Help!  My Kid's A Socialist

one of the proudest moments of my life was when I saw my four-year-old daughter split a cookie down the middle and give half of it to her baby brother her mom asked why she did that she said I had a whole cookie and Glenny didn't have any perfection this turned into a family tradition if I gave either the kids half of my cookie or half of anything he or she would cut it in half and give a quarter of it to the next nearest person or back to me sometimes the whole family would end up laughing our heads off as we divided our treats into ever smaller pieces until somebody was trying to bite a crumb in half the silly fun we had sharing was way better than hoarding a whole portion one of humanity's loveliest traits is that we think of the needs of others with family and friends I've always lived like a collectivist if I come into a bit of money that I don't need when a friend is struggling my first impulse is to share a little bit the pleasure that gives me is greater than I could get by spending a little more money on myself all of my closest friends do the same and it's small close-knit groups that's the natural way we're delighted when our children begin to automatically share both resources and burdens when we see them looking out for others we know that we've done well as parents but something happens when we send our kind thoughtful kids off to college as often as not they return as angry socialists they want to tear down the system of free enterprise that has afforded them every comfort including their brand-new education to be replaced by some vaguely imagined socialist utopia what happened is that somebody a whole lot of somebodies took our kids well nurtured sense of fairness and weaponized it they found the vacant mental spaces that are supposed to be filled gradually by life experiences and jammed those data banks full of Marxist mythology our children become convinced that every rich person is simply refusing to share the cookie and not only that but that he stole that cookie to begin with do we expect our kids to doubt their cool professors why did we send them to college if we didn't expect them to learn from their teachers never mind that most of these teachers have never actually functioned outside the Academy they lived by theories and they work in a world where questioning these theories will stall their careers yes it's come to that college professors in afraid not to affirm a leftist agenda never mind that Marxist ideology has killed 100 million people in the last hundred years that Inconvenient Truth has not discussed much a 19 year old is a short of historical perspective as he is of life experience but even worse he's not even in possession of a fully organized brain until age 25 or so he's logically impaired an adult thinks with his rational mind his prefrontal cortex a teen thinks mainly with his emotional mind these leftist Professors hijack your kids amygdala and make sure it's agitated and a semi hysteric activist comes home for the holidays this is the perfect situation for post modernists trying to program your child and of course young people desperately need the acceptance of a peer group especially if they are far from home so most of the change you see is really conformity they're imitating their new friends still socialist ideas do resonate with young people socialism is only a slightly more complicated version of childhood they've only ever known a world where resources come from central government mom and dad to be shared equitably between the siblings citizens childhood rules were as much about love as responsibility and at home the crying person usually got the most attention ever wonder why leftist never let up on the victim stuff so how do you get past the radical group thinking and still an understanding of how only free-market economics has ever really improved the lives of the poor how can you convince them that capitalism despite its excesses is the best system for encouraging both hard work and creative smart work I'd start with the tried-and-true parables go with give a man a fish versus teach a man to fish explain how dependency is actually vulnerability and how self-reliance is a reliable source of personal power whatever you do don't fight with your kids over this issue they've been taught to challenge authority don't be Authority be as neutral as you can be challenge them gently say let's explore these ideas maybe walk them through stories from their own lives remind them how they felt when a kid's here they're paper and got an unearned grade or how good it felt when they worked their butts off on a project and aced it remember your kids are emotional creatures at this age appeal to their feelings if they insist the capitalism is making the poor poor show them a few videos by statistician Hans Rosling he has several very entertaining TED Talks that cover this topic once again do not fight with them you could lose them forever and if your kids have not yet gone to college don't send them right away and don't send them backpacking in Europe either riding trains with beautiful Swedes while receiving checks from home is not setting them in the best direction let them spend their gap year working preferably and I owe this idea to Dennis Prager working for tips this is a crash course in the unbreakable link between effort and reward and just as important the connection between attitude and reward they will not fall so easily for marxist claptrap after they've worked a few dozen lousy shift for those slackers they work with and while they are in the working world have some conversations with them about how business works remind them that the rich pay for almost all of the giveaway programs that the demos promise the government has no money of its own that without big profit based businesses we live in a world without cars and cell phones and game consoles so I wish you well remember that the kid lecturing you over the pot roast is still the person you taught him or her to be and that life's hard lessons will soon enough displace all the nonsense he or she picked up at the University in time they will come back to earth be there when they do feel free to tell us your stories in the comments section and share this video with anybody you think it might help thanks for watching please consider becoming a supporting member of blue collar logic look for the link in the comment section and give what you can

  1. In 1971 they should have raised the voting age to 25 instead of lowering it to 18.
    Today liberals call 17 yr old criminals children and want them released. In +-6 months they will be old enough to VOTE.

