Hitler & Nazis Were Gay – American Family Association

the american family association as a clown
organization of like a haters and anything at all that much more uh… they’d let their life too hit the case and uh… i don’t know what this guy was on
jr do you know what uh… what his uh… at what is the list it’s their own little
bro spot and their own show uh… everybody has their own show not but
sunny estate for bandit promote that racial family
values and what that means that uh… that traditional they promote people family values and they
progress primarily on the influence of television and other media on our society uh… and uh… this is uh… brian fisher brian
with their lives and why you would find didn’t care uses that here’s brian fisher with his with his masters degree and so hitler himself was an active a homosexual and some people wonder what it made in the
germans in the nazis persecute homosexuals and it is true they did a persecuted effeminate
the homosexuals but hitler recruited around him homosexuals
took to make up his storm troopers that they were his enforcers they were his
bugs and hitler discovered that he could not get
straight soldiers to be savage brutal and vicious enough uh… to carry out his orders but that homosexual soldiers basically have no limits of the savagery and
brutality they were willing to inflict on whoever by hitler sent them after so he surrounded
himself personally all of the storm troopers the brown shirts were mail hop homosexuals uh… cardinal had a approach that other than that i think it speaks
for itself about a layered thrown who was sort of hitler’s
the sort of leading bug with uh… weird by hitler man along nice long before hitler short of
project here’s who wasn’t a definite wasn’t gate right but bruno was and also hitler hitler
was not get

  1. Even if they were it would EXTREMELY low down on the list of things to bash them about. The AFA really are a bunch of anti-intellectual, regressive hicks.

  2. Gay people were prosecuted under Hitler's rule, this is fact. Whether or not Hitler was a self-hating homosexual is unknown. Christians, if you are going to make up lies and pseudo-truths to spread your hatred, please take some time to do better research so that you don't look like complete idiots. If your demented ideology is even remotely righteous, doesn't it stand to reason that it can support itself without you having to propagate poorly constructed bullshit?

  3. @bgibb101- Well of course you can spin it to seem like they have equal rights if you define everything they don't get as not being a right. Forget the actual marriage part though, homosexual couples don't get many of the rights that married couples get. Rights such as tax exemptions, being able to make decisions for their partner at the hospital, inheritance rights, joint policies, crime victims' recovery benefits, and hundreds of other benefits. If they got those there'd be no problem.

  4. (cont'd)- Also, I wouldn't go around calling them deviants when you (and many other right wingers) are the one who seems obsessed with what they do in the privacy of their own bedroom. I don't like the idea of old people or obese people having sex but guess what, I don't constantly think about it. And what business is it of yours who they sleep with anyway? It neither picks your pocket nor breaks your leg.

  5. @bgibb101
    You have no clue what you're talking about, and what you're saying is ignorant. "Self-serving sexual deviants"? Wow, really? Homosexuals should be allowed to get married just as heterosexuals can. We should we allowed the same benefits as heterosexual couples. It doesn't affect people in any way, shape, or form if homosexuals are together, if you don't like it, then look away. Quit blasting us for being the way we are, we were born this way, you don't just "choose" to be gay.

  6. @PatriotTrueAmerican
    It's not deviant or sexually perverted smart one, it's a way of life which isn't "evil" like you try to make it seem to be. By the way, true Americans are ones that are open-minded and don't judge people, aren't Christians suppose to love everyone no matter what? You're not representing your religion too well are you?

  7. Cultural icon and political satirist Jon Stewart was recently interviewed on FOX and admitted that mainstream media is dominated by a liberal minded majority and, frequently falsely labels people on the right as racists and homophobic. He affirmed that big name news reporters misrepresent facts by intention and laziness; (conceding Diane Sawyer was misrepresenting facts in her ideologically driven reporting, when it was shown as an example of mainstream bias.)

    Here we go again…

  8. @PatriotTrueAmerican You are no Christian (Jesus said you will know them by their fruit) and, I doubt you really are any part of the AFA. You are either a low intelligence bigot, or a shill for the left to point to as "proof" of their false claims.

