1. The second term for modi is going to be a disaster .. not because of the party… because of the miscalculations made in the first term.. the entire saga… demonitization to unemployment is going to affect second term… He can do nothing but sell all public sector companies ….sell india to foreign companies.. the second stage of slavery after british is going to happen

  2. Rural person do not understand macro economics, he only understands how to chant Jai sriram , oh Bhagvan , Bharat mata , . How many fake news created by Modi team to discredit our founding fathers of this democracy ? History won’t pardon these people

  3. One of the most useless videos on the economy I have ever seen. Stating the obvious problems and giving NO solution. Just like the Congress campaign.

  4. In 2024 again.. Divide n Divert.. In 2024 again.. Blame earlier governments.. Indian voters are emotionally foolish.. Indian voters are not wise and pragmatic..

  5. Now antinational wire will tell Bhaarat & Bhaaratiya as to what needs to be done. What a joke. Abhi kal ki baat hai jab wire, quint, print, ndtv jaise antinationals ko Bhaarat ne unki aukaat dikha di Mr Modi ko full ammunity dekar. Do kaudi ka wire ki kya aukaat. Ye teen mein na teerah mein

  6. from where did bjp get all the funding for their election campaign. huge amount in billions of dollars?

  7. मोदी के सामने कोई चैलेंज टिका है जो अब टिकेगा। मोदी 2.0 में सबको मिलेगा भरपूर रोजगार। कुछ पकोड़े तो बाकी जलेबी तलेंगे। स्वाद भी बना रहेगा और रोज़गार भी।
    मोदी भजिया, मोदी जलेबी…
    हर हर मोदी (भजिया)
    घर घर मोदी (जलेबी)

  8. high rate of gst and attack on informal economy by gst responsible for this….modi will dystroy india,s economy

  9. Inke bas ka kuch nahi hai
    5 saal me ambani adani h economy ban jayenge
    Baki logo ke pass kuch bachega h nahi to economy ki tension h khatm.

  10. challenges toh kaam karnewalon k liy hotey hei naa venu sir,,pehle 5saal toh economy ko dismantle karne me gaye hn..ziyaada expectations nhi hein sir.

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