Home and Community Care (HACC) services

Kristina: My name is Kristina Martinelli and I’m the team leader of Home Support. Home and community care are the services that we
offer and they’re a group of services to assist frail older people aged 65
plus, and people with disabilities to remain living in their homes independently and actively
for as long as possible. These services are also for carers of these people. The services
include home care, personal care, respite care, meals services, and property maintenance. Home Care is a service which provides basic
domestic assistance. Our workers work alongside our clients to ensure that their home is clean
but also safe. Doing things with our clients and not for the clients is our motto. It’s
important for people to continue to do things in their community and be social, and active
for as long as possible. Carmel: Hello, my name is Carmel Tiberii. I am the Home and Community Care Assessment Officer and Staff Supervisor here at the City
of Whittlesea. So when someone makes contact with us we ask some very basic questions.
Things for example maybe, do you have a disability pension, do you have an age pension? Then
we ask very simple questions around what are your needs. So what are the things that you’re
struggling with your day to day? So is it you need help with some household tasks? Is
it that you are struggling to shower independently or you’re just a little bit fearful of showering
independently and you just need someone to supervise you? Do you need someone to take
you shopping? What are your health issues? So they’re all the basic questions that we
ask when someone makes contact with us. Once we understand what it is that you may
require, we then send the referral off to an assessment officer which is someone like
myself. We will make contact with you, organise a time to come out and visit. It’s very important
that someone remains as independent as possible within their own home. So as an assessment officer I will sit down
with you to discuss what needs you have. For example, if you would like to continue vacuuming
independently, then I would strongly encourage that. But if it’s mopping that you struggle
with and you’d like someone to just come in once a fortnight just to do some mopping and
maybe clean your shower, then the goal would be around you remaining independent,
continuing to vacuum but then we might support you with the heavier tasks that you struggle
with and stresses you out. Josie: Hi, I’m Josie and I’m a home support
worker for the City of Whittlesea. As a home support worker the services I provide are
home care, personal care, and respite care. So with home care that involves domestic assistance.
That means helping the clients with their house cleaning. And respite care, respite
care involves assisting the carer with giving them a break from their caring responsibilities
and we can do activities with the client in the house or in the community. What I love most about this job is that you
get to meet lovely, friendly people. You get to know them and develop a relationship with
them. So the services that we provide give support and assistance to the client so that
they can live in their own home as long as possible and so they can continue with their
daily activities. I’ve been giving personal care to Otto for
over a year now and with my assistance he feels safe and reassured when he’s showering
and dressing, and he’s much more confident, and yeah, and he’s a happier person. Lottie: I’m Otto’s wife, Lottie and I am very
pleased that we get the help from council because it really helps me a lot, because
I’m pretty bad with my back. I can go down but very hard to get up, so it’s really very
helpful and everybody is very nice. Well, it helps him and me a lot because it’s pretty
hard. He is quite big compared to me and it’s pretty hard for me to do everything, so we
are very glad that they come. She cleans the bathroom, the toilets, she
vacuums one bedroom, she does the kitchen floor and the vacuuming, vacuum the bedroom
and in here. They’re our girls, all of them, aren’t they? Because we sometimes get somebody
standing in for the one who is sick, but they are all just as lovely. I really can recommend

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