Here’s Why This Kind of Tire is Stupid

rev up your engines today I’m going to
teach you everything you need to know about your tire pressure monitoring
system on your car now in theory the tire pressure monitoring system of your
car is simple when you’re driving your car and the light comes on like this
that means that theoretically one of your tires is low on air so of course
get a tire pressure gauge to check the tire pressures could easily just be a
tire that’s low on air I checked them all and be sure to check the spare too
because some of them have sensors in the spare and to understand what could be
wrong here’s how the systems work each tire has a vowel stem where you add the
air and check the air well inside that valve stem there is a broadcast unit and
it is broadcasting the tire pressure to a computer module in your car and when
it sees that one or more tires are either too low or too high in pressure
it turns that warning light on telling you got a problem with tire pressure now
this is a wireless system so guess what a lot of stuff can go wrong normally
it’s the sensors because think about it each one is a broadcast unit well they
have batteries and the batteries go bad over time they last so many years they
go up they don’t broadcast you don’t get a signal down to puts the warning light
on but the only way you can tell that is with a fancy machine like this autel TPMS
machine even if you find out what’s wrong the battery is inside the valve
stem here on the tire right inside your tire and since the batteries one on most
of them are non replaceable you got to buy the whole valve stem assembly with
the battery in a sensor in it you still have to take the tire off of the rim
take the assembly apart put a batter in put it back together again like I said
normally you can’t even do that you just have to take the old one apart then
throw it away and then buy a new one and stick it in and that can cost a lot of
money and guess what you got four tires there’s a sensor in each one they all
work the same way with batteries so eventually they’re all gonna go out
let’s say you had to replace all four of them generally they’re around 100 bucks
apiece then you got to pay the labor to take
the tires apart each and put them back on again so you’re gonna spend six to
eight hundred dollars replacing them all even if you had a tire machine
you’d still like to buy one of these machines because once you put the new
sensors in they have to be calibrated to work with the system which this machine
can do yes but you’re gonna go on by one of these things this particular one
works pretty good it’s about a three hundred and thirty dollar machine now
snap-on makes a fifteen hundred dollar one that works a little bit better but
either way you’re looking at a ton of money so you’re gonna end up paying
somebody else to do the job now just for kicks for testing a system
I’m testing the front-left one with this machine you can see it shows the
pressure now we can test each one of them we push the trigger now they’re
tested right rear that sends a signal then we test the left rear we send the
signal and go to the wheel got the signal they’re all okay but now it’s
gonna check the trunk the trunk failed so the reason the system isn’t working
it’s because the spare tires low on air this is a cheap fix
oh we move all the crap out of the way and put air in a spare tire the leg came
on because the spare tire sensors showing its long remember to check even
the spare when you got a late-model car like this but let’s say you’re bad news
go dad and eventually all four will go bad as you keep the car long enough you
can get an entire system like this for less than 100 bucks that you can easily
install yourself and not at the mess taking the tires apart paying a mechanic
to set it all up again comes with four sensors you can see they’re labeled but
not only are they labeled here when you take it out it even says on it front
right so you can’t get confused all you have to do is take off your valve stem
cover that comes off and then you screw this cap on that’s it and of course you
use all four stick on the all the tires now this particular one the Zus is an
app that works on your phone by the new generation one the early generation
wants from a year or two ago they had bad sensors that would either leak or
they go bad after a quick period of time you need to get the new version or
realize there are hundreds of Chinese companies that make similar ones some
work on an app some you get a little screen that you can put anywhere that
gives the readouts there’s lots of them out there do research use whichever one you want they all work the same way and they’re
big advantages these babies have a lot better inside you can on scrool you can
replace the battery so not only is it easy to install you don’t have to take
the stupid tire apart it just screws on if the battery goes bad you just thought
screw it and put a new battery in it almost all the models are made that way
so you can easily replace the battery when it goes bad instead of paying a
mechanic maybe a thousand bucks to replace them all take all your tires
apart and then rebalance them then you can read all the pressures you can get
warnings you can set it up any pressure you want for the maximum high the
maximum low the maximum differential being a computer it’s got all kinds of
stuff on but like I said there are a zillion of these tire monitoring system
you can buy they’re very handy devices and since they cost so little
you’re better off it’s filled with one of these then you are putting on four
sensors and the labor and then knowing eventually if you keep your car long
enough those batteries will go bad then you got to go all over again why not
just override the system with these very simple devices that you can easily do
yourself you don’t need a mechanic you don’t need the computer to reset it
because you reset it yourself on your phone or in the dash unit that it comes
with you don’t have to buy that 320 to $1500 machine and best of all you don’t
have to take your tires apart with the tire machine change all the parts on
then put them together and have the tires rebalance you don’t have to do
anything except unscrew the cap and screw these on so if you’re having
problems with your tire pressure monitoring system on your car now you
know what you can actually do about it yourself, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

