Hey Steve: She’s Not Posting Me On Social Media || STEVE HARVEY

– So, before my current girlfriend, I was in a relationship and this particular girl
would get really upset because I didn’t post us
on social media a lot. Well, now the shoe’s on the other foot ’cause my current girlfriend’s
more private than I am. I’m very confident about her. I’m confident about us. I wanna show her off to the world and what do I do to show her it’s OK, it’s not a bad thing to
post us every now and then on social media? – Whoa, whoa, whoa, let me get this right. Y’all been together dating
and she ain’t posted you yet? – Right. – Well, you ready for the announcement? She ain’t sure! (clapping) See fellas, when the
shoe on the other foot, there’s another old saying
that goes along with that. Ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun. See, ain’t no fun. You out there huntin’
rabbits, so it’s fun. But if the rabbit got a gun, rabbit huntin’ ain’t that much damn fun. So, who is that you’re sitting next to? – This is my girlfriend, Hanna. – [Steve] Oh, that’s her. – Yeah.
(audience cheers) – Oh, well we can straighten this out now. – [Man] Yes, we can. – What’s your name, sister? – I’m Hanna. – [Steve] Hanna and how
long y’all been together? – About a year, a year and some change. – [Steve] About a year and some change. This is going good for you? – It’s going pretty good. – Oh, pretty good. How’s it going for you, sir? How would you describe this going? – [Man] I love her. – [Steve] She said it’s going pretty good. – Steve, what you want me to say? I love him? I love him but here’s the
thing about social media. – See, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. (laughing) I want you to remember something. My father, when I used to say but to him, he said once you say but, you just erased everything you said prior to that. So just, you love him. – Period. – Period. There’s something about social media. What is it?
– Right. Dave is for me and I feel like
people ask a lot of questions and I don’t like questions and so, if I post some questions
and then something happens, I’m like, I don’t wanna
have to deal with that. I don’t wanna deal with any aftermath and since Dave’s mine, I just like to have something for myself and he’s mine. – [Woman] That’s right. (clapping) – I like that. I like that, Dave. See Dave now, you wanna flex a little bit. – I do.
– Right. – So let me tell you what Dave’s going through.
– She’s mine. – [Steve] How old are you Dave, about 20– – 27. – [Steve] 27. – Yes sir. – Dave is a man. Dave has found what he’s been hunting for. So now, what Dave wanna do
is mark all his territory. So, the best way to
get the other predators to know that this is my territory is we must mark our
territory by professing. – Yeah. – He tryin’ to get everybody–
– So I gotta post it on my social media?
– Huh? – I gotta post it on my social media to– – Well, you don’t have to. I post a picture, people
respond negatively. The few times I do read
it, I just delete your ass ’cause you don’t really matter to me. I don’t even know how to block you. My kids ain’t taught me that yet. But you know, not over
here, ’cause I don’t post nothing negative. I only post positive stuff. – True. – People be on my social media page. They don’t even know me. They never met me. He’s so arrogant. I’m arrogant? He walk out there like he’s somebody. OK, well how you want me to walk out here? (laughing) We’ll be right back! (cheering)
(jazzy music)

  1. This is why social media is messing people up they swear they got to post everything and show everything damn be a man and chill and enjoy your woman nobody cares like you think

  2. I wouldn’t post a man with eyebrows like that either. They’ve been together over year..where is her ring?

    I agree with her though. At this point in my life. I’m not posting BOYFRIENDS and publicly claiming anyone that’s not my husband.

  3. Double standards. If men wouldn’t want to post a gf – all women and some men would “boooo” on him…. society is dead. Stay mgtow. Take red pill

  4. It’s technically not about social media. It’s natural to post your life and things you like or are interested in online. That’s the whole purpose of it is to connect (despite people’s abuse towards it). So if she’s projecting that she’s single or there’s no mention of him anywhere on her social media he has a right to be curious…now how she plays into those insecurities is completely up to her.

  5. Wtf? Social Media got some of you talking about irrelevant things. I remember before social media, none of it didn’t matter

  6. I love that he's getting judged for being insecure but a lady on this show said that her husband used to be fit but now he's a little chubby. And she wants him to be fit again. THAT'S OKAY THOUGH. Him saying this is bad BUT HER SAYING THAT IS ACCEPTABLE.