  2. Don't assume that kids automatically "grow up" and get logical with time & experience. So few people on the Right understand the true motivation of the Left, and why they don't change with experience or believe the truth even when they're ideas are proven wrong. Being young & naive isn't the real answer to why they think the way they do – it's only the apparent answer. The fact-resistant person isn't that way out of stupidity, because he can be seen to do so many other things in his life with common sense, and he has plenty of suspicion for leaders on the Right, so it isn't lack of suspicious evaluation either. If the Left was really as stupid or naive' as they seem with politics, it would be easy to scam them out of all their money, and they wouldn't be suspicious of President Trump and other Right-wing leaders: they would just believe what you tell them – that's what a naive person does – but liberals aren't naive' at all.

  3. This a perfect example of correcting the misunderstandings of socialism, communism, democratic socialism.

  4. I like your tartan lumberjack shirt that makes you look like a 'regular guy'. A regular 'Blue collar' guy. But let's cut through the bullshit – you are an educated elite that pretends to be the common man. I hate that lying.

  5. It's bull shit how these professors feed kids full of their liberal agenda. They are paid to teach. If one of my professors got political I would demand a refund. This day and age kids can't think for themselves so that doesn't help each other. I don't know how liberals can be so fucking naive and worthless. They want free shit, free shit and more free shit. They don't care where it comes from, they just want it.

  6. I hated growing up on the farm. I did my work and I eat good slept in a nice warm bed.that was my pay. I'm so glad I growled up working on the fram

  7. "Help! My Kid's A Socialist." Solution: cut off the free money, housing, meals, transportation, tuition, entertainment, etc., etc., etc. Voila'! Problem solved.

  8. Very wise comment! Really! Just saw the impressive and immersive Queen film Bohemian Rhapsody, where the Live Aid concert was the incredible climax.
    Do you remember the feelings , when "we" help together starving people, who have the bad luck to live in a bad area? You can feel as hero by listening to perfect music and performances? The incredible "we" feeling of Live Aid?
    And what was the background story of this concert and it's millions?
    Read it, if you dare, because the article maybe attacks your own former feelings.
    It is as ever: The way to hell is built by good intentions, feelings not considering the worse in humanity. Like the socialists. Keep this in mind, that we go through this passage too, if you feel angry about young people.

  9. Leftist logic:

    Consensual sex = good, compulsory sex = BAD

    Consensual giving = good, compulsory giving = good


  10. Common sense AGAIN
    someone should report you

    Oh that's right it will happen
    When an indignant lefty progressive decides their agenda and their feelings got hurt.

  11. Right, your story doesn't relate " Socialism". Socialism is theft. Socialism is the force of government. That said, I have to laugh at those who say that Jesus was the first Socialist. He wasn't, but would be considered a the first "antiSemite" by the ones who are really behind " Socialism".

  12. Communism is great. Look at all the great communist movies….ummm. That was a bad example. Look at all the great commie rock bands……umm. That was a bad example. How about their great collective architecture . Okay, that was a bad example. What about the wonderful automobiles….. Defiantly a bad example. Forget all that. Communism is great!!!

  13. You people don´t have a clue of what Socialism is. Neader the difference between Socialism and Communism. Or that in the US you have been doing Socialism for a long time. Or you thought that getting you or your kids to High School for free is capitalism. Do you really know what capitalism is? Because helping banks and big enterprises like the ones in Wallstreet is way far from capitalism. PLUS you really think you will afford a cure for the cancer you will have in the future if you lose your job because of your illness. A good treatment is a couple of thousand.

    I recommend you to read a bit more because you got it all wrong. All the treaties that the US and Europe or Asia imply some form of socialism but not to help you US citizens or other citizens in other countries but to help a few US enterprises, as well as other countries enterprises, get to the world market and I´m not talking about small business nop. Not any business you or I will ever have. NEVER. The biggest lie your government tells you is that you live in a free market and you can be like Trump. No, you can´t. But keep on dreaming and working your ass off thinking Socialism is some form of Communism and you will lose your freedom to it. Which did all ready lost. Your freedom at least I got more than you have and I live in a socialist country. We only have help from the government for a few months when we lose our job and that doesn't mean you can live like that forever because is only some help and it´s for only some time no more than two years, for that you will have to work for 6 straight years. You get to have medic care (not the best you can pay but I can assure you it´s better than what you can afford and I wish we had free high schools like the one I went to in Santa Monica C.A but we do get paid to throw high school. We do pay more taxes than you but I think it´s a fair trade. At least we are not illiterate (school is not only free, it´s impose till high school, I believe It´s impose there too as well as free which is neither capitalism or a free market).

