How China “Captures” US Officials

On this episode of China Uncensored, China gets feisty with Feinstein. Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your host Chris Chappell. This is Devin Nunes, a US congressman from California. He’s been working to derail Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Now imagine what would happen if the FBI discovered that a staffer for Nunes, who had worked for him for 20 years, had been
spying for Russia. And all Nunes did was quietly fire him and
then keep it under wraps. I think people would freak out. Now, this is Dianne Feinstein, a US Senator
from California. Turns out, one of her long-time staffers was
allegedly a spy— for the Chinese Communist Party. “The Chinese spy was Feinstein’s driver
for 20 years, who also served as a gofer in her Bay Area
office, and who was a liaison to the Asian American
community. He even attended Chinese consulate functions
for the Senator.” Five years ago, the FBI came to Feinstein with this information, and she quietly dismissed the guy. No one else on her staff even knew. It only came out recently, thanks to this brief blurb in a Politico article. Now this was at a time when Feinstein was the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Not to worry. “A spokesperson for Feinstein said… no Feinstein staffer in California has ever had a security clearance.” Oh, well that is a relief. A possible Chinese spy was close to a US senator while she sat on a sensitive intelligence
committee, but his lack of security clearance means he definitely never heard anything at any point that could be a political advantage to the Chinese regime. Whew. It’s not clear right now how much this alleged
spy was able to communicate with his handlers, and the FBI apparently didn’t think they had enough evidence to prosecute. In fact, this San Francisco Chronicle story
makes it seem like he was more of an accidental spy… who thought he was just talking to a friend, who happened to work for the Chinese Ministry
of State Security. This is why I always say, never make any friends. Remember that, kids. But you know what? The spying part…isn’t even the most interesting
part of this story. We’re just getting started. See, the Chinese Communist Party has been
working hard to influence important people in the United
States, to guide our country on a more “China friendly”
path. China experts have called this strategy “elite
capture.” Getting the wealthy and influential on your
side. But you can’t just capture elites by luring
them into a trap set with fine wine and caviar. So how does the Chinese Communist Party do
it? Take a look at this Hudson Institute report, The Chinese Communist Party’s Foreign Interference
Operations. Under the section, “China’s Willing American
Enablers,” it says, “For everyone from businesspeople to politicians, the promise of market access to China…. is a powerful incentive to work with the Chinese
government and acquiesce to its broader agenda.” In other words, money. I know, what a surprise. It turns out Senator Dianne Feinstein is a perfect example of elite capture. She knew that the Chinese government was taking
an interest in her. The FBI warned her of that back in 1997. Why would the Chinese regime be interested? Here’s former FBI agent Josh Harp, who used to run counter-espionage for the
FBI in the Bay Area, talking about Dianne Feinstein. “You know anybody who sits on the House
Intelligence Committee, they all have a top secret security clearance
and even higher, and those people are all prime targets of
opportunity.” And Feinstein didn’t exactly make it difficult for Chinese officials to get close to her. Now I’m not saying Dianne Feinstein is a
spy or that she did something illegal. I’m not accusing her of that. But I am saying, records show Feinstein had very close dealings with the Chinese Communist
Party. And in particular, everyone’s favorite mass murder and natterjack
toad— Jiang Zemin! And the two of them made sweet music together. I wonder what future dictators sing at karaoke. What’s that, Shelley? “One Day When We Were Young”? Well, that’s disappointing. I thought it would be something like “Highway
to Hell.” Or at least “We are the Champions.” So how did this duet begin, you ask? Well, Feinstein was the mayor of San Francisco
from 1978 to 1988. And the Chinese Communist Party is very interested
in keeping close ties to San Francisco’s Chinese community. As the LA Times wrote, Mayor Feinstein had a close relationship with
Jiang Zemin, who was then the mayor and party secretary
of Shanghai. In 1980, Mayor Feinstein made Shanghai the
sister city of San Francisco. It was the first sister city relationship
the US had with China. In fact, the two cities are still sisters
to this day, thanks to Feinstein and Jiang’s “lasting
ties.” But back when San Francisco’s sister relationship
with Shanghai began, Feinstein was just a mayor, and so was Jiang Zemin. Jiang didn’t become the leader of China
until after 1989, when he supported killing all those students
