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Adam we have a situation here Eternia is being threatened threatened Oh God several half-naked men are coming this way so we need to come up with a defense strategy Adam what did you go hello I'm he man oh boy okay he-man how can we help you your son Adam told me you need help my lord how should we proceed I uh what do you mean we should listen to a he-man of course yeah sure what is the threat well he-man many weightlifters wearing nothing but thumbs are trying to take control of Eternia I understand but could you describe these weightlifters and thongs in case I don't recognize them from a distance one of them is pretty hairy like a beast very muscular like a big bear the other one is a centaur half man half horse and the horse part from the waist down okay there's also Skeletor this one must be skinny no he is actually also very muscular with a thong and he is the worst he is a typical bad boy you gotta be careful with that one he can do terrible things to you right we need someone to lead our troops to I think I should go alone I think that could be a bad idea my king the princes safety can't Prince Adam is safe in his room right yeah of course from what I can see he man you will go there and wrestle these villains while Prince Adam stays in his room preparing himself to meet a lovely straight lady whom he will marry so he can give me an heir to inherit the throne right of course that's exactly it well sounds good to me you may go he-man but my lord I need this man help me out new videos every Friday here on our channel and do not forget to subscribe so how'd it go great the King understood perfectly I was afraid he was gonna get the wrong impression no no on the contrary he knows you were very into winning good well I think you should go let's just give these pecs an extra hand a baby oil here you can loosen your shine you really think so trust me hey I'll get the oil and you start taking off your thumb okay

  1. – I bet He-Men gave those bad guys a good working over!

    – I bet those bad guys learned you may be able to fuck He-Men but you better not fuck with He-Men!

    – So if he is She-Man when he's out with friends don't make him any less of a He-Men!

    – He's He-Men goes up when He-Men is around!

    So he play with swords thats a He Manly thing!

  2. I saw an ad for your channel of this butt ugly super hero and a girl who made the mistake of wanting to kiss him. It literally had me dying and it's the ONLY ad I've ever watched till the end when I had the option to skip.

  3. Okay okay this got me good… Here's a suggestion… Can you guys pick some of your subscribers to voice one of the characters in your episode??? Hahahaha I'd like to be part of this even for just a short cameo

  4. it's like they're finally explaining what we already new sense we were kids. I don't remember one of the e-mail figures being a centaur. I always wondered what they were thinking that he man wore a fuzzy diaper and yet Prince Adam wore a full normal clothing. I'm a little surprised to see you guys doing a actual original form of something that exists usually society of virtue is little cheeky similar to something else superhero type stop how come you guys got away with doing he-man , The truth?

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