Hinduism is not a Religion – Hindu Culture, Philosophy, and Spirituality (What is Hinduism?)

People have misconception about Hinduism. When person reads
about Hinduism, they consider Hinduism a religion. And it is know that Hinduism is a religion, but Hindu
is a philosophy. Hindu is a culture first. Actually Hindu is a very very ancient and very big culture. And it is considered very rich culture.
In that culture there are many religions. Like Sanaatana Dharma, Vaishnava Dharma, Jaina Dharma, Buddha Dharma, Sikha Dharma. They are all dharma, all religions belongs to the same culture. So we need to make a difference that in that culture there are many religions, and
they don’t know how to say in 1 word, so they start saying Hinduism. Hinduism is known now as a philosophy. I
will say Hinduism is a way. It is a way of life. And it is a very good way of life because
it gives you lot of good advice, good steps to follow, good path to follow. That your life will be very happy and easy. Stressless, worriless. So I will consider Hindu is a way. And, not to make
any mistake, Hindu is not very very very old word. It is maybe like around 3000 years old.
Because there was no word like Hindu before. There was Sindhu, there was Indu, but not Hindu. And this Hindu culture is a very strong culture and it is
ancient culture. It is coming from the Sindhu Civilization. Sindhu Civilization is almost more than 5000 years old. And in that culture, people were practicing nonviolence and method of peace,
or the way of how to get the happiness forever. But later the invaders disturbed them and they moved towards the south. Now those people who were practicing nonviolence and peace, living
with harmony – they have to move from there. They were Dravidian. Dravidian were the followers of the Shraman Sanskriti. They were Samanopasik. They used to like
people who always follow the spiritual path. So in Hindu…they took that, the path, with them, and
they were still following until 8th century something happened. After 8th century, those people just follow strongly only rituals. And they forgot the real principle of nonviolence
and real principle of peace. And real teachings of the Samanas. And
Samanas were the real selfless people. They were teaching the society selflessly, they didn’t want anything to get from them. And they were advising them. The society was very
peaceful. But now it is more rituals. Rituals also in front of statues more. They are not bad
rituals. But sometimes they go too long. They are boring. And sometimes those rituals they don’t have much meaning. But still in India, many many people, millions of people,
they are following the teachings of the Samanas. And that actually is a Hindu culture. It was in
Hindu culture. Those principles are still in Hindu culture. Let me define the word of Hindu itself. Hindu means
the person who is far away from the violence. So it is a…it always say the Hindus are nonviolent people. And it is supposed to be. Because it’s still a stronghold of nonviolence. Like Jains, they always used to be followers of Samanas. Now the name
changed, Jains. So they are still following strictly principle of nonviolence. And that’s why in Hindu culture, nonviolence is the biggest principle. We have
a slogan about in Hindu culture, Ahimsa Paramo Dharma, is the greatest dharma. If you follow the principle of nonviolence. So don’t make
any mistake, Hinduism has lot of religions in it. And we can not go one by one by one, so they
start telling one word. And one word is Hindu. It’s a culture, merely culture. Has many religions. But lately
I don’t know why they did mistake, they start calling Hinduism. They’re supposed to call just Hindu or Hindu culture
or Hindu civilization or Hindu way of life. That’s what it’s supposed to be. So we need to understand the concept
of Hindu culture. In Hindu culture there are many religions mixed. So we need to straighten out this concept.
Hinduism is a very very very old tradition. It is carrying the seeds of nonviolence, peace, and how to live in harmony. So no doubt about it. So I will suggest if you want to learn about Hinduism, the way of life, you have to read
the culture and you have to go all the way those people where they used to live in the Mohenjo Daro and Harappa. Now it is in Pakistan. And you will see how they were
following the Samanik tradition and the principle of nonviolence and peace.

  1. Dear Acharya ji,
    What are your comments on sikhism. And the lineage of "Radha Swami"s and about "Sant Thakar Singh". He is my accepted Guru but by now he is not in physical form as he left his physical form in 2005. Can you give me a clear view about was he enlightened.

  2. Hindu is a non-Sanskrit word of Muslim conquerors of Bharat to describe the people living near Sindhu River. Moguls utilized this word to tax non-Muslims. Later it was adopted by the British, who added 'ism' to Hindu to describe all religions of India. From rat worshipers to the Yoga practitioners were all described as Hindus. If you believe in Hindu being 'a way of life' then it is also a way of living, where rats are to be worshiped.
    NOTE: Unlike Sanatan Dharm, Hinduism goes against the Vedas.