in Tiananmen Square. Ok, I know that sounds bad. But, as Feinstein put it in 2010: That whole Tiananmen Square incident is in
the past. And one learns from the past. And China has learned a lesson. And that lesson is, brainwash the next generation into forgetting it ever happened. That’s not a joke. That’s what they did. Anway, Feinstein and Jiang’s relationship
began in the simpler times of the 1980s, well before the alleged Chinese spy in her
office, and definitely before Jiang would rise to
power and launch a systematic campaign to kill Falun Gong practitioners for their
organs. Apparently, “Feinstein became friends with
Shanghai’s mayor, Jiang Zemin, and the two visited each other regularly; Jiang once spent Thanksgiving in San Francisco” with Feinstein and her husband. Why, Jiang even danced with Feinstein during one of those visits. Ok, dancing and singing together is one thing, but did Feinstein’s friendship with Jiang
affect how she treated US-China relations? Well, back in the 1990s, a lot of US officials were reluctant to normalize trade with China because of that whole Tiananmen Square whoopsie-daisy. Congress had to re-approve trade with China
every year. But Feinstein wanted to change that. In 1996 she wrote this op-ed for the LA Times
called, “Most-Favored Status Is Not a Perk.” It’s not? I’m pretty sure becoming most favored anything
is a perk. Anyway, she wrote, “We should grant most-favored-nation status to China on a permanent basis and get past the annual dance that is proving to be extraordinarily
divisive.” Also, remember, this was only seven years after the Tiananmen
Massacre. Surely the Communist Party had completely
changed by then! Well, according to Feinstein, it had. “The positive changes in China have been
dramatic. Chinese society continues to open up with looser ideological controls, freer access to outside sources of information and increased media reporting. More people in China vote for their leadership
on the local level than do Americans.” Um…you realize that the local “voting”
doesn’t count when the Communist Party picks all the candidates,
right? Fortunately for Feinstein, she wasn’t alone in her support for China… and Jiang Zemin. There was also this guy. Then-president Bill Clinton wanted China in the World Trade Organization. Or, you could say, American corporations wanted access to the China market, and Bill Clinton did his best to represent his well-funded constituents. But when trade talks with China started going
sour, in August 1999, the White House sent Feinstein there meet
with Jiang Zemin and encourage him to resume negotiations. And eventually, Clinton and Feinstein successfully
got China to join the World Trade Organization. And now—as you know— China plays by all the international rules, has a vibrant democracy, respects human rights, and…haha, no. It was a total failure. Although that’s not how some see it. Senator Feinstein told the Washington Post
in 2010 that China has gotten soooo much better. She said, “There was originally this kind of anti-communist view of China. That’s changing… China is a socialist country but one that
is increasingly becoming capitalistic.” Well, I guess selling people’s organs for
profit is capitalistic. And that kind of optimism spreads to the people
around Feinstein. I mean, besides that alleged Chinese spy. In 2011, her former aide, Peter Ruffo joined the Chinese telecom giant
ZTE as their first in-house political lobbyist. Ruffo is still ZTE’s lobbyist. Even though the House Intelligence Committee has been warning for 6 years that ZTE poses a national security threat to the US. But it’s not just Feinstein’s former staff
who are enamored with totally-not-communist China. This may shock you, but while Dianne Feinstein was arguing for more trade with China, her husband Richard Blum was making an awful lot of money… in China. “In 1986, Feinstein and Jiang designated
several corporate entities for fostering commercial relations, one named Shanghai Pacific Partners. Feinstein’s husband served as a director.” That project also involved state-run Shanghai
Investment Trust Corp. And it “was cited by Chinese officials as
a testament to the friendly business ties between Shanghai and San Francisco that Feinstein had initiated.” And business grew. In May 1994, in a speech delivered on the
Senate floor, Feinstein urged President Clinton to increase favorable trade relations with China— at the same time her husband Blum planned
to invest up to $150 million there on behalf of several
clients. Now, both Feinstein and her husband said that
his businesses did not benefit from her China relationships. And that he had his own relationships in China. But their behavior still raised eyebrows. “Feinstein took three trips between 1995
and 1997 to China, in addition to trips earlier in her mayoral
service, to meet with top communist officials, including Jiang [Zemin]. Blum often attended the meetings with her, an arrangement the Times described as ‘unusual.’” In one instance, in 1996, Jiang Zemin took
Feinstein and her husband to the home of Mao Zedong. They were the first foreigners to see his
