HOI4 10 Things I Want in hoi4  (hearts of iron 4 Man the Guns Expansion  wishlist)

welcome to our hordes of iron for video today as you can tell by the title the thumbnail that looks a little bit click bTW I am going to be covering 10 things that I would like to see and hearts of iron for either removed added or maybe changed a little bit and tweaked with now hopefully if this video does get popular enough maybe if we're lucky maybe someone from paradox might see it and push it up the food chain a little bit in the corporate world and we might get some of these features depending on how the community responds to it so if you guys like the ideas that I put forward today make sure you guys end up like in the video if you enjoyed this video and all that and subscribe and yada yada yeah I'm wasting too much time let's just jump on into this starting off on our list is going to be the thing that irritates me the most and that is the manpower brokenness of hearts of iron for now everything else does make sense for the Navy I was able to look it up online these are pretty accurate for all the ship requirements for manpower for divisions this is pretty close to being accurate of the size of battalions two divisions and stuff like that that's pretty accurate now the thing that you rotates me though is the air size of the manpower requirements now for an example a b-17 on this game requires 80 personnel a heavy fighter which only had a seat for one single guy requires 40 manpower now let me say this a couple resolutions I guess when I've said this in the past that people have come up with are maybe because they want to keep it realistic this is supposed to like more simplify things instead of having the ability to produce 50 planes a day to keep it close to being accurate as the United States instead of doing something like that and have a stockpile of 20,000 aircraft they're trying to simplify things to the manner of thinking one bomber you make in game is supposed to represent 10 bombers in game in a more simplistic idea for example the United States had way more than 130 civilians factories scattered across the United States during 1936 but if that example is right why is it that the manpower for the United States and all the other countries is a lot lower than what they actually had available to them for them to conscripted so forth for example the United States whenever you get to the limited conscription there's a lot more people that could have been conscripted into the US Armed Services than just a million two hundred thousand so I don't get my planes have such a high requirement for my part and also another idea that somebody recommended a while ago is maybe this is supposed to be base personnel if it's supposed to represent base personnel why is it that you lose the 80 men when the plane goes down anyway let's go ed and skip on the part two the second thing I would like to see is a system sort of like the man the guns naval building system except it's for convoys now what I mean by this is you can create a variant welt and I really create a variant I was hoping I'd open up the menu but basically create a variant like this and hopefully they will change it to the one date where you can actually upgrade it with a a so you can stop being convoy rated by tactical bombers and all that so easily and hopefully you can upgrade them with radar sonar stuff like that – maybe encounter submarines less you know there's a lot of ideas that you could use and maybe even upgrade engines to increase the efficiency of the ships I guess and get them to deliver stuff quicker instead of 30 days you know I don't know but I would just really hope that one day we could actually change up the convoys and stuff now the number three thing I would like to see added hard time for is APO W system now it's not going to be something like you think and I know a lot of people out there because I made this recommendation in the past and a lot of people said they're not gonna add that it's way too controversial like certain things surrounding this country here that people are were wanting added which I mean let's be honest that probably should not be in hearts of iron forks that would really mess up the whole fun joking around kind of vibe before it's firing for most of the time basically I don't think it's really gonna be that controversial if they would add something like a POWs system and it's not gonna work the way of oh you can do this evil thing with them and stuff no I'm saying that whenever divisions get encircled you could actually do decisions based on how many troops you just encircled like things like you would get a construction speed bonus for a certain amount of time you could maybe get intelligence bonuses where you'll have a decryption advantage or a bonus of like three to six percent of division attack for all your divisions like a month or something you know