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  2. This whole system is a giant waste of money! I’ve been driving since 1972. If you take a quick look at your tires and one or more looks low, put some air in it! Problem solved!

  3. I found some nice looking aluminium rims for the winter (picked smaller ones so more rubber for comfort), put the best winter tires on it and the cheapest eBay sensors to put inside because apparently (in Germany) it's illegal to drive with no sensors if your car came with some. No setup required, the car (cheap Suzuki) figures it out. I wish they did it like Mazda where it figures out if a wheel is off because it doesn't spin exactly as the computer expects it to. So if a tire is losing air, it knows before you figure it out while driving. On the old car I just checked the pressures as part of the washing routine and changed the pressure every season change to compensate for outside temperature. Looking up all 4 pressures by pressing a button sure is more convenient, but not worth the money really. I'd rather have lane departure warning mandatory on new vehicles. There's to many drivers veering into other lanes because they're busy with the phone, passenger or yelling at the kids in the back.

  4. Scotty, what do you hear about tire manufacturers that are tinkering with incorporating energy-harvesting technology that can produce a tiny amount of electrical power from the flexing of tires as they roll? Seems ideal for powering TPMSes.

  5. If I were to get one of the replacement tire pressure kits wouldn't I have to sync it with my cars monitoring system to get the light to go out? Or do I have to ignore the light on the dash and pay attention only to the new system?

  6. My stupid chrysler van has the light on after I put an aftermarket stem and sensor in one wheel and it never synced up, I took it back to reset it 2 times, then another wheel quit transmitting. I’m guessing the battery died, then the replaced one quit transmitting again. I covered the light with black tape. I’ll check it with a gage. Screw that stupid crap!

  7. Good video Scotty my mrs has this problem on the car, it's been going on for months we will override and get some of them Chinese ones, cheers

  8. So why exactly do they make the OEM sensors with batteries that can't be replaced? With all the advances in technology it seems like engineering is actually going in the wrong direction.

  9. OK Scotty, what about us poor slobs that live in a state which requires the TPS light work, and must not be 'on' to pass inspection?

  10. The dumbing down of murica. I have 38 tires to keep up with, on the road, the old fashioned way is best, these are a pain.

  11. Nice system in terms of conception.
    Problem is, in my country, even those cheap plastic tire valve caps get stolen… let alone these fancy sensors you're suggesting. You'd be feeding thieves in here.

  12. Love you you are great what do you think about a 2008 chevy avalanche and I was told to replace my caliber cause they can't open it to bleed the breaks but I think that's crazy there nothing wrong with it mane they Ned to spay it so it comes loose lol

  13. Yeah, but that system doesn’t turn the dash light off, does it? I’d rather not have TPMS at all. Thanks idiots who crash from exploding under inflated tires. It’s your fault that we have TPMS.

  14. The sensors are ~$12 apiece. When I got my last set of tires, new sensors were included in the cost!! The dealers get them even cheaper!!!