    Jesus Christ died for sinners: I'm no better than the gay, lesbian, adulterer, murderer or thief. I receive the forgiveness that has transformed my life by admitting I need His mercy and grace to change me.

    God hates hypocrites. You should repent!

  9. @acharris22306 The only things true Christians are guilty of is being overly trusting in government and, taking people at their word. Savagery is the domain of the godless and the left: Who else will starve the poor to "save" a tree, and insist abortionists have a right to say anything to convince a mother to let them kill their unborn child?

  10. LOL That made me laugh so much I am gay and my friends are soooooooo not brutal some of them are scared of spiders XD

  11. To see just why this tirade by the loathsome Bryan Fischer is so nauseous and revolting, take a look at YouTube video "Germany Opens Memorial to Gays Killed by Nazis."

  12. @PatriotTrueAmerican well, it is becoming readily apparent that the religious right is learning the NAZI art of "the big lie"

  13. @PatriotTrueAmerican I don't know why I'm even replying to your ludicrous comment as it has no foundation in reality. You clearly have no clue about the Nazi Germany or Hitler's agenda. You are trolling, aren't you? Even your user name is provocative in some sense.

  14. How can idiots like this attract followers? That is my question. If the economy were not depressed, fools like this would not even be heard except by their low iq followers. People like this, who graduate from bogus "christian" universities, are truly an insult to America and all it stands for!!!

  15. "Homosexuals had no limits on the savagery and brutality they were willing to inflict…"

    Congratulations Fischer, you've evolved the ability to speak with an orifice other than your mouth.

  16. What a stupid man! I know a lot of gay men and they are very peaceful. I don't know even one of them who would hurt someone else.

  17. No commentary required. They should have just played the clip, then had 15seconds of Ben staring into camera with his "are you fucking kidding me" face.

  18. The idiot doesn't know what he's talking about. Hitler just didn't have much time for women. He was an idealist and said he was "married to Germany". The SA was founded to protect the party meetings and later used to spread propaganda and disrupt communist meetings. A friends father was an officer in the SA. They were ordinary people with different backgrounds. Most were christians.

  19. @bgibb101 OMG! What is about multiculturalism that gets some people- like that Breivik creep- all riled up? You just let people live their own lifestyle & culture, as long as they're law-abiding & not violating others' civil liberties. What the hell's so wrong with that??
    I don't know much about Canada, but I'm guessing that there, along with European countries, you don't have quite as diverse a society as America does. Let me give you a little advice on dealing with diversity:

  20. @bgibb101 PEOPLE ARE BASICALLY THE SAME DEEP DOWN! Beneath whatever costumes, individual or collective habits, accents, and unimportant ethnicities we have, people basically want respect & act on the same principles of fear & trust. If they're given respect, they'll appreciate it- even if it's not immediately noticeable; and if they're not given respect, they won't appreciate it.
    I live in a small, conservative, Colorado town, not San Francisco, BTW, and even I know this life lesson.

  21. @bgibb101 "They are coming to take advantage of living in a healthy ecomony with access to our healthcare system." Yeah, that's called the "greener pastures" reasoning. That happens all the time inside the US- people move to more prosperous parts of the country to make a better living. If those immigrants are contributing to the economy, is there really a problem? If elect people who will limit or stop immigration.
    And again, what's wrong with people living their own lives?

  22. Reichszentrale zur Bekämpfung der Homosexualität und Abtreibung. This guy is probably not only a closet gay, hes a closet nazi.

  23. @bgibb101 [Sorry about the last multiple reply- computer problems]
    I'm not talking about multiculturalism, I'm talking about immigration on pure economic grounds. But with the former topic, how do you mean multiculti hasn't worked? You mean it hasn't made people freer to express themselves, which is the real point behind it? I don't know who suggested that it'll bring peace to society; a peaceful society actually requires kindness, knowledge & wisdom.

  24. You know, i actually heard this on the radio when he said it the first time. I nearly crashed my car in amazement.

  25. Why do you care. Aristotle had 4 nipples and napoleon had to sit down to pee. Making the most hated man in records history a pillow-biter. Does nothing except propagate more hate. I

  26. @AxisSalley Not sure.

