Helmet Bro: The Animated Series – The Final Teemo | League of Legends Community Collab

*Carelessly thrown helmet* *Excited text appears* “Dude Names” *Helmet Bro Snoring Happily* *Explosion* “ENEMY QUADRA-KILL!” *Quickly exits Helmet House *Throws on his mobility boots* *ghost for added “quick”* #JustTeemoThings “Hup” Dat Ass *SWOOSH* “NANI?!” *Strongly Despairs* *Anger* *Teemo thinks to himself* “shit” *STRONG FIST* *Gone* “Wuuaaahhh” *Leaf Strong Whirlwind* *It was at this moment* *Teemo knew* *He Fucked Up* *Internal Screaming* *Helmet Bro Clearly Ripping Off Rock Lee* *Large Explosion* *Triumphantly Holding a Now Very Dead Satan* “Your team’s Nexus is about to explode.” *realization* *Furiously Patting Nexus* *EXPLODES* “Defeat* *Looks at defeat sign* “Helmet bro thinks” “But I killed Satan.” *Puts down body* *Assumes Fetal Position* *Is Defeated* *Crying and Minion Noises* *Slash slash* DOJO!

  1. This is one of my favorite, he didnt get bullied and beat up and he kicked that devils ass, those minions are going to rape him if he doesnt do anything thou

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