Helmet Bro – Smoke Screen | League of Legends Community Collab

*helmet sounds* *minion noises and confetti* credits but before the end *happy minion sounds* “LIGHTS OUT!” preparegun.exe BANG! *clank* BOOM! *not happy minion sounds” *asks for assistance* *pain* *pain* *pain* *intensity intensifies* *mushroom of death* what *fear* “Gouge ’em Valor!” *looks* boo *sadness* *EXTREME PAIN* ow preparedartgun.exe *dart* “MY EYES!” “MY EYES!!!” *crying* *temmo bomb* *after shock* dead “an ally has been slain!” *Kindred and Shen Ult* *Kayle Ult* *Soraka and Zillian Ult* . .. … *Lulu Ult* hmmmmmmmm well that was useless “All your life has led to this moment.” Hyun’s Dojo logo

  1. Wait wait wait… 6 supports… 1 Helmet guy… It's that Heptakill? Newsletter game mode confirmed!1!1!! 0

  2. Quinn I hate u..u and that damn bird. Blind him valor my ass. Quinn's q teemo q and graves W are pains

  3. wtf? SHen Ult, Kayle Ult, Zilean Ult, Lulu, and Kindred? Only in Hexakill do you get a full team of supports + Helmet Bro

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