Hearing Cultures VS Deaf Cultures

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel. I’m here with my lovely best friend
Benny We are here to film a video… It’s Hearing Cultures VS Deaf Cultures! We’re really excited to film this video… how long have we been planning
this video for? B: Such a long time… J: I think we planned it last Winter… B: We’ve been trying to decide on
which day to film… J: We kept clashing on the days… B: Yeah exactly, it’s now Easter half term so, we worked out which room to film in and lots more. But we’re finally doing it today. J: Today is finally the day to
film this video, thank god. I’m really excited for you all
to watch this video! J: We had a lot of fun filming this video,
didn’t we? B: Oh yes, definitely a lot of fun! I hope it is worth it. J: I hope you enjoy it,
let’s get on with the video! J: Did you see that? B: What’s happening? Oh, I have to go now! J: Oh, damn it! J: See ya. J: Anyway… oh my god! J: Have you heard what happened
last weekend? B: What happened? B: I have to go now! J: Oh… damn it! B: Wait, wait! J: What did you say? B: I’m going to miss the bus,
I can’t miss this conversation. J: Ok, anyway, get back to the topic…
Last weekend… Hello! J: Hello Benny! B: Hi Jasmine! Hey! Open the door, please. J: What?! I can’t hear you. What? Oh, open the door!
Ok. Hello! Can you please open the door? Ok, no problem. B: Ooo thank you! J: I just got back from the toilet. B: What’s going on? J: The food is horrible, but
never mind, don’t worry. B: Do you want to try mine? J: It’s alright… B: Are you sure? J: It’s okay. B: Do you want to swap the food? J: No, it’s fine. B: Oh, thank you! She has gone to the toilet. J: I just got back from the toilet,
I now feel better. B: Our dinner is here. J: Mine look disgusting. B: Really? Let’s try it first. J: Ok. J: No, no, no! B: What’s happening? J: I don’t like it, its disgusting!
I want different food! J: I want to eat something else! B: Can I try? B: Eurgh! B: You definitely should change the food. J: I want to complain about this food! Together: Hello!! (laughing and talking) J: Hello! B: Hello! J: You’re too dark… B: Really?… I’m going to turn the light on now. B: Is it better now? J: Yeah, much better. J: Anyway! What! *music plays* B: *speaking* I love your hair! J: What?! J: I can’t hear you… it’s too loud! B: Never mind. B: *signing* I love your hair! J: Oh why, thank you! B: It looks so pretty! J: Aw thank you! Together: Cheers! This is the different cultures between
hearing and deaf people. Give this video a big thumbs up
if you agree with them, or you want to see more of these
type videos! And don’t forget to subscribe Benny! I will add his YouTube Channel link
in the below. I really hope you enjoy the video,
and have a lovely Easter! I will see you again soon, byeee! B: What? I thought it’s you. B: I feel funny! B: What is that? J: I just had an electric shock! (laughing) Please can you open the door,
mwah! Why the hell did I just mwah you?! B: I was there…

  1. My mom: Sophia, are you watching a video?
    Me: Yeah, why
    Mom: I think you should turn it up. I can't even hear it and I'm right next to you
    Me: She's deaf mom.
    Mom: ohhh

  2. Alot of us watching is not deaf i guess but idk its fun to watch (not trying to make fun of you guys)

  3. just, so people understand, if you don’t understand “BSL” (british sign language “ you, can always put on captions.
    click the 3 dots that are vertical, (left corner) (top) then , click captions, and it should pop up with “English” , just click or press, on that
    to get captions.

  4. Sorry but could you add subtitles because most of us don’t understand sight language and can’t hear you

  5. Them:🤝👈✌🏻🤘🤟👍👎🏻🤙🤟✊👎🏻👍🤜👌👋🖖👇☝️🖕🖕🖕

  6. I'm so happy I found your channel
    I really love your videos! ☆
    Now I'd like to learn sign language

  7. I’m curious and open about this but Can deaf people still talk normally without sign language and still KNOW what their saying but just can’t HEAR themselves talking.

    Obviously they can’t hear other people or themselves but they still have a voice right?

  8. I am not deaf and do have a hard time understanding these troubles. I have been putting most of them together and I think with the food one it’s that because you lost one of you senses your other ones become stronger and food has a stronger taste but I have no idea just a guess🤔😂

  9. Okay this is probably so rude, but the silence is so unusual for me, I need to put on music to watch your videos sometimes haha

  10. Hii Im kinda new subbie, just wanna tell you that your videos make me smile a lot! You are so positive and love the different kind of content 🙂

  11. It looks kinda wierd cause im really used to youtubers that always scream in their videos😂but i love this!

  12. Jazzy whipps and his brother jasmine whipps jazzy is deaf youtuber he stays with mom 👩 and sister. Please subscribe to jazzy ( deaf YouTube) click the notification down 🔽 below. Click the bell 🔔 🔔 icon. By regards to @ Anne 7578 my Instagram account is private.

