HOI4: Communist China Retakes the Mainland 2

hello hello ladies Jamal came back once again towards the vine for as a communist China where we left off you know we got dragged into a war against Japan pretty early on I guess why it's about historical I think maybe ya know we'll see but for now our main focus for probably all time we're probably gonna try and build as many units as possible as soon as these are able to be deployed we will deploy them quickly quickly I don't really have the hang guns really you know I will deploy them there we go in here we will also sign a Holly dirty of course Mountaineer sounds pretty fine yeah just go in here just be meat shields all right it's mostly be meat shields that's all I want you to be see strategies sort of more or less working get the manpower it's fine it is fine definitely not gonna be able to hold them at all but it's fine oh no even here they're trying to push in at this point they probably got some inner superiority actually they don't over here did you have some over here but of all they're also pushing it from every side it seems kwangji Creek yeah that's not gonna that's not really helpful at the moment I feel like I could switch over but a production of anything really doesn't matter to moment doesn't matter at all social democracy agrarian Marxists you know I could go here seeks to join the kind that would be such a meme if I join the count of ten and make them also fight for me that would be amazing let's get some entrenchments as well living in all fronts but as to be expected that is to be expected oh they're in here as well you know what you boys I'm just gonna have you in here instead help with this encircle material could actually nevermind that's an even more manageable one I think for my troops all this is probably gonna be lost who cares yeah they're trying to push in funnily enough and that's enough for now troop wise there you go no that's tak finished where is everyone there you go everyone got here everyone I could really oh they're moving into our territory as well now which I do not like wasn't right of men I should kill about as much sweetie lost so that's pretty good they do still have a fuckload of manpower though so there's that war propaganda is not gonna help us at the moment really mmm none of this is to be honest none of this is all right what else would I like to have dude I don't know probably this you know what I'm gonna abandon that one I'm actually gonna tell these 16 boys take over here just like that and guard whatever you can really got or whatever you can they do have a very little equipment at this point well not like we can talk but still you know well it's still I think that's being done at the moment I don't know what wicked kid that could be useful at the moment maybe some airplanes no let's get the fighters we won't be able to produce any really but uh something it's something all right army offense or army I think army defense would probably be for the best power struggles yes father Nanjing you know what can a man do really except for struggling all day and all night alright so that's done there's some artillery this is all considered you know expecting us to win I guess uh certain yet we do need to get rid of the after much aftermath of the long march actually all this stop it here here here whoa here and then yeah here that sounds good and you do need the guns you know so beggars can't be choosers Oh they've lost they've lost a lot that people thought at this point so that's good Japan you know Japan's losing a lot of people but we are as well now we're struggling mostly to hold him back actually they're moving out another mind well as long as they are attacking us that's fine are we a major power no so if China Falls we will fall as well huh all right let's get the economic aid infantry leader get anything over here not yet soon though he's really getting the infantry bonuses in he's really getting that in come on I'm actually killing as many troops as a Chinese are you know mailing China National China just by standing there I think I could actually destroy Japan if I play this regular China and I already pick my troops I already picked my side and I want to play a saw it's a bit late for that but still you know it's pretty cool to think about it what you could do if you didn't incessantly attack just like this guy over here all right but we're about you know hopefully of course it is entirely possible of that the whole thing about a joining a Soviet Union is not gonna work out at all actually it's not an effect I need to believe the faction can I I can actually do that not a lot of uh that uh paradox you saw through my ruse you sneaky Fox you sneaky little fox you alright remove the aftermath huh I guess we can't do that at all cat dammit well what can a man do really what can't a man I do know someone of course finer silent workhorses just fine oh they're really struggling to keep us and it seems oh look at that look at that we're actually pushing through what the hell push you know what sure it if I can push through I don't care that's just foul go for it my dude yeah oh you know yes I would like you to go over there push in more those boys are gonna get in struggled and destroyed completely thank you very much see just doing a bit of patience it's