it would be kind of a really good idea I think to simplify it in that manner and let's be honest before people say it's completely a controversial issue and that's why it's not gonna be added there's already a lot of controversial things when we look at paradox games like in period Tour Rome has certain things like you can jail babies you can in other games declare holy wars and must be honest shake-a to we you for so I don't think it would be any more controversial adding a POWs system the hearts of iron for then it would be the simple idea of you just slaughtered four hundred thousand in circle divisions and you refused to take prisoners that would imagine right number four I want air bases and aircraft carriers to no longer be overloaded like air volunteers now you're probably thinking why would that be an issue in quite a few games in multiplayer you can do things like where is it here when there's one thing you can remove and a pretty sure it's in this one right here yeah carry your overcrowding penalties is negative twenty percent okay now I want you to think about something here I've seen this happen in multiplayer and before you try this just know most multiplayer service catch you doing this they will ban you so faster do not do this and please if this server does allow it don't do it to me this is what I want I want them to no longer allow you to overload carriers like you do with volunteer planes to Spain okay because most players will do this they'll say sixty planes can fit on the carry they'll have sixty planes but what about people who are in multiplayer who get the carrier overcrowding penalty bonus and do this and I'm not kidding people have done this in multiplayer and they will have enough planes to actually do this in battle and because they remove the carrier over penalty it's like 80% of the planes can still actually enter the battle so you might if you have say the ability to support a hundred planes on these carriers and you send a thousand planes to them you only lose 80% you can end up using 200 planes per carrier still and then if any of the planes get lost in combat balances it out so you continuously keep sending the planes and again please do not do this in multiplayer games if you want to go in single-player meme the Japanese Navy is the US by having 4,000 fighters on a Yorktown aircraft carrier by all means but when you can do things like this to the point when now I would have 3,000 planes on an aircraft carrier that should only be able to support 60 I I just want them to please please for God's sakes it's something like this in check and just do the exact same thing it does when you try to send air volunteers to spam or you just can't simply send too many based on the actual sizes number 5 I would like a newest support company to be added to the game and it would be flame throwers and basically they would help do damage to forts and jungles and forests and stuff like that I think that would actually be really cool to kind of give a bonus like that sort of like how Marines are made for naval invading how you know Mountaineers are used for fighting and hills and stuff I think flame throwers would be really cool to use in a lot of wooded areas or jungle areas like in the Pacific for example to give bonuses to Marines that are actually enabled invading islands and stuff and do damage to forts and hearts fire for number 6 I would like the option to edit tanks and planes and hearts of iron for like you can for ships so I know I'd be broken at first but I really like the idea of the actual naval designer the ship designer in hearts burn for I would like to see them do the exact same thing for air design for example instead of this system or you could change the type of you know the plane type structure or something like that or maybe change the engine out I made like this you could change out the certain caliber of weapons you can add a couple different calibers you can add cannons and stuff or you can have just machine guns you can add a tail gunner I mean the options could be possibly limitless for the things you could add but I would really like to see them do that for planes and tanks so you could do things like add a more powerful turret to a tank maybe add more powerful machine guns to do more soft attack damage or maybe you could upgrade the cannon up top do more heart attack damage you could upgrade the tracks to increase the speed along with the engine I mean it would be really cool the ideas and options we would have for something like this and hopefully they will add something like this in now the next two things four seven and eight are going to tie in together basically for number seven I would like to add the option or like paradox to add the option to do leaflet campaigns kind of like the air supply mission and basically what these would do is if there's no planes to actually try to engage them if