Helping the environment must be a cultural movement | Author Ken Ilgunas

it's up to us the people to to fight for the climate to fight for the environment it would be great if we had a Congress or a president who's looking out for hours looking out for the environment but I don't think we have that right now with helping the environment and climate change it's really not something that individuals can you know do on their own driving a Prius or using recyclable grocery bags is just not going to be enough this has to be a massive cultural social movement so until we have a functioning democracy and legislators who are working for the interests of the greater public and the health of the environment I really don't see anything happening so we need to boot out all those Congress men and women who deny climate change we need to put a president back into office who's going to fight for the health of the environment it's been really disappointing to see our president want to bring back the Keystone XL want to be who's excited about the Dakota access pipeline who's said in his speeches that he wants to roll back environmental regulations those are things we're dealing with right now on the governmental level but on the more society's level we're seeing a lot of disbelief and denial of climate change right now environmentalism is a bad word it's a dirty word in many parts of the country you know we have rich and powerful forces who are manufacturing doubt who make just simply caring about the environment a controversial thing so I think before we see any sort of legislative move with climate change we're really going to need to change our attitude how we think about it how we feel about it you


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