all that we required patience and some love all right that was a bit too easy in fact all this get did that thought I was gonna have to be on defensive until the end of times really oh no they capitulated they capitulate the hell yes now I can't really do pushing over here that's a moment but oh well there you go isn't that lovely you've really spread them thin as well yeah it seems as the currents have endowed suffer your blows alright Oh what and then uh what you can stay alright now they're gonna try to reclaim all their lands in the process you know lose a lot really uh-huh they can't push us back a little bit here and there we're gonna try and not let that happen there you go either they go we're gonna also permit the opium trade cuz it's gonna give us a lot more factories you know like a lot commies threats and defeat it what buddy are we not communists alright whatever whatever that's fine I guess I guess that's fine all right we lose 100,000 at this point though we killed more funnily enough and we continue to do so with gusto in fact as I keep trying to charge into us wanting to reclaim their lost territory yeah maybe I should build some more I don't know and I got honestly the same curve set over here we could probably strike through yes it is quite easy so as soon as this is done in here in here try and kick them out a little bit who are these communists that we seem to be defeating I don't know who it is really funny kind of weird though 13% don't tell me this is all I have these are also my cores my dude so you know don't tell me I'll capitulate actually what the hell there we go that seems fine anyway what is this oh let's just go for the guns although I'm not probably I'm probably not gonna build them anytime soon really that's real concerns you're not fine that is just fine I don't really have many preferences for those things they've brought more people in it seems more well it could people in fact all right I keep this we call the Communist Jets and I'm not really sure what they mean with that there your permits open trade and abolish and that stuff over there there you go we're actually winning pretty much everywhere I really like that I really do like that get this in and then we can go for um some factory output stuff stead they're good Pinsir them in please and that should be a win as far as I can pay I'm concerned there you go look at that all right you boys go help defend this little thing over here please I think we need more steel here we go 70 guns and a it's quite nice how did you lose it this one oh yeah it's definitely getting up there all right where else can we see man all these commies threats it's a shame that there's so many communists in communist China right what the hell I push him out it's gonna really piss him off make them want to attack us look a lot there you go that's good continue to struggle please oh this game is bugged I think the game really is bugged it's got this in artillery it will be handy in the future right now we can't really do much all right in here mayhaps yes oh that's actually that is actually very a very enjoyable a very nice push all right good pushed through almost no not yeah that's not yet almost there we go we can also push it over here there we go good yeah they really did not like that they are getting aggressive once again the oil not really we're not using any oil to be honest but boom last time for some support equipment I guess I guess it really is all right push them in here and in here there you go just like that again some land for ourselves all right we're actually a reclaiming land now so that's good press that's not really necessary I think um theorists military yes please yes please there you go come on attack with me thank you actually could make some more you one set that I would like to add towards my army over here all right now attack this and this you go attack the horses now you push them in over here I think there we go that's that's gone really well then even alter my template so I'm very happy with the results I'm gonna pass put it back here and there but that's that's fine that is the risk of it all I guess could I go for that I'm not gonna honestly I'm not gonna just unlocked for the future I guess he's getting more construction stuff done there we go and artillery and more construction stuff please now it doesn't seem to be working that well actually no nevermind it doesn't it really doesn't mobile warfare or the People's War not mobile warfare it is it's all my core territory you know definitely want to defend that definitely do and what's actually uh and this in just like that sounds good right right let's also get some artillery in ASAP there we go there we go yeah they're still pushing into China but we are mostly safe they've lost a million already at this point I probably do have some manpower still he kind of equipment wise I think they're struggling the most there you go come on push him in please but that is pretty much all the time I've left early I do hope you've enjoyed it make sure if you like comment and subscribe if you did hopefully I'll see you next time and hopefully you have a nice day bye bye

  1. Communist China turning Orthodox, Wang Ming is ruler, Mao = atheist communist screeching

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