  7. This is irrelevant. Someone can post you up and still be unsure. Further more what Steve said is true, if you say “but” it erases everything before. Clearly they both been hurt before an needs 100% reassurance they gonna make it together, today, tomorrow and forever. They both need to heal.

  8. I dated a girl who looked very similar to her….my insecurities drove me crazy….not gonna go for a girl like that in the future, 2 fine of a girl like that stresses me out

  9. To me, I don’t need social media to validate my relationship. A romantic relationship is between two people and that’s how it should be.

  10. It's not about instagram or social media he is insecure about her emotions or about there relationship. His nervous laugh in the end tell everything.

  11. I mean statistics show a lot of divorce rates today are due to social media. My husband doesn’t post me on his and I don’t post him on mine. I mean I post about him generally, but I don’t make posts with pics of us and go all out. And she’s right, the people who want to see you doing bad, they will be watching and when people like that want you miserable social media is a good way to start. I’ve seen it happen a millions times, it happens multiple times a day, every day! I agree with her, social media isn’t the basis of their relationship and it honestly looks like to me she’s getting really annoyed with his ass and it’s prob a good thing she didn’t post about him. She looks confident and wise, and he’s over there acting like a child.

  12. I used to post my ex and want him to post me, but in reality I wanted it known that we were together. he did a good job in doing that and so did I, doesn’t mean we didn’t love each other.

  13. I mean, I understand both sides…

    If you post on social media, people will be in your business, there will be some who can’t stand happiness and rain on it, and overall social media is toxic in general.

    If you don’t post of social media, it not only gives off the sense of availability, but ultimately leaves your partner wondering if you’re even committed or ready to settle down.

    Either way you lose in some way🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. Im fine with posting somethings on social media but people want to be nosy. Thats why i choose not the post everything in my life. Shes smart for doing the same.

  15. You got serious issue of you're getting all up in smokes about social media. Worry about yourself, I'm more happy with out social media

  16. Alot of people arent ready to hear the truth and thats one thing mr Harvey knows about, especially on women and relationships. The more we learn now the less it will hurt us later on down the road. Theres alot of good information and insight here in his words and videos. Keep up the good work steve!!

  17. I went to high school with him! He’s a nice guy and a great pianist. Everyone called him John Legend… Hey David 👋🏾

  18. My crush told me if I get 4K subscriber she will give me a chance. Nd I need help you guys so I can take her in the date for my new video . I’m currently on 3k

  19. She definitely riding some side dick, and doesn't wanna complicate anything by putting her namesake bf on social media.

  20. Why don’t people let their significant other be? If they don’t wanna post something about you, you should respect yourself and keep your mouth shut. You can’t force someone to do something you want. You can ask and they have the option to refuse. People are free and if you don’t give space to your partner, soon they’ll run away from you because obsessive people are no fun to be in a relationship with.

  21. If she doesn't aknowlege you, either make arrangements for both of you to play the field, (cuz that's something you wanna try to keep hittin') or dump her today. What is a 27 yr old doing tied down to an exclusive relationship anyway?

  22. I’ll be honest. What’s she’s saying sounds good and to some degree is true about Social Media being for in the hype vultures, but there’s something about her that’s shady…

  23. I don’t post my relationship on social media. And we have been together for going on 4 years. It’s private and proven for me that it’s the real deal. The last three relationships I had where I posted on social media were broken up within months. He’s the longest relationship I ever had and we are healthy and Happy together. If he wants to post us that’s fine but it’s my platform, my rules. It works for me.

  24. If it was the other way around, all the girls on here would be commenting, "Girl he cheating." Or "He ain't post you? Oh you single then." 🤷🏽‍♂️

  25. I've been in a relationship for 5 years and i haven't once posted my significant other on social media. All of the important people in my life know I'm in a relationship and that's all that I really care about. Posting your relationship now opens it up for outside opinions. People don't want to see others happy so they will do things purposely to try and break yall up .

  26. I agree with her. I dont like people in my business. If he wants to "show her off" then marry her! Thats what men who truly love someone and want to be together for the long haul do. A temporary fix is to post her on his social media and have a seat. He can proclaim his love from the rooftops on HIS IG. What really matters is if they are around each others family and friends!

  27. He’s immature. He just wants to show off and be showed off. They should just enjoy each other and forget about others. If something happens there’s nothing to explain to a whole bunch of standers. So I understand her.

  28. They are a cute couple,Shes a challenge thats why he loves her , she has game , she knows how to catch them & keep them. Shes smart & confident.

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