Hilarious!... Democrat Defends Capitalism  & Is Instantly Feasted Upon By Wild Socialist Dogs

big time loser in Colorado that starting to get his comeuppance from his people yeah those are the leftists and why because he just a little too old a little too white and apparently well I'll let the writer of the story delineate this for us as I comment yep just making sure the story has loaded let's make sure the family members are still here want to welcome someone else to the show how you doing someone else thank you for showing up to the show as we move on to our next hilarious story of the night John Hickenlooper booed at California demon rat democrat convention for denouncing socialism oh and you got folks okay they've already done this poll do you know who the socialist how many socialists how many communists how many just completely insane in the membrane individuals on the left and the right there are here in the air in the good old US of a it's a whopping 8% okay so it's a little very loud vocal insane 8% of the population that is screaming at the top of their lungs and acting out throwing tantrums attacking everybody all over the place it's a very loud and vocal micro minority that is doing this so folks we need to stand up and be counted for the real live alphas in the real live world that let's be honest we so far outnumber the insane members of society that it's amazing to me that we've allowed this insanity to go on for so long but John Hickenlooper now you're getting to realize exactly the depths of depravity that you have in fact and indeed fostered and created long shot 2020 presidential candidate and former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper the demon rat Democrat from Colorado was booed by other demon rat democrat activists for warning against the dangers of socialism at the California demon rat Democrat convention on Saturday speaking before delegates in sunny San Francisco Arce a let's say not so sunny San Francisco with the streets full of hypodermic needles used hypodermic needles and poop to put it very nicely or you know extremely mildly Hickenlooper said that the demon rat Democrats would be painted as far left extremists operating outside the ideological norms of US politics if the party of fools embraced socialism and guys here's another analogous story to show you where the world's headed nationalists not socialist remember Hitler was a socialist but yet they want to call us all Nazis because we're conservatives and we're not socialists they are so completely ass-backwards that you know what they remind me of they remind me of that old cartoon cat dog right who has a head on two ends and doesn't know which way they're headed at any given moment in time they have no idea where they're at or where they're headed they're just emotionally just emotionally attacking all of these same members of our still sovereign nation-states and we're taking back and we're taking back everything they took back from us and then some again speaking for delegates in sick-ass not so sunny San Francisco Hickenlooper said that demon rat Democrats would be painted as far left extremists well why should they be painted as far left extremists oh you mean because they're attacking everybody any from the Trump administration when they wear red hats anybody in the world when they wear a red hat it doesn't have to even have mag on it if it's red you're getting attacked for a fascist a Nazi anything but uh you know what you actually are and that's a conservative traditional member of society that have you know built created and built everything but what are the Socialists do they don't build they destroy folks again he warned him just like I warned big tech what was coming if they didn't turn back and turn back now and that was a couple years ago and every day until then and finally they're starting to realize you know this one thing this one truism folks that one day don't care whether it takes a thousand years we humans have an innate need not I want a need to be free we will not be locked away we will not have our voices stripped away I don't care how beautifully gilded the golden cages of convenience are big tech sooner or later I don't care if it takes a thousand years we will make you know yes we will make you know that some things comment way too high of a price for any of you control freaks owned by China and ordered by China to control and sensor and silence speech and reality some some of those things come at way too high of a price for any of you asshole control freaks to ever again afford so we're gonna make an example out of you because you refuse to listen to us you technical tyrants and we're gonna make an example that will ring through the bellows of history yeah some things come it way too high of a price where you control fridge to ever afford to even think about affording so again Higgin loopers a Saturday's remarks echoed similar comments he made in a recent interview with who this prize-winning journalist I say sarcastically MSNBC's Rachel Mad Cow in which he argued President Donald Trump will win in 2020 if demon rat Democrats failed to distance themselves from sadistic socialism I think socialism piggy looper goes on say I think socialism I don't think socialism is the answer Hickenlooper told the left-wing host if we don't distance ourselves from socialism then we're going to turn the election over to the worst president in history in the history of this country so again that's hilarious and I'm sure I'm sure his nose was growing in real-time because this president is nothing but welcoming folks

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