Healthcare policy shifts - from individual responsibility to collective responsibility

I just wanted to stress that if you would read from the newspaper in here PM talked about health care during the national day rally you will also sense that this is a SPM put it is a major policy shift from the government shifting from individual responsibility towards more towards collective responsibility and with a stick clicking on a larger share of the burden of healthcare costs so it is still important for each one of us to play our part to make sure that we stay healthy as much as possible adult healthy lifestyle and save up sufficiently for our rainy days and make sure that if we consume health care services if we want to access health care and services make the tell care decisions wisely tend to consider in consideration of what abilities standard en various issues before we consume health care services this will help the whole nation the whole society keep the health care costs low an allowance system to be sustainable over the long term and eventually the state will take on a larger share recognizing the fact that going forward health care costs may increase and we want to make sure that everyone will be able to afford healthcare services then that's why we are making this major shift now from MediShield to mention life looking at how we can enhance 3m how to inject more flexibility into medisave or making sure that we still have sufficient savings for the future and then at the same time looking at government subsidies how can we help more in which area and to what extent can we do so these are the things that we will be working on over the next few months and progressively will announce more details and she woke them up

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