Hong Kong LegCo building's security and communication systems damaged

smashing doors and holes spray-painting graffiti unprecedented violent scenes erupted inside Hong Kong's Legislative Council complex on Monday the fire safety security and communications system have been damaged most of the meeting facilities cannot function properly the security control room has been damaged seriously the computer server and hottests have been taken away three hours of violence will take more than three months to deal with the aftermath Hong Kong's Legislative Council chief says the council might not be able to use the building again until October it is difficult to find a suitable alternative meeting venue and we agreed that the power they should be given to the restoration of the complex with the will to be convening the council meeting in October and the investigation is in full swing authorities continue to conduct on-site evidence collection the police have arrested 27 people for various offences 18 people were arrested for assaulting the police possession of offensive weapons an unlawful assembly and other nine people are accused of computer related crimes like illegally releasing police officers information online the Hong Kong society's ramming support for the police while condemning violent protesters we strongly condemned the mob action that paralyzed operations of the Legislative Council and the daily lives of the people of Hong Kong these radicals have lost control Tony a woman they damaged things in the Legislative Council and damaged the rule of law so we firmly support government arresting them and punishing them according to the law the violence cost long-term damage to Hong Kong's reputation as a safe city in its business environment these law breakers and people encouraging the mobs damage at Hong Kasturi Manickam Syd you tear

  1. As a mainlander I am laughing inside, screw hongkong, there will be no rights for them, they are facing fate worse than death

  2. Weak govt,weak police,weak leader. the goverment afraid of Americunt fake human rights to counter the protesters which Americunt govt arrested thousand of Americunt people on july 4.

  3. This is what happens if 2Million people's peaceful protest march is given deaf ear and aggressively dealt…again and again, Govt. shld engage with people not keep silent anyways yes theres some limit crossed but hk ppl are united.

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