    All I know is they're Christian fundamentalist racist bigots.
    Also they're Young Earth Creationist inbreds.
    These dumbasses should know Earth is much older than 6ky
    We have fossil evidence and man didn't coexist with the dinosaurs.

  27. And this is why America shouldn't have gays in the military, because straight people might be discouraged by their nature to follow all orders from ranks above them. Right?

  28. There is a whole array of evidence that backs up the fact that a majority of the Nazi party including those in high levels of power were homosexual and Christian to boot. They got their training directly fm the main ones who pushed sodomy, pedophilia, etc through their queer Priest on the 7 hills of Rome. Their main hatred towards the Jews? They were being given a list by Catholic Priest of who was not attending mass on Sunday. They did not want people who still kept the 7th day sabbath around.

  29. Bryan Fischer is telling the truth that far-left revisionists have attempted to suppress from history, because that's what liberals do when facts don't fit their agenda. Read The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively.

  30. @jomat4678 I shall not listen to this, I did not defend the pedophile priest. I was insulting you because you seem to think that most of Hitlers right hand men were gay, and I've been to Rome, although the Romans originally said it sat on seven hills, that was just to make it look better as everything in Rome has been put in to sevens, after a geographical count, pictures from satellites show that actually, Rome is built upon 11 different hills, to an in depth search you twit.

  31. @jomat4678 One more thing, I am a classical historian, only the much smaller version, of far back, ancient Rome was built on seven hills, like all cities it does expand when giving a couple of thousand years.

  32. @thefakeyeti Your right, like everybody else there was only a 5% chance that he was gay as this the percentage of all people who are gay, like everyone else he was much more likely straight. And of course the most famous gay dictator was Stalin, in the end he destroyed the Nazi's.

  33. @viciouswolf1111 I'm only using Fischer's logic, although there are some theories that may hint to Hitler's possible homosexual urges. As for Stalin I very much doubt he was Gay due to the sheer amount of women he loved in his life time, both before and after getting into power. The point I made was trying to show how faulty his logic is, for it doesn't really matter what sexuality many tyrants were unless it influenced them.

  34. @Censeo I apologize in that case, the point you made didn't as sarcastic as it is, ignore the previous comment.

  35. @viciouswolf1111 A great deal of homophobes tend to be closeted gays who revert their self loathing onto others though, perhaps this was where Hitler's homophobia stems from. It's only a theory though.

  36. @fistfulofknowledge You may be right on this part. All the same it would not matter, this is like saying that all vegetarians are evil because Hitler was one. Watch this part of QI for a laugh and to get my point. 'type the following into the search engine': Godwin's Law of internet arguments

  37. @Fireflygamer Well, sorry but as you should know many people would call a christian Homo-phobic for the sake of it. And yes, 'many' christians, particularly in America do seem to have this way of thinking, but not all and not even most. I dont know where you live but if you are American then it is fair enough to see why you would have hate for Christians, but here in Britain, or at least in my country of scotland we do not often see Christians being so single minded.

  38. @viciouswolf1111 – actually based on your own presumptuous drivel, you are a classical "idiot" that does not know anything about world history nor the scriptures. your main purpose for posting all your stupidity is to cause confusion of which you have been slightly successful based on your interactions with other fools.

  39. @jomat4678 I am now enjoying myself at your pathetic anger, giving graduation from the university of Cambridge I would not call myself a classical idiot, but please continue to angrily reply to me, your out of your depth, leave the matter to more intelligent people and move on.

  40. @viciouswolf1111 – Me angry? LOL…I don't care if you have 3 Phd's mister! U are a flippin moron and have proven it by the vain, worthless, nonsense u have posted. also, you are without a clue, in left field and still waiting for the pop fly. Higher education doesn't make u more intellegent, it just makes you more full of yourself and not really able to hold or speak any wisdom. Your "teachers" are equally to blame for your ignorance in pumping your head full of crap!

  41. @jomat4678 Yes, you keep thinking that, your intelligence probably means you dont even know where Cambridge is, please do reply again for me to see the continuous anger pouring from cat arsed mouth. I really am enjoying this. This has all sprung from you getting angry at me because I showed you that modern Rome is built upon 11 different hills and you could not take it that you had made one small mistake, I shall not reply anymore, I have better things to do than have an internet argument.