they keep doing their missions it would actually slightly lower the war support over time kind of like convoy rating does and I think that'd be a really cool feature to actually do to somebody in hearts firing for like and multiplayer where you could just have four or five hundred planes up say for example and you can start doing leaflet campaigns over northern France and it doesn't have to just lower war support it could increase resistance in occupied zones i I think that would be a really cool thing but if they added something like that I hope they would do what number eight is and add abilities through decisions or maybe you know sending more infantry to certain zones or you know military police divisions that would increase your stability and more support basically in hard to learn for right now there's only a couple ways to increase your stability or war support for democratic nations to increase your war propaganda you have to have more than fifty percent real tension and you can only do this like once every certain amount of time I think it's like once a year even after that point for your increasing stability you've only got a couple options if you're on a offensive war I think you have one time you can increase your stability and that's it until the war is over so you can lose a ton of your stability and there's no way to gain it back I think what they should do is add a couple things one increase the ability for us to do more decisions while we're at war to increase the stability but maybe lower the war support and vice versa or another option could be maybe like how you can do this mission right here instead of lowering resistance it could be stuff like maybe increased local support and depending on how much of your zone you have you know covered or whatever it would increase your your stability over time because I mean let's be honest you have a bunch of well let's be honest here Germany it was a pretty stable country in World War two because of all the you know divisions that were still stationed around the secret police there you know I mean anybody that kind of said anything non-pro mention anything I mean it kind of got you shot if we're gonna be honest I mean I think that should really be an issue or not issue but an option to garrison zones to increase your local support or at least for fascist and communist nations if not democracies I would think for number nine is gonna be one of the biggest ones please stop making it to where the supply comes from the capital and goes to different zones somebody mentioned this in a video I did recently when I was doing like a top 10 tips' video for hearts firing for weird up happening is I mentioned in that video that your supply starts from the capital and one thing you can do to enemies is encircle the capital if you're in single player if you're multiple you're gonna get banned but you could encircle capitals and it totally cuts the supply off to every division under their command I think somebody in the comments section I forgot their name they had a really good point basically it should not come from the capitals but it should come from a split kind of thing of your capital military factory and civilian factories like for example fuel tea units would come from civilian factories weapons and equipment would come from you know military factories to units and then your manpower itself would come from the capital I think there will be a such more cooler decision an option and hearts fired for than just knowing that if anything happens to your capital like it gets encircled and they don't want to take it and multiplayer if you don't have that role set up your entire army is gonna get just ruined because there's no supply coming to it I think that is one of the big things that should be changed now for number 10 and this is where it's gonna get a little bit click bTW sorry about that I want to know what you guys want for number 10 and that's not supposed to be a joke I'm actually serious for number 10 go down in the comments and say what you want added two hearts fired for because some of those things I assume what you guys are going to say are going to be ending up being things that I'm going to want in hardware for like the whole supply thing that was in one of the recent videos that somebody mentioned you know an idea maybe of how it could work instead of coming from your capital I want that now so down there let number 10 end up being what one of you guys recommends so guys thank you so much for watching hopefully you guys enjoy this video if you did please don't forget to subscribe as my channel is very tiny compared to other hearts of iron paradox youtubers and please make me bigger than them so I can one day challenge the almighty drew Danelle in a country watching contest and see who blinks first I don't know anyway guys thank you for watching I'll see you guys next time stay off