  13. I always thought that it was really cool to learn sign language because then you can talk to people from as far as you can see. If you don’t know sign language then you have to yell

  14. My great grandmother was deaf (she passed a few years ago).

    We arrived at her funeral on time, but the deaf friend group had arrived early. They wondered into a wake for the last funeral (that was still currently happening) and ATE ALL THE FOOD. We had to rope them back in before the funeral began and oh my goodness, it was so hard

  15. Im actually going deaf. I have really bad nerve damage in both my ears, I already can’t hear through my right ear at all and the left is progressively getting worse. These are SO relatable, I can see it from both sides of hearing and deaf!!

  16. I am hard of hearing and I can sign I know what they say when that people sign I know what they talking about my friend can say my teacher can sign all around my school staff summer or not and I can really sign really good if you subscribe to my channel I will teach you how to sign leave a comment and then I'ma teach you how to sign no cap

  17. This is such a great video! I'm a CODA and it's so true me and my brothers had the advantage of knowing sign language. The food part was so funny because that's so my mom, if she didn't like something.. everyone would know it! 🤦‍♀️🤣

  18. Since people tend to use subtleties, but physical expression is literally a big basis in deaf communication, has anyone ever been thrown off or taken offense? Like "woh, she's being super dramatic…" Like the not liking the food for example, most people would be kinda low key with facial expressions, but I guess (from what little I know) thats not exactly a thing here, since I understand that sign language isn't just words. Also how do you express sarcasm or teasing and like saying one thing, but meaning something else emotionally and such? Like when people say "I hate you" but really in a fun, friendly and maybe embarrased way. Since I've never been around the deaf community or anyone who is deaf/hard of hearing, I'd be super lost in complex social ques . Any thoughts?

  19. im new to ASL and christ i’m intimidated by the speed that they can sign at. i hope one day i can reach that spend and fluency

  20. These are so fun! I am looking for a video like this to show my 8th grade ASL students… however, the restaurant scene – point: hearing culture is more beat around the bush and Deaf culture more direct, I get that … but I'm reluctant to show a scene that is plain rude even in Deaf culture (no way would any of my Deaf friends act like that even being direct and I'm sure you wouldn't either, but just making it funny for the video… but I don't want my students thinking that is acceptable in Deaf culture. I'll see if I can find more of your videos as this is just what I'm looking for. I'll probably even show this one and just skip past that one scene. I do love the video!

  21. I totally agree with this video. There are "advantages" to being deaf and/or hearing in certain situations. I do got to say I love your deaf voice. Don't ever let anyone bring you down for nothing. Just keep being you and show the world your beautiful personality and smile and you will be good 👍

  22. Some things are a little easier like at a party and the talking through a window is easier than hearing people ❤️

  23. I love deaf people, don’t get me wrong. I just feel bad because I can speak and have no trouble with anything and you guys can’t hear 😔

  24. I work at a restaurant and I didn’t know ASL to help them so we wrote back and fourth. I’ve been watching your videos and other learning videos so I can try to give them the same experience as everyone else.

  25. I have high frequency deafness. I can't hear real high or real low and I have to watch people speak so I can understand all the letters. And you know what? This ticks me off because you're seemly making fun of hearing while at the same time usually complaining that hearing don't know about deaf. I've had to explain to people how to talk to me. Always face me. No, I'm not deaf and no, just because I'm hearing impaired I'm not stupid either. No you don't have to talk real slow or super loud or talk to me like a child. See? Easy! These things you show have nothing to do with culture. It's just how you handle things. If you're rude it doesn't matter whether you can hear or not. Deaf don't like to be made fun of or be condescended to and neither do hearing or hearing impaired that doesn't mean you're automatically deaf. Deaf don't like stereotypes, hearing impaired who are NOT deaf don't like stereotypes and hearing don't like stereotypes. One group is NOT superior than the other. If you're rude or mannerless it happens in both and not good. Sign differs from country to country too as it's considered a language just like spoken language.

    This video makes hearing like like idiots in certain situations and how dare you! I guess the Golden Rule doesn't apply here. Treat others as you would have them treat you and it's NOT making one side(hearing) look like exaggerated fools for your amusement and because you're deaf doesn't mean you can't be corrected like anyone else.

  26. I am trying to learn ASL so I’m watching ur vids and seeing if I can make out what your saying my face expression, and ur lips

  27. I remember reading something and it was talking about how to communicate with deaf people, like how to get their attention, the do’s and don’ts of talking to a deaf person etc – at one point it was like “one way to get their attention would be to turn a light on and off” and I was like lol people don’t really do that do they?? but from 2:00 it looks like they do 😂

  28. Your channel is so great and has inspired me to create my own channel. But I am struggling to do it.. I don't want to copy anyone! I am deaf too and I have two hearing aids, and I grew up in the hearing world. So if anyone could help me to start something off, that will be appreciated! And I also don't want to make a fool out of myself aswell lol 😂

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