  3. @arsh09mathaon

    Skihism is not a religion, first of all they have stolden ideas from other religions and have made it into one. Secondly if you wanted to be enlightened you really need to do a compartive study on world religions to find which makes sense.

    I was born into a hindu family but trust me it doesnt satify my quest for spirituality.

  4. @Rohit84up what have you found that satisfies
    your quest for spirituality?
    I'm interested, I'm also searching for enlightenment
    and I find, that religion, doesn't do it for me.
    Thank you in advance, I'm interested in your

  5. @Rohit84up It is not Hinduism u should be worried about but people like you who encourage evil Islam to enlarge.
    To get a true picture of any religion visit ww w.mukto-mona.c o m

  6. can someone please answer my questions? well i had a few questions about hinduism, or maybe more, i am not trying to ridicule it nor convert but just curious, if u can message me so i can ask them please do so:)

  7. @TheRossBeast
    Well, maybe not. It sais in the bible in 1 Corithiand 7:14 The unbelieving husband has been made holy through his wife. The unbelieving wife has been made holy through her believing husband. If that were not the case, your children would not be pure and clean. But as it is, they are holy.
    This might only be for married couples though.

  8. @TheRossBeast no thats not a bad idea I am a Christian and fancie a Muslim from the UAE and my best friend is a rasta amd she fancies Bob Marley, it's not bad at all 🙂 hope that makes you feel better 🙂

  9. According to islam, being a hindu / non muslim is prohibited. Islamic people love revenge, wrath, violence, 'holy' war (lmao on that one) and they love to terririse non muslims and love to hit woman. Give the islamic people an other planet where they canbomb themselves. Its better for the rest of the world.

  10. Swamiji should consider the Research conducted over the material recovered from Dwarika (underwater). They are dated back 32,000 years, which explains Hinduism far older.

  11. @v2canB1 oh really then y did muslims burn nalanda university down,y did they divide thr own coutnry in d name of religion nd muslims nd indian muslims hav produced gr8 patriots lik dawood ibrahim,afzal guru nd d bigot zakir naik,i wud lik to ask indian muslims y they blow up bombs in markets against thr own people in der own country nd dat 4 a religion that has caused so much destruction in dis country,islam is an evil cult wich needs to be destroyed

  12. @v2canB1 Muslim rulers(Mughals and others) were foreigners, if you are a muslim its coz of these foreigners came and imposed their religion on people like you….Islam is an Arab cult that they use to enslave people, saying that muslims rule India for 500 years is like saying that Christians ruled India for 200 years coz Britishers were christians

  13. There are Indian religions and MID-EAST religions. The biggest differences are Vegetarian philosophies against Carnivorous habits. Indian religions are not celebrated with MASS killings of Turkeys,Goats, Cows etc etc. The other difference is violent colonising of other people's land against PEACE loving Indians. One is political, while other is genuinely SPIRITUAL.

  14. "within, hinduism, there are varied religions/sects and they constantly debate each other" same in christianity unfortunately. Christianity, Islam buddhiast etc etc by this definition are ways of life.

  15. i am russian atheist because i got tired of all this bullshit, but i respect hindu its non violent way of life and they respect nature not like others greedy assholes, <3

  16. That's right… Ayurveda is mediine and there is astronomical sutras, vedic mathematics etc etc… which religion has this… spiritual talk is significant and very deep but it encompassed a lot more…

    Since people who follow religion can't conceive this idea of way of life, so they refer to sanathana dharma as religion.

  17. …Now here's someone who's talking sense…lets not even call it Hinduism..it was a name given to our way of our life…because we were on the otherside of the Indus river…!!!!

  18. Perhaps somone here can help me solve this, It appears to me that Hindu Philosophy is contradictory. In that on one hand it says we are all Brahman "aham brahmāsmi". and on the other that we are jiva. how can this be, since Jiva are separate individuals, even after death and brahman is one universal self?

  19. Maybe I can explain this: We are jivas, like a drop of water which never disappears even as it drops into the ocean, it just is indistinguishable. The molecules do not disappear. Every living thing has a soul – this is why it has life – which is eternal. Our material bodies appear, grow and finally go away after "death". This "spark" in our spirit-souls comes from God, who is a personality, not formless. God does not need our loving devotion, but enjoys our devotion. This is bhakti. Haribol!