    Plus you should read about neoliberalism to see how your country is doing Socialism BUT it doesn't help the many, It will only help the few. The few who really don´t need any help. Trust me, they do. With your money. They won't help you and you can die in the street like a dog but they help the few that will never struggle to pay their bills. That´s neoliberalism. Socializing the bills and privatizing the benefits. Which means you get to pay for the infrastructures, roads, airports, ports and all of what you think you got built for you but you wouldn´t got it if others didn´t need it.

    Please don´t wrap your self in your flag to tell me how wrong I am. I did not say the US is shit or my country is better than yours or you are stupid. Just that you don´t have it right because you don´t have all de information. We all work are asses off event in a Socialism and we can get to be rich. Or at least we have the same opportunities of being rich as you have. Wich is really non. Because the rich ones don´t want to share the wealth. Not all poor people are lazy, even in your country, many people are working now in two or three jobs with no time for them selfs and still poor as rats. Same here… We are a socialist country they say but they are privatizing the schools and hospitals that we pay to build. Because we all are in the hands of psychopaths that lie to us every day. That does nothing to do with the type of government you have. In this globalized world, no politician tells de truth just because if he said so no one will vote for him. But you voted for Trump. Tell me that you don´t want a change. We all do. I want my country to be the socialist country it said it wanted to be, not the "free market", "Capitalist", freedom of speech and all that shit they tell us to all so the can get to their business and count money by billions while WE ALL poor people work our asses of to get to nowhere. By a house, if you are lucky and have a few cars and a big screem TV so you will at least stay with your mouce shut and if you do talk no one will listen because the truth is usually hard to believe.

    Read some more, not only things form the US. Many people write very well in other countries too. And I´m not saing that you don´t read just that in this matter you haven´t read enough.

  14. “He who is not a républicain at twenty compels one to doubt the generosity of his heart; but he who, after thirty, persists, compels one to doubt the soundness of his mind.”

  15. When young people are old enough you can help them apply for volunteer jobs in developing countries and to pick ones that are socialist. Not difficult.
    Then they can see for themselves how socialism prevents people from improving the health and welfare of their families.
    That is what convinced me capitalism works and socialism does not.

  16. Great advice in this video. We urged our 3 sons to work and travel world-wide for several years before attending college then entering the job market. All three did just that. Now, the two oldest boys have college degrees and are gainfully employed by others and the youngest chose not to attend college but owns a successful sport-fishing business in Hawaii. Hooray!

  17. Thank God my daughter has been working since she was 15 for tips…but she's getting ready for college and mentioned Washington or Oregon 😭I was like hell no…but I also instilled in her…that she is paying for these classes with real money to get an education that will make a better career choice to make more money…so when she signs up for a class to make sure it's worth the money bein spent…I think she gets it.i hope she gets it's…

  18. Socialism fails for one reason. It does not prepare for the future. That is why they redistribute what they have. Fairness is a lie smothered in blood. Two people can divide equally but if they do not accumulate wealth how do they prepare for the future? It is capital gain that will prepare the next generation to be fed and housed. Capitalism is not perfect but it shows you that not moving forward is death. Socialism lulls you into death.

  19. I have given money to people at stores and repair shops, I don't want the Government telling me I have to do so. It is my choice not the Government's right.

  20. Next video: Help my son "isn't a socialist" and he has to grow up in a world that's full of them 🙁

  21. In Finland we say that if you are not a socialist when you are twenty, you have no heart but if you are still a socialist when you are forty, you have no brain. I like the approach you take by talking about feelings and it is in line with how kids/teenagers should be treated anyway.

  22. Hebrews 8:8-10 – Yahweh putting the laws of God in the hearts and minds of Israel (no I am not talking about modern jews). This law, if registered, takes different forms in white women and men. White women decide issues with emotion, imagery – right brain. White men decide left brain, logical, sequential thinking. It is easy to manipulate right brain decision makers – white women. Logic, reasoning is secondary to imagery and emotion. You cannot reason with the brain-washed left, especially those who have been brainwashed by the experts, those that do it for a living, just to get a college degree. My girls, raised by a "far right" Adamic-man, are on the left, IQ's 160 and 140, partner in national law firm, and a PhD in genetics the youngest girl. IQ is not a factor in destruction of a nation, smart people put us where we are today. Our enemies are expert in brain decision manipulation, steering us continually toward "their" imagery, "their" emotional issues. Thank you, thank you very much (my Elvis voice).

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