  1. Planned economy on production of anything. Like there is for ships. This would prevent you from losing the progress made on production of things (that bar that grows) and would also prevent you from making so many guns that you reach a point where it is reversed and then you start needing 2M guns.

  2. Definitely more portraits to give the respective countries more identities. It’s not that hard. It also would be cool to see a more stable game that can work good longer than the average hoi 4 Game. Another thing would be possible uprisings by specific nations. For example Ukraine in the ussr during a early or late war against Germany or British African colonies during ww2. Also more options in wars and peace treaties like making peace and stop the war , creating demilitarized zones and the ability to try to kill the leader of the enemy ( which of course shouldnt be achievable that easy ). I also think that we need more states and releasable nations to make better borders and to weaken the enemy

  3. you have many features like the banned shipping in regions and i dont have any dlc and i dont have that also there are many problems with focus trees in base game without the dlc

  4. I want to have a more develop comunism.
    I mean it is the more undevelop ideology in the game.
    Democracy is "pacific" and they have the goverments in exile.
    Unalign is basicly momarchism and they can declare wars if they have an excuse to do it, and many countries can to return to it.
    Facism is the most militeristic and agresive ideology, you can declare war easier and reclute a lot more people to your army.
    While comunism is literaly a weaker version of facism.

  5. I would like to see the landscape change depending on how long combat lasts, like how the land looked like the moon during ww1

  6. Well, I'm going with the obvious choice, more custom national focuses, there are countries that really deserve them like Spain, or the Nordic countries, it would be cool in the next game verison, but a DLC is ok

  7. A fleet designer tool like the one for divisions is top of my list. I would like to set my fleet composition and then have my production fill that template automatically. Also when a new ship is produced and goes to the reserve fleet it should replace the oldest ship of that type/classification and instead send the older ship to the reserve fleet (like tanks and planes do). The aircraft manpower thing is broken, I think I remember Podcat saying this was to simulate maintenance and base personnel but losing 80 people when a bomber is shot down is broken. Maybe instead have the base size cost so many personnel? 100 per level? So a level 1 airbase costs 100 pop…etc. Another thing is manpower gain from occupied countries. You should be able to spend political points to recruit from these occupied countries and put it on a curve for how long you have occupied them. Finally, the peace system is broken. Nothing short of conquering the whole world gets the war to end and that is just dumb.

  8. As far as POWs go I think just in terms of trading POWs between countries and for reclaiming them once wars are won – so for example Finland vs Russia and they white peace or Russia takes Karelia then they exchange POWs. Or if Britain and USSR defeat Germany they can reclaim a percentage of their POWs lost to Germany earlier in the war.

  9. i'd like to see building lendings that you can do to other countries like today PRC that build roads and railways in African nations or other foreign owned industries built in other countries

  10. I want a system where special forces are unlimited but they are weaker in terrains they weren’t designed for. Ex. Mountaineers can’t fight as well in jungle as normal infantry.

  11. I want Hitlers youth back in the focus tree. And stop fucking with everything else. It’s perfect. Especially the fucking manpower. Don’t fuck with my manpower.

  12. commonwealth nations should be able to choose if they want to stay with the uk if uk goes alt history. at the moment as soon as king Edward or mosley appears the commonwealth nations just leave, they don't even get a pop up even if they choose to stay with the uk in their focus trees.
    why have a together for victory dlc if you cant choose to stay together and have half your focus tree locked off because the nation you are technically apart of (british empire) decides to put the king in charge.

  13. When you get a division surrounded you cant edit or delete it also a new focus tree for Spain, just like the mod No pasarán

  14. About the airplane manpower requirements I think it's the crew of the plane and ground crew who is responsible for maintaining, fixing. Pilots mostly fly the plane while ground crew makes sure it does.
    Edit. Sorry you already mentioned yeah goos point it should be reduced by 25 procent

  15. 100% Remake the Trade System. And add Money. Money rules. Also i want to have a stockpile for recources. maybe like the fuel silo that you have to build it but the way it is now is just bs. Somethink less complicated then HOI III.

  16. I want a feature where in peace conferences you can’t just annex an entire country only for very small insignificant. Like for example when a country loses a war the winner only gets to take a region or 2. Basically I want a better peace conference system where you can do A LOT more things to do like demilitarization of places. And war debt also can be cool.

  17. Allowing us to build in ally countries, started fascist civil war in america, since ai is dumb and does nothing i want my army in
    but ooops america can't support 20 divisions, GUESS ILL DIE.

  18. I want the ability to offer a white peace with minor factions in a major war. ie: I want to white peace India and Australasia and remain at war with England, Canada, South Africa and France If I am playing as the Japanese for example.

  19. Change nukes. Japan capitulated after 2 nukes, but I can drop 50 nukes on Uruguay and they will not capitulate. Maybe make it more difficult to make nuke, like first get scienties then research nukes, then make it longer and expensive to make one. And when you make one and you drop it on capital they can surrender.

  20. A fully fleshed out espionage system. I want to be able to work on seeing where my enemy are, how strong they are, what equipment they have. Where there armies might be over their nation.

    This could be buffed or hindered using the encryption / decryption techs relative to each nation.

  21. Special forces need a major buff to be able to handle other terrains marines should do well in jungle while mountaineers and paras should fight well in forests and cities. all of them should do better in urban combat. Spec ops are basically useless now amphtracs are in the game

  22. The fact when POW systems are brought up you think of Germany as the source of controversy says volumes about japan’s subversion of history.

  23. Not making border gore so bad and adding food as a resource. A wise general once said that an army marches on its feet and crawls on its stomach

  24. Manpower requirement for planes represents not only the air crews but also ground personel. You need a lot of maintenance crews, airbase guards and so forth to keep planes flying.

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