  20. I feel science and math explains spirituality extremely well being that it is our universal language. Quantum physics which makes up everything to a single atom.

  21. lol sounds good! but i think its horrible though that these people worship statues and such… for jews christians and Muslims that is one of the biggest sins. this absoulutely is no religion!

  22. dont make fun out of it because hinduism is a philisophy aswell

  23. All of those religions and centuries of philosophies and they still can't get along in the middle east. Except the non violent ones, they sound like desert hippies. Sweet. Maybe that's why he speaks so slowly….nice dreams man. Nice dreams…ytube it up. He'd fit right in.

  24. but muslim rulers had gone even the indian are converting to islam who is fourcing to them because they are getting the fact knowledge of islam that no human is a GOD neithet the human is creater of the earth

  25. हमारे धर्म और समाज
    दिशाहीन मनुष्यों को एक सकारात्मक दृष्टिकोण प्रदान करने और उसे इश्वर के और करीब लाने के लिए धरती पर अवतरित महापुरुषों ने धर्म रूपी मार्ग का निर्माण किया. हम धर्म की तुलना उस बगीचे से कर सकते है, जहा जाकर हमे एक उर्जा की प्राप्ति होती है, जो हमे बुराई से अच्छाई की ओर जाने के लिए सदैव प्रेरित करती रहती है. समय सर्वथा एक सा नहीं रहता, वह अपने साथ कई प्रकार की बुराइया और अच्छाईया को भी लाता है. विस्तृत में पढ़ने के लिए माय थोट ऐ स न ब्लॉग स्पोट पर जाए

  26. The Gods in Marvel are from extinct religions like Norse and Greek mythology. Marvel doesn't make superheroes like Captain Jesus or Hulk Allah coz people follow them and many may find it as an offensive action towards their religion. The same goes for Hindu gods being portrayed as Superheroes. U may like it but I may not.

  27. Did u even watch the video?? or atleast read the title of the video?? coz if u had u'd know that its about Hinduism which is practiced widely only in Indian subcontinent. Middle east nowhere comes into discussion here.

  28. Hindus don't worship idols too … it might look like they are praying to stones or pieces of metals, but those are just personification of God for every man and woman to call their own … The description of God in Hindu culture is so vast, just to grasp His image would take you weeks of reading scriptures … so to make it easy, earlier priests and sages made figurines to depict the look of every God … even Gods are personification of nature's event, thus making Hinduism a scientific culture

  29. because unlike Pagan religion, Hinduism is not a religion, it is a culture … it teaches romantic stuff like love, passion, forgiveness … Marvel wouldn't be interested

  30. you believe you are right. i believe that i am right in saying that you are wrong. now, who will decide that who is right and who is wrong ??? Believes are just prejudices. !

  31. if any one want to know the right path, they should learn all the religions from their authentic books, then only they will know which religion is teaching us the right path to worship the god, we should not follow any religion blindly.

  32. Then there's karma which is believed to dictate your reincarnation and that's a religion as they believe in a structure that man has created to describe the afterlife.
    They have no way of knowing what happens when we die so stating that as truth is religion because it only is true to those who believe.

    But meditation and other practical things in Hinduism that show quantifiable results are not religious as they are description of our natural world that I do agree on.

  33. What aryans? there was no aryan invasion…that theory has been dismissed…there is no genetic evidence to support the aryan invasion theory…it was just a theory…and a wrong one

  34. good, very good ,concept and the very right concept.
    thats it we accept the whole worls is one family one religion we, who man created the religion and we are fighting this is great that is great. nonthing is great pease and loving one onother is great. but exploitation is anciant religion thats what the world today.
    philosofy? if so yes. every hindu is born philosofer.?pl. replay

  35. good, very good ,concept and the very right concept.
    thats it we accept the whole worls is one family one religion we, who man created the religion and we are fighting this is great that is great. nonthing is great pease and loving one onother is great. but exploitation is anciant religion thats what the world today.
    philosofy? if so yes. every hindu is born philosofer.?pl. replay

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  37. Hindu is a misnomer for followers of the Vedas, an all encompassing set of teachings which cover everything from economics to spiritual awakening.

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  39. Again acharya is in the wrong direction that there was Hinduism in the ancient india. there were shiavites, Sankhya etc. There is vast difference in the Concept of Sikh, Buddhism, Jainism. Maharaji I want to know that to which do the Hindus pray and purify their sins. What is goal of being a Hindu?.