  42. @viciouswolf1111 – you are pretty stupid and confused! no need to continue this back & forth and this much I agree with you. It is clear you have no knowledge and your ignorant, foolish words are enough proof for my statements. How can anyone listen to someone who actually thinks it is "natural & normal" for a man to copulate with a man? #totalconfusion

  43. @jomat4678 I thought we were having a random argument of each others intelligence if I knew you were only insulting me because I am gay I'd have had you blocked from youtube by now, how dare you, as a gay man I shall not condone this and truly am finished replying to someone with such impertinence.

  44. @Sturmgehwehr Have you never heard of "closet homosexuals" who married women and fathered children? Hitler saw himself as the Aryan Messiah. To maintain this idea he had to forego sex to create an image of purity. Eva Braun was nothing more than part of the stagecraft.

  45. Well as a lesbian I must admit I would not object to the American Family Association being dragged off to a camp never to be heard from again.

  46. That he had mistresses hardly proves anything, as Eva Braun is the only well-known one of them. They may have been mistresses in a "spiritual" sense only.

  47. What's really ironic is my parents were kids in Hungary when Nazism rose and what the Nazi's message was christian this and christian that, and here is this idiot 'Christian' dude trying to rewrite history.

  48. i don't hate gays at all intact i believe if someone is gay it is there choice and i am a completely straight male, i have come across people that would give a gay person a bad name acting as though a women would act, being gay does not make you a women so why the fuck are you acting like one, now my second point is more about "lesbians" the reason i use quote marks is because women feel that men are more attracted to lesbians, if we can't have you we go for those which we can have, stupid!

  49. The straight guys couldn't do all the brutal things but the gay guys had no limits…
    Funny and scary… But funny

  50. No, that's not true at all. The only psychos that affirm that statement is Scott Lively (bigot) and Bryan Fischer (HUGE BIGOT).

    In 1936, the Nazi Party opened up the 'Center of Office to Combat Homosexuality and Abortion'. Stop lying to yourself, the Nazis hated gays.

  51. Well thats just sad but then considering where those bastards come from I bet any woman not dress like nuns would be considered sluts. That doesn't give them the right to do such things It sounds like you should start a watch with other citizens in your city to hold these animals accountable for this crime. I bet they'd think twice if they saw men patrolling the streets.

  52. Lol. I live in a major European capital city, in a neighborhood where white people (regardless of nationality) make up less than 50% of the people. I'm an immigrant, too, from another EU country. We got a huge Moroccan and Turkish population here. No "muslim street gangs" "raping blond girls". And everyone dresses just the way they like, from very revealing to the occasional niqab.

  53. And second lol at "gays getting beaten in Amsterdam". Dude you ever been to Amsterdam? Didn't think so. Every place has some violence, the more people the more it happens. But I assure you, there's no muslim street gangs beating up gays here either. I'm more worried about the small Christian villages when it comes to violence towards gays. Not Amsterdam, "capital of gay" as you say. Happens to be my home, btw.

  54. And yet another lol at "no guns in Europe". Check out the stats on Finland. Also check out the MURDER BY FIREARMS stats on Finland. Finns have the most guns of the EU and they shoot their families and children. Almost every week there's a firearm tragedy in a family, with alcohol involved. How do I know? Used to live there, too.

  55. fuck you and fuck your delusions of country and family…you should grab a brick and smash yurself, Here are two options for the human race….losers or winners, two choices and as we know intelligently that everyone has been losers to date if history exists but i declare that all recorded history is a lie, every religion is a lie, all rich people are liars, all politicians are liars all humanity is delusional and lying so basically no on exists in reality….wow what a charm Life i swith yuall

  56. Damned massified world, where paralized individual imagination , did surrender to global idiocy,in the pursuit of a self image of happiness. Best wishes from Brazil. ( for who deserves these votes) mm Col MD Brazilian Army .

  57. … what do u say to that? how do u reply to such mind baffling nonsense? if he were talking to me, id be rendered speechless, and i almost always have something to say.

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