Here's an exclusive look at our latest 2020 Democratic Candidate "Socialist Spotlight"!

hello America and welcome to socialist spotlight day we're all at tingle and we have a new sponsor yes who would sponsor this the fine makers of tears of rage life is pain suffering is national or hurting right now memories are fleeting your silent is implicit statistics are complicated I don't know if 73% of your time is spent on white supremacist hate groups and that pain for those tender moments when an overly eager senator tries to mansplain simple concepts to the Secretary of Homeland Security you need the new cologne tears of Rage tears of rave righteous condescension you can smell and feel available now in the Cologne aisle of select New Jersey Kroger markets that's unacceptable to me caution choose the bridge because extreme pandering and may lead to a few levels of embarrassment when you watch videos of your pathetic performance tears of rage should not be used in conjunction with a future presidential campaign yes he actually he actually said tears of rage but he said a lot of things he's also said this this is about the closest I'll probably ever have in my life to an I am Spartacus moment I am Spartacus not so much but this is how cory booker operates always playing to the cameras looking for his next great Spartacus romantic spot I guess just looking for anything to go viral to help him climb the power ladder John Stewart once introduced Booker as quote the superhero mayor of Newark so if Booker was a superhero he'd be like the incredible mr. stuntman earlier this year the Washington Post called Booker quote perhaps the first true social-media influencer in politics and that's saying something because all politicians are self promoters but Cory Booker is the Don King of self-promotion in 1998 almost as soon as he was elected to his first position on the Newark City Council as a 29 year old he went on a 10-day hunger strike oh yes oh my gosh and he didn't even have a cape he slept outdoors in a tent to draw attention to Cory boy I mean draw attention to drug dealing I think it was he have he has now four million Twitter followers and stunt man stayed busy while he was the mayor of Newark he lived on food stamps for a week he helped shovel an elderly man's driveway he rescued a freezing dog in one of his most viral stunts he responded to a Newark mother who said on Twitter she snowed in snowed in and I've run out of diapers what are we gonna do I just wish there was a stuntman somewhere they could help me stunt man has arrived at her doorstep with arms full of peppers I am here maiden in distress and a star was born he first ran for mayor of Newark in 2002 but he lost to the long time in coming naturally the whole campaign was captured on an oscar-nominated documentary titled street fight four years later he ran for mayor again and won Newark would finally be rescued by stuntman or would they in 2014 shortly after he became US senator Booker told the Atlantic I just want to deal with facts that's what I want to do if I could just deal with facts and God We Trust I'm a man of faith but everyone else better bring me data in that case here's the data on Cory Booker's time as mayor of Newark one of his first acts as mayor was passing an eight point three percent increase in property taxes you know that's what that's what people elect people to do you know what I mean oh and a new tax on rental cars during his last three years as mayor taxes rose 20% for people who still lived in that crap I mean in Newark and due to budget shortfalls he cut 1,100 workers from the city payroll including a hundred and sixty policemen which was only about 15% of New York's police force but they don't have any crime in Newark the schools remain under state control the city's finances were such a mess that it couldn't borrow money to fix the water system and yes new businesses came to town thanks to Booker's schmoozing ability but during his last full year as mayor the outer Ward's of the city had a curfew because of shootings and drug dealing ah those were the days the sheriff Newark citizens living below the poverty line rose while he was mayor maxing out at 36 percent in 2011 currently the poverty rate in Newark still hovers around 30% which is double the nationwide poverty rate when Booker left near the end of his second term as mayor to become a u.s. senator he left behind a 93 million dollar deficit and I just want to say ma Thank You New Jersey for sending him to Washington

  1. Sometime after the end of WWll there was a split in the Communist Party and the group that split off were called The Spartacus League. There are no coincidences.

  2. This Booker thinks he is handsome and has a twit of wisdom to share. Watch out. You can be undermined.

  3. I would never believe the follower count on any of these high profile leftists as they are most likely highly inflated by the leftist social media platform they are on.

  4. After his attempted cultural assassination of whites, it makes me sick to see all those smiling white supporters in his glamor shots?

  5. The only thing Booker is good at is playing the Meat Whistle. Anything else is beyond his mental capacity.

  6. These ppl are just trying to fuel race baiting, race wars, religious wars, political wars. Dems are just losers. They want America divided so they can control the ppl.

  7. I can't believe people still think Detroit is a toilet. Detroit has bad areas like any city, but you just avoid those areas. Where can you avoid the bad areas in Newark? It's got to be the worst city in America.

  8. Newark is a great place if you’re looking to score crack and heroin, get your car stolen, and get shot and stabbed.I think he gave out bags of dope for every vote.Why else would anyone vote for that ridiculous moron?

  9. I hope that President Trump realize that rent is going up very high in New Jersey a one bedroom is 1, 200 while pay is 8: 50

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