  40. I love Hinduism………
    What you will say for ancient civilization (thousend of years older than birth of Islam and Christianity) independentaly giving………broad Vedik mathematics, Grammaticaly most accurate language Sanskrit, advance medicine and surgery Ayurveda, Astronomy science, Yoga and Meditation, Philosophy about soul-life and cosmology etc . These are amazing things given by ancient Hinduism.

  41. search Dr, Zakir Naik in youtube, he will tell u how wrong is hindu and many indian blacks bad mouth him. it is their village practice.

  42. God loves you all so much he sent his son to die on the cross for our sins to
    offer us salvation. You can be reunited with God through repentance and
    belief in God through Jesus. He desires for you to suceed and live a
    fruitful life by knowing the truth. Repent of your sins and turn to God
    through Jesus. I pray that you read the holy bible and have the light of life!

  43. भारतीयों, अपनी संस्कृतियों और परम्पराओं को 'रिलिजन' कह कर अमृत को विष न बनाओ!

    भारत के वह लोग जिन पर 'हिन्दू' का लेबल लगाया जाता है
    (a) उनका न तो कोई एक गॉड या अल्लाह है,
    (b) न कोई एक क्राइस्ट या पैग़म्बर,
    (c) न कोई एक किताब,
    (d) न कोई एक 'डॉक्ट्रिन' या अक़ीदा, न कोई एक कलमा
    (e) न कोई एक चर्च, न कोई एक मक्का-मदीना,
    (f) न कोई एक पोप या एक खलीफा की परिकल्पना,
    (g) न कोई एक हज का हुक्म,
    (h) न कोई एक सुन्नत पर चलने का हुक्म,
    (i) न कोई एक कौम या उम्माह की परिकल्पना,
    (j) न किसी तरह की खिलाफत को कायम करने की अवधारणा,
    (k) न औरों को 'कन्वर्ट' करने का जूनून,
    (l) न मिशनरी या तबलीगी जमा'अतें कायम करने की धुन,
    (m) न सारी दुनिया में अपने चर्च या मस्जिद बना कर जनता को कंट्रोल करने की कोशिश,
    (n) न किसी तरह का कोई कैनोनिकल लॉ या शरीअत,
    (o) न किसी तरह की कोई एक्युमेनिकल या वैटिकन कौंसिल जो 'डॉक्ट्रिन' में बदलाव करे,
    (p) न इस तरह की मान्यता या चेष्टा कि जिसे हम सत्य मानते हैं वह संपूर्ण विश्व पर लागू किया जाना चाहिए
    (q) न यह दावा कि हमारे तरीक़े पर चलने से ही मनुष्य को साल्वेशन या निजात मिलेगी
    (r) न apostasy या इर्तिदाद (फेथ को तजने) की अवधारणा और न उसकी सज़ा का डरावा.

    तो फिर जिन लोगों पर 'हिन्दू' का लेबल लगाया जाता है वह किसी 'रिलिजन' को मानने वाले कैसे हुए?

    और जिस चीज़ को 'Hinduism' कहा जाता है, वह एक 'रिलिजन' कैसे हुआ?

    भारत और भारतीयता का 'रिलिजन' से किसी प्रकार का कोई सम्बन्ध नहीं है.

    यहूदियत और ईसाइयत 'रिलिजन' है.

    इस्लाम भी 'रिलिजन' है.

    पर जिन लोगों पर 'हिन्दू' का लेबल लगाया जाता है उनका 'रिलिजन' जैसी वाहेयात अवधारणा और साम्राज्यवादी व्यवस्था से कोई सम्बन्ध नहीं है.

    यदि इन लोगों में थोड़ी भी समझदारी है तो वह अपनी संस्कृतियों और परम्पराओं को यहूदियत-ईसाइयत-इस्लाम के ज़हर से दूर रखेंगे — न कि अपनी संस्कृतियों और परम्पराओं पर 'रिलिजन' का नक़ली लेबल लगाकर अमृत को भी विष बनाने की मूर्खता करेंगे.

  44. we are serving hindu spiritualism by providing all pooja and spiritual items in one website(www.rssonline.in)

  45. Informative. But the present, so called Hindus are fully arrogant and Violent . Some people from Hindus justify the Killing of Mahatma Gandhi, This is KALI YUGA.

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