  15. Or you could do it the old-fashioned way.Check the air pressure yourself.But who am I kidding. We live in a dumb down society where people are too lazy to think for themselves

  16. Thankfully I have a Volkswagen that uses TPMS that uses the ABS sensors to monitor tire speed and detects low pressure by change in tire rotation. The calibration button in the glove compartment and aftermarket wheels are 100% fine.

  17. Boy that is so much easier and cheaper then just occasionally checking your tire pressure.
    Why would anyone want such a thing?

  18. Sensors for this, gadgets for that…what happened to using your eyes, ears, and your nose to get an idea of how your car is performing? People see a warning light and lose their minds. Then unscrupulous mechanics take advantage of them. You won't see me in a new car unless I'm borrowing or renting it. It's just ridiculous.

  19. Stupid people not checking the tire pressure often on the tires was the reason daddy government had the great idea of making money on you

  20. can you replace these tires with tires that don't have the monitoring system or will that trigger the warning light or fail state inspections?

  21. My TPMS has been broken for probably 2 years now and nobody I take it to can figure out why. I've had it looked at maybe 6+ times and still no clues. Long since given up on it and even worse, it's intermittent. If my next car has this issue I'll happily pay someone to disconnect the flippin' light and just buy one of these 3rd party systems instead. Less $ and headache.

  22. call me stupid, but could you not just go behind the dash, disconnect the warning light, and there the light no longer comes on, and so long as you keep checking the pressures, then everything will be fine.

  23. More crap that never should be on vehicles. Just another scam for (((them))) to take more of our $$$ for their overpriced & poorly made products. Glad I kept my old Honda that runs great & only needs actual normal maintenance.

  24. Those sensors usually last about 10 years from when they're installed by the manufacturer. Replacing them is not something to worry about if you have a newer vehicle, even more, some vehicles (Honda, VW, Mazda) have indirect TPMS that doesn't use a sensor. To complain about a feature that aids in being safe against blowouts and nails you might have is idiotic. Next you're gonna complain about Check Engine Lights. And Brake Warning lights. This is the future. Embrace it.

  25. Scotty, I disagree with you this time. Show us alternative way to fix or replace the original sensors, but this method is crapy.

  26. Why I hate modern cars.
    I recently hired a Skoda in the Netherlands, and the bloody thing had auto steering correction, and lane detection.
    Dreading where car technology is going.

  27. I think just using a tire pressure gauge would be even cheaper
    The key thing with that is to actually check them lol

  28. If people have a passion for what they built it's not stupid. Geriatrics getting mad cause things are "different" now a days is STUPID. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and to call ones opinion stupid is also…you guessed it, stupid.

  29. After installing those on your valve stems, and your check tire light comes on in your dash from the old sensors, will a car pass a state inspection?

  30. There may be a "zillion" replacement tire pressure battery kits around, but which ones are the best in your estimation?  Or, which ones have you used that worked fine?  Conversely, which ones do you know of that should be avoided?  I don't know if Consumer Reports has done a review of these kits yet, so it would be handy information to have.  Thanks.

  31. Hi Scotty. This system looks great and all, but wouldn't it be completely useless in my 2006 Honda Ridgeline with Honda AWD system? As far as I understand if the TPMS system light is on/not functioning correctly it over rides the AWD system and prevents it from working. The truck will stay in FWD mode only as long the system light is on, it will not automatically switch to the AWD when needed. I replaced all 4 of my sensors for $320 and $50 to a tire guy. $370 total. The sensors I purchased were able to be programmed via a laptop computer using the vehicles VIN number, I was able to do it myself and have been working flawlessly for almost a year now. Am I correct in assuming these systems will not work with Honda's I-VTM4 AWD systems?

  32. My Tacoma has the dreaded TPMS…When i put on my winter tires, the light comes on. I spent $1 on a roll of electrical tape and used a 1cm square piece to cover that annoying icon and use my hi tech pressure gage and check my tires that way.

