1. Law ,medicine ,military academy's & trades are the only good reasons to attend a college or university in my experience..

  2. So if everyone has a mastwrs degree or PhD who is doing the get your hands dirty runing of the country. Is not possible to have a room full of chiefs, and expect to achieve anything.

  3. Military, war, college… Tried to do it all the "right way," paid off as a $19.50 an hour piece of shit job… Exposed to teburculosis, aids, radiation, etc, daily… Not worth it at all, dam shame and a waste… Medical imaging = joke

  4. Wake UP this is modern Slavery the powers that be want you to be a manager at Starbucks with a degree from student loans to a mortgage and your kids student loans 65 years of work and in debt no health care. The new president can't change anything Wake UP

  5. the elites want people just smart enough to keep the machines running, filling out the paperwork, but not smart enough to realize they're screwed.

    A healthy, educated, and confident populace is very difficult to govern.

  6. Knowledge is power and power requires responsibility. U can't teach a criminal how to get away with a crime, but SHOW them that that is another way besides the crime. "Let us use our knowledge for life and balance, and not war and control." the lost book of Matthew.

  7. Your misconception is that Jobs went to china for the quick buck. Jobs were exported by jews to bring down our country's economy. (I didn't say Nation because we lost our legal Nation status in 1913 when we lost our independent monetary system to the private federal reserve bank which is neither Federal nor has any reserves!) so that we could more easily make this a Communist country to more easily form a world government run by huge corporations and banks all run by Jews!

  8. If your lucky and p=<0.005 and SD > 2, you may be in a place to claw back the $’s invested. If not fuck it all, work at a fish n chip shop and just listen to Rollins and get really fucking angry!

  9. Just another yankie . I love u want a better World , like i do , but fucking go futher (sorry to say u are. Offcorce no the badeste in US . But punch a littel more hardcore
    Love om u Way .m.

  10. I agree and disagree with Henry. I agree that we have to keep more jobs stateside and were one of the best countries on the planet earth, but I dont particularly agree with the free or low cost college education just for anyone. The person who he mentioned working the 3 or 4 jobs and struggling will be the person paying for that. Heck every tax payer as a matter of fact. Sure education in europe is free but what is their taxation like? What i feel he should be promoting is trade skills and teaching youth that college isnt always the path for success. On top of that, mention that youth of today shouldn't expect freebies/ handouts from politicians and to get their butts into gear. Even he said it himself when he was young and struggling…hardwork, tenacity, repetition and the WILLINGNESS to say yes to whatever job/opportunity that was given to him. Even he said 4 years of college debt wasnt his cup of tea. Cmon Henry…youre giving us mixed signals…no college degree but very sucessful.

  11. A lot of the problem, Henry, is that the 'kids' didn't take classes and base their education on the hopes of getting a job(after college) that was in-demand. Most of the people I have talked to chose dumbass subjects to major in, and now, working at Staples for 5 years, they admit it.

  12. What he talks of here, is exactly what Trump has concentrated on. Students of today should dry their eyes, stop listening to socialist indoctrination and give thanks to this President for bringing these jobs home and giving them that chance. The money he is bringing to the economy is proving him correct.

  13. he's just incredibly smart and correct. Love you brother.
    wish you and kurt would have been in a band.

  14. "whip crack smart"?  wow.  big words!  us college graduates sure did waste our time reading them books.  Is that why most of the idiots I listen to on that box can't even speak English?  Is it any wonder there "aren't any jobs in this country"?  This man admits "falling" into his life – some of us MADE ours, the hard way.  AND, are LOVING IT.

  15. "Make college free." Yeah, Henry, the G.I. Bill (draft-era), and the Student Loan program that replaced it (post-draft), are what destroyed higher education in America. Read Jerry Pournelle's recollection of what "academics" did to the Uni of California:

  16. I like this but it still reeks a bit of paranoia and we need to have the biggest d'k….err…weapons so nobody else does. But on the whole it's a nice speech. I was on the brink of sharing it to the the world of my online friends but it's that "we need to be the biggest and kick the most ass" that just troubles me slightly. Doesn't really provide answers but sometimes I feel that's quite appropriate if you can point out the problems in the right way so as not to make everyone feel like d'k, and they can give it a shot at thinking up some clever solutons.

  17. Bring industries back? President Trump is doing that. Now, the Washington DC establishment needs to get out of the way.

  18. Too bad, Rollins. I used to respect you.

    Then you had to go and say Trump was the result of "low education" voters,

    just because they rejected the establishment leftist "education" of pedophilia, gender spectrums, feminism, trans hormones for children,

    and funding social-marxist parasites with state welfare redistribution away from the productive class.

    No, now you're a tool of the leftist paternalist state.

    Now i follow a better liberal, Jordan Peterson.

    Your loss, you unhinged "anarchist".

  19. remember your soul is only a collection of past memories and experiences. that is all. if it does not get a supply of oxygen it evaporates. thats life.

  20. I know, Mark Rowe and Henry Rollins need to chat on a script. Mark Sucks at scripts, Rollins sucks at resolve, to fuckin' prideful that guy. Maybe they can work something out.Thinking that would make a clear assumption but not a lure for Americans or an immigration speech to lure people out of motivation. This video shouldn't affirm your logic or feelings about how you been treated, it makes me feel a lot more hopeful, that less than 200k people, questioned the idea, rather than just viewed it as a reassuring in-difference speech, from someone that can be easily idolized by compassionate mouths.

  21. I never understood people who go to college to major in General Studies or Undecided. If you dont know what you want, then why are you going? Figure out what you want first. Then if your chosen field requires a degree, then go, if not- then why waste time and money. I understand some people go just for the experience, but think of what else you could do with the money you would've spent.

  22. I don't think in terms of just america… nvm 500 years into the future. Nvm a 10 year plan; I have 10,000 year plan .

  23. I believe that all large multi national corporations that are public, once they hit a certain level of profit should contact their stock holders and say, "As of now we are once again private. We have cashed out your stocks. Here is you payout. " Fuck stock holders calling the shots. Stock investments are great for up starts but not giant corporations. Next, a government instituted cap on CEO salaries. If you say, "That's Communism CaptHiltz!" Well, my friend for all practical purposes, Communism is dead and has been for a couple of decades so STFU. Are you o.k. with justifying one person at a company making 100 or 300 times what the people for which if they weren't there the company wouldn't exist? If you can justify that then you are a either a CEO of a major corporation or brain damaged. No, I am not a business expert but neither is about 90% of the population. I'm using common sense. The system was create by the wealthy for the wealthy and until we change that by going with employee owned businesses, free to extremely cheap college tuition and above the cost of living pay for 98% of the population the United States will collapse within the next decade and most likely take most of the world with it.

    Please save any or all snarky comments to yourself. I will however respond to rational and intelligent comments. Oh and BTW the way my Mother has been dead for 33 years so leave her out of unlike the last asshole.

  24. It's funny how most of the people who hate capitalism are usually the people who made bad life choices.

  25. Rollins is spot on. Sure, there are those that don't want to go to college. That's fine, for them. For those that do want to go it should be easy to do so.

  26. Listening to Henry Rollins talk about life is like a firework show of goosebumps all over your body.

  27. College can work. You have to know that there's a demand for people who are in the field you choose. Also, when scholarships are given to the most unfortunate instead of the best and brightest… don't really want to go there.

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