been communist and if it has been if it still is first to understand how communist Tetris is and if it still is we need to take a look at the history of Tetris Tetris was originally created by Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov while he was working as a computer engineer at the dotted it near computing center of the Soviet Academy of Sciences a Soviet government funded research and development center the game was first released in the Soviet Union in 1984 and found his way into the West in 1986 originally Padgett love was unsure of how to go about releasing the game and feared backlash from the Soviet government so he took advantage of the perestroika policy and handed over the rights to the Soviet government to a state-owned company named election or Technica or elorg for short when 1991 came around on the Soviet Union imploded into a slightly better Russia EAL org became a private company that still held the rights to Tetris eventually the game made its way unto all sorts of different platforms and to this day is the most sold game of all time across multiple platforms with 495 million copies sold so just how communist is Tetris well considering that someone managed to make a song about the Soviet Union based on the tetris theme there must be some sort of truth to it let’s deconstruct the game at the title screen of some versions of the game we can see that it is called the Soviet mind game now that doesn’t sound communist then I don’t know what does not to mention that in some versions of the game when Tetris is spelled in Cyrillic the letter S is turned into a hammer and sickle also while we’re looking at the title screen this building is not the Kremlin it’s st. Basil’s Cathedral which is located in Red Square I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people mix that Cathedral and the Kremlin up anyways Tetris is all about making these blocks called tetriminos disappear one could interpret it as the song does which of course talks about the pointless labor and makes the game seem as though it sends a few different messages to us we could interpret Tetris as a game that pushes forward the ideology of the Soviet system but it seems to me that it is more likely to portray message of anti-communism the song I referenced earlier seems to have picked up on these points too with such lines as the game we all are the same I might create unbroken row before when you’re building a wall and if you talk to your eyes and start here perhaps this may be unintended message is what made position of nervous to release it in the first place so how communist is Tetris well thirty years ago perhaps but nowadays definitely not regardless of politics Tetris is by far the best game to have come out of the Soviet Union and has had a tremendous influence on the games industry and was pretty fun too so what do you think how communists do you think Tetris is let me know in the comments that’s it for Marxist March this year but until my next video comes out subscribe and press the bell icon to get notified about my next video see you next time [Music] member [Music]

  1. Sooooo…
    – Minecraft was invented by a person that lives in a country that has a pretty popular socialist party => definitely communist.
    – Tetris literally received funding from soviet government and sometimes displays its symbol in the title screen => totally not communist.


  2. hmmmmmm communist………maybe think of it this way the game was non communist but then got hit by the hammer of communism and became fully communist for eternity eh?

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