  33. This IS what I Call LAZY❕ Today's People are the LAZIEST People in the World. To Lazy to check their Car's Tire Pressure….More Worried bout their Damn Phone's than their Car's, LET's see their Phones get 'em to Work or the Store other than call'n for a cab or a Ubru or what ever it called….They shore can't drive their phones.

  34. In days of old we just got new tires and they were inflated properly when installed. Then at the oil change place they checked the tires pressure every 3000 miles when we got the oil changed. Of course those of us who liked to change our own oil to be sure it was done correctly and we got the fluid we paid for in there, just buy a tire Guage and check it ourselves. It was part of a weekly routine to check bulbs and stuff. An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure. Check your stuff weekly and avoid being stranded or even a ticket for a blown light. I'm not a fan of the new technology.

  35. When TPMS is confirmed bad and needs replacing, proceed to pull fuse (so long as it’s a dedicated fuse) and commence with checking tire pressure in a periodic fashion as was done prior to the usage of this lame money suck tech.

  36. Another Note, Some cheap/poorly designed cell phone/USB chargers can interfere with the wireless communication, so if you get a TPMS fault/light and your tire pressures are OK, try unplugging your cell charger for a couple trips. I had a PNY USB charger that would cause my car to throw a TPMS fault, unplugged it and restarted the car and the TPMS fault did not return.

  37. What the hell happened to drivers doing a daily visual check of vehicle and keeping a cheap but accurate pressure gauge in glove box?? Do NOT understand reason for this needless tech. . .! Sorry :/

  38. I don't know about the latest models but as of a couple of years ago Volkswagens had a reset button for the TPMS system in the car. Once you inflate the tires to the correct pressure you then have to hit that reset button to get the tire light to go out. I learned this when I worked at Hertz – a tire light would come on and people would just keep adding air to the tires trying to get the light to go out. Had one car come in with 80 psi in one of the tires.

  39. Audi for example uses indirect TPMS which instead measures pressure by monitoring individual wheel rotational speeds (by using the ABS sensors); A tire at low pressure will roll at a different wheel speed than tires at higher pressures.

  40. I just save myself money..
    Use black pvc and make a canister.. use epoxy etc to seal one end.. use a rubber car tube cut and sealed.. drill a hole, put in a tire valve stem, toss all the sensors in the canister and seal the other side.. once it's dry, just fill the canister with x amount of air pressure.. toss it in the trunk call it a day..

  41. A lotta TPM sensors don't require batteries actually from a newer technology, and almost all don't need a fancy tool to trigger the sensors. You need a computer to turn the car into learn mode, but you just need any way to trigger the sensor. This includes adding or removing the air from the tire, so it'll trigger the sensor and have it calibrated for the right tire.

  42. Car manufacturers are making us even more lazy. Do we really need tire monitoring systems? I still can't believe the motorized trunks. Like really? You cant close a hatch or open a mini van sliding door? Ahhhhh! 🤯 Rant over 😒

  43. Scotty
    I recently put a similar type low tire indicator.
    and few of my tires start leaking air from the valve.
    I learn it the hard way after checking the tires for nails and hole's.
    Turned out to be the stupid indicator leaks because of it .
    Took them off and no problem since.

  44. Maybe I'm missing something but if you put on the after market system, and the battery goes bad on the OEM system, do you just drive around with the low tire indicator light on? That would drive me nuts.

  45. Now THAT's a product that I never knew existed. Thanks for the tip. My 2013 Nissan Sentra is prolly going to need those batteries changed soon. I will be looking for some of these aftermarket tire sensors now. Thanks!

  46. I bought my TPMS sensors from discount tire for $68 a piece. That was part, tax, install!!! So far I’ve only bought one, but it’s a lot better than what Honda wanted to charge me of $100 a piece and then $85 and hour and they said it would be a minimum of 2 hours.

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