bedroom and swimming pool. It was very historic. Like, if you got to see Stalin’s old bedroom
and swimming pool, the first thought on your mind would be how
historic it was. All these private meetings with Jiang Zemin and the couple were very good for Blum’s
business, according to American experts in Chinese business
practices. Now a spokesperson for Feinstein said that
by 1999, her husband had gotten rid of his last holdings
in mainland China. Which is good because at the time she was
really pushing for China’s entry into the WTO, and that would be a conflict of interest,
right? Anyway, I think we should totally trust Feinstein when she said her husband had gotten rid of his mainland China holdings. Because technically, maybe it was true. It’s just that his Newbridge Capital was
investing $400 million dollars in East Asia, and at least $90 million of that was invested
in companies whose profits were pegged to the “burgeoning
mainland China market.” And several of those companies were partly
owned or created by the Chinese government. In 2004, Newbridge Capital bought an 18% stake in Shenzhen Development bank. Now again, I’m not accusing Feinstein of
doing anything that’s technically illegal. In fact, as a senator, she has to publicly disclose her assets. But her friendship with Jiang, and her husband’s business dealings in China, are exactly the kinds of messy financial and interpersonal connections that the Chinese Communist Party loves to
exploit. In recent years, Feinstein seems to have carried on her tradition of supporting the Chinese Communist Party. In 2010, when Obama sold weapons to Taiwan
for its national defense, she opposed it, calling it a “a substantial
irritant” in the US relationship with China. And in 2015, Feinstein opposed Senator Ted
Cruz’s bill that would have renamed the street in front
of the Chinese embassy after activist and Nobel Prize winner Liu
Xiaobo. She said at the time, “Unlike the senator from Texas, I’ve had a long experience with the Chinese, going back more than 30 years. And I know what can convince them to move
toward a goal.” Yes, I’m sure she does. By the way, Feinstein, who is 85-years-old, is running this November for her 5th term
as senator. But Senator Feinstein is not the only US official who has close ties with the Chinese Communist
Party. She’s just one pawn in their larger game
of “elite capture”— to influence politicians all over the world. For example: The mayor of Bristol in the UK, Marvin Rees, seen here during an all-expenses paid trip to the “sister city” of Guangzhou. And former San Francisco mayor Ed Lee, seen here raising the Chinese flag above San
Francisco City Hall. And former Australian MP Sam Dastyari, seen here speaking in opposition to Australia’s
foreign policy in the South China Sea. And current New Zealand MP Jian Yang denying that he himself is a spy, even though he once taught spies in China. Now that’s what I call “elite capture.” So what do you think about the Chinese Communist Party’s strategy of
elite capture and the history between Dianne Feinstein and
Jiang Zemin? Leave your comments below. And before you go, now is the time when we answer questions from
fans of the show who support China Uncensored on the crowdfunding
website Patreon. Evan Marsh asks: “What are the most dangerous countries to
be living in right now near and around China? By dangerous I mean danger from the communist
party of china’s influence or potential military
threats.” Good question, Evan. In terms of military threats, probably there’s no country that the Chinese
military would openly attack right now. Except possibly Taiwan, which it’s been threatening to attack for
years. But it would be pretty foolish for the Chinese
regime to start World War III over it. But in terms of influence, any country that’s part of China’s Belt
and Road Initiative is potentially a highway to the danger zone. For countries that are geographically near
China, there’s China’s communist neighbors: Vietnam, Laos, and North Korea— all of which arrest dissidents on a regular
basis. And then there are countries like Cambodia
and Singapore, which are free-ish countries, but are under heavy influence from the Communist
Party. So none of those are great places to live
if, say, you practice Falun Gong. But as a regular tourist, as long as you stay out of politics and follow
the rules, you’ll probably be fine. Thanks for your question, Evan. And thank all of you for watching. Be like Evan and support China Uncensored with a dollar or more per episode on the crowdfunding website Patreon. Link is below. You’ll get a chance to have me answer your questions on the show. Once again, I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time. You know, this episode makes it sound so easy to get money from the Chinese Communist Party! Maybe instead of asking you to support China
Uncensored by clicking on this orange button, I could just make videos about on pandas and wave the Chinese flag in the background. Nah, I hate pandas.

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